BY Quanita

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I was born 49 years ago today! So THIS is what 49 feels like!!! I LOVE IT!!! "Old" is an attitude. I shall remain forever magickal and vibrant!!!

Because my Mom's pelvis was too small, and I was much too big, I was born via c-section. It was considered a trauma delivery, because I got stuck in her pelvis, so she had to sign papers giving them permission to risk my life, in order to save hers; so much for "legal documents"!!! Yes, I AM a survivor!!!

It'll be fun to see what FABULOUS adventures I'll enjoy this year!
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NO ONE likes to be disrespected, unless of course they're into a little S&M.

I've found that many men, especially business executive types, like to be treated like pussy bitches. What's that all about?!!!

Because I refer to myself as a "Goddess," some assume I'm a dominatrix. :::Looks innocent:::

It's all about image, isn't it? Trophy wives, trophy cars, trophy homes, trophy accolades, and ordinary sex lives, unless of course they come out of the box, submit, or otherwise.

Maybe it's the crack of the whip, leather, and the stiletto heels that perks them up.

Anyway, I know your secret.
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I love pink sparkly things...

I love when the sun shines through the glass prisms in my windows, causing rainbows to dance all around my dwelling!

I love to sprinkle magickal glitter outside, around my house, to entice the fairies to visit my garden.

I love wearing a sparkling tiara, just because I can!

I love "Ohhh La La" shimmering lotion from Victoria Secret; it makes my soft skin glisten like a magickal being!

I love gold jewelry, especially when embellished with precious gems, to adorn the Goddess I AM.

It's all about the FABULOUS!!!

Liberace would be so proud!!!!!!!
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Travel, travel, travel...Go, go, go...

When I get the chance to just "be" home, I LOVE IT!!!

It's WONDERFUL to be free and uninhibited!!!

I don't have to wear make-up. I don't have to wear a bra. I can bask in the magickal healing treasures that surround my home, and anoint my body with healing oils and perfumes. I can listen to my music as loud as I like. I don't have to explain or be accountable to anyone but myself! I LOVE sitting back, drinking my ice water with a pink straw and totally relaxing!!!

There’s no place like home.
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Here are my some of my "Driving Pet Peeves":

I have a low tolerance for “Litter bugs,” especially individuals who toss their garbage out their car windows while driving. I literally go into road rage when I see that happen!!! I feel it is so disrespectful to the beautiful planet we live on.

I don’t understand why individuals have to play their music so loud, in their vehicles, that it sounds like Godzilla is walking through the neighborhood!

I dislike individuals who ride other people’s tails - If the speed limit is 55mph and I’m driving 65mph, get off my ass.
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It's the first time I'd ever partaken of magickal brownies. I was kind of nervous about it, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity, especially since My Dear Niece made them just for me.

At first bite I was impressed by the rich, chocolately, chewy, crunchiness, of them. "MMMMMMmmMMmm..." I cooed, savoring the moment. (This is when a cold glass of milk is a blessing!)

A couple of hours later, I was in heaven. I was grinning from ear to ear. My tummy felt yummy with those warm brownies digesting away.

I think I'll enjoy a second helping.
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I LOVE Chinatown in Chicago! My favorite store there is called, “Hoi Poloi.”

They have a wonderful, eclectic selection of beautiful artwork created by Artists and Artisans from all over the world! I enjoy handcrafted artwork!

Yesterday I became enchanted by gorgeous, hanging, glass hearts, of all different sizes, hand blown by Luke Adams. I purchased six of them, and I am tempted to go back and purchase the rest!

This morning when I woke up and saw how the sunlight highlighted the color and iridescence of each one! I was truly spellbound! What perfect additions to my sacred space!
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I feel the energy shifting around me, and when that happens, I feel the need to move and remove things around my home.

Today, I think I’ll look for some new sheets and comforter. I’m leaning towards sparkly pink.

I’ve enjoy the red sheets on my Goddess bed, and the passion it’s brought into my life, but my spirit is calling for pink. Pink is the color of “unconditional love,” I am enjoying that in my life at this time and I feel so blessed!

Last night as we laid in each other’s arms, I felt so loved and safe.
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Sometimes being “self” employed can be overwhelming.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I focus on trusting the universe and the importance of the work I am doing.

I am grateful for the devoted clients I have assisted throughout the years, and it is their “validations” that propel me to “keep on keeping on!”

Oftentimes, I am amazed at some of the revelations and stories they share with me. I wonder if they know how much they touch my heart, and motivate me to love deeper, appreciate more, and express gratitude without hesitation.

My success is their success.

I love my job!
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“How are you doing Goddess?” he asked, straddling above me and smiling like the Cheshire Cat!

I couldn’t respond, because my body was still vibrating and shaking from the INCREDIBLE orgasm he had blessed me with!

“Goddess can you hear me?” he implored, gently nipping my nose with playful bite.

I opened my eyes and looked directly into his impishly innocent face.

“Did you have an orgasm?” he asked, knowing damn well I had!!!

