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R has decided to start taking Monday’s off.  He has to use up his vacation time or lose it.  He used to take a week at a time.  I like this better.  Even though it does pretty much kill a Monday. 

Today, promptly at 1 p.m., R announced, “Isn’t M supposed to be home already.”  I said, “Don’t worry about it.  He will get here.  He might be like somebody else I know and not come straight home every day.  Relax.  You’ve just got to let it happen.”  Later I told M what he said.  He just rolled his eyes.

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I got to Dr. R’s office early and was called in pretty quickly.  I weighed in at 150 lbs.  I knew I had put on some.  I’ve been feeling lethargic lately.  And eating more junk than usual.  My man likes to cook and is not shy about the fat.  His profile is a bit Alfred Hitchcock, too, lately.  Dr. R is bigger than that, though, so he says nothing about weight.  Cholesterol is his thing.  I asked him if there were cheaper pills he could put me on.  “Yes.  Why didn’t you ask me sooner.” “I thought you’d say no.”

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It is JC’s b’day today.  I HB’d her on Facebook and reflected for a moment how old we all are.  Everything is so different now.  Many of my 1979 plans came into fruition to one degree or another, but not like I imagined.  Like, me living in the country w/ R is not a surprise; me living on the family property is.  Me as a homeschooler, definite surprise.  Me as a Cub Scout den leader, sort of believable; me as Cub Camp Director, unbelievable.  Me as a mom, believable.  Me as a stay-at-home mom for the last 20 years—unbelievable!

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B came over and, among other subjects, started talking about her Cubbies at church.  She has been teaching an AWANAS class for a few years.  In discussing her problems with the kids and the admin, I got to thinking.  I thought, I can do that.  I’ve been doing it for ten years in Scouts.  So I asked her where they go to church.  Wow.  I may know what I want to do next.  I may want to go and check out her church.  Helping with AWANAS just might be the next thing on my list.  Amazing!  Never saw that coming.

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B came over and, among other subjects, started talking about her Cubbies at church.  She has been teaching an AWANAS class for a few years.  In discussing her problems with the kids and the admin, I got to thinking.  I thought, I can do that.  I’ve been doing it for ten years in Scouts.  So I asked her where they go to church.  Wow.  I may know what I want to do next.  I may want to go and check out her church.  Helping with AWANAS just might be the next thing on my list.  Amazing!  Never saw that coming.

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LH called yesterday to ask me to do FOL this morning. Not this time.  I asked her to call a few more people and if no one else would do it to call me back.  Thankfully she didn’t call back.  I’m scheduled for July anyway.

M has been drawing lately.  He asked for my colored pencils for a sketch he was working on.  I think it has to do with his reading blueprints in welding class.  I had started leaving my drawings and sketches around for W to see to encourage his drawing; maybe it is working on M, too.

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I’m still pondering the AWANA thing.    Since R is working five ten-hour days plus Saturdays we aren’t attending anywhere right now, but when he slacks off again I’m seriously considering looking into it.  I like that it is a mixed church with lots of children’s ministries already up and running, things I might want to get involved, not totally manage. 

Speaking of which, I looked on the Council calendar and saw that BALOO is planned for this month.  You-know-who is the director. She told R in January that she was not doing any more stuff for the Council.  Yeah, right.

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M has been wanting me to play Dwarf Fortress for a while, so I let him get me started yesterday.  When he got home today, he asked if I’d been playing.  I told him I was waiting for him in case I needed any help.  I also checked it out online.  Its motto is “Losing is Fun” since you will die.  So we started again and, at one point, he did some quick maneuvers and put “ha ha” as a note.  I found out a few minutes later he had sabotaged my fortress.  I’ve got to start all over again.

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I pulled up my ECJ; my DF notes are gone.  So I went to a tutorial site to start over.  It had a newer version with a preset layout for “complete and utter newbys.”  It was still downloading when M came home.  He asked why I was downloading it.  I told him I tried again yesterday after he flooded me out and couldn’t get anywhere.  Well, he didn’t need anything after his brother got him started.  What did he tell you?  The same as I told you.  Then he offered me his preset layout.  See, you didn’t tell me that.

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I finally finished the eternal song yesterday.  But the fancy Amazing Grace is still giving me problems.  She let me pick my next hymn. I found one that is only two stanzas long.  I thought it would be short.  Nope.  It has lots of repeat; it ends up being longer than my other hymn.

C emailed me asking to have W’s birthday party here so folks don’t have to drive so far.  I told her it was a good idea.  She said they’d come early and do everything; I’m just “the place.”  Okay.  I’m starting my To Do list now.  


