BY Quanita

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I think I’d handle going to the dentist better if it weren’t for those darn Novacaine shots!!! I’m certain there’s a methodology to the whole “shaking my cheek thing.” Sometimes it feels like the needle goes all the way into my brain or eyeball!!!

Usually it takes my body about four hours to rid itself of the numbing; until then, my lips and tongue feel like they are GINORMOUS and hanging!

After this procedure to repair a cracked filling, I felt like a pebble was keeping my mouth open, so I had to revisit him today, to polish it down.
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“Every time your ex says something negative about you, I want you to think of ME. I am in your life now, NOT him! I LOVE YOU!!! He had his chance. He had his opportunity. Now it’s MY turn - MY turn to LOVE YOU, MY turn to enjoy YOU!”

My Beloved’s right.

I don’t interact with my ex-husband, unless it’s absolutely necessary, even then he blames me for “stuff” that has NOTHING to do with me. I swear I’m going to get him a t-shirt for Christmas that says, “It’s not your fault, but I’m going to blame you "Quanita..."
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Remember the days when things use to be hand written, instead of typed?

Although I enjoy the quickness of corresponding via e-mail and texting, there’s something special about receiving something hand written from someone you love and visa/versa.

I enjoy seeing the individuality and creativity of people’s handwriting! Some people write very BIG!!! Some people write small. Some people write fancy! Some people write in the lines, etc… I believe an individual’s handwriting amplifies the energy of what’s being expressed.

When I receive something handwritten, I treasure it soooo much, because it means that person made time just for me.
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I spent the morning going through old e-mail and copying any testimonies of my work for future reference. Everything was going fine, until my printer ran out of toner. Perhaps it’s the Universe’s way of saying, “Rest.” I have a choice now, I can tear the printer apart and see if it needs new toner, or I can take a break and “Rest.” Why is it I feel guilty about resting? Why do I feel like I have to keep going and going, because there’s so much to do? Surely these e-mails have been sitting untouched for over a year...
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How much pleasure can you give another with one finger?

I challenge you to make love to someone with one finger while they’re blindfolded and their limbs are tied down with whatever you prefer or have handy, i.e. silk scarves, handcuffs, electrical tape, ribbon, etc...

One digit can create quite a stir utilized in a variety of seductive ways! Be creative with one finger, master when to apply more pressure, and when to “trace lightly.” Leave no orifice unexplored, and of course, allow yourself and/or your partner to taste where your finger has been; I guarantee its finger licking good!!!
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I love the sensations of emerging from the shower fresh and squeaky clean!

Dripping and soaking wet, I swaddle myself in a warm towel, and gently dry myself. I start at my head, and work my way down, patting delicate areas.

I love the sensation of the cool air caressing my skin, as I walk naked from the bathroom to my bedroom. There, I relish anointing my body with exotic perfumes, oils, and lotions, making sure not to miss any spot. Some areas need a little extra soothing and attention, so I take my time and stroke and rub gently.
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I believe I’ll have a syndicated column, radio show, or television slot - an adult forum where questions of a sensual, metaphysical, and magickal perspective are answered. Individuals from all over the universe participate and observe “regularly.” It’s unlike anything ever experienced before.

The energy of the show amplifies laughter, insight, joy, naughtiness, and understanding, etc… and goes beyond the mundane, assisting many in embracing higher levels of magick, sensuality, and healing.

It’s NEVER boring, and includes interviews with the ordinary and extraordinary!

The shows core essence is the expression of LOVE - love for oneself, others, and the Divine.
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Ah…The holiday season is upon us!

Lots of things to do and prepare!

Shopping isn’t one of my fondest things to do. I do, however, LOVE to receive gifts, especially from My Beloved!

We have a tradition of giving one another gifts often – gifts of the sensual kind.

Sometimes he lets me take a peek at what he’s going to give me, and then he smiles seductively and wraps it up fast! Of course this makes me smile and pout at the same time!!!

