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Roses are red, violets are blue,
when I’d be happy again, who knew.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I was single, but along came you.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
and how I got this lucky, I have no clue.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I am so happy that I’ve met you.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
if we’re not together, I don’t know what I’d do.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
cookies are sweet and so are you.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
and my love for you is truer than true.
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“What did you do today?” he asks.

Oh, nothing much, I say. I just woke up, took a shower, watched a little TV while eating my late breakfast/ early lunch, read part of a new novel I just bought, got online to MySpace and FaceBook, listened to music, cleaned my room up a little bit, picked up my mom from the train station, watched some TV with her while eating dinner, and got online to AIM to talk to you. And there was probably 3 seconds in my whole day when I didn’t think about you.

How about your day?
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If you’ve read my June Batch, you’ll know who I’m gushing about. He’s the “new” guy that showed up into my life this summer. I’m writing these early July batches now, when it’s really July 14th, about 5:30 PM. New guy and I— let’s call him A— have been dating since July 1st. And because of this, my sleeping patterns have been erratic, my thoughts have been consumed, and I’ve been a bit distracted from writing.

Experiences make writers writers, am I right? So I’m pretty sure I can catch up and crank out 1100 more words after this entry.
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On the 4th, I went to my friend’s grandma’s house to celebrate. We sat in the basement, listening to music, while it was chilly and rainy outside. So much for a pool party. When it got drier outside we all migrated to the front yard. Looking up at the sky, seeing the beautiful fireworks light up the night, looking at the adults— and even teenagers, my friends— who were paired up, I closed my eyes at 11:11 PM and wished that A could be there with me, and if not, that one day, we’d be able to kiss under fireworks.
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Butterflies? That’s an understatement. More like there were nervous butterflies that weigh 100 pounds, doing gymnastics in my stomach. Because I was going to see A for the first time, since he asked me out. No other friends with us. Our first date. We were just going to hang out at the park and walk around. I knew I liked him, but for some reason I thought it would be awkward. But it wasn’t really. We talked, held hands, and had our first kiss together, with the backdrop of rain and a double rainbow in the sky.

Perfect? You bet.
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What can I say about A? He is super sweet, cute, intelligent, funny, and just perfect. I’m way too lucky. I can't even begin to explain how amazing I feel when I’m with him. We just get each other. We can talk about anything. We accept each others’ weirdness and flaws, and we still love each other. When we're holding hands or kissing, I’m on top of the world. When we're apart, I can't wait to see him. Whenever I see him, I never want the day to end.

Bottom line: I am totally and irrevocably in love with him.
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It seems that every time we hang out with our certain group of friends, we turn the radio on, and LoveGame by Lady Gaga comes on. We all sing the song, and at certain parts, everyone looks at me and A. Especially the line, “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.” My friends replace “I” with my name, and “your” with A’s name and sing it that way. It’s their lovely way of teasing us since we’re a new couple. Honestly, though, sex is, like, all over lately: in songs, on TV, in my mind...
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Kissing A is too amazing for words. It always makes me want more. I’ve been having many thoughts about many things. About A. About my life. About me. About everything. About our future together. About my future without him. We have talked about our feelings, and that we’re basically never breaking up until someone messes it up, with drugs or cheating or something like that. And we’ve both agreed that’s never going to happen.

So, if it doesn’t happen, what will?

Will I end up going to Prom with him?
Will I end marrying him?
Will he be my first?
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I’ve asked myself all these questions already. I’ve thought about the situations many times, also. And to be totally, utterly, completely honest, picturing my life with him is not that hard. I can see myself with him forever. But that’s ridiculous, because we’ve just barely started going out. But then again, we’ve already said we love each other. And I know I feel that way. How did these feelings come so fast? What are we doing? What could end up happening if we don’t slow down a bit? Do I really want to slow down?

