BY Quanita

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Is it any wonder “why” people don’t “accept” others, when most of the time, they don’t even “accept” themselves?

My focus these last few weeks is to “accept” who I am, as I am, for who I am, which I thought I did, until I realized how many times I send myself contradictory messages.

I am also more aware that I can be feeling FANTASTIC and someone outside of me will make a statement that they feel is a “revelation” to convince me otherwise.

Today I am choosing to LOVE and accept myself exactly as I am, FABULOUS or otherwise.
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ATTENTION PLEASE! Quit believing other people’s perceptions and limiting beliefs are true!

I had a client who said she had to find her true love "within five years" or she was DOOMED! I asked her "why" she believed this, and she said because she was going to be fifty, and e v e r y body knows that “no one wants a woman over fifty.”

B U L L S H I T!!!

So let me get this straight, Hugh Hefner has a circle of young women around him AFTER fifty, but a woman can’t? I don’t think so!!!!

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I sat at the corner of Gorham and Broom, in Madison, Wisconsin, waiting for the light to change. In that moment I realized there was a vortex of energy moving all around me.

A young couple, who were determined to impress one another, crossed the street.

A middle-aged man was unloading a truck of beverages.

Someone dropped the keys to their car as they were trying to unlock it.

An indigent individual meandered slowly down the street, muttering to himself.

Workmen moved construction equipment.

A bird sat at the top of tree watching as I was.

The light turned green.
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Anytime the government gives you an “incentive” check, that means they know something is coming down the pipeline and eventually whatever “incentive” they gave you, they will want back tenfold. There’s NO WAY the government didn’t know YEARS in advance a crisis was coming.

I’d look around at all the HUGE “new construction” residences being built around me and ask, “Who the heck can afford these homes?” Obviously they can’t.

Shame on the GREEDY corporate institutions, who thought they would make a profit off another’s financial ignorance! Back in the day these individuals were called “Loan Sharks.”

Truth always surfaces.
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While I was napping, My Beloved was sensuously cunning, as he ambushed my unexposed nipples, and began lightly caressing them with gentle longing. Of course this woke me up, but I naughtily feigned being asleep and kept my eyes closed in anticipation of what he would do next!

He slowly pulled back the covers and exposed my big, floppy breasts, tenderly suckling each in his sweet, innocent mouth. I remained perfectly still, enjoying each caress and the resulting pleasurable swelling and twitching between my thighs.

“Are you enjoying this Goddess?” he whispered in my ear, as he began fingering my.............
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No matter where I go, someone inevitably asks me if I’ve been to the Renaissance Faire, because of my attire and the decorated, magickal, walking staff I use. I’m amused when I say to them, “No, I always dress this way.” It takes most people a moment to process, and then they usually blush red and smile.

The truth is I am the fairy tale, the person you read about in books. Yes, we really do exist – imagine that – even though many have tried to wipe us out over the ages. Life and fairy tales would be boring without us.
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We are not our bodies, these are temporary vessels. We are, however “spirit” - spirits who are eternal.

Our spirit is not limited to the flesh. When one masters the ability to travel in spirit, there are vast resources of treasures we can experience.

I enjoy meditating on the possibilities of being “here” in the flesh, but “there” in spirit. In spirit I can climb the highest mountain and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, without being breathless.

In our lives, recognizing other “spirits” who have engaged with us one way or another throughout time is delightful!

Faces change, spirit is eternal.
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The ancient cemetery was hidden deep in the rich forest. It had been centuries since she’d heard the footsteps of humankind stir her awake.

Her white marble sarcophagus was nestled at the base of great tree, whose roots embraced the entry. Shards of sunlight burst through the cracks, temporarily blinding her sapphire black vampire eyes. Even in the semi-darkness, her beauty shined.

The poisonous serpents wrapped around her for protection slithered away at her command, releasing her from her self created bondage.

The faint heartbeat in her chest began to pound in anticipation of the possibility of quenching her ravenous thirst.
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It’s your life.

It’s your choice.


Do you want to stay tangled up in the unhealthy patterns of the past, or do you have the courage to step out of your own ego’s way, and create healthy patterns in your life NOW?

Forgiveness is the key. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you allow what happened in the past to manifest again, it means you aren’t going to allow the past “drama or trauma” to take up anymore of your valuable energy.


Choose to be HAPPY NOW, ‘cause if you are miserable here, you’ll be miserable on “the other side” too.
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Little unsmiling China Doll in the photos, why are you so sad? Your beautiful face should be lit up with joy and delight! Yet you look so troubled, so afraid. I wish I could wrap you in my arms and hold you tight, and tell you everything is going to be all right. You are safe now baby girl, I won’t allow ANYONE to hurt you anymore…EVER. Yet I understand the distance in your eyes – the fear. Fear of “telling.” Fear your beautiful porcelain body will be hurt and abused once again.

I tucked the photos away, but I remember.
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I have a very sensitive nose. I don’t like the smell of dog poop or cat piss. One of my cats is spraying. It’s an awful smell, and the stench is difficult to remove, even with all the “products” on the market made for such “moments.”