Sometimes he gives me a “grab bag.” It’s fun to reach in and feel what’s inside...
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There I lay in a luxurious bath, feeling like a princess. I relished how perfect the water temperature was, and how it caressed my skin coupled with the delicious fragrances of my shampoo and body wash. These are the moments when I feel totally relaxed and liberated.

I close my eyes and allow any Divine transmissions to come through, paying close attention to how the messages stimulate my aura.

I always know when it’s time to get up and dry off. Satisfied, I begin to lift my body out of the tub, and then I tooted... Must be spiritual gas!!!
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I’m especially fond of the hand blown glassware! I truly treasure items that are handcrafted. There’s an incredible exchange of energy when something is handcrafted individually by an artist, rather than mass produced.

For those of you in the Chicagoland area or who are planning on visiting the Chicagoland area, I would highly recommend visiting one of my personal favorite Galleries - “Hoy Poloi.” “Hoy Poloi Gallery” is located in Chinatown on Wentworth Avenue.

I LOVE just stepping into the magick of the store and basking in the artwork!!! There’s always something that catches my fancy and tickles my palette!
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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a gathering? I think it would be absolutely thrilling to meet some of the author’s face-to-face and express appreciation for their contributions!

Throughout the years I’ve enjoyed the privilege of corresponding with several of the writers, and I’ve never been disappointed!

Wherever YOU are, whoever YOU are, I CELEBRATE YOU!!! Thank YOU for expressing yourselves!

For those of you who are interested, the Trolley will pick you up in the morning!!! Come dressed as YOU are naked or otherwise…and we’ll share a cup or two of magick, served with my extra special brownies!!!
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"Where oh where is the white Christmas tree?"

"Perhaps it’s under the stairs?!"

Let’s look.

"There it is!!!"

"OH MY!!!" The cat is acting quite peculiar!!! WHY is she hissing and yowling like that?!!!


Lo and behold, what should we discover, but a crusty, lower frequency entity hibernating in a box! Not appreciating being woken up, it made sure to respond like a crazed goblin, from “Lord of the Rings,” and torment the cat!

Capturing and transmuting this one would be a little tricky, so I stated very clearly, “You’re obviously NOT an elf, and I’m NOT Santa!!!”

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I’ll admit I’m OCD. When I’m in a mood to clean, I’m in a mood to clean.

Over the years my physical body isn’t co-operating with me as it use to, so I’ve learned to “prioritize.” After the goblin incident, I want to make sure I’ve cleared every ethereal cockroach out of here, so hence “the mood.”

To satisfy my OCD self, I MUST work and move in a clockwise fashion. A half-ass job WILL NOT satisfy me. Out comes the bleach, vinegar, comet, toothbrush, vacuum, scrubber, etc. – all the tools necessary to do it right.

"Move over Mr. Clean."
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There are of course benefits to having an OCD lover! The details of lovemaking DO matter.

I’m the kind of lover who enjoys figuring out what pleasures My Beloved.

He enjoys making my plump cunt submit to his mammoth cock. He calls it a “spanking.” Every Goddess needs a good spanking every once in a while.

He tells me how naughty I’ve been, "to be still," because he’s going to spank me until I’m a “Good Girl.” He pumps me until I promise to “cum like a good girl” and then he fills my sweet pussy with his warm jizz.
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So WHAT President elect Obama smokes cigarettes?! OBVIOUSLY Ex-President Clinton ENJOYS cigars!

Why are we constantly bombarded by “illusions” of what is beautiful, healthy, noble, divine, and good?