Ahh, teen love. Summer romances.
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We have seen each other a total of five times in our lives. But they were all-day hang-out times. And we’ve talked to each other just about every day for the past two weeks. We know a lot about each other. He’s met my parents. But I haven’t met his yet. But they know about me. And they want to meet me. He is so nice and sweet and perfect, and we have great conversations. I don’t feel like we’re going too fast physically, but our feelings are. And that always leads to physical advances. So what are we doing?
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Every single time I hold A’s hand, my nerves are high on end. I feel, taste, see, hear, and smell everything around me in a new way. I’ve learned to really see the world. Plus, the warm, strong, secure hold he has around my hand is always comforting and sweet. Now, when we walk, we will either hold hands, or I put my arm around his waist and grab onto his elbow, and he does the same, his hand on my shoulder. Yes, he’s that much taller than me. The sides of our bodies touch and it just feels magical.
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On the 11th, A and I hung out with everyone again. Most of the whole time together, although there were 6 of us, seemed to be centered on A and me. Well, it wasn’t centered on us at all, but we held hands and smiled at each other most of the time. We were in our own little world. We sat next to each other and listened to music together, alone, despite the fact that everyone else was there. We both said those three amazing words, from the heart, to each other, even with our other friends in our presence.
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It’s now July 26th, at about 7:20 P.M., and I decided I want to catch up completely on my batch. I only have 12 days done.
Wish me luck?

I’ve been just a bit preoccupied with other things, such as rereading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, doing chores— laundry, cleaning my room, etc.— playing, and trying to master medium on, Guitar Hero 2 . . .
and going to sleep somewhere between 3 and 6 in the morning every “night,” and waking up every day somewhere between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. because of talking to, and thinking about, A.
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All of the entries from the 13th to the 26th were written somewhat out of order. I wanted to catch up for the month, and I ended up doing random dates, which resulted in leaving the 14th through 19th so I’m trying to fill them up with the most random things.

At the moment, it’s 9:08 P.M. and I am sitting here typing this as I am eating these cheesy potato snack things we just got at Target yesterday, and I’m waiting for my laundry to be done. I’m sure it is by now.
But I want to write first.
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My laundry is being taken care of. The bag of potato snack things is almost empty. My mouth is craving more apple juice, but my legs do not want to go to the kitchen to get some. My hair is in a ponytail and my bangs are pinned up with a clip that has a bow on it, courtesy of Hot Topic. My closet is arranged by type of clothing article, and the T-shirts are in rainbow order. My bookshelf is arranged by which books could fit in which spot. It’s packed. And my hands are touching the individual keys.
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Here are a few reasons why I’m a dork.

I like school. And I study for tests. I do my homework— minus the procrastination. I can read an entire young adult novel in one day, if I have nothing else to do. I may even start a second one. Expect for the recent new ones, I’ve seen pretty much every episode of SpongeBob. And I know all of the words to the Campfire Song Song. I also know every single word to One Semester Spanish Love Song by runawaybox on YouTube. And I sing it, out loud, all the time.
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Do you remember ROY G BIV? I always wondered what happened to the other colors, like pink and brown and apricot. But I learned the colors of the rainbow just represent all of the other ones that lie in between. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Cause for me, I’d be a deep blue, almost indigo. That color is just so cool, yet warm . . . so inviting and relaxing, so serene and refreshing. It reminds me of dark water, cool soothing water to chill my burning skin, burning from blushing, blushing from being touched.
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I wish this site would let us go back to our entries once we’ve entered them, and be able to edit them again before the batch is published. Because the stuff I end up saying in all the later entries, I should have put as an earlier date. Now the middle to the end of the month might seem a little weird and disjointed to whoever reads it.

I’m sorry if it feels that way to you— I just wasn’t thinking straight.

That seems to happen a lot when all I can think about is how much I miss A.
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Some artists I listen to are: Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne, Boys Like Girls, Breaking Benjamin, Company of Thieves, Cute Is What We Aim For, Demi Lovato, Evanescense, Five for Fighting, Flyleaf, Goo Goo dolls, Green Day, Hellogoodbye, Hey Monday, Hinder, Incubus, Jesse McCartney, Jimmy Eat World, Jonas Brothers, Journey, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Kris Allen, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Madina Lake, Metro Station, My Chemical Romance, Nice Guys Finish First, Nickelback, Panic at the Disco, Paramore, Pink Floyd, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Running With Giants, Sick Puppies, Spill Canvas, Taylor Swift, Three Days Grace, We the Kings, and 30 Seconds to Mars.
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I got to meet A’s dad on the 20th. He gave us a ride to see I Love You, Beth Cooper.

There was a ton of traffic, not to mention trains, but we made it just in time to get our tickets and run to get our seats. We sat all the way in the back, holding hands the entire time. Our thumbs traced random patterns on each others’ hands, and my face burned crimson in the dark theater.

We watched the previews. In fact, we actually watched the whole movie.

We waited for the credits to make out.

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I’m going to try to make at least some of these entries not about A.

I’ll list a few of the things that are in my room.

