BY Quanita

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Hello Devoted Readers,

It's been a long time...

Yet YOU haven't forgotten have YOU?! We continue to remain "connected," in some kind of cosmically scandalous way.

Oh the adventures this Goddess has experienced since we last engaged in our random moments of merging thoughts and mental m a s t u r b a t i o n.

I've returned because I appreciate the "discipline" and commitment it takes to write 100 words daily. In the past, it was a way to maintain connection with someone I loved "Oh so very much..." Ahhhh...but this Goddess was wise, and saw ever so clearly, the "truth."

The details DO matter, don't they?
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"Isn't she wonderful?!!!" he said enthusiastically, quickly sitting his "Oh so fine" self next to me, smiling...I, however, was slightly confused.

Standing across from me was the love of his life. His dear and beloved Canada, yet he deliberately sat next to me...

"Yes!" I responded, "She is!" but I was confused, because he wasn't talking about Canada, he was talking about ME!!! I looked at him and quizzically and whispered in his ear, "Have you lost your mind?!!! That's Canada standing over there!!! Shouldn't you be sitting next to her???!!!"

He snuggled even closer to me and grinned.
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"I've heard it all before..."

"I've heard it all before..."

"I've heard it all before..."

The words of Madonna's song became a mantra for me, especially after hearing him arrogantly spout, "If YOU think I am going to divorce my wife, and move in with YOU, well that is NEVER going to happen!!!"

It was a moment of complete clarity and pivotal stillness for me. A moment I'll never forget, EVER.

"You're not half the man you think you are...Save your words because you've gone too far...I've listened to your lies and all your stories..."

No more excuses.
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They didn't know me, and I certainly didn't know them, but watching them walk down the street, on such a hot summer day, stirred up reflections of my own thoughts as a young teenager. Thoughts of romantic love.

I remember wondering if anyone would ever "fall in love" with me...

Of course visions of "happily forever after" fueled my perception and imagination of romantic love, but the truth is my experiences of it, in this lifetime, manifested in "bits and pieces," not in just one "package" - until now...

Some may say our relationship is "scandalous." I say it's deliciously DIVINE.
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Every single tattoo and piercing I have represents aspects of my life and growth. If someone were to ask me how many tattoos I have, I would say, "Hours..."

I believe there's an energy attached to every tattoo. As a Seer, whenever a client comes for a session, it's not unusual for me to see the "energy" of their tattoo(s) beneath their clothing. Sometimes this freaks them out, especially if it's a tattoo they got in memory of a loved one who has passed on. Even I have tattoo(s) in honor of those who have passed on...alive or dead.
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The truth always reveals itself.

I find it fascinating how individuals will "deceive" themselves, by "deceiving" others. I've done it to myself many times, and that's why I choose to be "clear."

Clear of guilt.

Clear of denial.

Clear of deception.

I've nothing to hide, but I also have the right to choose what I disclose or reveal.

Some choices I've made might be deemed as sinful or wrong, yet they assisted me in evolving, understanding, experiencing, and shifting. In learning to forgive myself, I'm more forgiving of others. I'm not going to waste anymore time on "I should have..."
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Codeword: Apples

I relish inhaling their delicious, sweet essence.

I've enjoyed apples in Maui, Vermont, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Indiana...

I appreciate driving and making love after partaking of a good apple; it enhances the journey, and increases the naughtiness.

I believe, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away..."

I first partook of good apples at the of age 39. Ten years later, I enjoy only the best!!!

I treasure moments of sharing apples with others. Once bitten, they always come back for more!

:::Opens her sensuous mouth - smiles - and partakes of a crisp apple:::
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Although I appreciate the blessings of modern medicine, I'm convinced that going to a Chinese Doctor of Medicine has enhanced and improved my health dramatically.

Chinese Doctors of Medicine don't just treat the symptoms, they find the root of the cause - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I'd much rather get a few needles poked into me, and experience a moment of sometimes excruciating shock, than take any prescription drugs. The side effects of prescription drugs can be ridiculous! The cool thing about acupuncture is a couple days after treatment, I always experience a natural high of euphoria and well being.