The other night I saw a show called, “Designa Vagina.” It was a seven minute snippet of how some women, especially porn stars, are having their inner labia “trimmed.” WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT REALLY?!!! So let me get this straight, “trimmed” labia looks more attractive?!!! Look, that coochie has mileage on it, whether you trim it or not. Leave it be. Obama smokes cigarettes and was elected. GET OVER IT!!!
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And another thing…What business of mine is it if someone wants to “designa vagina?” If that is what makes them happy, DO IT! It’s none of my business, is it?! Underneath my “irritation” with it are the “stereotypes” that will form of what a beautiful female is supposed to look like, instead of appreciating the wide range of what is natural. What might look ugly to me might be very appealing to someone else! Again, “Franken-cock or Franken-pussy,” IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS! Just don’t shove it down my throat like “breast implants” being much more attractive than smaller breasts.
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When I was a little girl living in Hawaii, I learned Polynesian dance and song. My father use to love when my sister and I'd sing and dance the hula to “Pearly Shells.”

I’d start off by singing:

“Pearly shells…” and my sister would repeat after me…”Pearly shells…”

“From the ocean…”

“From the ocean…”

“Shining in the sun…”

“Shining in the sun…”

“Covering the shore…”

“Covering the shore…”

“When I see them…”

“When I see them…”

(Then we’d sing this part together...)“My heart tells me that I love YOU, more than allllllll those little Pearly Shells.”

Mele Kalikimaka Papasan!!!
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Holidays are a time when memories surface and demand that our hearts pay attention.

Nary a holiday goes by that I don’t think of my loved ones who've crossed over. In the past, I’d get melancholy about it, now I close my eyes and put my hand over my heart and THANK them - wherever they are - for loving me; then I make a sincere, concentrated effort to send my love energetically to them.

I know in my heart they're present during the holidays. Every light that twinkles is a reminder their gifts of love are still being received.
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He’d waited so long for this day. Today he was eligible to “officially” retire. He’d worked so long and hard, and now he’d be able to sleep in and collect his hard earned pension.

Confidently he walked into his manager’s office and submitted the “proper” application. “We aren’t accepting any applications for retirement at this time, with the economy being as it is, our company has taken a hit financially, laid off several employees, and quite frankly we can’t afford to let you go.”

He left the office ANGRY, drove home, and died of a massive heart attack that night.
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That’s a true story my friends. He died of a massive heart attack. Guess he was serious about retiring, yes?!

The sad thing is, he postponed his happiness in order to “make ends meet.” “Was it worth it?” Is it worth busting your butt for a corporation whose primary focus is “profit margins?”

Think twice about whether you’re truly “secure” in the work place. Corporations have an agenda, and even if you are a “team player,” YOU are replaceable. Then of course, your wages are taxed up the ass!

Being a Pirate or Robin Hood’s looking good to me now.......
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“If he doesn’t get me a gift for Christmas, I’m going to be so mad!!!” That was the message left on my voice mail, by a dear friend.

The giving and receiving of gifts can be an expression of love, or it can be an “expectation.”

“However much he spends on me tells me how much he really cares.” Is that true? Does the “dollar amount” of a gift denote the value of someone they love?

Last night, I fell asleep in My Beloved’s arms. When I woke up, he was holding me lovingly against him. Merry Christmas to me!!!
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So my son walks down the stairs in a very jolly mood carrying what looked to be a “man purse.”

“Son, is that a man purse?” I inquired.

“No mother, it’s CHRISTMAS!!!” He showed me that the bag was filled with coins! He’d been saving all his change so he could go Christmas shopping and NOT use a charge card. Just seeing his excitement, about going to the bank and cashing it all in, made me smile!

I just so happened to have a few secret boxes with excess coins and asked him if I could contribute? He gladly accepted.
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Dreams are windows into the subconscious, other dimensions, and past lives.

Last night I dreamed I was back in Midlothian, at our old house. My children were younger, and my “ex” was wiring the house for cable. The cable was connected, but the walls of the house were destroyed because he haphazardly poked the cords through randomly. I remember looking at cords and thinking, “How can I cover this up, so that it looks presentable?”

When I woke up, I realized how psychologically DEEP that statement was!!!

"I’m not going to cover up your mess any more RICK! FUCK YOU!"
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My Santa just walked in the door.

He’s made a list and checked it twice. He knows I’ve been naughty and so nice.

