BY rylee

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December 31, 1909: I’m still keeping Rose awake with medicine. We’ve lost everyone who wasn’t in the basement. I can’t risk anymore things happening to this hospital, staff, or its patients. I’m sad to say this, but we might have to kill her. If the medication isn’t out of her system and she’s not normal soon, I shall do it.

(Azzure) He was really starting to scare me now. I wondered if he was still alive and looking for me. Hopefully he died like all the rest, if he hadn’t, Arana and I would have to do something about it.
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January 10, 1910: Rose has disappeared, I put a nurse in charge of her so I could sleep, but it seems she fell asleep as well. I should’ve waited another hour so I could give Rose her medicine. I'm also afraid that the nurse forgot to give them to Rose because of her absence and the nurse’s new found muteness. With this incident Rose has apparently regained her ability to control what she wants to come true again. I think she’s hiding around the hospital somewhere… January 18, 1910: We can’t find Rose; I think she went into the woods….
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January 19, 1910: We searched in a few areas close to the hospital. I don't want anyone to go too far; we don't know what is out there and I don't want anyone knowing first hand.

(Azzure) I wonder if they ever found me I thought as I flipped to some other pages.

February 21, 1910: We have waited longer than a month for Rose to show up. She's probably wolf food by now. She was a good specimen to study; it's truly saddening to think that I've lost her.

(Azzure) I stared at his last entry. He was insane.
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I stared at this last entry until I saw a shodow appear on the ground in front of me. Her hand reached down and swiped the book from me. She didn't say anything because she knew she couldn't. I almost wanted Arana to say something to me about disobeying her, but I knew she wouldn't. I wanted her to try to act like my mother, but she seemed to refuse to do so right now.

Then, I started thinking about how she approached me. Did she make any noise? I tried to remember if I heard anything. No, I hadn't.
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Why hadn't she made a nosie in the snow. Afterall it wasn't slushly yet, so it should have been crunchy under her feet. This thought perturbed me.

I turned to look at Arana, her face was angry, but she said nothing. I looked to the ground in shame, then she spoke.

"I think you know now why I didn't want you reading this book. I would've let you once I was done with it. I didn't even get a chance to finish the first page..."

"I can make my dreams come true," I blurted out to Arana.

Her jaw dropped.
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I had completely forgotten about her quiet walking and she had forgotten about her anger towards me.

"Is that what this journal says?"

"Yes, its all in there, I'm going to go to sleep while you read about it."

"Just tell me a summary," Arana said with a little exasperation in her voice.

After I had finished telling her, she embraced me in a suffocating hug.

"You don't think that I'm some kind of a dangerous freak?"

"You're saying this to a woman who can change into a wolf at will and lives in a shabby little den," Arana responded.
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WE talked about my intriguing power. Arana wanted to test it out, but I told her I had no idea how to trigger it.

"There is always time to figure out your power; after all, you do tend to sleep a lot. I wonder if you can make a day dream come true..."

"First of all I sleep so much because I'm around the age of 6 if you remember and second of all it's so boring here."

"If you find it so boring, then why don't you help me with some chores sometime?"

Never mind, it's not boring anymore."
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"That’s what I thought, now as I was saying, do you think you could make your day dreams come true?"

This was an interesting thought that Arana had thrown out on the table. I didn't read anything about it in the journal, but then again, I was just scanning through it.

"That's a good question," I responded.

I didn't want to read that journal again, but we might have to. I really wanted to do something like burn it, but similar to this case if I had any questions or needed to know something important I would need it.
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Then, a brilliant thought came to my mind, "The doctor seemed to think if he kept me awake I wouldn't use my powers, but I ended up thinking of past dreams and making them real."

"Interesting," was all Arana said.

"So, if I can bring old dreams to life, why not try it now?"

"Try to think of a good dream, Azzure."

I sat there thinking of all the dreams I had had of late. I couldn’t find a good one, all of my nightmares started to haunt my memories. This wasn't good, what if I accidently let one through?
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I tried as hard as I could to think of a nice dream, but the nightmares filled every fiber of my being.

I began to rise from my sitting position, I wasn't doing this myself and Arana wasn't pulling me up. Some unknown force felt like it was dragging me against the gravity of the earth. I was pulled approximately fifty feet in the air. My eyes began to make everything look like it had a white blue film over it. My arms were limp at my sides, my toes pointed towards the ground. Pulses were going through my body.
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The pulses violently shook my whole body. My arms began to move away from my sides. I heard a piercing shriek and I realized this noise came from my little voice box deep inside me.