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Complaint Department

Leave your complaints below, including: Bitching; moaning, groaning; weeping; wailing, gnashing of teeth; whining; manipulating; yelling; demands; pulling out hair(s); name calling; et cetera...

Your complaint will be reviewed and processed, most likely disregarded, and quite frankly, you forgot to fill out Form Shut-the-FUCK-up.

Yes, yes, I know it's not my fault, but you're going to blame me.

If you're not satisfied with the response you're receiving, the good news is that you have the right to appeal, so please proceed to the end of the line, and rethink your strategy. :::winks:::

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The details of his young handsome body arouse me. It's not the size of his thick, perfectly proportioned manhood that stimulates me most, it's the shape of his hands; his impish pouty lips; and the love in his eyes for me.

What tickles me is he knows me in ways others have never taken the time to noticed.

He's the only individual I've ever experienced who takes the time to make sure I orgasm at least a couple of times, before he cums, and the wild thing about that is, afterwards, while I'm sleeping, the orgasms continue to roll in...
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I laughed all the way home... I couldn't stop laughing!!! I was in a complete state of blissful euphoria. Why hadn't I done this sooner?!!! There definitely won't be a next time. I learned the lesson well.

I should have taken his pants with me, and left them by the front desk. I'm sure he'd have paid attention to me then!!!

He responded exactly as I expected, calling in an arrogant, yet "professional" manner, reminding me what his name was, even though I could certainly identify his dick. I didn't respond, then again, neither had he.


I AM now.
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I AM, who I AM.

I AM a genuine Seer.

I AM a blessed Mother.

I AM a ecstatic Grandmama.

I AM a dancer.

I AM a writer.

I AM an artist.


I AM whimsical.


I AM spiritual.

I AM satisfied.

I AM magickal.

I AM silly.

I AM curious.

I AM worth it.

I AM good enough.

I AM a rebel.

I AM mystical.

I AM ancient.

I AM a child.

I AM opulent.


I AM loved.

I AM Divinely connected.

I AM happy.

I AM THE Goddess Akeeya.
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I laid peacefully in his adoring arms, treasuring the warmth of his body against mine.

He pulled me in closer, inhaling and gently caressing the nape of my neck.

"I love you My Goddess." he whispered lovingly in my ear.

"I know you do My Emperor." I responded, smiling and turning to face him.

When I saw the tears in his eyes, I was taken aback!

Concerned, I asked, "What's the matter?!"

Looking me deep in the eyes he responded, "I don't want you to die. I can't imagine my life without you in it. I love you so much..."

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"Marry Me." I text to him.

"Vegas here we come!!!!!!!!" he texts back.

"That would be SCANDALOUS!!!" I text to him.

"Let's elope to Vegas and surprise everyone!" he texts back.

"I've never been to Vegas." I text to him.

"We'll get a Liberace impersonator to perform the service!" he texts back.

We text "" back and forth to one another.

"I love you Mr. V" I text to him.

"You better!!!" he texts back.

Later that night, as I was enjoying delicious apple cake with my dear friends, I realized I could quite possibly be E N G A G E D!!!

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In the line of work I'm in, I'm convinced that one of the hardest things to experience is when a parent loses a child, regardless of the circumstances.

It seems to make sense that a child will outlive a parent, but that isn't always the case. This I know - without a shadow of doubt - the energy of love - true love - never ceases to exists.

Our loved ones WILL contact us, one way or another, from "the other side," because they do love us; how they communicate isn't always "scientifically explainable," but the healing messages are there, if we pay attention...
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James enjoyed watching me take sip or two, but was a very selfish man.

Dear Frankie dove in and ate all of my pie, and has been a sweetheart ever since!!!

Miguel went in and out the back door, until I locked him out.

Jamie pulled my hair; it was as close as I've ever come to having Pamela Lee Anderson's Do.

