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Let the new year begin. Another month . . . another batch. We left Hobbs, New Mexico at 7:40 a.m. after packing up all of our Christmas presents at our daughter's house and rearranging the luggage we'd packed at the hotel. We stopped for a quick breakfast sandwich at Sonic's drive-up for our son and my husband turned off the car's engine. The battery was deader than a doornail when he attempted to start it. Thank you, JESUS, for Auto Zone; a battery and two wrenches for the sweet price of $170. We arrived home at 9:00 p.m..
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Reentry from a fine vacation. Always so much to do. Laundry--lotsa, lotsa laundry. Grocery shopping. Made two trips to two different grocery stores; forgot several items the first time. Mail to be picked up at the post office that was held for us--and then it all had to be opened, sorted, dealt with. Cooked a good dinner tonight using my new red Dutch oven I bought a few weeks ago at the hardware store in Dewey. Began doing the Royal Canadian Air Force exercises today. This is a small steps approach that REALLY works for me. Try it!
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Funny how having your "baby" getting ready to graduate from high school and fly the coop for college changes the mom most, not the kid. He's not appearing to see things differently; I'm sure part of him just can't wait to get out of here and test his wings on his own--so long as mom and dad are only a phone call away to transfer funds into his account or offer some encouragement. Tomorrow is a snow day--the first day back to school after two weeks of Christmas vacation--and it's fine with me. That's not the norm.
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Snow day from school was uneventful. Our son slept-in and I had time to do more laundry and date bills I'll pay tomorrow. My neighbor asked me to join her and ride shotgun while she ran errands. I figured it would be a good way to stave off cabin fever since I do not plan on leaving the house until Thursday when I go to my volunteer job at the information desk at church; I may not go then, either. The streets are awful. I wore a wig today; always fun. We had lunch and saw "It's Complicated" (again.)
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Will give this entry one more try because the site stopped working earlier. It was a white square on many levels today; a snow-covered landscape is outside our windows and the streets are covered with ice. The temperatures are cold. I'll be in several more days. Husband has just called from the grocery store while he stocks up so we'll have a pantry filled with what we will need for dinners to get us through the week. My guess is that school will be cancelled on Thursday of this week as there are blizzard-like conditions coming tomorrow evening.
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Staving off cabin fever again! Today my neighbor e-mailed me and asked if I'd like to ride along to Pet$mart and then go have lunch at Olive Garden. Nasty weather is predicted for tonight with temps falling to -10 windchill factor for tomorrow. I and several others are predicting the schools will be closed tomorrow--maybe even friday. One teacher our son has is against the district calling a snow day--she's from Montana and said there has never been a snow day there. They must do a bang up job of keeping the roads clear and safe!
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It's Thursday without my routine so it has become a white square. I'll set up the 2010 filing box with the new file folders and hanging files I bought yesterday at Office Depot. It was a great day in Owasso with a friend. We shopped for our pets at Pet$mart and I splurged on two new dog beds for our Goldens. We had a lovely lunch at Olive Garden. A little pasta and fresh salad and a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere is just what's needed on a cold, wintry day at times. Today, school is cancelled.
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Today was made holy. It was set apart for making phone calls to my mom and mo-in-law, and for straightening up the place. I finally had time to do some honest to goodness what I call de-cluttering. Ironically, it was my son who noticed and said--when he came downstairs after sleeping-in quite late because it was another snow day, sigh--"The downstairs looks really nice." Ah, to have someone notice. But it's not enough for someone to notice; one must hear the words, hear the recognition. Does recognition mean cognition again? Retire: get tired again??
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I e-mailed my friend today that I have been a very good friend to her since October by not distracting her from her work of writing music for the film I was an extra in and which is supposed to have its first screening the end of this month. She's been busy with the music and having a terrible time with software but seems busy with others all of the time. Today, the jig is up. I invited her to go see "Youth in Revolt." Our son saw it last night. Someone reviewed it last night on "Fresh Air."
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GOLDEN SUNDAY: Two Golden Retrievers asleep at the foot of my bed. (Large bed!) Rumpled golden sheets and comforter catch the sun. Golden sunlight shining on the snow-covered backyard, casting shadows at 10:30 a.m.. A hushed household and no one is stirring. Silence is golden. Time to do whatever I wish; no have to do's tarnish this day's square on my calendar. The sweet taste of a cake-like bran muffin filled with pineapple, carrots, raisins and walnuts, baked to a golden brown still lingers on my tongue, mixes with strong coffee. No regretted words yet spoken.
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This morning I left the mountain twice to run a grand total of seven short and easy errands downtown. I saw the decapitated head of a deer by the side of the road providing a feast for a Border Collie--probably the same Border Collie that bit my son's leg last spring while he was riding his bicycle to school. The temperatures are warming up and it's in or near the 30's today. The sun is out and still, a lot of snow and ice remain on the streets. By Wednesday, temperatures are expected to reach way into the 40's.
