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Today didnít begin well. Vet examined our Golden. Bad news as we were ready to depart for the airport. She fears heart failure for our 10 year-old pal. Our son took him to Tulsa for an echocardiogram. I am on the plane writing this, two and a half hours from Anchorage, and do not know the results. While checking-in my luggage curbside, the captain informed me my driver's license expired yesterday. I took care of so much this month and that fell off the plate; it wasn't even on my radar. My carryon was over-packed, too.
06/02 Direct Link
A beautiful sunny day in Anchorage at Camp Condo. When I called my husband (4:00 a.m. Alaska time,) he was having his morning java. Our dogís diagnosis is that he had a tumor on his spleen that burst and his heart is failing. Spoke with our son later this morning as he was putting our pal in the car to bring home from Tulsa. Our furry friend will be on heart meds for the rest of his dear sweet little life. Iím feeling far away. Feel like the stuffing has been knocked out of me. Sad.
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Today's gloomy--weather-wise--with soft rain falling and gray skies dampening the city (and maybe some folks' spirits.) I awoke rested and did my exercises after my java, ciabatta toast and strawberries. The Alaska Professional Communicators' lunch at Kinley was really good. The speaker was Julia O'Malley. It was nice meeting her--her stepmom is in one of my book groups--and terrific to see everyone again. In some ways it feels like the last time was only last week. I have the worst luck with phones in the condo; bought another cordless set today. Tonight: Alaska Women Writers.
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Stayed at home all day today until this evening. I e-mailed, I read a little in the horribly BORING dmv driver's test book. It was quiet in the condo all day. Talked with a couple of friends. Ate well. Am doing very well keeping diet simple: low fat, low sugar, low salt. So far, it's really working. I'm enjoying doing my exercises again each morning including using 5 lb. weights Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Won't exercise on Sundays. Went to First Friday this evening by myself. Ran into two artist acquaintances of mine and their shows in two different galleries.
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Remained home all day today, too, and didn't venture out in the evening. Called my hubby and we chatted. He told me that our Golden probably won't last more than a very short time. This is sad. Called my mom, too. This was nice. Read a little more in the dmv book--again. I am so not wanting to take the written test. This is a thick, cumbersome book to plough through. Discovered online from one of my artist acquaintances. Am excited to order beautiful mini 1.1"X2" business cards for myself--freelance writer who I am.
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It's just after midnight in the land of the midnight sun. Had a great Sunday, all day. Church at Central Lutheran where I was able to connect with lots of folks there. Visited with my friend who's ill until 3:00 and then grocery shopped at Fred Meyer. Came home and ate some healthy food--non-fat plain yogurt, blueberries, baby carrots, crackers. Chatted with friend in Colorado for a long time. Went to see "Letters to Juliette" with another friend and then we shared a sandwich at a new place. Had a lot to catch up on; always fun.
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Encouraged my dear elderly friend to call the doctor and make an appointment as she was having increased pain behind her knee, had recently been on a long plane ride back from Europe without stretching and moving around frequently and she already has heart trouble. I thought it could possibly be PAD or a blood clot or thrombosis? She said I put the fear of God in her. Well, she called and made the appointment for tomorrow. I had a wonderful lunch with another friend at Orso and got my haircut at Bloom. Called my son. Studied the DMV book.
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Relaxing day! Did exercises sans weights this morning and showered. Pretty much got right down to business and began studying the dmv book some more, underscoring a lot. Mopped the floors in the condo. Took a break with friend and her daughter. We met at Kaladi Bro's and I had a cappuccino. Back to the book. Will go through all underscored parts tomorrow and take the test Thursday. Went to Campo Bello for delish dinner with another friend; shared a halibut entree. Great catching up. Went to "Uppity Women in the Bible" presentation on the Book of Ruth. Quite fun.
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The clouds have rolled in and it looks pretty gloomy out there today. Expecting rain tonight and tomorrow evening. Caught up with e-mail and exercised this morning; successfully procrastinated my dmv book study time. I really must do this so I'll be ready for the test tomorrow morning and (HOPEFULLY!) get it over with. It's hump day today, the middle day of the week, Wednesday. This week is going a little bit slower than usual. Spoke with our son on the phone this morning while he was working on the pool and our Golden (who loves to swim) swam.
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Well, it happened this afternoon, close to 5:30 p.m. B'ville time. I received a call from our son, 2:30 Anchorage time, that our Golden Retriever had passed away just minutes earlier. I found myself comforting him and asked that he and my husband have our furry friend cremated and not buried in the backyard. To heck with the fact that it's against the law; our other Golden is a digger, as was he. I don't want her digging him up. I was visiting a friend who is seriously ill. Went to writing group. Had quite a day.