PB wore red panties, and walked around "Corporate America" being the boss.

Kevin enjoyed marking his territory - upside down.

Sandra got moist, and wanted to lick my lotus blossom.

The Emperor conquered my kingdom and IS my universe.
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In order to manifest what one truly is ready to receive in life, one's conscious belief must match one's heartfelt desire.

For example, if one is ready to receive love, but believes they are unlovable or flawed in any way, the energy of the belief contradicts the desire, and thus will have difficulty fully manifesting.

The question is, "What is it you're ready to receive in your life now."

Quite simply it's like a child wishing upon a star or blowing on a dandelion puff, who believes with all their heart their wish will come true.

I believe. Do you?!
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There I was, relaxing peacefully in my Buddha bath, when I heard the Divine voice say, "Thou shalt not eat meat for ninety days."

When the Divine voice speaks, I've learned to obey, however, every once in awhile, I try to "push the envelope."

"For clarification purposes, does that include fish and shrimp." I inquired.

"Nothing with a eyes or that bleeds." the Divine voice responded.

"Does that include potatoes and beets also?" I chided.


The alarm on my cell phone went off this afternoon.

Ninety days completed.
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For the first time in over thirty years, I'll be traveling to Northern California, and celebrating my birthday with my mom and sisters!!! I'm so excited, because this will be the first time in my life, that I'll celebrate my own "birth" day with my mom, without combining it with my oldest sister's birthday, who was born on August 31st. (I know she did it that way to save money and time, but every one needs their own special "day.") This year I'll be forty-nine years young. It's going to be THE most FABULOUS "birth" day!!!

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There I was, going through life, constantly attempting to prove I was "good enough."

It took a few "in my face" moments to see the unhealthy pattern I was in. How could I expect others to feel I was "good enough," if I didn't feel that way about myself?

I've mastered "giving" and satisfying other's needs, now MY satisfaction IS a priority, and IS an important part of allowing myself to "receive."

I am and have always been "good enough." If for whatever reason I fall short of someone else's expectations of me, they are their expectations, not mine.
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The first day after the ninety day fast, I ate fried chicken wings. Afterwards, I experienced extreme panic.

The second day, I ate lamb. Afterwards, I experienced looking through the eyes of the lamb, who was being funneled into a space with others, feeling terrified and helpless, and my throat being slit.

The third day after, I ate chicken; this time I felt "simple" and packed into a cramped space, while mindlessly everything went black.

The Divine knew I'd become more sensitive to the energy of the meat I was eating, and the suffering I was partaking of.

I understand now.
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The music was hypnotic. I closed my eyes and visualized myself in a sacred space surrounded by the highest vibrations of healing light. With each breath I inhaled and exhaled to the rhythm of the pulsing drums.

I was not alone.

Surrounding me were deities. Ganesha was the first to come forward and embrace me in the dance. His presence filled my being with pure joy!

Blue Tara, Green Tara, and White Tara were next. They adorned me with jewels, caresses, and bouquets of fragrant blossoms.

Kwan Yin stepped forward and whispered in my ear, "Don't hesitate to be direct."
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"You're too young for me." I playfully teased, soaking in the look of adoration in his sexy eyes.

Feigning being mockingly offended, My Emperor responded, "On the contrary Goddess, YOU are too young for me!!!"

"Why do you say such things?"
he asked, seductively caressing me.

His response made me think, "WHY do I say such things?!!!" Dog gone it if that darn "conditioning" voice of society was rearing it's ugly head again!

I didn't resist when his determined hand slipped between my plump thighs and fine tuned me like a master violinist.

Love - true love - is ageless and timeless.
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I believe I am a cheese-a-holic. It's all about "da cheese." Gotta have cheese - Cold cheese, warm cheese, hot cheese, melted cheese, crumbly cheese. Gimme "da cheese." The cheesier, the better.

Great cheese comes from Wisconsin, but Vermont is a fierce competitor!