He even let me see his red nosed reindeer, who’ll be guiding my sleigh alright!

He feels my stockings with lots of treats, and is eating my plump pudding and warm sugar cookies.

If I sit on his lap, he’ll give me a BIG candy cane…Mmmmm…so sweet and sticky.

Let me check inside his velvet sacks…Definitely not snowballs, they melt in my mouth.

He plans on cumming down my tight chimney tonight...just what I’ve always wanted!
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2:22 p.m. CST.

Ready My Dear Frankie? It’s time for us to make a wish… Let’s close our eyes together my friend:

“With all my heart I wish for you everything that will bring your soul peace, tranquility, joy, and happiness. I wish for you the joys of Fatherhood, preferably in this lifetime, but also in many lifetimes! May your musical creations continue to be recognized and enjoyed! May you always run like the wind and soar like the eagle in any direction your heart desires. May your heart feel love always and in all ways.”

:::Blows a soft kiss:::
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It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m so very happy!

The fridge is filled with delicious leftovers.

I’m blessed with gifts, all thoughtfully selected just for me.

I shared quality time with my bestest friends and family, whether in person, over the phone, via e-mail, snail mail, or texting.

I’m not in hurry to take down the Christmas tree or decorations, because they are so beautiful and heartwarming!

I get to spend the day with My Beloved Sister and Great niece, who are visiting from California!

Today, the gift of life and living fill my being with peace and thankfulness!
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Who am I that I think it’s my responsibility to “fix” things between my children and their Father? Perhaps a part of me feels if I don’t, things will remain the same - stagnant, filled with drama and disappointments. The truth is, I didn’t create it, nor did I ever want to sustain it, which is why we’re DIVORCED. I’ll always be their Mother, but they’re grown now. I'm stepping out of the way to allow their souls to experience “the truth.” It’s none of my business anymore. The best I can do is to LOVE and nurture them always.

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I’ll admit I have a little bit of a Minx inside of me. Those who are closest to me know I like to “push the envelope,” especially when someone is ignorant, belligerent, rude, or passive-aggressive. I’m amused by individuals who “think” they “know it all…” so much so that sometimes I will innocently act clueless just to see their response. I’m so good at it that ignorant, belligerent, rude, and offensive individuals don’t “connect the dots,” until after the fact. I just sit back and watch the show.

Hint to potential moments of “amusement,” I AM a Goddess – you’re NEXT!!!
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Like the ignorant neighbor next door, she was constantly criticizing and judging everyone! I was a victim of her “criticism” one too many times, and decided to leave her a little note detailing all her flaws, including seeing her crusty crotch while she was picking up doggie doo-doo. After receiving the note, she went around the neighborhood furious, recanting its contents over and over again, and asking each neighbor if they knew who left the note on her door. I was quite amused! When she asked me, I smiled innocently and hissed, “Why would ANYONE want to criticize YOU?”

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One of My Beloved's gifts to me was a make-up mirror that magnifies images ten times. I LOVE IT!!!

I’m fascinated by all the tiny hairs, blemishes, dry spots, wrinkles, etc. revealed that I can't see under ordinary circumstances.

I’m in awe of how my skin continues to re-create itself overnight!!!

I love sharing the gift with my friends and family too!!! Once they take a look in the mirror they usually GASP and ask for a pair of tweezers!!! It truly is quite illuminating!!!

Now I understand when my esthetician says I need more moisturizing!

“Mirror, mirror, on the…”
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We toasted the New Year in with French Champagne and kissed each other passionately, tenderly. Every kiss was healing nectar for my heart and spirit. It was the first time I’d ever experienced a romantic kiss on New Years. The kisses got deeper as we made love. His thrusts were slow and deliberate. Our flesh molded together, moist with the exchange of our sexual body fluids. He made sure I came first - hard - and then he pumped his thickness in me even deeper, erupting and filling me with his sweet, young, essence. He whispered, “I’m staying the night."