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Oh, I do love a new adventure! I will enjoy writing my words, about my day-to-day activities; my memories; my thoughts and feelings, ones that I can relive and reflect upon at any moment throughout this year, or the next, or the next…

But what will each day bring, and what will be the subject of my words? Will they reveal a feeling of joy? Of anger? A hint of regret? Or hope? I honestly don’t know, but I don’t want to know, because that’s the beauty of it: it will make my whole new adventure that bit more exciting!
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I know I’ve already said I love an adventure, and I do like life to be exciting, but today has been too much for one day! Especially for my first real entry! Yes, today has been eventful!

Well, I say today, but it actually all started last night. Last night I did something I have never done before: I told a girl I like her. The other events of today are insignificant compared to this. I haven’t spoken to her since, so I haven't had an answer, and have spent today anxiously. But I will wait for tomorrow…and hope.
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What is trust? A friend who will never share your most secret information? Someone who promises to do you a favour and sticks to it?

No. I have come to the conclusion that trust does not exist. Anywhere.

Our friends may be the people we are closest to, but in reality we don’t know them at all. We don’t know for certain that they will be loyal.

Trust leads to betrayal. Betrayal leads to anger and hurt. If I could give any advice to people, it would be trust nobody. Except yourself. You are the only person you really know.
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Do I detect a hint of sarcasm in your writing? Is that mockery hidden between the lines? Well that’s harsh! It’s so insensitive!

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I get the feeling you’re teasing me, luring me in, trying to make me think I’ve got something, but then snatching it from me…

Well, that is not going to work! Nobody fools me! Nobody plays me like a game! I am in control, not you! You think you’ve got me in your grasp, but you’re so wrong! It’s me who’s got you. Believe me, one time soon, you will learn that…
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I remember that song by Travis: “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” Well, I have the answer: because I live in Britain!

All it has done today is rain! I know it’s September, but there are flood warnings across the country!

It made me think: seasons have vanished from our climate; spring shoots into summer, which quickly morphs into autumn, which in turn fades into a weeklong winter, just to be quickly melted away back into spring.

Scientists claim we can reverse this effect of “climate change”, but I think we have gone past the point of no return…
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I’m talking to you, but I know you don’t want to listen. I can tell by the reluctant replies, the dull tone of your messages. What am I to do? Stop talking to you? Well if that’s what you want, just tell me. I don’t mind. But what I do mind is when people have a problem with me and refuse to confront me about it! I’m hardly going to bite your head off for being honest!

Maybe I need to stop talking, and you need to start; because I have a feeling there’s something important you need to say…
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Oh, I am clever! As Oscar Wilde once said, “I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying!” That quote is so unbelievably suited to me.

There is nothing more exciting than winning a round of “comeback ping-pong”, where the aim of the “game” - although by this time the original argument is usually forgotten - is simply to be the one with the best retort; and the comebacks become harder to beat with every “round” until finally someone is declared victorious in the ”match”: most of the time, that person is me!
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Things seem to go so much slower when you have to wait in boredom/anxiety/excitement. I use all these adjectives because I feel them all simultaneously as I wait to start my first day at sixth form.

It won’t be too much different from school: a few people will have come and gone, but generally it will be the same students, teachers, and most importantly, the same warm, friendly environment. It’s somewhere I feel comfortable, safe. It will be a scary adventure, but I know that in the end, nothing’s really changed. That is exactly how I like it.
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People don’t like change. It disrupts the natural balance of our lives. We like things running smoothly, and change causes a tremor, rather like the seismic waves of an earthquake.

The after-effects can last for a long time, and the “destruction” can range from anything between “mildly irritating” to “irreparably devastating”.

I have been fortunate in that I have not felt any negative effects of the new change in my life, and have been able to slot it nicely into my old routine without creating even a ripple.

One might liken it to a magnitude 1.0 on the Richter Scale.
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“Never judge a book by its cover”. A bit of a cliché, and utterly useless advice if you ask me.

I met someone new yesterday, and instantly formed an opinion of them. It is possible for us to use “gut feelings” and be right about it, regardless of whether our assumptions of the person are positive or negative.

I don’t think we should sit back and slowly form an opinion of someone; bring on some excitement and let me make a bold assumption about them! After all, I doubt I’ll be proven wrong: instinct is a very good answer book.
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People only ever seem interested in your topic of conversation if it meets one of these requirements: if it interests themselves; if it is a bit of gossip or a rumour; or if it is something they feel they should listen to out of respect.