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I’m finally putting my Kiss ATC in the mail.  It was due February 26.  The hostess gets real pissy about lateness and even gives 1’s if it is very late.  That is not what 1’s are for.  I’m glad she is not my recipient.  I’ll try to make sure she never is.

The party plans are coming along nicely.  RL is going to come do the carpets tomorrow; R has already cleaned out the garage, and the kids are helping with the rest.  Mopping is the only other thing on the agenda.  And M’s bathroom.  But that is his department.

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Wow, what a day.  It is W’s birthday today and it has been a big one. RL came and did the carpets this morning, but didn’t come back this afternoon because she got a call from the Nursing Home.  Mrs. L has fallen.  Again.  So I finished cleaning the floors w/o her.  Meanwhile, while C and I were in the kitchen cooking and the guys were outside shooting rifles, W was walking down the road.  A lady saw him and claimed she almost ran over him.  She called the cops about time T missed him and set out the alarm.

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W is fine but C is not.  The officer was nice to T when he showed up, even apologized for having to report it to DEFACS, but when C arrived he blessed her out and threatened to take the baby away.  She ended up in the bathroom crying her eyes out.  T went in and comforted her.  When she came out, I told her all my experiences with run-away young’uns and that he was over-reacting.  Take that kid and I promise half of Georgia will hear about it.

Anyway, the party went great.  We had eleven people around two tables. 

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It’s Eastern Daylight Time.  Already.  R went about springing forward all the clocks last night.  I’m going to resist it for a few more weeks.  This is too early in the year for such nonsense. 

I paid M’s speeding ticket today.  I made him give me the $130(?) out of his cash box.  He didn’t balk.  Meanwhile, we are still paying for his gas and eats and everything else.  I thought about it:  I should have made that bet with him that we made with his brother.  He would have owed me $100 on top of his speeding ticket fine.

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My FaceBook tribe is growing; NM tagged me Friday.  He’s also a Tank Buddy.  Ever since I added the three people I don’t know, I’ve gotten lots of TBs that I do know. 

The tax deadline is in one month.  I’ve still got a few to finish; then I guess I’ll start on ours.  Getting it out before the deadline would make R happy.  I guess that is reason enough to do it.  And this may be my last tax biz year.  I have a few totally loyal clients; others come and go.  After this year I may go, too.

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I’m almost done reading Confucius.   My reaction so far:  he (unknowingly) restated some of the proverbs of the Old Testament and predicted some of the lessons of Jesus.  He taught against profit for profits sake.  He is famous for his “Silver Rule,” the negative restatement of the “Golden Rule”; he advises his followers to not do to others what they would not wish done to them.

I don’t feel I’ve got a good grip on him yet.  I’ve got another book about him, as well as one about Mencius, a later follower.  Maybe these will bring him into better focus.

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I skipped piano yesterday.  I woke up feeling not that great, headache, sore throat, lethargy—basic spring crappiness, so I phoned Mrs. T immediately.  Meanwhile, I finished Confucius and started a new book today, The Detective (Roderick Thorp, © 1966).  I decided to research it online and found out it was a big deal in its day.  Turns out it was even made into a movie, with Frank Sinatra no less.  And another of this guy’s novels later became the movie Die Hard (with BW). 

So for a last minute grab at the Book Sale, I guess I did okay. 

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M got home early today all excited.  Turns out he is done for the quarter.  Today was his last day of school for a few weeks. 

He was in his room playing when I got an IM from C.  She wanted to know if he was off tomorrow.  I told her he is off today.  That turned into an invite to their house.  I relayed the message to M and a few hours later he bounded out of the house.  I don’t know how long he will be staying with them this time.  Maybe I’ll get to see him tomorrow. 

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No visit tonight from the kids, but I really wasn’t surprised.  So R and I had a quiet night watching TV.  

Last Friday we watched Numb3rs as usual.  It was the season finale.  Charlie and Amita got married and announced they were leaving, so I went online and checked things out.  Turns out, the series is in danger of cancellation.  CBS may give it another year, without DK.  I really hope so.  It’s a sweet, smart show, a refreshing change from the usual fare offered up in that time slot.  They could do a whole lot worse.  And probably will. 

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Today was an interesting day.  KH and J came by to get her tax return.  They were still here when the kids arrived and R got home from work.  J wanted some game; Wal-Mart has been promising it for weeks.  So R went online and found it right away.  They hemmed and hawed, finally I asked if she had a credit card.  Yep.  I went to Amazon and ordered it for her. I told him to call his Uncle R in seven days.  Meanwhile I went ahead and ordered some things for W and myself while I was at Amazon.

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From:   Sunday Scribblings

  • What scares you?

