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We accomplished lots in Tulsa. Hubby and I left at 2:00 in order to pick up two gigantic bags of dog food at PetSmart and a BIG bottle of my favorite Aveda Rosemary and Mint shampoo at the Woodland Hills Mall. We headed north west to Brookside to pick up the tuned-up Oreck vacuum and a lovely red jacket at Libby's. I ran into my friend there who introduced me to the place in January. Purchased two loaves of ciabatta bread at Stonehorse Market, saw "Greenberg" (thumbs down!) at Circle Cinema and had a terrific dinner at Doe's.
05/02 Direct Link
Overwhelmed at how quickly the house has managed to entropy into a mess again so quickly--little more than one week of neglect and poof!--from order to chaos it slides. Second law of thermodynamics is still true; some things really DO never change. I didn't do the pew aerobics in church today--up down, up down, up down, up down. I remained seated during the songs and standing prayers. Didn't take a pain pill last night so didn't want to over-use my ribcage. Addressed the rest of the graduation announcements, made calls, vacuumed, had dinner at luigi's. G'night.
05/03 Direct Link
It's a most SPECTACULAR morning! I awoke at 6:38 and when I looked at the clock, I thought it was 8:38. Put on the coffee pot, made one piece of toast, fed the dogs, called upstairs thinking our son was late for school. "Mom, it's only 6:43." Yikes! I was really off this morning. Obviously I slept well. Last night I received word that my husband's dad is back home from the hospital and feeling well. The diagnosis is cavernous hemangioma; a cavity in his brain has hemorrhaged but stopped. He sounded really good on the phone.
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Today was the annual Tuesday Club Play Day. We had a lovely luncheon with an Hawaiian theme: terrific salads, pineapple galore. It was relaxing and fun. I had loads of errands to do afterwards and the energy to do them. Paid off all of the house restoration; that was a chunk of change! My friend and neighbor took me out to 2 Sisters Pub and Grill for my birthday dinner. We sat outside and someone was smoking; oh, dear. It's a rather inclosed porch, open on one side only. I'll write a letter to the owner. Mayhem is sadly moping.
05/05 Direct Link
Lots to do getting ready for our son's high school graduation. Feeling MUCH better after my fall. Mayhem, the Golden Retriever, is getting to be an old man in dog years. I can never remember if it's five to one or seven to one but I think with canines it's seven and felines it's five. Sooooo . . . Mayhem is turning 70 next month. I think uncle arthur has set in and his hips and joints hurt. I hope it's not his heart. He was breathing so hard last night, he shook the bed; not noisy panting. We worry about our animals.
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This day was telephone tizzy day. Nutz, absolutely nutz. Whether I was at my little office job on the phone with one person who wanted to talk, talk, talk and my cell phone would not stop ringing and there were people standing at my desk who also wanted to talk, or I was in a busy sandwich shop downtown having a once-a-year lunch with someone I work with at the church and people kept coming in and stopping by to chat with me, my cell phone rang once there from long distance. I called her back from home.
05/07 Direct Link
FABULOUS!! This day was FABULOUS!!! I awoke earlier than planned, rested and ready to get a jump on the day. I made the beds upstairs and cleared the clutter, getting the guest rooms ready for my guests who'll come next week. The cleaning woman showed up on time and did a great job in both rooms, the bathroom upstairs and our master bathroom. What a help that was! Our son and I both had our teeth cleaned this afternoon. Mmmmmm . . . need to see if my story relating my fall downtown two weeks ago made it into the Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise.
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"It's Saturday now; seeeeeeems like a Sunday in some ways." Remember Donovan? When I woke up this morning--the early morning sun almost blinding me-- I in my slightly disoriented way, still not fully awake, felt like it was Sunday even though I have enjoyable Saturday things to do and some chores as well. I am thoroughly enjoying reading Anna Quindlen's book, "Every Last One," so much that I really don't want it to end so, instead of rushing through it, I am savoring each page, each short chapter. Our son has a date tonight with a beautiful young woman.
05/09 Direct Link
This relaxing Mother's Day was delightful in every way. Our son accompanied me to church where moms were given a pink carnation. He surprised me by treating me to lunch at Luigi's and I had tortellini; yum! I de-cluttered my computer desk, put on a flowing comfortable kaftan and read this afternoon. Don't want the book to end, "Every Last One." Our son played video games and then grilled steaks for our dinner. He's mastered the grill! Like the old song goes my mom sang when I was little, "It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House."
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Storms came in last night; I loved the thunder and lightning. The trees are swaying in the wind out there this morning. Three other friends and I have canceled our plans for Har-Ber Village today on Grand Lake but one has just spontaneously invited us over for lunch. The plumber will be showing up here in a half hour to put a new water filter in under our sink. The water in Bartlesville is disgusting and a good water filter is needed here. The water smells like rotten eggs and makes people sick, sick, sick. Off to the shower.