I was absolutely happily speechless.

“Guess what?!” he rocked the bed like a happy puppy dog, “YOU aren’t finished yet!!!”






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9/11 was when he called and told me he wasn’t coming home.

He had fallen in love with the Polish cleaning woman at his work.

Later, I would discover that he never told her he was married or that he had children.

Even though I tried to warn him, after our divorce they would marry and separate, all in less than two weeks. She didn’t love him, she just wanted her American citizenship and to bring her children from Poland.

Now I realize he did me a favor, because I am happier now than I ever imagined I could be!
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I’m going through some kind of shift again… I am pulling things off my walls; tossing out or giving “stuff” away. When this happens, it means something significant is going to fill my life, and I am “preparing.”

I realize “quality” is more important to me than “quantity,” and find myself searching and acquiring “handmade” works of art.

My sacred space is filled with dragons, angels, crystals, hand blown glass, magick, and whimsy! I love it that way! It is an outward expression of the magickal being I AM.

A little glitter, sparkle, shine, and magick always does the trick!
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I am always curious about individuals who treat me like a celebrity.

They’ll usually say in one breath how excited they are to be next to me, and then follow with the words, “I am so nervous!” To which I usually respond, “So am I!!!”

These individuals touch my heart, because they are recognizing something in me that is special. What a gift that is!!! And yet, it is they who are special! I’m just a reflection of who they are at this time in their journey.

I am in awe of the noble and lovely individuals in my life!
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I had this dream about my ex-husband, and I woke up ANGRY at him; obviously my subconscious mind is trying to communicate something to me that has been hidden, and is now ready to heal.

As I relaxed in the bathtub, I meditated on the ANGER, in order to “shift” the energy. I came to the realization that he was emotionally retarded and incapable of acknowledging, respecting, encouraging, supporting, loving and accepting me. Somewhere deep inside of me, I want him to say, “THANK YOU.” I am sure that is my egoK/i> talking, because that expectation of him is self-defeating.
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I’m in a mood.

When I’m in a mood, things “shift.” It could be that I’m having an OCD moment, but WHATEVER!!!

The floral arrangement hanging over my bathroom mirror for years has collected goo-gobs of stagnant energy – GONE.

I’m tossing out those containers of hot rollers - were those from the 80’s?

How many piles of old make-up and perfume samples do I hoard – TRASHED.

The lamp in the corner irritates me – BYE, BYE!

How many extra hangers do I have? – Goodwill time!!!

Inevitably someone says to me, “I can’t believe you are throwing THAT out!”- MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU!!!
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The magnifying mirror makes even the tiniest of hairs and blemishes look monumental!

Carefully I survey the fleshy landscape of my face, searching for “things that pop out at night.” - You know what I’m talking about!!!

Today’s safari, takes me on a search for the black, wiry chin hair, that son-of-a-gun pops itself out in defiance when I least expect it! Today, I will SEIZE it and pluck it with precision! Perhaps I should mount it on the mirror as a trophy and reminder that I take no prisoners!

Armed with my Tweezerman tweezers I skillfully execute the pluck...
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I have no agenda today, except to truly experience the sensations of being alive.

I feel empowered rolling down the windows of my car and allowing my hair to toss freely with the wind, while I listen to Led Zeppelin playing on the radio.

I can do anything I want today, and not have to answer to anyone except myself.

The air is crisp and I’ve noticed the leaves are beginning to change colors, heralding in Autumn, my favorite time of year!

Memories of past adventures flash unsolicited through my relaxed mind demanding recognition, but how could I ever forget...?
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Get it done.

Don’t wait.

Do it NOW.

When I wake up in the morning, while I’m sitting on the pot, I start processing the “All the things I should to accomplish today…” list. No matter how detailed the list is in my mind, I always have to make room for the “stuff” I didn’t plan on, but I find as long as I stay focused, I can and will accomplish my goals. Today’s agenda includes: Changing my oil, sharing a reading around 2:30 p.m., and going to the post office. Let’s see how much of this I accomplish...
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I enjoy looking at people’s faces.

The texture of their skin, the lines upon and surrounding their face and eyes, even the hair in their nostrils tells a story.

When someone’s lived a hard life, it shows up on their face.

When someone’s happy, it shows up on their face.

When someone’s disinterested, it shows up on their face.

Faces are like personalities, they are all different, even if they look similar in one way or another.

I LOVE wrinkly faces, especially the ones that are soft and smiley! Aged individuals are vast storehouses of incredible insight, memories, and wisdom!
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I’ve been studying the “Course in Miracles,” and the lesson was that whatever I was thinking had connections to the past. I kept thinking how much I DREAD going to the doctor’s office and standing on the scale. Ever since I was a little girl – in PERFECT shape and health – I’ve been told how overweight I was. Looking back, I see they were basing their conclusions on an outdated “Perfect weight” scale. I realized that every time I stand on a scale and listen to their diatribe, it makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me, when there isn’t.
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Ah the company of my best friends is always a delightful way to relax and enjoy Sunday!