I didn't know I could make such a shrill noise.

My arms had finally stopped when they were parallel to my shoulders. I froze there, helplessly suspended in the air. I could feel another pulse coming, but it wasn't like all the other ones, this one was different, this one felt like it was going to be huge. It was slowly bubbling to the surface.
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The pulse was about to reveal itself. I wanted to stop all the pain I was in, but I didn't know how.

Then, I heard a faint, "Azzure! Concentrate!"

But I couldn't concentrate on what I wanted to. All that filled my mind was the pain that was happening to me. My body felt like it was ruthlessly being burned.

I felt the pulse reach my core. It was going to burst out of my body at any moment.

"No, no, no no no! I didn't want it to be this dream. I don't want Arana to die!" I screamed.
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The pulse was released at those last words.

It threw me back and when I couldn’t go any further, gravity cruelly pulled me down. Arana was thrown back, the trees bent, and some even fell.

I tried to sit up, but I hurt all over. I couldn't tell if it was the pulses or the fall. I just laid there exhausted and panting from all the energy that had been abruptly pulled out of me.

Some time later I felt like I would be able to sit up. When I did, I realized I was no where near home.
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I was lucky that the pulse didn't make me hit anything. I could've hit a tree, its limb, or even the hospital and its fence.

I looked around at the scene again. I was right next to the hospital fence. I didn't want to go in because I knew what was going to happen, but that same strange force that pulled me into the air was pushing me under the fence. I gave into the force knowing full well I had no choice in the matter. I would have to relive this nightmare until I knew how to stop it.
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Eventhough I wasn't resisting the force anymore, I could still feel a little bit of its push. Was Arana feeling it as well, was she trying to fight it? She was a strong woman, but I knew she wouldn't last long against this invisible force.

The force had finally pushed me past the door blocked by the hospital bed. When I saw it I remembered it was only last night that Arana and I came here. It felt like years ago to me.

I found myself at the door of the hospital. I reached for the knob and went in.
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I knew she would be coming down the hall to meet me. Not in a happy greeting, but more like an I'm hungry I want your brains greeting.

I wanted to get out of here. I didn't know how, but I guessed I would have to think of a good dream to get out of this one. I couldn't remember any of my good dreams though.

I heard the shuffle of slow zombie feet. I knew she was getting closer and in the dim light of the hospital I wouldn't be able to see her until she was on me.
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The mysterious force made me frantically pull the curtains off every window near me. The light didn't get any brighter after my efforts.

The zombie was getting closer and I wanted to run, but the force made me freeze in panic. I knew she was almost on me, I could feel it. It was so frustrating to not be able to do anything.

She leaped towards me with her pregnant belly looking as if it was ready to burst open. My hands were forced up in front of my face. She grabbed them and we fell backwards onto the floor.
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Her belly kept her from eating my face off, but that wouldn't stop her from trying. Our hands were around each others wrists. Her rotting skin was peeling away under my grasp. I knew my weak arms would give in soon.

A faint smell of iron traveled from the ground up to my nose. I felt the warmth of it, I was bleeding from the back of my head. I knew she smelled it when her violence towards me increased.

I heard the crash of a window and thought, No I rather die here alone than you die for me.
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A wolf appeared in the light that was coming through the broken window, her fur a brilliant white. She opened her massive jaws, clamped them around my attacker’s neck, and tossed her across the hall. Arana was strong in her wolf form, but I knew who would win this battle and I didn't want it to happen.

I propped myself up on the wall, I couldn't remember any of my good dreams. I didn't want to go to any of them either. I wanted to go back to the den and have a dreamless sleep.

Then, I heard Arana’s yelp.
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I faced the direction of the yelp; I knew she was close to death.

I scanned hurriedly through my memories of my dreams, all they were were nightmares! How am I going to get out of this!? I wondered if I could make a memory real by thinking of it. It was worth a try. My memories with Arana were way better than anything else.

I heard another yelp and something thudded to the floor. "NO!!!" I screamed out as I thought of a good memory. I felt little pulses, then, a huge one exploded out of my fragile body.
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Arana and I shot out of the hospital and appeared next to the den. Some meat was lying in the snow separating us from a fire. Arana's bloody state hadn't changed. She was in her human form now, but it made her look even more pitiful than if she was in wolf form.

