BY Quanita

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Today is “Au Natural” day. I’ve bathed, cleared all my chakras and aura, applied no make-up, and chose comfortable and loose attire to wear.

Today is “NO Self Criticism” day. If I criticize myself, I’ll stop and replace it with something “positive.”

Today is “One Love” day – Getting together and feeling alright!

Today is “Expressing Gratitude” day. No matter what comes up, I’m going to say, “Thank YOU” to the Universe and “All That Is.”

Today is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” day. Dramas, traumas, situations, will eventually be resolved.

Today I “Let it be.”

Today is “I AM PEACE” day.
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The minute Marcia’s daughter called, I knew she had crossed over. Even though I “knew,” I didn’t want to know, because I’m selfish that way. I can’t imagine not sharing time with her. She was one of my first clients from Sanctuary Crystals who stuck with me from the beginning. She never would accept a session for free from me, because she thought my gifts were that valuable. Even when I wanted to gift her a session for her birthday, she would politely say, “I WANT to pay you for this. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.”

Dear Marcia...
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I can hear her say, “It’s better this way. I’d never wanted to be a burden to anyone. No more stress. No more worries. No more tests. I’M FREE!”

I do see her smiling…beautiful…happy…in the arms of her Beloved, with her Mom on the left side of her beaming with happiness.

Oh how I will miss you Dear Marcia… Bask in the love of being reunited with your Beloved and Dear Friends and Family. I know how much you cherish them, and they you. I’m happy for you Dear Friend, even though I’m crying. I am remembering all we shared...
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My Dear Friend Marcia is with her Beloved now.

For years I enjoyed the privilege of sharing time with her when she would devotedly come to share a session with me to connect with her loved ones on the other side.

She IS beautiful. I was always impressed with her impeccable taste and gracefulness.

She wasn’t one to shirk her responsibilities or pull punches with her thoughts.

She thought of me as her spiritual sanctuary, well, it was mutual.

We were born on the same day. It was fun to remember her on our birthday, which I intend on continuing...
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I lit and dedicated a candle in memory of my dear friend “Marcia.” Afterwards, I heard her say through the veil, “Death is NOT the end…” She kept saying, “It’s better this way…No more struggles…I’m through with that…” She joyfully expressed that she had been reunited with everyone she had missed, including her father, and was now blissfully in the arms of her beloved husband. She spoke of the feeling of love and peacefulness that filled her. Her aura was so beautiful and MASSIVE!!! She thanked me for being her friend and encouraged me to continue healing hearts. I wept.
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Mr. Buddha’s my magickal cat. We love each other very much.

He always reminds me when it’s time to go to bed. I’m grateful for his warm, fuzzy self snuggling me at night.

When I’m home, he follows me everywhere, even when I take a bath.

He’s a lot more affectionate and less stressed out since he got fixed.

I’m glad cats live a long life. If Mr. Buddha crosses over before me, I’d be hesitant to get another cat, because he’s the bestest one.

I love Mr. Buddha so very much. I know we’ll share many more lifetimes together.
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When Brent comes into town, I know there is a good time to be shared, and a wonderful memory being created!

I’ve known Brent since he was a teenager, and now he’s in his thirties.

The other night, we sat together in the candlelight, surrounded by friends and family, and laughed our asses off!!!

What is so beautiful about our relationship is we accept one another for who we are, not who others “expect” us to be.

Brent always reminds me how beautiful I am. In his eyes, I am magnificent! In my eyes, he’s a TRUE friend.

I'm grateful.
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When employers treat their employees like crap and expect them to do the job of three people, because they had to “cut the budget” by eliminating essential job positions, and those employees say “ENOUGH!!!” and resign without giving notice, “WHY” is that considered unprofessional?!!! There use to be a time in this country when employers RESPECTED and ENCOURAGED dedicated hard working employees, who were essential to their business success, not just work them like slaves and expect MORE, then lay them off after YEARS of service. The rules are changing now corporate assholes. YOU are the ones who are “unprofessional."
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After Dear Frankie complimented me on my 100words for February, I decided to re-read them for myself. Wow! It’s amazing to me that I expressed all of that! I did, however, discover I had made SEVERAL errors. For example, my 2/27 entry starts with: I watch the moving "Changling" with some very dear friends of mine. What the heck happened there? It should be, “I watched the movie “Changling”… No, I wasn’t drunk when I wrote that. Errors like that irritate me. Oh, and then there’s the February entry that says I had a bikini top “on.” Remove the “on."
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My Beloved has earned the title of Champion Master Twat Twitcher and Twitterer! He makes me vibrate from the tips of my toes all the way through the Ethers!

I LOVE the sensuousness of his flesh next to mine…exploring…stroking…prodding…spreading… Sometimes the energy of his touch leaves me breathless. I can’t resist him. Heck!!! I don’t want to resist him!!!

When he caresses and toys with my nipples, my love button tingles like champagne bubbles, and just when I think I’m about to blissfully explode, he slides deep inside of me and plays a symphony between my legs.