There are quite obviously exceptions, but generally speaking if you want to interest somebody else, you have to talk about what they like, not yourself; about a bit of controversy; or about something deeply personal.

It’s the people who are the exceptions to the rule that I like, the ones who listen to you regardless.
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“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." A classic To Kill a Mockingbird quote, but not without its problems.

On reflection, we can’t “climb into” anyone’s skin except ourselves, because we can’t possibly know everything about another human being.

So how the hell do we consider things from someone else’s point of view, when we can’t possibly know what’s making them feel that way?!

The answer: we don’t. Stick to seeing things from your own point of view: it works for me!
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There’s nothing quite like a good old spring clean! Well technically autumn clean, but let’s not get pedantic!

I sorted through lots of my old stuff today, and it brought back many memories of people, places and events. But most of the things haven’t been used for many years and they have just been packed away, out of sight, gathering dust. Of course, some have sentimental value, but they don’t have no place in my life at the minute. So I have to get rid of them.

At least I can sell it and get a bit of money though!
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If ever you think getting up at 6.30 am and going out in the freezing cold is a good idea, think again! Even if it is to your advantage. Honestly, just stay in bed, where it is quiet and warm…and calm.

Unless, of course, you have to get up and do that, which is usually the case. I can’t see anybody - myself included - doing that willingly.

If only somebody else would do the job, so I can stay in bed for a little longer on my day off. But then again, since when has life ever gone my way…?
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Hmph! Monday mornings! I’m not good at getting myself up on any day, but particularly not Mondays! What’s more, it’s the first Monday I’ve had to get up “early” in about three months. Oh, how I miss the warmth of my bed; the tranquillity of being able to get up when I want to. But in the long run, I know it’s for my own benefit.

I just wish it wasn’t so cold! At least wait until November for winter to arrive! At least in winter I don’t mind if it’s cold because it’s supposed to be! But it’s September!
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Why do we laugh at other people’s misfortunes? Is it something we all do as part of our human psyche, or is it down to individual personalities?

I believe it to be the former, because most people I know find themselves laughing at the ugly appearance of somebody, something silly they’ve done or said, etc.

We really shouldn’t laugh or mock though, and I think it’s this that makes it happen even more. It’s the taboo of the whole situation which we laugh at. Oh well, I say it’s alright if it keeps us from laughing at our own misfortunes.
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AAAGGHHH!!! Let me out of this hellhole!

There are not many things worse than complete and utter, mind-numbing boredom. I was so bored earlier today that I wanted to scream at the top of my voice from the tallest building!

What happened is not important, but it does remind me of another occasion when I was bored. It was around 3 years ago; I was so bored that my mind went completely blank of all information; it became a void of nothingness.

Why can’t I just leave, and find something to do that won’t destroy what’s left of my sanity?!
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So, you’ve finally decide to break the silence and talk to me?! Ha, I knew you’d give up before long! Because what you don’t seem to see is that your little “game” doesn’t bother me. You thought ignoring me would irritate me, and that eventually I would retaliate, but you lost, not me!

Say what you want, do what you want, ignore me as long as you want, I still won’t care. What’s more, I will always win!

When will you ever learn that it’s me who gets to play the games? You’ve already lost the battle. Just stop trying.
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I consider myself a thrill-seeker: I’m always searching for a new adventure, something to keep my excited; something to thrill me; something to scare me! It doesn’t matter if it’s going on a new rollercoaster, or going higher than I’ve ever been before; I just love the rush of adrenaline and the excitement of having fun!

Adrenaline is also good for self-preservation (the well-known “fight or flight” theory). But there are times when adrenaline is disadvantageous for us: such as when we are nervous, but so desperately wish we weren’t! Oh, how such as thrilling sensation can turn into frustration!
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Speaking from experience, friends aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

If you start becoming too attached to people, they will hurt you or betray you. That is categorically true. You’ll find yourself hating more and more people for the bad things they do to you, and you’ll live in regret of ever telling them a secret, or ever liking them at all.

If you only stay true to yourself, at least you can be the only one who has the right to judge your actions.

