BY Quanita

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I opened my eyes and realized I was wrapped in a warm cocoon of love. His breathing was deep and even, and I didn’t want to wake him, because I felt like I was experiencing a moment of heavenly bliss. “He really loves me…” I thought to myself, “This is THE most wonderful feeling.” I closed my eyes and thanked the Divine for blessing me with his presence in my life. As soon as I finished, he opened his handsome eyes and smiled. “Don’t move.” I told him, “I feel like I'm in heaven.” He gathered me closer to him...
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Expectations – YOURS, not mine, to claim.

Do this… Don’t do that… - Whatever I do’s good enough for me, but NOT you.

You should do this… You should do that… - I don’t come with a guarantee.

Why didn’t you?!!! – Once again YOUR expectation.

Words… - I heard you before your eyes misted.

More words… - A gash, a wound, a thrust of the perpetual “You’ve FAILED me Mother.”

Repetitive dysfunctional drama – You’ve earned a PHD in it.

GROW UP!!! - You’re past the age of “legal consent.”

Given all the choices available, BRAVO you’ve mastered the dieing cockroach position!!!
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A word to the wise:

If you think someone is cheating on you, they are.

If you need proof, then you’ve already lost trust in yourself and in the person you think is cheating on you.

You don’t need to be the entertainment committee in love.

You don’t need to prove you’re loveable by giving all you have worked so hard for to someone who hasn’t earned their position in your life.

Fall in love, but allow time to collect data and build trust, BEFORE you commit to a lifetime with someone.

You won’t lose everything if you RESPECT yourself.
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So yesterday was “no drama” day. I REFUSED to get caught up in any dramas or bullshit. I’m actually considering posting a sign by my front door that says, “No drama pass this line.” I’m choosing NOT to invite ANY drama into my life. Unfortunately, people think they can sneak it in, well, guess what?!!! I’m NOT accepting ANY drama at this time. I’m SWITZERLAND baby!!! That’s right, I’m staying neutral. I’m enjoying the blessings in my life. If someone has an issue - handle it, seek counseling, or go tell “Oprah” - because this Goddess is CELEBRATING being peaceful
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Sometimes my mind ping pongs.

I consider what I can do, what I can’t “yet,” and hope.

Life is about faith, isn’t it? Exercising faith in oneself, in others, and in the Divine is a continual process. Yet life does have its occasional potholes, the ones that appear out of nowhere. Those are the times when it’s wise to check for damages and the institute the repairs necessary. Perhaps the potholes in life are reminders of what needs to be “filled in.”

I sit here physically safe at home, but my spirit and mind are soaring the "Ethers of Understanding."
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The old glass bottle lay buried for centuries, until man decided to move the earth around for commercial profit. The Jinn was ecstatic to be liberated – finally. He’d had more than enough time to analyze his last entrapment. “It won’t happen again.” He chuckled to himself, relishing the fact that his last Master had long perished by now.

“Buddy, how’d the hell you get in there?!!! Move the fuck out of the way before you’re hurt!” yelled the foul smelling human working his way through the rubble. The Jinn grinned as he possessed the human’s vessel, “He’ll do for now."
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The body was so cumbersome to possess, yet a temporary inconvenience. He unzipped the pants and held the fleshy cock in his hand, chuckling, he pissed on the glass shards of the bottle he’d emerged from. “They don’t make them like they use to!”

He nonchalantly walked past the supervisor demanding his return to work, then decided to possess his body instead, which was a much better fit.

The old body lay lifeless next to him. “Sudden massive heart attack” would be the speculative “cause of death.” Obviously the stress and pressure finally got to “Old Bobby.” The Jinn agreed.
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“Ever since Old Man Bobby died on the worksite, my husband hasn’t been acting the same. It’s like he’s a totally different person.” Ruby confided to her friend Shelly.

“What’s different?” Shelly asked.

“Well first of all, he’s always so angry! Anything can set him off! He calls me a “human cunt” all the time!!!”

“A what?!!!” Shelly was totally aghast!