I’m so lucky!!!
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I love the stylists at the beauty salon patronize. Over the years, their lives have become intertwined with mine. It’s fun to walk in and see their beautiful smiles and listen to them share their adventures in life. I love how they respect me for the magickal being I am, and aren’t hesitant to inquire or ask me for psychic “insight.” They always make me laugh and see the sense of humor in things! Yesterday was no exception! Moments with them bring joy into my life and I am grateful for all we have shared, plus my hair looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!
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What magick and mischief will I get into today? Shall I practice my enchantments, or shall I travel through the Ethers? Perhaps I’ll mix up a potion or two. One thing’s for sure, all the “stereotypes” of what a magickal being are, just don’t seem to fit me. Being who I am is so natural to me, that I question why I ever resisted “being” who I am. No, I don’t worship Satan… WHY would I want to? DORKS!!! That “illusion” was created by man and religion to frighten, control, and manipulate others. It stems from FEAR. I am HOPE.
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If God or The Divine created marijuana, who is man to make it “illegal?!”

It makes no sense to me that alcohol consumption is “legal,” but smoking a little pot is “illegal.”

Our society is all twisted. You can pay a fortune for prescription drugs for pain that can cause your gut to leak, heighten your risk towards stroke, etc… but smoking a joint is “illegal.”

I’m convinced that if all the world leaders sat down with one another and passed a bowl or two, there would be less wars and more compassion and understanding.

LEGALIZE marijuana.

Yes, I’ve inhaled.
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I’ve noticed the happier I am, the less attention I pay to pain on all levels – emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

I can honestly state, “I AM HAPPY.”

When I take the time to think about the price I have had to pay for happiness, it’s very clear to me it was worth the price.

I am the authority of my life.

I decided who I allow in or out.

NO ONE forces me to do anything or be anyone but who I AM.

I love the blessings of family, friends, and companionship I have in my life!

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Why the heck would anyone imprison Tommy Chong? I just watched the documentary, “a.k.a. Tommy Chong” with my son and I was aghast at what I saw! For politicians to twist the minds of American citizens by stating that people who smoke pot contribute to terrorism is LUDICRIS!!! I’m more aware than ever of how manipulative the media is and how often I’ve succumbed to the manipulation – well, NO MORE!!! Tommy Chong, wherever you are, GOD/DESS bless YOU!!! Now I’m on a quest to acquire a “Free Tommy Chong” poster or something, just so I can make a personal statement.
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There was a time I wanted you to “accept” me, to be my friend, someone I could share time with, but now I realize our energy doesn’t match. Were you always so judgmental and critical of those who didn’t follow God’s “rules” that MAN created? I am soooooooooo happy to be liberated from that CRAP!!! THANK YOU for reminding me how much healthier my choices and relationships are WITHOUT you in it!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!! There’s a party going on in my life, and YOU aren’t invited. I’ve experienced enough party poopers in this lifetime. YOU are deleted. NEXT!!!
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Going to bed with my hair wet wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but it felt so “liberating” to take a nice, hot bath and emerge “squeaky clean,” and not do anything but dry off and brush my hair. It reminded me of my simple routine as a little girl. It was wonderful not to put lotion and “stuff” on… It was wonderful to lay down naked and clean…and then I woke up this morning and saw my hair!!! It looked like Einstein on acid!!! I had to do a double take at my reflection!!! Thank goodness for hot irons!
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As I was getting a glycolic facial, I decided to utilize the time to relax and meditate. I began to see a beautiful desert with a purple orange sky. I believe the sun was beginning to set and the stars were twinkling just above the horizon. There were shadowy mountains in the distance with a large rainbow black cube. Inside the cube was a spinning purple triangle of light that rotated clockwise and then began to shift to a brilliant gold color. When I touched the cube, it was as light and flexible as a bubble, but it didn’t pop.
03/19 Direct Link
It was like playing with Jello, it wiggled and jiggled, and made me giggle. There was a beautiful buff colored stallion with a flowing white mane and tail snuggling up against the cube. There was also a baby fox sleeping underneath the horse, and a puppy dog resting next to it. There were flowers everywhere! The flowers behind the cube were HUGE and FANTASTIC!!! It was like walking into a magickal forest of tall majestic flowers!!! The fragrance was exquisite and exotic, like the Road to Hana after a light rainfall. I could have meditated in this beautiful space forever.
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I’ll be leaving in a few days for New Jersey. I’m going to miss home. Part of me is so excited to share time with my friends and clients in New Jersey, and another part of me is already missing home. I spend the most of the day looking for new outfits to wear on the trip. I swear those fitting room mirrors reveal a little TOO MUCH!!! Lol… I could see every blemish, gray hair, bulge, et cetera. The good news is I found a couple of nice skirts and tops, which is not usually my style – OH WELL!!!
03/21 Direct Link
I realize I won’t be able to write every day on 100words while I am in New Jersey, because I won’t have time or access to a computer. So far I’ve been pretty consistent in writing, so this “shift” will create a little monkey wrench in the flow. The good news is I’ll be home soon enough and will be able to catch up. I wonder what adventures I’ll experience in New Jersey?! One thing’s for sure, I’m going to enjoy sharing time with my soul twin Deb! I’ll just take the next couple of days to get everything “ready."
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WHY do they make dresses for women who are heavier in THE most ugliest colors, fabrics, and styles?!!! No matter what shape, size or age a woman is SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Just looking at those clothes makes me feel depressed. It’s like this subliminal message to heavier women that anything over a certain size is UGLY and they don’t deserve to wear beautiful colors, fabrics or clothing. I’m tired of this BULLSHIT. It’s time to commission my own personal Tailor. I refuse to go into any clothing stores from this point on! I was fine until I saw UGLY!!! NEXT!!!!
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I love when he’s inside of me and the exquisite sensation of the walls of my vagina molding and caressing his massive erection. The moist sucking sound of our genitals fucking together in rhythm is sensually hypnotic. The scent of his cologne intoxicates me as he caresses my neck, shoulders, and eager nipples. His mouth is so damn naughty! When he spreads my ass as he fucks me and tells me he’s going to cum all over my sweet pussy, my naughty clit swells and twitters in anticipation, submitting to sheer passion, exploding and dripping with his warm creamy cum.
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Even though I have so much to look forward to on my trips to other spaces and places, I am always grateful to be home. This trip is going to take tremendous concentration, because I am still processing and grieving the crossing over of two very dear clients and friends – Sue and Marcia - and the infant son of my first “Love Is in the Earth” graduate, who crossed during delivery. It seems appropriate to dedicate both of my Galleries on Saturday to them. Each of their lives and stories continues to have a positive impact on mine.

