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A quiet evening follows a day that began as a white square and before I'd even gotten out of bed, had become an artist's palette of activities and places to go. I rode shotgun with a friend who went shopping for a computer--her first brand new one. I suggested she might really like a laptop and, since she didn't want an Apple, I inquired as to whether the store sells Acer. Sho' 'nuf, they do!! She's like a kid with a new toy; very excited. "House" was on tonight--new, too; not a repeat. I made pizza for dinner.
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Writing this while Terry Gross's Fresh Air is on NPR. It's 10:00 P.M.. Today brought with it a remarkable estimate on the repairs needed for our Suburban. I don't know how dealerships can look at themselves in the mirror. The one that came in today from a recommended independent mechanic was in the HUNDREDS as opposed to the one that came in last week in the THOUSANDS. Hello? Prepared a nice spaghetti and meatballs dinner and baked a cherry pie. Good thing! Computer whiz friend set up my friend's new laptop and they both came over for dinner.
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Halleluja! The bid came in this morning to get the Suburban fixed: $700.00! That's what I get for being patient--not usually one of my strong suits--and for taking it in for that second opinion instead of giving up and throwing in the towel--and the 15-year old Suburban with it. It's not only a lot better offer from the independent mechanic than the rip-off dealership estimate, it's a LOT better with capital letters, BY A FACTOR OF TEN!!! Colored my hair today (touched up the roots) and will be leaving soon for a bangs trim.
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As fate would have it, it was snowing this morning before 8:00 and we had to make the decision quickly as to whether or not to cancel Tuesday club. Always wanting to be cautious (as we really don't expect women to venture out in inclement weather,) we cancelled. I went on to my front desk volunteer job at the church and the roads were absolutely FINE but . . . the day was wet, soupy, sloggy and depressing. Also, dismal, dark and dreary. Had a WONDERFUL time visiting with my friend and her daughter. We dined on hard boiled eggs and caviar.
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Waking up at 4:00 a.m. and not falling back to sleep until 6:00 for only an hour is not my idea of a good time but . . . some days are like that; oh, well. I had made a list of things to do and checked them off all day long. Could accomplish so much because I STAYED HOME; amazing how that works. The cable guy finally got here at noon and worked until 3:30. The Suburban was returned at around 4:00. Went out with friend for Chinese food and we drank martinis and watched Rachel Maddow.
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Another dark and dreary, damp and dismal day outside. Didn't sleep well last night; rose early today. It's full to the brim with mid-winter activities. This morning I attended the annual Daughters of Lot breakfast, a wonderful event that is a much anticipated fundraiser for the Samaritan Counseling and Growth Center in Bartlesville. Victims of sexual abuse benefit from counseling provided with the money donated. Then I went grocery shopping before lunch with a friend. Wanted to get a few more things in before the predicted snow coming in all day Monday. Tonight, the fundraiser for St. John School.
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It's a maudlin gray day outside but my insides are happy and rested after such a busy day yesterday. Fell in love with a schnauzer-blue heeler mix nine week old puppy named Josephine ("Can I call ya Joe?") last night at the auction dinner/event for St. John School. She was donated by the SPCA and went for $700. Today I'm going over to a friend's house for strawberry cake she baked for Tuesday Club that was cancelled last week. I'm skippin' book group; need a smaller group, more quiet and less chatter today. Didn't read the book anyway!
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Oh, my word! I just opened the door to let one of my Golden Retrievers out and it's freezing out there. I awoke to snow falling this morning after giving up on the predicted storm. It stopped about the time my neighbor and I left the mountain to run errands, have lunch and stave off cabin fever in case tomorrow turns out to be a home bound day for me; she volunteers on Tuesday mornings. I made that wonderful beef stew with mushrooms for dinner served over egg noodles and a yummy vegetable salad. Watched "House." Yea! It was on!
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This little white, blank rectangle on my laptop's screen is looking at me and I have absolutely nothing to say to fill it up. Nothing. Nada. Zip. It's not that nothing happened today although, until another neighbor and I went out for a good bar-b-q dinner, not a whole lot happened. I made calls and several people called me, including a great friend from Alaska. A cable guy had to come back and fiddle around to get the t.v. in the bedroom to work again; it had stopped after cable guy #1 was here Friday. That's it
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Looking forward to a day in Tulsa today with yet another friend, one I rarely hang out with but we're in several organizations together and have enough in common to keep the conversation going endlessly. She has met one of my favorite authors, Anna Quinden. Anna attended Barnard and at the time I was in college, I had never even heard of Barnard. I was a sheltered Southern California gal. Do you ever play "what if . . ." imagining how different your life would be had you taken a different turn in life, gone to a different school, chosen a different career?