I’ve installed plug-ins called “Feli-way,” which emits a calming aroma and has cut down the amount of spraying, but every once in a while, dog-gone-it if one of them sprays; sometimes I think it’s intentionally done when someone pisses them off!

I’m at the point where “someone” is going to get snipped.

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Lately I’ve been craving French fries with LOTS of ketchup. I’m NOT a ketchup kind of Goddess, so my curiosity is peeked as to WHY I'm craving French fires with ketchup. Someone out there is thinking of me AND eating French fries with LOTS of ketchup!!! Once I figure it out, then I can approach the individual and ask, “WHY are you eating French fries with ketchup and thinking about me?!” Maybe they’re voodoo French fries, and someone’s working a hex on me – lol – because once those French fries with ketchup are in front of me I devour them!!! SUSPICIOUS!!!
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I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my friends. Whether they’re present in my life or not, each one assisted my soul in evolving on all levels – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. "Who I am" is a result of who I’ve been acquainted with. I choose to incorporate THE best of “who they are” and what we’ve shared into my being. Even individuals I’ve chosen to detach from - for a variety of reasons - will always be a part of “who I am.”

Where ever you are, “THANK YOU” for sharing the benefits and blessings of friendship with me.
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Thirty years ago today I was sitting in the Washington D.C. Temple and being sealed for “time and all eternity” to my “now” ex-husband. I was only 19 years young.

Today, I am on an airplane headed for New York/New Jersey, to share psychic readings and galleries with adoring fans, friends, and clients.

I closed my eyes and focused my heart energy on the beautiful young lady I was thirty years ago. I told her she’d give birth to three beautiful children, who she’d absolutely adore, but the man she was kneeling across from wasn’t THE love of her life.
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I am reclaiming “my” identity. In order to do that, I am continuing to go through the process of defining and redefining who “I am,” and who “I am NOT.” The key is to accept myself “as I am, for who I am.”

I am finding there are layers and layers of “stuff” that camouflages the integrity of my being. I also realize I may embrace things in myself others may not.

Underneath it all, I just want to be loved - to know love, to share love, to amplify love, to be love. Perhaps that’s the key - LOVE.
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If I was a man, I’d probably fall “in love” with a lot of women, but they wouldn’t be the “model” types, they’d be the women who are loving, devoted, caring, compassionate, fun, and BEAUTIFUL. There are so many BEAUTIFUL women out there who deserve to be loved and adored, yet they go unnoticed because they aren’t the “model” types. How foolish men can be sometimes; I’ve seen so many give up true love for a “trophy,” as if that denotes the measure of the man they are. Trophies are meant to sit on a shelf, not warm your heart.
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He was perfect: young, handsome, excellent health, loved and adored, with a 4.0 average in college, yet, he walked in front of a train and killed himself. Why?

It seemed quite harmless attending all the frat parties, drinking, enjoying the attention of nubile young women. One drink let to another. ”It” watched from a distance, waiting for the moment to attach itself to feed off his insecurities. In time they would become inseparable. The voices inside his head weren’t his; “it” was taking over, slowly and methodically reinforcing his fears, failures, inadequacies, to the point where he felt death was peace.
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Demons DO exist, externally and internally. I believe in the importance of co-existing with “all that is…” however, I also believe in respecting one’s sacred spaces. If a home becomes infested with cockroaches, and the occupant(s) becomes uncomfortable enough, an exterminator will be called. It’s the same with Demons. When a person “recognizes” the presence of a Demon, it’s not unusual for someone like me to be called in. Do I get scared? Hell YEAH!!! But I’ve been doing this for so many lifetimes.

It’s wise not to step on cockroaches, because that’s a sure way to spread their eggs.
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My Dear Friend spoke to me about the difficult financial situation he’s in, and his fear of losing everything that he has worked so hard for. I felt helpless. He said something that helped me put things into perspective. “I’ve gone to my family members requesting their financial assistance, but in doing so, I unintentionally created financial stress in their lives also. Knowing this, I realized that I need to do this on my own.” He is right. We assist others because we care about them, but the result shouldn’t be putting our own well being and “security” in jeopardy.
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When you get to the point in a relationship when you have to fart and don’t feel mortified that the person you are with “heard” you fart, it’s so refreshing! That’s how you know you’re in a safe space in a relationship.

If you find yourself holding back your own farts, because “heaven’s forbid” so and so might hear it, then you know you aren’t at that place of “trust” yet.

Please don’t think all I do is "toot" around. I’m confident I’m not the only one whose digestive system sneaks an unexpected “Hello!” while I’m trying to be FABULOUS!
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“Do you remember being born?” The majority of us don’t, unless we have gone on a shamanic journey or undergone hypnosis. It’s the same with dying, we may remember the sequence of events prior to our "crossing over," but the actual “crossing over” many of us won’t remember; in other words, there’s no physical pain when one’s soul finally releases from its physical form. One minute you’re in your body, the next you’re outside of it.