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I've been cooking chili and baking cornbread this morning to deliver to a friend who's mom passed away last Thursday. Her memorial service is this Thursday. I colored my hair, hoping to return to the color red that was on the box; no such luck. Will try again next month. I'll attempt to deliver a latte and cookies from the bakery to another friend who had a knee replacement and is in the hospital rehab in town where I was after my hip replacement three and one half years ago. Hope she's still there when I arrive; weird to hope!
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The air is still-- almost eerie-- and muggy. i slept with the window open. There was no breeze all night. Occasionally the wind chimes have danced out a brief tune. Another parade of storms are going to be rolling in later today. It's dark out there, much like it was Monday morning when the phone wouldn't stop ringing. I have plans for dinner tonight in Tulsa but need to cancel since the storms and possible tornados are supposed to be just like late afternoon and into the evening were on Monday. It rained here but no tornados reached Bartlesville, thankfully.
05/13 Direct Link
And the storms came rumbling in and lasted throughout the entire night, waking me and then lulling me back to sleep with the splatter of the rain outside my open window. Decided to go to Tulsa last night after all since the rain wasn't going to start until later. Flashes of lightning began after 11:00 p.m.. Last night I'd mistakenly set my alarm for 7:00 p.m. instead of a.m. but woke up refreshed and ready for the day at 5:45; THAT never happens. House guest arrived safely last night around 10:00. All's well.
05/14 Direct Link
The storms rocked, flashed, rolled and roared in all through the night. I'd wake up and then gradually go back to sleep, repeatedly. Another weather report from north eastern Oklahoma. Today is the awards assembly that all of the seniors are required to attend. Our daughter in New Mexico texted me around five or six in the morning in reply to the one I had sent her yesterday afternoon. She's coming this Saturday instead of the originally planned Sunday. I'm glad she'll be here for the Senior Recognition Sunday at Church. I'm making apples, cheese and sausage quiche for dinner.
05/15 Direct Link
Oh, my WORD. This has been a day of 12 stops. Picked up shock for the pool, then kitties. Drove them to Tulsa. One had diarrhea. Handed them off in Petsmart and RAN. Went to Aveda, then Sideways, The Glass Slipper and Libby's. Arrived at P.F. Chang's starving. Looked in White House/Black Market, bought two loaves of bread at Stonehorse Market. Scooted to Chico's. Hit the road for B'ville and I ran into Food Pyramid for sugar free chocolate syrup so I can make chocolate martinis for us. Our oldest daughter arrived from Hobbs at 8:00. Hooray!!!!!
05/16 Direct Link
Senior Recognition Sunday at church today. My baby, a graduating senior from high school, in dark blue cap and gown, received a scholarship with the four other graduates. We attended both services as this is customary. Tears streaming down my cheeks brought on by the last praise song sung at the contemporary service and by the solo sung by one of the seniors at the second service. A parishioner confides in me she lost her son at the end of his sophomore year in college; he died of a heart attack. What a gift to have that shared with me.
05/17 Direct Link
Had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon yesterday, touching up and sending off a graduation speech I wrote years ago. Decided to use it for the June church newsletter's column. Hubby called from China. All's well. Our second house guest arrived around dinner time; very nice. She's the wife of a Lutheran pastor and the mother of twins. Feel like I'm running "The Lazy Fare B & B." I prepare the coffee pot the night before, as usual, and all they have to do is press the on off button. I stop short of throwing them a Pop Tart. We chat & they leave.
05/18 Direct Link
A beautiful day greeted us all this morning. There really isn't anything more glorious than when there's a bright golden haze on the meadow early morning in the month of May in Oklahoma. Visited my friend and her new granddaughter with my daughter. Then we did the necessary errand running and had lunch at Tumbleweeds. We relaxed in the afternoon and decided not to cook the tortilla soup and instead went to Frank and Lola's for dinner where my daughter treated and we shared a delicious caesar salad and seared just right salmon dinner. Watched dvd, "Once Upon a Mattress."
05/19 Direct Link
Our house guests leave today to fly back to Texas and Tennessee. The night was still and I couldn't sleep well. The atmosphere was building up for the storm that broke this morning before eight o'clock. Thunder! Lightning! Drama! The sky is still pouring down rain and I'm waiting for my daughter to return from her new haircut. Graduating son studied late into the night last night for the physics final he has today; I do not envy him. This would not be my kind of class. Ah! Daughter not only got haircut but highlights, too. Can't wait to seeeeee!
05/20 Direct Link
Countdown--one more day until my "baby" graduates from high school. It was just yesterday (wasn't it?) when I began writing on, meaning for this to be a "blog," of sorts, of his senior year in high school, and now it's almost over. Our daughter arrived from Seattle, my husband returned from China; they drove home from the airport together this morning. Went off to my little office job and picked up the graduation cake, picked up ingredients for the annual Women's Network potluck. Took my girls with me. Great evening. All five of us are together again!
05/21 Direct Link
AND OUR SON, OUR THIRD CHILD, IS A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!!! This day was a good one. Didn't sleep-in like I wanted to. Took my time getting started. Watched regular reruns and stayed on the time bandit (computer.) Hubby and daughters and I had a late lunch at 2 Sisters and then shopped at the "mall." I needed bras. Our graduate wanted to celebrate with dinner at Frank and Lola's and we weren't starving but went there and brought home leftovers. The graduation went off without a hitch, "Pomp and Circumstance;" the whole nine yards. Ready for bed now.