If I ever get close to anyone, it’ll simply be to aid my revenge.
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Ahh…the peace and quiet! I’ve never liked Sundays; I think they’re too boring. They leave me in a limbo between the previous late night – where I can stay up however late I want and not have any work to worry about – and the next day, which I know is Monday, the day where I will have to return to school and work!
But what I do enjoy is the peace. The typical British weather won’t necessarily be pleasant, but it’s a free day nonetheless.

But please don’t talk about Monday; I want to enjoy today without worrying about the next.
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I have made up my mind. There is nothing anyone can say or do to change it. It is my life, and I will decide what I do. I know what will be best for me in the future.

People may try and talk me out of it, and I know they are only trying to help, but it will not work. Don’t waste your breath; I just ask you agree with what I’m doing and support it. I’m sure the people who should support, will support me, which makes me feel happy. I like their support, not their disapproval.
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I hate school assemblies. They’re just a vain attempt to brainwash students by feeding them a moralistic message in the hope they’ll go out into their daily lives and be better people.

Today’s assembly was about “setting and achieving goals”. What an enormous waste of my life! Instead of wasting twenty long and painful minutes lecturing us about “achieving our full potential”, why don’t you actually let us go out and do it? We’re not exactly going to succeed if we’re stuck in a hall, yawning, falling asleep whilst you deliver an ill-prepared speech with little enthusiasm! Get a grip…!
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I told them exactly how it was. Plainly and bluntly. It was difficult doing it, but I believe if you have something important or really personal to tell someone, you should say it directly to their face. Otherwise you are weak. So I did. I approached them and said what I had to say.

They took it well. They were sad to see me go – or should I say disappointed. But in the end it will be better for everyone, especially myself!

Some things aren’t right for some people; and I just had a feeling about this. A bad feeling.
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I never realised we would still mention this person, even almost a year after she left. I hardly speak to you at all, but when I do, one of us always has to mention her. I don’t know why, because we all hate her and wish never to have to see her again!

But it’s funny mocking the way she looked and acted. I will never forget how much she annoyed (and still does annoy) us all, and the irritating way she used to “dance” along to music!

I also know we will continue mocking her for a long time.
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Cool! An experiment! So, how is it going then?

Oh, well you would have to sabotage it, you would have to mess around and nearly break the equipment.

But in a strange way it was actually quite funny, seeing you do eveything wrong. It made me laugh how you resorted to making up your results, because you were too busy attacking each other with sharp instruments to know how to do it properly.

There really is no hope for the world when potential future surgeons turn out to be scalpel-wielding loonies!

Oh, my mocking will never end, nor my laughter!
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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

The weather was glorious today, which is quite an achievement for a late-September day in Britain!

So we decided to take a family trip to the coast! Just for the day, but it's long enough to enjoy the things seaside towns have to offer: the fish and chips, the beach, the sea, the amusement arcades. We had a walk along the prom which was nice, and ate lunch on the beach.

Overall, it was a pleasant and relaxing day. It's just a shame there wasn't a brass band playing tiddley-om-pom-pom!
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The warm orange light peered through the canopies of the oak trees, and greeted the forest. It was time to wake up, a new day had begun; and what a glorious day it was too. The birds tweeted their song softly, and the trees swayed gently in the breeze. But the trees and animals were not alone.

The men were working on the forest floor, making all sorts of authentic items: brass was being melted so make brooches; pear wood was being carved into an ornate bowl. It was so convincing, as if these people really were from the past.
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We may be witnessing what could very well be the collapse of capitalism as we all know it.

The nationalisation of a top UK bank; the rejection of substantial financial help by the US government to bail out banks and Wall Street, and the biggest fall of the Dow Jones ever.

Described as the "financial armageddon", a battle is being fought between hungry bankers with flash cars, and innocent law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of the whole world.

Are we really heading for another Great Depression? I don't know, but here's one scary thought: the capitalist apolcolypse may be only days away...
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WOOHOO! I've reached the end of the month and managed to complete my words for every day! Phew! It's been a challenge though. The word length is so short and it's so difficult to keep to exactly one hundred. Not 99, not 101.

Trying to compress my daily anecdotes, thoughts or feelings into one hundred words is difficult, but I have succeeded!

I hope my words will be pleasant to read back: I hope I haven't been too cynical or too angry or too sad. I hope other people will read them and be able to take something from them. Something useful.