Our physical bodies are temporary, our souls, like the energy of love, are eternal.

We come from love, we return to love.

Fear not.
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You have a homework assignment.

Your assignment is to hug someone with all your heart, then step back and witness how they respond to the experience. You’ll find it totally enhances the experience of “being” with that individual.

Check your hugging "style." For you “slippery fish” and “stiff boards” huggers out there, I suggest you modify your technique. No one likes to get hugged by a slippery fish or stiff board. Think about it.

If you can master hugging someone with no other agenda but to truly express your love, affection, and appreciation for them, you’re indeed a "Hug Master."
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The tiny hummingbird was hand blown glass and very fragile. Its wings are a deep, transparent purple. Its body a brilliant peacock green. It matches my tiny hand blown hummingbird feeder perfectly. It’s a precious gift handed down to me from one of my dearest friends. I hand carried this precious gift on the plane with me. My Beloved saw how endearing this gift was to me, and hung it up immediately. This morning, I stood in awe of the beauty of the hummingbird hanging so daintily in the corner. It reminds me of the sweet nectar of true friendship.
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“There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…”

I am home from my travels to New York and New Jersey!!! YEAHHHH!!! As much as I adore my fans, clients, and friends in that area, coming home fills my heart with so much gratitude and peace!!!

I enjoy opening my luggage and sharing the delightful gifts I've been given, with my loved ones, and placing them around my home. They are treasured mementos of precious moments.

Sitting here, in MY sacred temple, I am safe. Home IS where my heart is, and will always be...AMEN.
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A dear friend of mine gifted me a tube of “Kama Sutra” stimulation gel for the coochie. Because of past experiences, I’ve learned to test any such product on my hand FIRST, before applying it to any delicate areas. Upon first inspection, the gel was scentless, with a smooth texture. Next, I blew gently on it which caused it to warm against my fingertips. The warmth sensation only lasted as long as I blew, which meant constant blowing is necessary, in order to achieve the sensation - like blowing out a trick candle - and then............

I touched my eyeball.
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I LOVE his sweet kisses.

I LOVE how he snuggles into me and holds me tenderly.

I LOVE when he’s inside of me.

I LOVE when he nuzzles my neck.

I LOVE when he suckles my breasts.

I LOVE when he holds my hand.

I LOVE when he says, “Where are you going?!” and draws me into his arms.

I LOVE his sexy text messages.

I LOVE that he gives me his undivided attention and listens.

I LOVE his impish smile.

I love that he LOVES my body.

I love that he knows how much I LOVE him.

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“Snip, snip, here… Snip, snip there…”

I love My Mr. Buddha, but his spraying’s out of control! He’s sprayed shoes, bed sheets, clothes, towels, computer bags, etc.

I HATE the smell of cat piss!!! I’ve noticed he does it more when I’m out of town.

I’ve utilized all manner of gadgets, counter sprays, and “stuff” to get him to stop, but nothing has worked. After much consideration, I’ve decided to get him officially castrated. Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision to come to, because he’s a gentle - yet fierce - loving cat.

His velvet balls are history.

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Alas, today’s a sad day for Mr. Buddha. At 7:30 a.m. this morning, I took him to the vet to get castrated. It wasn’t easy to get him into the carrier, and he yowled all the way to the vet’s office. I tried to comfort him, but even I cringed at the thought of his balls being popped out like plump raisins. When I asked the receptionist if cats have sex after being castrated, she said they usually lose all desire for sex. I can pick him up at 5:30 p.m. I’ll feel better when he’s safe at home again.
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“You’ll survive,” my OB/GYN said as she walked out the door, “We’ll let you know if anything abnormal comes up, but everything looks great. Go ahead and put your clothes on. We’ll see you in a year.” Sighing a breath of relief, I climbed off the table and got dressed, “Thanking the Divine” for my chalupa being intact.

Even though I have no health insurance at this time, paying the bill for $155.00 was a bargain for the sake of my “peace of mind.” There are so many STD’s out there, I don’t want to be “surprised” by some critter.
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Today was the first time I’ve ever returned back jewelry I’ve purchased as a gift for “Moi.” Today’s return was a pair of stunning dangling diamond earrings, which never seemed to hang right. Because I paid a fair amount of cash for them, I’ll have to wait 7-10 days for my refund check to come in the mail – bummer.

Of course I quickly glimpsed more jewelry on my way out. I LOVE Jewelry!!!

I choose not to wear any “faux” jewelry on my body, because that would be contrary to what a true Goddess wears!!! It’s all about the sparkles!!!
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They gather for the seance, all anticipating connecting with "the other side." The lights are dimmed, and the flickering candlelight illuminates the intensity of the audience's attention.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if psychic phenomena manifested tonight of all nights? What I share isn’t a performance, it’s real. Who or what decides to “make itself known,” will be known soon enough; however it does, I am optimistic the “skeptics” in the audience will take the time necessary to process whether it’s authentic.

I’ve been doing this for many years, and I’ve NEVER made anything up I felt was communicated from “beyond.”