“You heard me! Not only that, but he treats the kids like he doesn’t know them, and the dogs howl when he comes home!”

“YOU’RE KIDDING Shelly!!! Maybe Dale needs to see a shrink?”

“Maybe we need a divorce.”
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“WHO ARE YOU?!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs!

Sneering he seethed,“Why I’m YOUR husband.”

“NO YOU AREN’T!!! I don’t know who or what you are, but YOU are NOT my husband!!!”

Tears of fear and rage flowed down her face as she slammed the bathroom door shut. Over and over her mind kept processing the vile demonic image that flashed across her husband’s face as they were making love. Was she going insane?!! She grabbed a towel to wipe the dripping cum between her legs and drew blood.

He lifted her discarded panty and licked the crotch.
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Dear Reader,

After reviewing my entries I realized I made an error in my January 8th, 2009 entry. Instead of “You’re kidding Shelly!” It should be, “You’re kidding Ruby!”

Shelly’s Ruby’s friend. Ruby’s married to a man whose personality has gone “Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde.” I’m drawing the characters from real experiences I’ve encountered in my profession as a Seer.

Upon reading past entries of the AMAZING and creative writers who contribute to, I felt impressed to attempt writing an ongoing saga. I’m learning it’s wise to keep a visual geneology of the characters.

Thank you for understanding.
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“If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Who made the “rules,” and WHY do I need to follow them? Seems to me that we’re told “These are the rules…” yet the ones who make the “rules” aren’t following them. Isn’t that a double standard?! I’m tired of that game, and I’m NOT playing. I’m of the opinion that Americans are being FUCKED by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve are private banking corporations who are GREEDY and don’t EVER want us to experience “Paid in Full.”

Follow the rules and you’re a SLAVE, that’s no fun.
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“Your husband is possessed.” The Seer spoke clearly to woman who was trembling across from her. “His personality has changed like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde overnight, hasn’t it?”

Ruby was still processing the word “possessed.” Images of Linda Blair vomiting in “The Exorcist” flashed through her mind.

“This thing won’t stop until it consumes all his life force and destroys that which is good. It feeds upon insecurities, doubts, fears, lack of self esteem, and anger. Think of it as an infestation – a cockroach, so to speak. You need an exterminator.”

She found his body in the garage, dead by suicide.
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The Seer couldn’t believe this was the same person she’d seen months ago. This woman was emaciated and looked like death warmed over.

“Help me please! I should have listened to you before, but what you said was unbelievable…” Ruby pleaded as she shared the story of her husband’s suicide and the resulting destruction of life as she had known it around her.

The Seer looked closely at Ruby with her ethereal eyes and replied,“You’re husband’s soul is trapped between realms. He didn’t kill himself, the Jinn killed him. First we help your husband to go to the light..."
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On my Father’s side, his Mother, my Grandmother, Willie Evon, was born and raised in the hills of Tennessee. She’s the first woman to collect disability, which was unheard of, from the American Can Corporation. Her mother, Daisy Mae, came from strong Irish stock, became a school teacher and gave birth to several children, three of which became Purple Heart Veterans. She favored her sons over her daughters, and thought it appalling that ALL children weren’t allowed to read and write, so secretly rebelled against the government, knowing the repercussions if she got caught, and delighted in educating colored children.
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Isn’t it wonderful that we come in all shapes and sizes?

I’m glad we all don’t look the same!

There are benefits to being tall or short, fat or skinny; it’s all a matter of “perspective.”

Oh sure, there’s some things I’ve considered changing or modifying to improve my appearance, but the truth is, I wake up with THIS body, and it’s not going to change overnight, nor does it have to.

I looked at my hands today and noticed they were getting a little wrinkly. I’m so excited about it, because I LOVED My Grandma Willies soft, wrinkly hands!!!
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You were thinking about me last night.
I could feel you.

Then again, I always “feel” when you’re thinking about me. “Thinking” and “doing” are two different things, aren’t they? In our minds we can “think” anything we want, without inhibitions or hindrances.