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All dressed up and nowhere to go tonight. For a change, I did not put on my pj's upon returning home this afternoon between 3:30 and 4:00. I had taken a friend to the dentist and stayed to take her home after a root canal. First thing this morning, I sent out e-mail invitations to my third annual January 15th Soiree. This year it will be at a different location because the traditional restaurant burned down in August. Icy driveway and steps prevented me from visiting a friend this afternoon for a nice cuppa tea/hot chocolate.
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Today was a whirlwind of a Wednesday. I had to get up early to wake up with my coffee, take a shower and get dressed before the plumber showed up at 8:40 and brought a new 50 gallon hot water heater and took the old 40 gallon one to the dump. Had a nice one hour talk with friend in Colorado and dashed out to meet two friends for lunch. Bought both pickled and creamed herring for my friend I'll go see tomorrow and hurried to the Red Cross to donate blood. Long wait. Yesterday was the Haiiti earthquake.
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Topsy turvy Thursday arrived early. I was not ready to get up when the little travel alarm clanged at 5:45 a.m.; I rolled over and went back to sleep shortly after 6:00. It was at that time precisely that my hubby's iPhone alarm or BlackBerry alarm went off and I heard the coffee pot grinder doing its thing. Made it to my volunteer job at the front desk at church after stopping for a latte-to-go and then visited a friend at a nursing home and another friend at her house. Took herring and crackers over.
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'tis January 15, traditionally the coldest day of the year (in New York) as may have been previously mentioned in an earlier post on this venue. Let the party and fun, frolicking and chilling out with friends begin at 6:30 tonight at a new location. I'll be having a manhattan (or probably two!) if the restaurant bar provides them. (One can only hope; it's my tradition.) I have NO IDEA how many are coming. That in and of itself is always a surprise. It is a foggy--albeit not groggy--Friday mornin'. Temperatures in 50's are expected.
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One of our dogs is relaxed upon our bed with us. We're all content to be quiet--sans T.V., sans radio. The day was full of fun and go, go, go from morning until night. I drove to Tulsa and met two friends--a fellow extra and one of the leads-- from "the movie." We began at Barnes and Noble and had brunch at Mimi's Cafe; most delicious! We spent quite a bit of time in the Woodland Hills mall where i bought a baby gift for a shower I'll be attending tomorrow afternoon for my husband's administrative assistant.
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A Sunday of fog and sunshine, church and an upbeat sermon, wrapping up the baby shower gifts and attending the shower where there was wine and one of the most beautiful baby shower cakes I've ever seen--and delicious, too. We are marinating thick steaks to grill outside on the deck as we settle into a nice, quiet evening watching "Brothers and Sisters" on the television. A load of laundry is being washed. Dishes have been done. Hubby has gone shopping for new clothes for himself and a digital ceramic tower heater for our bedroom. It's always cold in there.
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A day made holy--set aside or, more appropriately, set apart. This time, not for worship or rest, but for being productive. I've looked at the disarray in my closet for months and thought many times, "I must set aside a day to re-organize this mess." How good it feels to take everything out, put it back neatly, move some items to drawers and decide to give some other items away. I took the dogs to the groomers; washed their beds. I've de-cluttered the kitchen counter and vacuumed. Caught up with a friend in Colorado via email, too.
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Lost! Lost this day's entry by checking something on Google; so much for allowing myself to be distracted. This was another day put aside for a small and not an insignificant task; I cleared off, cleaned and re-organized the bathroom counter. Tonight I'll leave at 6:30 to go see the Broadway performance of "Cats" at the Bartlesville Community Center. (Better put the ticket in my purse now lest I leave without it.) I remember the first time I saw this musical. I took our daughter; we had front row balcony seats at the Performing Arts Center in Anchorage.
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Sometimes it's better to wait until evening to write the day's entry--so I have something to say; so there is some time for something to actually happen. This morning was mellow. I woke up early but wasn't really aWAKE. I went back to sleep until 8:30 and was so dismayed about Massachusetts and how they voted yesterday and about how sad things are in Haiti and the helplessness most of us feel regarding those suffering people, I watched reruns of "Will and Grace" and "Frasier" instead of CNN. Didn't listen to NPR. Anchorage's condo security system signaled today.
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Today was void of frustration, except when I realized it was 7:40. I had gone back to sleep after waking up to NPR at 6:30 so I would have time to grab a latte (which adds 20 minutes to my time on the road) and get to my volunteer job by 8:30. So . . . I was a wee bit late. I didn't let it bother me. Had a great lunch and conversation with a new friend from Tuesday Club. I bought a red sweater duster and pink sweater and a large chuck turquoise ring at a consignment shop.