Rest peacefully...
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The lesson I have been learning these last couple of years is NOT to be manipulated by individuals who project “difficult and tragic” circumstances. Some individuals pull the “I am a victim” card over and over again in order to illicit sympathy and guilt from me, and I’m NOT biting. I work hard to be FABULOUS and pay my bills. Do NOT assume I have to share what I’ve worked hard for. I’m no longer sacrificing myself for individuals who are NEVER satisfied, ungrateful, and needy. Been there, done that… To those individuals out there I say, “FIGURE IT OUT."
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Once upon a time, a Queen gave magickal herbs grown in her enchanted forest to the Princess Kee Kee, who treasure them and used them only on special occasions.

One day the Princess had to go on an adventure far away. Promising to return, she entrusted the magickal herbs to her dear friend for safe keeping.

Upon her return home, she requested the magical herbs be brought forth for her own healing, and was told they had disappeared. Her friend didn’t seem to know how, but her lying eyes gave her away. Sadly, Princess Kee Kee never trusted her again.
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I’ve never seen the United Airport Terminal in Newark so empty. It was like walking into a ghost town. Those who knew me shared that there has been a dramatic cut back on flights and lots of layoffs.

There's a dear lady I know who’s the sole financial support of her two children. (Her husband was tragically killed several years ago.) She has never been on welfare and has worked hard all of her life to be financially balanced. Sadly, her work hours were cut tremendously, and now she’s short on money to pay her bills. Where’s her stimulus package?
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The cool thing about acupuncture is that it works! It may feel like my body is getting zapped and electrocuted over and over again, but in the long run, I feel so much better. I can actually feel my chi moving and flowing so much better during and after a treatment. I’ve actually experienced where modern medicine would suggest an operation, and have chosen acupuncture instead and healed without a stitch of surgery. A good Chinese Doctor of Medicine is trained to heal the entire being – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, NOT create fear, or dice up a person’s body.
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I’ve encountered more than my fair share of “skeptics.” Skeptics have the right to be skeptic, but I have no tolerance for ignorant, rude, obnoxious, behavior, ESPECIALLY during a Gallery. It’s not fair to the individuals who honestly want to connect with their loved ones through the veil. The truth is, the more skeptical they are, the more profound the lesson, especially when they realize I’m NOT faking my abilities or what “I see.” Although I do appreciate the positive feedback from skeptics who say, “I’m a believer now - you’ve changed my life…” I grow weary of the distraction.
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Today is my little sister’s birthday! I’m in New Jersey on business and she is in California, so I won’t get to see her blow out the candles on her cake. She didn’t pick up the phone when I called, because she really doesn’t like to remember her birthday, but I do, and so I dedicate this day to her!!! (She’s the opposite of me in that area, I LOVE celebrating my birthday, and I’m grateful when others remember it too!!!) I wonder if she knows she’s one of the greatest gifts in my life?!!! I’m glad she was born!
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It’s not unusual for me to be self critical when I look at myself naked in front of the mirror. This time, I decided to do the opposite. Instead of getting depressed by the image I saw reflected, I examined my flesh lovingly. I wasn’t shy about looking at places I haven’t explored in a long time. My belly button was interesting! No trapped lint, but it’s still sexy!!! I was surprised how blonde my pubic hair is, considering the head on my hair is naturally dark brown. Yup, I still have a J-Lo butt, and my toes are cute.