I use to look forward to having a sizzling serving of Ricobene's ORIGINAL cheese fries. Unfortunately, once again, Corporate America changed the "authentic" cheddar cheese to some slimy, ordinary, "tastes like plastic," cheap-ass cheese. I called and complained, but they said it was more "cost effective" to introduce the new cheese. (What about "taste effective" you corporate vampires?!!!)

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Writing 100 words a day has been an exercise in "commitment." In many ways, it's fueling my goal to "write the book(s)..."

We all could write a book, couldn't we?! Our lives, no matter how fabulous or mundane, are filled with stories within stories. Each and every story IS important. I'm fascinated by the interweaving of lives and lifetimes - every moment matters, even the ones we think are ordinary.

Those individuals who've been a "chapter or two" in my life are crucial, regardless of the outcome.

One thing's for sure, I haven't experienced a boring life.

Once upon a time...
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People pleasing doesn't work. Some people are never satisfied.

Twenty years ago, I'd have run around in circles and kissed my own ass, in order to please the people I "thought" were important; just so "they" would be happy. Looking back, I was creating my own drama and pain; half those individuals weren't grateful for my efforts.

Now, I'm learning to set clear boundaries, say, "NO!" and "please myself" without feeling "guilty." I'm sure this makes some people unhappy, SO WHAT?!!! Perhaps they need to take a good look as to why they expect someone else to make them happy.
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I use to wear silver jewelry with magickal looking stones all the time. Lately, I've noticed that whenever I try to wear silver, it's contrary to my energy field, no matter how beautiful the piece is.

Now I wear gold - rose or yellow, but not white. I enjoy adorning myself with FABULOUS pieces of gold jewelry, accented with sparkly, shiny, genuine precious and semi-precious stones. (I don't wear laboratory created gems, although similar or exact in chemical composition, they don't have the same energy or vibration as those mined from the universe.)

Yes, diamonds ARE a Goddess' best friend!
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I was escorted into a darkened room surrounded by cinder blocks and what I thought to be a dirt floor. Later on, I would realize the dirt was actually the ashes of the deceased, intermingled with shards of human bones.

Shadows and energy imprints of individuals ushered into the chamber shuffled around me. Why was I being brought to this space, where there has been so much tragedy and trauma?

A low guttural sound resonated in my throat. My body swayed and lifted, as my various past incarnations re-inhabited my flesh.

I am neither male or female, I am Goddess.
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With Divine determination, I chanted prayers in ancient, sacred tongues.

Like a Mother comforting her ailing infant, each word spoken assisted the souls trapped between dimensions, because of the atrocities and horrors they'd experienced. One by one, they resurrected from the ashes.

"No more suffering. No more waiting. No more pain." I continued to chant confidently, as their spirits lifted and swirled around me.

I watched in awe as they reached upwards towards the sparkling orbs of light trickling in from above.

The orbs were loved ones gathering, who'd been waiting patiently for generations, to be reunited with their Beloveds.
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Upwards, upwards, they soared in ecstasy, no longer separated by time or space. Peace filled my heart.

"Blessed be those that mourn, for they shall be comforted."

Oh sweet reunion! How precious the moments of being embraced by loved ones never forgotten.

"This is your mission..." the Divine voice spoke, as it lifted me into the blinding light. "You've been chosen since the beginning of comfort those who grieve..."

I looked at my body as it transformed into unfamiliar characteristics and features of my lifetimes past. "Who" I AM filled my being. I understand now.

I AM one.
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For those of you who are fans, you know that I'm "naughty and nice..." Ah, but such is the life of a Goddess...

I enjoyed the most exquisite mating ritual today. I'm always so impressed with how clever and sensual My Emperor is!!!!!!!

On this particular evening, I was starting to doze off naked, except for a light sheet on top of me. I felt his fingers explore my naked body through the sheet. With each movement, he took my breath away, making me yearn for more, until I climaxed uninhibitedly.

Ladies and Gentleman this was a GLORIOUS first!