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What a great day in Tulsa yesterday. Hit several favorite places. Had lunch at Pei Wei (caramel chicken) and saw "A Single Man" at the Circle Cinema. Shopped at Libby (a great little boutique,) Whole Foods and Echo (a consignment shop) and got some great buys. Loved the movie. I can see why Colin Firth has been nominated for Best Actor but Julianne Moore's character didn't have enough development to be a contender for Best Actress. Many would probably disagree. There's comedy/tension/sadness all wrapped up into this fine film. Mecca didn't have floor mat yet; it arrived TODAY!
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It's a gray and foggy, oh-so-quiet morning. I awoke at 8:30. E-mailed while drinking my black morning java and watching "Frasier." By 9:48 I had done all of my exercises and I was in the shower and ready to pay the bills while watching "Will & Grace." I've baked a dozen cinnamon rolls for tomorrow's annual League of Women Voters Legislative Breakfast I won't be attending. Wearing one of my new tops from my shopping excursion Wednesday. Looking forward to a yummy sushi lunch with my husband who returned from China last night. His luggage didn't. :-(
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Attended a memorial service for a counselor at our son's high school. On the way back home, I stopped at the butcher shop for pork chops I'll brown, then stuff with risotto tomorrow and bake in golden mushroom soup. I took a card and bag of chocolate covered doughnuts to a friend who turned 91 today. Had lunch a home with my "boyz" while watching "Big Bang Theory" recorded on the dvr. We decided to drive to Owasso and bought dog food and a dog dish at PetSmart and then had good food and spirits at Red Robin. Watching olympics.
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So Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! We were allowed the grace to sleep in this morning--very, very late. Almost felt obnoxious but it's so wonderful to wake up RESTED after going to bed late and not getting enough sleep for over a week. My boyz (hubby and son) moved the bedroom furniture all around for me in one of the guest bedrooms today; hubby painstakingly vacuumed, too. I baked cinnamon rolls the quick way and prepared creme brulee from scratch. Beat the eggs and sugar with a mixer instead of by hand; that could prove to be a mistake.
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President's Day--school was in session but the post office had a day off. No mail was delivered. As i write this, we are watching the Men's Downhill Skiing event from Vancouver. Walked a mile with a friend today at the Baptist Life Center; great facility open to the public for FREE. Had a nice, relaxing morning and early afternoon until I left the house at 2:30. Before that I did my exercises and took a shower, mopped the endless dog fur from the floors, did laundry and read the book I am enjoying," Waiter Rant" (should be underlined.)
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Had breakfast with a friend and then we each bought a couple things at a nearby department store and then went to check out a new consignment shop in town on the east side that just opened up in November we hadn't heard of until now. She found a darling hot pink wool jacket and I found a lovely aqua green open top that is longer in the front; very popular style. I'll wear it to Tulsa tomorrow. Spent the afternoon with my lovely friend who turned 94 today. Yesterday she received the sad news that the chemo didn't work.
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Another sunshiny day; they are few and far between like the one we had today--one without really cold wind and sans a need for a coat. It was a "women, start your engines" day. Two of us took off shortly after 10:00 a.m. for Tulsa to begin a full day of shopping. We commenced at Mecca Coffee Co. where I bought my second Wellness kitchen mat, a kitchen torch for creme brulee and martini glass rim sugars. Then the bagels place for lunch, followed by Libby boutique, Fleming's for shoes, Bookworm and Echo. Top Drawer was closed.
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My idea of hell is walking through all of eternity on a road shrouded in total darkness so thick i cannot see even my hand in front of my face, fear of the unknown clutching my heart and total sense deprivation. To never again hear a voice, birds, music; to never again smell freshly cut wood, shallots and garlic simmering in olive oil; to never see the ocean, mountains, a face; to never feel someone's hand in mine, the warmth of the sun on my skin, a cool breeze washing across my face; to never again taste water, coffee, chocolate.