Hangers. Colored pencils. Panty liners. My iHome. My favorite bracelet. Calendars. Shoes. A rug. A TV. A world map on the wall. My laundry basket, with clothes in it from the last time I hung out with A. Guitar Hero, which A plays. My camera, with pictures of all my friends, including the first picture A and I took together. My movie ticket stub from I Love You, Beth Cooper.

Ahh. Epic fail.
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A few random things about myself:

I love to eat snow. (Not yellow, I know— I’m smart.) I used to rollerblade all the time. Thunderstorms are soothing and romantic to me. I procrastinate a lot. I only have 200 text messages a month, sent and received. My bedroom door has a poster on it that says, “Give peace a chance.” I also have a long-sleeved shirt with the same message. I read graphic novels. My hair was once highlighted pink and blue. I have a swing in my backyard. I used to collect rocks— the small, shiny, “fake” river rocks.
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We went bowling together. He got 5 strikes.
I got 1 spare. He beat me by about 100 points. I didn’t care. I suck at bowling anyway. I just wanted to have fun with him. And I did.

We walked to the park. He sat on the monkey bars. I told him I was too afraid to. He convinced me it would be okay. I listened to him. I need to get over my fears anyway. I just wanted to get closer to him. And I did.

We kissed. He held me close.
I never wanted him to let go.
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We sometimes call each other when we wake up, or before we’re going to sleep, to say good morning, or goodnight, and of course, as always, “I love you.”

Lately, “love” doesn’t seem to completely cover how I feel about him anymore. It feels like so much more. It’s love, admiration, respect, trust, lust, and everything in between. I honestly believe we’re soul mates. But we haven’t even been dating for a month. We said “I love you” after 11 days of dating. We’ve known each other for 2 months. But it feels like I’ve known him all my life.
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I can’t picture myself with anyone else but him. Every time I think of what life would be like without him in it, I crumble. We’ve both talked about our feelings, and he doesn’t want to break up ever. He sees me in his life in the future. And I do, too. I can see myself going to prom with him. Marrying him. Giving myself to him wholly and completely and fully, mind, body, and spirit.

Is all of this just my crazy teenage hormones? Or is this really truly it? Is he really the one? My one and only?
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Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Writing one hundred words is a challenge. Copy and paste isn’t. I had nothing to write.
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I’ve been digging this artist, with amazing lyrics paired with soothing guitar.
Listen if you get the chance?

Lyrics for today:

“The Night Will Go As Follows”
-Spill Canvas

“In a confident fashion, I will admit my deepest and darkest to her, and every gaze across the table will send my unsuspecting body into shock. Then I'll say, ‘Would you like to go inside, and forget the world and the rules by which we are to abide?’
And she will say, ‘There's nothing I want more,’ as we step into the room, turn off the lights and close the door.”
07/28 Direct Link
Nothing to write. Here are some more lyrics. They’re quite an amazing band. I dare you to check these songs out and not like them. You will not prevail. Muahaha.

Lyrics of the day:

“Black Dresses” by Spill Canvas

“In muddy grass we stand side by side with our knuckles interlocked; black dresses flood the cemetery in this cliché tragedy. Just do as you're instructed and.... take this razor and cut your palms; I'll do the same until a river of crimson begins to flow. Now drip your ruby red over the casket, a funeral for my once loved youth.”
07/29 Direct Link
Okay. Last one.
It’s good, I promise.

“Self Conclusion” by Spill Canvas

"Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion of self conclusion in one simplified motion. You see, the trick is that you're never supposed to act on it no matter how unbearable this misery gets. You make it sound so easy to be alive but tell me how am I supposed to seize this day when everything inside of me has died? My reply: Trust me girl, I know your legs are pleading to leap, but I offer you this easy choice, instead of dying, living with me."
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I went to Six Flags today!

It was so much fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared and excited and hungry and tired, all at the same time, in my life. I’ve been there before . . . when I was about four years old. This was the first time I would remember. He wanted to be the one to take me. But I went with my best girl friend. I said, “Look at it this way: if you take me this summer, you’ll be the first person to kiss me before all of the rides!” That helped.
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I didn’t think I was going to go anywhere. Woke up late, like noonish, and I was in my room all day, just chilling out, on the computer, reading, and whatnot. A and I were iming each other for a little bit, and then he had to get ready to go to a KoRn concert. He previously invited me, but I wasn’t allowed to go. He invited me again; there was an extra ticket. My mom actually finally said yes. It was the best concert ever. Not just because we were holding hands the whole time.

Thanks for reading, dudes.