Last night you were fantasizing about how good it felt to have me worship your private parts with

my eyes…

my mouth…

my tongue…

my fingers…

Oh yes, you were thinking very naughty thoughts in your “alone” time.

I giggled thinking how many times you’ve risked “getting caught” playing with yourself, thinking about me.

Forgive me for interrupting, please continue...
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It felt so good to lay in my bed all warm and snuggly, with my cat, Mr. Buddha, sleeping on top of me. I thought about all things I didn’t have to do, and then the phone rang! “I’m five minutes from your house, can I drop off something?” In that moment, I thought of all the excuses I could come up with to stay warm and snuggly, but my conscience got the best of me and said, “Sure, come on over.” I quickly leaped out of bed, jumped in the shower, and got dressed in the nick of time!!!
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Sizzling; tempting; startling; remarkable; shiny; challenging; peaceful; dynamic; forceful; quiet; momentum; chewy; soft; frosty; hot; memorabilia; treasures; shotgun; BOOM! Subliminal; direct; change; ascension; revelations; miracles; time; distance; roses; pink; gentle; romantic; fast; paced; shower; dripping; slip; plugged; flowing; tornado; ocean; breeze; tower; watching; distance; forget; remember; ideas; application; turkey; quill; ink; writing; papyrus; engraved; monetary; crumbling; rebuild; erase; strengthen; test; smooth; comfortable; tremendous; small; miniscule; atom; split; reunion; truth; suffering; satisfied; triumphant; declaration; remember; postulate; theorize; access; null; void; fill; filtering; shake; earthquake; technology; boring; spice; apples; pumpkin; fire; burn; sizzle; unscathed; angelic; sword; fist; popcorn; monkey; sharing; half-time; complete.
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I love getting my nails done!

I love nail polish that glitters and shines!

I’ve been drawn to a specific brand called “China” something or another. Anyways, they have this glittery nail polish that reflects a variety of chrome colors, so it’s like liquid fire. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve already worn the blue, purple, pink, and now I have on the peach color. The peach color isn’t as fabulous on me as the rest of the colors were, maybe because it’s too neutral and I look better in royal, winter, or fire colors.

Getting my nails done enhances my girlie-girl!
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I’ve lost my voice.

I’ve been healing from this darn flu/asthma thing, and although I feel much better, somewhere in the process I’ve lost my voice!!! Perhaps that’s because I need to “shut up”; or perhaps it’s because I need to listen more. One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to be making or returning too many phone calls.

I’m supposed to be in Madison, Wisconsin this week sharing readings and Galleries; how am I supposed to do that if I can’t talk?!!! I’m just going to be optimistic and believe that my voice will come back fully by Thursday.
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I hate when old events recycle in my mind. What is that all about really?!

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking about two individuals in my life who are no longer in my life. Do I miss them? Not anymore. I use to, but not anymore. When these thoughts resurfaced, a part of me just wanted to remove the thought and memory, and another part of me wanted to say, “FUCK YOU!!!” That’s right I said it, “FUCK YOU and your miserable fucking ICKY leech faces! I don’t give a fuck about you and your miserable lives!!!"
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I arrived exhausted, but grateful to be safe in the magickal woods of Verona. She tucked me in and left a huge gift bag by my bed, “Open it when you are rested.” She lovingly whispered. Curiosity seized my attention, but the sandman had already taken hold.

It wasn’t until the night after, that I finally had a quiet moment to explore the contents of the bag. Inside I found a large mahogany box. At first I thought it was a jewelry box, but upon inspection I was delighted to discover it was filled with all types of artist supplies!
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There were watercolors, paint brushes, charcoal pencils, oil pastels, and more!!! My mind recalled the first time I'd ever received such a precious gift. My father had sent it to me in honor of my high school graduation. He truly believed I was an incredible artist!