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Happy birthday to us--my husband and I. I've often thought that this would be the perfect final, a single question, written on the board for a Statistics and Probability class: "What is the likelihood of two people with the same birthday marrying?" Of course, it could be mixed up a little with oddities thrown in like "and one is one year older than the other." That's how it is in our case. As I write this on a Saturday morning, my husband is sawing logs, one daughter is in the shower and the two other kids are sound asleep.
05/23 Direct Link
Went to church with daughter #1 this morning and the whole service was put on by the kids. It was very well done. Great music. Said my good byes to many of the folks there; won't see lots of 'em until October. We snacked with the family at home and took off to see Har-ber Village in Grove, OK on Grand Lake. We walked and walked and walked some more. No restaurants there to enjoy for a Sunday dinner so we drove to Tulsa and had a wine-enlivened dinner at one of my fave spots--that's Macaroni Grill.
05/24 Direct Link
Today felt like Sunday. Hubby worked; went out for dinner. My trio and I had a great lunch at Cosmo Cafe on Peoria in Brookside in Tulsa and then the girls and I shopped at Libby's boutique and my son waited for us in the car. We then skedaddled to the airport and watched until daughter #2 got through security. Had lattes at Starsuck's, drove to Utica Square for ciabatta bread but Stonehorse Market is closed Sun. & Mon. Browsed stores, shopped Walgreens, saw "Girl with a Dragon Tatoo." Starving, we drove back to B'ville and had "dinner" at Eggbert's LATE.
05/25 Direct Link
Nicely paced and highly accomplished, this day was noteworthy of being called successful. Daughter #1 and I drove the dogs to Owasso to get their baths/grooming and summer shearing. We then went to Tulsa and bought three loaves of ciabatta bread and had lunch at P.F. Chang's. Met Irene there and she joined us; that was fun. We returned home, did a lot of laundry, returned to get the dogs. They have acted drugged all night but ate dinner, drank a lot of water. We watched "Snow in August" dvd from Netflix. No interruptions! No phone calls! Yahoo!!
05/26 Direct Link
Didn't sleep-in as late as I would have liked but had coffee and toast early and finished with e-mail and checking facebook. Did loads of laundry. Watched the usual re-runs after my shower and sham. Left at almost 11:30 with daughter #1 to mail 5 X 7 framed senior photos; two more to go later. Got bangs cut and we went to a lovely lunch at a friend's home from church joined by my other friend who lost her mom in early march. We saw a short movie made by her son. Had re-heated dinner.
05/27 Direct Link
Hey, I'm really liking switching hours at the info desk at church. I get a lot done in the morning when i don't start until 11:30. Have errands to run before and after. My time is so short before leaving for Anchorage on June 1. I have all sorts of issues about leaving for so long and need to cancel having the new deck built until I return in October. We've put it off for so long, what's four months + the time it takes for them to actually get going?? Daughter #1 has three days left here with us.
05/28 Direct Link
Lost a/c in our house. It's hot and muggy out; I'm sweating to beat the band. Had my last tamale at Casa Tamale for awhile with friend; went to see all of her house re-do. Daughter & Hubby went to Stone Bluff Winery. Dogs are so mopey. They have not been themselves since they were shaved and bathed on Tuesday. I'm seriously thinking they were drugged. I have officially begun packing; that's not one of my favorite things to do in the world. Daughter, neighbor and I are going to see "Sex and the City 2" tonight; chick flick.
05/29 Direct Link
We took a drive to Lake Eufaula and ate at Stuffed Olive, a new restaurant that just opened up this weekend, owned by the owners of Libby's boutiques. Great food! Did wine tasting, too, as the owners own a winery called Sailing Horse. Eufaula has it going on; a lot more than Grand Lake. That place is a snooze. Shopped at Libby's in town; got iced lattes at a cute place next door called Steel Daffodils. Son did not join us; he applied for summer jobs and planted the last of the forsythia for me in the front flower bed.
05/30 Direct Link
A beautiful morning; birds singing outside. Dogs content near my feet in the family room. I'm in the recliner--what I call my momma san chair. It's also my "healing" or "comfort" chair, where I spent much time in the Winter of 2007 following my hip replacement surgery on January 6 and where I spent much time gingerly breathing in and out shallow breaths after my fall this April. I am at a lull in my packing as I did a lot of it Friday and Saturday. I'm warding off (thwarting?) sadness. Second daughter just left, returning to New Mexico.
05/31 Direct Link
Oh, Lord, what an ending to a really terrific month. It came in like a lion--weather-wise, with all of the groovy storms--and is basically exiting like a lamb except for last night's lalapalooza storm. May has been a flurry of fun and company and celebration and now Mayhem has gotten very ill. I have an appointment at the clinic where we will meet with the vet between 2 and 3 this afternoon. First I'll go visit a friend for the last time before she moves in with her daughter in Ohio. I really do not like goodbyes.