We went through the motions of the memory. The pulses started again and after the large one we were thrust back to the day I had started this havoc with Arana.

I looked back at Arana and she stared at me with eyes the size of saucers.
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"You have an amazing gift, but scary dreams. We need to change that," she said with a smile on her face, but I could still see the pain in it.

"The zombie woman almost killed you, didn't she?"

"Nah, I have to tell you something. Come, sit in my lap." Arana held her hand out to me. I sat in her lap and she hugged me tight, somehow not getting any blood on me. "We know about you, now it's your turn to know about me," Arana said looking down into my blue eyes. Her green ones seemed so distant.
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"The year is now 2021, the month is June, we're in Oklahoma and we're some of the few survivors of a major global cooling. But, my story starts way before any of this began. The white men were taking over the Indians' land and forcing us to move to reservations. I was to move to a reservation near here, but the winter was so harsh and I didn't quite make it. Instead I died around here and kept my human form, but also took my spirit animal's form. You look at me and say, you don't look Indian, I'm not."
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"Then what are you?" I interrupted.

"I'm actually Australian. I don't have that accent anymore because when I was young my family lived on the coast and we wished to go sailing. There was a boat that had three more spots available. We went on this boat not knowing where it was headed, just knowing we were on an adventure. When we landed in the Americas we were greatly surprised. We ended up staying and building a house there in the woods. One day, some hunters from an Indian tribe burned down our house, killing my parents and kidnapping me.
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"I quickly learned these Indians killed my parents on purpose and it was no misunderstanding. I lived with these people for a year and learned many things about them, but I never forgot what they did. One night we were attacked by a different tribe. This opposing tribe spared the women, children, and took the food, as well as the horses. Then they lead us to their camp. It was a day’s walk, but I had become used to traveling long distances with my nomadic kidnappers. A few miles used to be hard, but now a day was nothing."
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"These new warriors from the other tribe noticed that I looked nothing like the girls in mine. For this very reason, when we arrived, they immediately took me to their chief. The chief shooed them away, but wanted me to stay and talk to him. I spoke to him in the language of my kidnappers at first and all he did was glare. I then decided to talk in English. His face lit up in understanding. We began to have a conversation about what was going on. The tribe that had kidnapped me was actually his estranged son’s tribe."
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"Apparently, the chief’s son had gathered a following and tried to rebel against him, by doing this he was kicked out along with his followers. The son hated his father even more and swore to kill him. When the chief found out his son was near by, he had sent the warriors to kill him and all the men, so there wouldn't be another attempt on his life. His son had rebelled against his father because he didn't trust the white men and detested it when the tribe traded with these men. The son thought they were very untrustworthy.”
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"I was appalled by this story, not only because of what his son had done, but also because the chief had him killed. He then explained to me how he didn't want to kill him, but there had been many attempts on his life because his son knew where they would travel and followed them. He knew it was time for this charade to stop once and for all. When he told me this I knew he had to be right. The chief then asked me if I wanted to be adopted by him and I agreed to his offer."
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"Although being the chief’s daughter was no easy task I truly enjoyed it. When I was of age I was married off to one of the best warrior of the tribe. We soon had twins, but the elder of the two didn't see his second winter. Because of this I cherished the younger one, she was gorgeous. I watched her grow into a young woman, but about that time the white men were making us move across the country. While we were on our journey my 'father' died and my husband took his place. This event was hard on me."
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"My 'father's' death had taken a toll on my wellbeing. This was not good considering that I had to walk all the way here, Oklahoma. I ended up dyeing along the way, but my daughter and husband lived on. My spirit, me, knew my body had died. I soon found out I could turn into my spirit animal and decided to check up on my family. My husband was doing fine without me; he was running the tribe very successfully. As for my daughter, she had become of age to marry and did so. She married a exceedingly dependable man.
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"So you would go spy on the camp while you were in wolf form, why didn't you just go in human form?"

"I wasn't sure if they could see me or not and I didn't want to cause worry among my people if they did. If I stayed in wolf form, then no 'harm' would come to me because we believe animals need to be respected and killing one just because you see it is unjust," Azzure responded, her eyes looking distant once again.

"Did anyone see you, or am I just an even more abnormal child?"