I remember opening his gift and feeling so special! As I was processing how wonderful the gift was, my mother snatched the box from my hands and tossed it angrily across the floor!!! I remember scrabbling to pick up the colorful pieces that had scattered and broken, before she tossed it in the garbage.
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It was as if unknowingly My Loving Mermaid was healing a wound that I hadn’t shared with anyone. No one would snatch this gift out of my hands. I giggled like a little girl with her first big box of crayons, and thought of all the creative possibilities!!! She walked in and saw the joyful tears in my eyes. “Do you like it?” she inquired. I wrapped my arms around her and said, “Oh yes!!! It’s THE most magnificent gift!!!” I told her how healing her gift was to me, and she bounced happily like a Tigger.

I had graduated.
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I’ve got nothing to hide. If who I am is offensive to someone, then WHY are they paying attention to me?

At this point in my life I’ve experience following the rules, being “obedient,” surviving all manners of “stuff,” and I’m still ticking.

If I were to die right now, I’d do so with a smile on my face. Why? Because I AM happy, loved, and have experienced and savored many interesting adventures!

I’ve learned that what the “authorities” tell you, isn’t always true or accurate, and a lot of it is “bias.”

I’m LOVING standing in my integrity.

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I had my Tibetan Feng Shui chart done by a Tibetan Feng Shui Master and he said my best occupation is as a natural born “Jungle Sorceress and Fortune Teller,” with direct ancestral lineage, which is very rare in the world. I found this fascinating!!! No matter if my astrology chart is done by Eastern or Western methodologies, it’s always the same. I am magickal. It’s very cool actually. When people offer to do my chart and discover this aspect of who I am, they get so excited!!! “Jungle Sorceress” fits me, it’s not a stereotype and better than “Medium."
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It’s been a while old friend. It’s nice to see you again. The lines in your face have changed, yet our friendship remains.

It’s good to see you again.

What’s been happening since, our mind and thoughts didn’t mix? Are you still the same?

It’s great to see you again.

It’s been a while dear friend. Of course we aren’t the same that would be entirely lame.

It’s wonderful to see you again.

Sitting here with you and all that we’ve been through, we’ve certainly have made mistakes, but innocent saints we ain’t.

It’s terrific to see you again…noble friend.
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Suggestion to males who are experiencing difficulty sustaining an erection: Try a strap on.

A good strap on won’t let you down, and it’s sexy. Then, if in the course of events something should arise, BAM!!! You’ve got double the pleasure. Think about it. It makes sense.

Quit looking at your limp willy as a cock blocker, and allow yourself to pursue the possibilities! If you think a woman looks sexy in a strap on, you should see a man with one on, and they come in all shapes and sizes! Get past temporary “system failure” - reroute to PLEASURE!!!
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It’s been a couple of years since Princess Maddie came to visit. Last time I saw her was at my oldest daughter’s wedding. Maddie informed me she is now in the 3rd grade and that for the first time in her life, instead of getting all A’s on her report card, she got one B+. I asked her which subject she got a B+ in and she replied, “Language Arts.” I asked her how she felt about the B+ and she responded, “At first I was very upset, but my daddy says it’s the high school grades that matter most.
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I’m procrastinating again…

It feels less stressful to do things when I’m motivated. I’m certain “motivation” is right around the corner. Perhaps there are “other things” I’d much rather pay attention to, like getting a wonderful glycolic facial and lots of snuggling. I’m definitely motivated for that! Tending to my fabulous Goddess self is always a priority, as is snuggling! Taking time to pay the bills isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, “I” pay my bills, I just don’t like devoting much time to it.

Procrastination is what I resort to when I have better things to do with my time.
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Revelation, slowly but surely ALL is revealed.

Revelation illuminates alternative perspectives.

Revelation is NOT the end.

Revelation can be staring us in the face, but hidden by the illusions of our minds.

Revelation can haunt and taunt and expose.

Revelation revealed is voyeur candy.

Revelation shifts reality.

Revelation is in ones choices and actions.

Revelation liberates inner demons.

Revelation is necessary, eventually.

Revelation supports truth and integrity.

Revelation is a dishonest mans choice of torture.

Revelation is exposure, not an apocalypse.

Revelation is what stares back in the mirror.

Revelation is awkward strength.

Revelation is truth.

Revelation is drama tuck.