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It's almost 3:00 p.m.. I haven't stepped outside on this fantastical, beautiful sun-filled day. I've been taking care of small but mighty chores in the house--the kind that bug me no end (sometimes for MONTHS!) until I finally have one blessed little moment to finally tend to them. It's been a whole month of that and the downstairs of our house looks better for it. I mopped the floors after exercising; brushed the dogs (outside!) I've done three loads of laundry. I've thrown things away that cluttered the desktop and moved other stuff. Made important calls.
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I love waking up on a Saturday, rested, when it's raining outside. (It would be a bit disconcerting to awake when it's raining inside!) A day spread out before me with only needing to take in the suburban for a very long overdo multitudinous list of repairs. Will wait for our son to wake up--that could be early afternoon!--and then we can go out for breakfast. Dark, cloudy, wet; not dreary or gloomy but just pleasant spring-like weather, giving the thirsty world a drink. The world is desperately in need of refreshment and the baptism of rest.
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I'm watching a DVD now and planning to make chicken fried steak for dinner with mashed potatoes. It's been chilly outside all day but the sun has been shining non stop. It's quite deceiving to look out through the windows and see a seemingly warm day (sans leaves on the trees) and then step outside in jeans and a sweatshirt and suddenly feel chilled. I am thoroughly resting on this relaxed Sunday. Had it not been for attending church this morning, brushing the dogs when I returned home and vacuuming the downstairs, this day would be void of all activity.
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Aaaaaah, how sweet it is to reconnect with those who were friends long ago and far away, in another time when we were younger and our children were younger, when we didn't know what was to come but enjoyed the moments shared back then. Today I received a call from a friend in Texas whom I contacted last week and had left a brief message on her phone. Our children are grown. Our parents are aging. Our husbands are not yet retired and we discussed being part of the "sandwich" generation. Aaaaah, how sweet it is to reconnect with friends.
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Oh, the 1995 GMC Suburban I took in for an estimate on Saturday? The bad news arrived late yesterday afternoon--right between Spiderman (my name for the pest control guy who sprays for spiders 1 X month) and my totally enjoyable trip to Tulsa to pick up a comfy gel kitchen mat, have dinner at Pei Wei and attend a free lecture at TU (University of Tulsa) on "God and the Scientists." Well, the estimate was a gasp-worthy, near tear-inducing $7,000. No way in hell. Anyway, the gist of the lecture: God and science are not contradictory.
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Think I might be snuggled in for a couple of days. A big fat ice storm is coming our way tomorrow. So far, school has not been canceled; go figure. Picked up the Suburban this morning (after its over the top estimate) and ran an errand getting batteries at a jewelry store for my watch that suddenly stopped. Then met a friend for lunch at 2nd Street Baker (not Bakery!) before taking the 'burban in for a second opinion. The corned beef I marinated last night and baked in the oven turned out yummy. Tonight: Obama's State of the Union.
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Spontaneously decided to go to Dink's bar-b-q for lunch and run a few errands with a friend to ward off impending cabin fever. Now that tomorrow may bring the predicted snow--nothing yet in these parts--it looks like that will be a stay at home day. Did everything I planned to do l before leaving at noon today: exercised, did laundry, wrote out bills, then sent r.s.v.p.'s to social events and made calls that had to be made. I made hot cocoa for my son and I after he came home from school.
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Snow is falling and school has been canceled. A lovely morning for warm cinnamon rolls right out of the oven and hot, fresh coffee. The official temperature is currently 23.4 and it's nice to be inside. I'll brush the dogs today and organize all of my greeting cards. Found a great little black box for them, one of those gifts with purchase from Lancome. It won't hold all of them, though. I'll relax, watching reruns of "Frasier" and "Will and Grace" while exercising. I'm looking forward to catching the winter olympics from Vancouver next month. Ice dancing is amazing.
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This day went by so quickly. Shoveled snow on the driveway this afternoon with our son and it was reminiscent of Alaska--only warmer. I was able to accomplish this task without breaking a sweat and without getting achy and sore. I guess the daily Royal Canadian Air Force exercises are helping me because I haven't been waking up creaky, either. I view exercise as an elixir for almost everything that ails me. I brushed the Goldens on the back deck. Had a spontaneous Italian dinner at Luigi's tonight with my neighbor. Will look for the full "Wolf moon" tonight.
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It seems the job of Editor has fallen on its fanny as of late. I just returned from what would have been an excruciatingly loooooong play--"August: Osage County" by Tracy Letts at the Performing Arts Center in Tulsa, OK--had it not been for the strength of the actors and the two intermissions (so our butts didn't become permanently attached to the theatre seats, I presume.) The premise is this: Dysfunctional Family with a capital D. The matinee began at 1:30 and, I kid you not, did not end until 5:00. Icy roads. We arrived home safely.