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I have always imagined heaven as green rolling hills where no one is in a hurry because the concept of eternity has filled our souls and become reality. (The minister at the church we attended in Anchorage (before before he became Bishop) once said, regarding hymns, he thinks heaven will be where we sing ALL the verses.) I imagine that any physical and emotional pain will be forgotten memories and exist no longer. Our senses will be awakened with heightened clarity and awareness. It's hard to imagine, really, so maybe that's why some think it probably doesn't exist at all.
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This whole week has been just too much fun. Shopping and lunching and even exercising with various friends, it's meant a lotta driving and great fun. Some weeks are like that, and some are more serious with days full of keeping one's nose to the grindstone, more or less. Some weeks there are deadlines to meet and endless chores. Some weeks the deadlines seem to get met with ease ahead of time like this week for me. My column for the church newsletter isn't due until the 24th but I wrote it this Thursday while at my church office job.
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It has occurred to me it's not just the days, weeks and months that go by quickly; it's our entire lives. This foggy, rainy sunday morning in mid-February is telling me that spring is not far but there may be more winter and snowstorms before trees start to bud out, grass needs mowing and flowers bloom. If 50 is the old age of youth, is 60 then the youth of old age? Is that when it all begins to take a turn? Perhaps I'm thinking these thoughts because my dear friend, who just turned 94, is dying of cancer.
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Yesterday I took the netflix movie, "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story" to our Women's Network Sunday Cinema get together. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Kimberly Elise. Only 10 were present but it is a great movie portraying a strong mother figure who must fight her own demons of depression while always believing in her two sons. She has love, strength and courage while encouraging them both and expects them to be good people and rise above their circumstances to achieve their potentials. Ben Carson became the top pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins and never stopped believing in God.
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A worldwide epidemic has broken out and won't be over until next Sunday night. It's Olympics Fever and its symptoms are an inability to do anything all evening except watch the Olympics on T.V. until way past ones usual bedtime while fidgeting in ones chair or couch though endless commercials. Last night, the Canadians won the gold medal in ice dancing; U.S. came in second winning the silver and the Russians won the bronze. Olympians are super human, amazing to watch. I love watching them--joyful, humble with a dash of healthy pride-- when their national anthems play.
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So, when did the month of February get to be such an over the top SOCIAL month? Is it because I live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, capital of there's never anything to do and nothing ever happens EXCEPT it's all on the SAME night or the SAME day at the SAME time???? I'm not only tired from staying up late watching the Olympics, but now there are places to go all the time and decisions to make between two events, sometimes in two different counties. What follows the decision is the inevitable cancellation of the first event. The shenanigans go on.
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Glad to be home where the Olympics are on the T.V. but I'm not really watching. I'm SO TIRED. I've been gone all day. Am not happy with my new haircut (how sad is THAT?!) but I can work with it. I have work to do for League of Women Voters, packing to start, calls to make; that's what my tomorrow looks like. It's supposed to snow but it sure doesn't look like it yet. Went to the OK Mozart Launch this evening at the Bartlesville Community Center and didn't feel like schmoozing--but the food was really good!
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Fell asleep last night around 10:30; woke up around 3:30 and stayed awake until 6:15. Then, with NPR on and the smell of coffee in our room as my husband was waking up with his morning cup of java, I fell back to sleep while radio news stories and features and caffein filtered, drifted, wafted and clouded my dreams. Drank my coffee, did exercises. "Frasier," "Will & Grace." Had calls to make, reservations to make, e-mails to write. Went out for sushi lunch with my neighbor and we visited my 94 year old friend. Asian celebration tonight.
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There's nothing like a crappy haircut to humble us. I sat there briefly in the chair, looking in the mirror. It was a horrible style for me: flat and straight and unflattering. I knew what I'd have to do to with it--a little hair goop here, a little spay there, a little teasing, a little lifting; no one will ever notice. Well, I had that part right; no one--not my husband, not my son, not people at the coffee house/restaurant/health food/massage parlor I frequent (for coffee and food,) not my dear elderly close friend--noticed.
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The sunrise was nothing short of glorious this morning when I awoke fairly early and looked out facing east from our bed. The colors can only be described as coming from God's palette. They were soft and soothing and whispered "You may go back to sleep now, if only for a little while, until your eyes open with the elixir of life brewed in your cup." Last night at the Bartlesville Community Center, the performance of "Smoke Damage," written by Daniel Gordon, was exceptional entertainment. It was so much fun to see friends there and from "Death of Kevin Frye."