It is that fear of being alone that haunts me.  I’ve even imagined what it would be like.  I know it won’t be as bad as when I was young.  It has never been bad enough to make me consider suicide.  But it has made me do some crazy things.  It has made me take crap off people and stay in bad relationships.  And when I left the bad relationship, I have encountered my demon once again. 

Now that I’ve left BSA, it is back.  Friends leave; family disappoints.  That’s what scares me. 

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R is off today so we went to Albany.  My little red cell phone gave up the ghost and I’ve been without for over a week.  If this had happened last year it would have been devastating.  Baloo is coming up.  But since it is this year, it barely made a ripple.  Anyway, “Loyce” at ATT took one look at my phone and diagnosed it immediately.  “It has water damage.”  How?  “Have you had it in the bathroom?”  Our eyes bulged.  That is where I recharge it.  The steam that clouds the mirror is enough to kill a cell phone.

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I have my poodle back!  I looked at her yesterday and decided “Enough!”  So I called the groomers; boss lady’s out sick.  Today at 9 a.m. helper lady called.  “I’m glad I caught you.”  I was going to call first to make sure she was in today.  “Oh, that’s right.  Yeah, she just called; she’s on the way.”  So I’m not late, I thought to myself.

When R came home, his mouth dropped open.  He had told me yesterday she didn’t need a clip.  But I could tell he was proud of me for doing it anyway.  I was, too.

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I finally finished my last taxbiz return.  He brought it and then told me to hold it while he got more information.  A month later, through his mama, he said, “Never mind. Go with what we’ve got.”  Problem was, by then a bunch of returns came in making his last.  Mama got impatient, implying that she would grab it and take it somewhere else.  I told R and he said, “Let her”.  He knows my rates are low.  Her impatience would cost her $100+.  Anyway, I was about to efile it when he called.  “Can I make one more change?”

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Tuesday, when I went to get the dog, I stopped by Pates’ to pick up a few things.  I saw a poster, crudely done, offering a job.  The first time I saw it, I thought it was a scam.  Turns out it was for the Census.  So I picked up a brochure and checked it out.  Now I’ve called the place and enrolled to take the test.  When I told R, he was surprised.  But this is just the type of short-term good paying job that I want.   And it would give me something good to put on a résumé.

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JH’s package came today.  We had told him to check with us Sunday, but since we knew how badly he has been wanting this (and how long he has waited for Wal-Mart to get more in), R went ahead and texted his mama to let her know.  We got a call very shortly afterward and they were in the driveway before we knew it.  JH walked straight in, as usual. When he saw the package, he practically jumped for joy.  The kids had arrived by then so he toted it to the living room and told them everything about it. 

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R was off today so he took me to OHBC to take the Census test.  CB from HBC was there as lead proctor.  When they checked ID’s, the lady saw my passport and said, “Good, this is all you need.”  I had my driver’s license and SS card just in case.  I try to be over-prepared. Anyway, I ended up missing three, giving me an 87%.  Hopefully, that, my availability, and my other qualifications will be good enough to get selected.  They’re doing more testing next week.  I can go and try to improve my score if I’d like.  Nah. 

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Later, we went to C’s house for supper and then on to the Rylander.  The play was South Pacific.   The auditorium was packed .  We had to sit toward the back.  I put on my sunglasses in order to see since my regular prescriptions were in the car.  Hearing, however, wasn’t a problem.  Turns out, we found the speakers.  I had no problem hearing like I do when we sit up front.  So next time we plan to sit just under the balcony, the best place for hearing, and okay for seeing, too. 

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B came over the other day to announce that MD was dying.  Considering how he lived, I wasn’t surprised.  “He has six months at most.”  He died Friday at the age of 76. 

She said he was an atheist and “has no time for God.”  He wanted to be cremated so they had to get permission from all four children.  He hadn’t seen them or the rest of his family in years.  But they tracked them all down and got permission. 

A memorial service is being held tomorrow at 2:30 p.m.    I’ve got piano at 3:00.  That’s where I’ll be. 

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When I went to piano today, I mentioned the funeral and how glad I was that I had an excuse not to go “even though I know you would have let me off if I had really wanted to.”  Mrs. T nodded and smiled.  While listening to the radio, she had heard the announcement of a cremation.  Since she didn’t know his name she didn’t pay too much attention; though a cremation in these parts is pretty rare.   I confessed to her that I wasn’t sorry to see him go.  He was sponging off my aunt.  I never liked that.

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I also told Mrs. T another thing B told me about him:  he had the audacity to ask my aunt to sign a form giving him the right to live in her house until the day he died, even if she died first.  She wisely refused.  I warned B that she needed to get him out of that house.  If they weren’t careful, he was going to steal her inheritance.  Aunt E already gave M’s inheritance to her church to make sure B didn’t get any of it;  if this man has his way, she will end up with nothing.