Today we went to a great sushi restaurant called “Hamada.”

Although my mother is Asian, unbeknownst to me, there is a thing called “chopstick etiquette.” I, however, like eating with my fingers or a spoon.

When I am eating Maki Rolls, I must have LOTS of extra ginger; I LOVE ginger. I pass on the wasabi though, except when I have a cold and need to clear out my sinus passages.

Anyhow, the food was delicious, the company delightfully DIVINE, and I’m smiling!!!
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Why am I dreaming about Donny Osmond?!

My youngest sister had a HUGE crush on Donny Osmond. I saw him perform in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat.” My favorite part was when he was lifted over the audience, right over my head, and I got to see his belly button! I could hardly wait to get home and call my sister and tell her I had seen Donny Osmond’s belly button! It was a fun sister moment!!!

In my dreams we are outside his home, with his family, and he’s being very polite and entertaining to his fans.
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He was born twenty-six years ago today. He’s my precious “Brown Bear.”

After eating lunch at Pepe’s, we headed towards the mall to purchase some birthday “stuff.” I’m not one for malls anymore, but it was fun to look at merchandise with my son, and observe what he would choose for himself. Long gone are the days of Mommy picking stuff out for him. He has his own taste and an amazing mind.

I love him so incredibly deeply. I couldn’t have wished for a more wonderful, talented, inspiring, loving son.

Happy Birthday My Son, I LOVE YOU always NOW.
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The tiny door opened like a gust of wind. Patiently I peered - hiding - waiting to see who or what would emerge.

Its nose was much larger than the rest of its features, except for its beautiful dark blue almond shaped eyes. Wisps of silky hair knotted with paper clips, aluminum foil, little bells, and all sorts of shiny small objects caught my curiosity. Its flesh seemed transparent and smooth with a glittery pearl-like sheen. Tattered gossamer wings unfolded behind it, and fluttered every once in awhile like a hummingbird.

It seemed as curious as I, instinctively knowing it wasn’t alone.
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When I was growing up, I was considered a “Tom Boy.” Looking back, I wonder how much of that was “conditioning” from my mother to please my father, because they never had a son. Anyways, I would play with the boys, fight with the boys, climb trees like a boy, but now, as an adult I LOVE being a girlie girl! I love getting my nails done, putting on make-up, doing my hair, wearing perfume, and wearing LOTS of fabulous jewelry!!! I may not have the figure of a Victoria Secret model, but I LOVE feeling gorgeous, magickal, and sexy!!!
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I watched the Presidential debate the other day, afterwards I kept hearing a distinctive phrase repeating over and over in my head about the candidates. It went like this, “Vote for ……She’s a good person…YOU want to vote for…THEY will do a good job.” This went on all throughout the night, like an annoying verse of a song I’d heard on the radio and can’t get out of my head. This “verse” didn’t come from the Divine or me, it was EXTERNAL. I figured out that I’d been a victim of subliminal messages being broadcasted over the airwaves!

09/27 Direct Link
Bella was my Teacup Chihuahua who died while I was in working in Miami over a year ago. I miss her very much!!! My friend Annette’s a Taxidermist. She does incredible work!!! While I was driving home from Minnesota yesterday, I kept thinking I should have had Bella stuffed and mounted on wheels then I could have put a FABULOUS, pink, sparkly leash and collar around her, and taken her with me wherever I go. Instead, she’s buried unintentionally upside down – derriere up - under a sacred Oak tree named Merlin. Perhaps I’ll go there and sit in the shade.
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As I reflect upon the past and something I use to enjoy so very much, I ask myself, “Would I do it NOW for old time sakes?” – No.

“How about $5000.00 cash, would I do it NOW?” – No.

“What about one MILLION dollars cash NOW, tax free?”No.

Yet there would have been a time that I would have rearranged my life, jeopardized my finances, put everyone else and myself last, etc…to “do it.”

“Love” is like that I guess. “Love” makes it happen, until it’s taken for granted one too many times.

NOW I am not taken for granted.
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When I was 17 years young and living in a military base in Japan - before VCR’s and DVD’s - it was a treat to go to the base movie theater. The national anthem was played right before any movie played, and the audience would stand and sing it, or face the “consequences.”

At 5 p.m. sharp every day the national anthem would play, and no matter what we were doing - driving or otherwise - we were required to stand and salute it.

I still stand and salute when I hear the national anthem played, even though most of the time, others don’t.
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After the presidential debate last week I noticed “phrases” being repeated in my mind, like the irritating lyrics of a song I overheard on the radio. Over and over the words repeated themselves, “Vote for Sarah Palin, she’s a nice person…Vote for McCain and Palin…YOU like Sarah Palin, she’s a Mom…” – stuff like that. It took two days to get those annoying statements out of my head! The voice was not the “Divine, my spirit guides, OR me, an Obama supporter!!!” I realized some type of programming or subliminal message had been transmitted during the debate - BASTARDS!!!