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A close friend brought a bottle of wine over after I returned to the condo after writing group last night and we said a toast to our departed pet and to new beginnings for our daughter. She called just when my friend and her wine arrived; she had signed and mailed off her divorce papers yesterday. Not a good day for our family but she sounded both sad and relieved. This morning I received an e-mail from my husband; the vet wanted to know what inscription we want on the box holding the ashes. A TREASURE AND A FRIEND.
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Yesterday-- a great lunch with another friend at Charlie's Bakery. Ordered my usual: braised beef noodle (soup.) We browsed in Plain Jane (consignment shop) and each had a pedicure at a place recently recommended to me, My My. It took two hours! Browsed in a boutique, Portfolio; then had a sandwich at Marty's New York Bagels. Today I returned to Portfolio and bought a stunning pair of orange-red poppy earrings, a pepper mill and a tomato plant. While talking with hubby, a friend and her daughter invited me to Thai Kitchen. We saw "Date Night" at the Bear Tooth.
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Another busy, busy, busy, busy day; fourth in a row. Forgot to mention the one positive thing that happened on my sad day, Thursday; I took the Alaska driver's license test and PASSED! Today, I went to church; always fun. Joined a friend (who works two weeks on/two weeks off on the Slope) for salads at Moose's Tooth. Drove through old neighborhood up here and chatted with friend who'd brought over wine, her hubby, daughter and son. Home for one hour and picked up dear, almost 91 year old friend who took me to dinner at Club Paris. Yum!
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This was a delightful day! Slept-in and worked-out using weights; I use weights Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Met my NBFF--the one who also has a nose stud and went with me two summers ago up here when I had mine done. We ate at Pho Vietnam; had very good fresh spring rolls and pad thai noodles with shrimp. We then went to Clair D'Loon for coffee and talked, talked, talked. She and her husband travel the globe and photograph. She has a travel blog in the Anchorage Daily News. I planted the tomato plant and watched a dvd.
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It has been raining all day; very gloomy. Had a great time meeting one of my daughter's friends since fourth grade, her new little five month old baby boy and her mom. Her baby looks just like our son did at that age. I bought a few things at Fred Meyer and got a wet cappuccino to go at Kaladi Bro's. to bring home. Have caught up with e-mail and arranged for electrician friend to look at the microwave situation in the condo; have bought a replacement for the original model that came with the place. Book group tonight!
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Just tasted a day at the beach while eating a bowl of canned New England clam chowder. I did have to add a wee bit of freshly ground black pepper and a tad--just a sprinkle--of sea salt; usually canned foods are plenty salty enough--or too much so. This is creamy, rich and delicious and made by Campbell's, Chunky Healthy Request recipe. They even left in some sand! Lord, I sound like paid commercial! It's raining today. There's a potluck multi-couples anniversary dinner tonight with church folks. Tomorrow: a day to myself, dinner at home, writers group.
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Ah, 'tis already Thursday. Went to pick up the new microwave at Sears' warehouse (because they said it was there!) and guess what? Nope, it wasn't; hasn't even left Seattle yet. America's way of doing business is really getting to me. Took Honda Civic to the Honda dealer for an estimate for timing belt; $695. Decided to find an independent mechanic instead. Grilled a pork chop on the George Forman grill (from here on out it shall be referred to as simply G/F.) Watched "Pete Seeger" dvd from Netflix on the computer. Great film about a really great man.
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Happy birthday, Paul McCartney, happy birthday to you. Contacted an independent mechanic who had been referred to me. Had to get notary to sign some business papers. Mailed it off at the post office and took a friend to lunch at Crush. We dashed through Nordstrom and I bought a fabulously comfortable pair of green leather sandals. We looked in groovy European decor shop called Melange. I found a great green necklace and put it on right away--I don't usually do that--and a nice shades of gray scarf. Came home and had crackers and cheese for supper. Amen.
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'twas a stormy, stormy day. One right after the other rolled in. It took me FOR-EV-ER to get out of the house today. Many days are like that. I woke up late and had a leisurely breakfast in bed. Did my exercises, watered the topsy turvy tomato plant. Took a shower and washed my hair. E-mailed. Finally left to buy friend's groceries. Took FOR-EV-ER in Fred Meyer! Ran into a friend there; we chatted. A friend from B'ville called; we chatted. Delivered the goods and visited. Then dropped in on another friend; had dinner there.
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A relaxing Sunday. Called my mom, sis, hubby, sisters-in-law.Accomplished four to-do's that all required a hammer and nails. Changed location of a wind chime which hasn't been in the right spot since I bought it in May of 2004. Placed two oddball wall decorations I've not known what to do with since June of 2004; the perfect spot is in the poppy red bathroom. Placed new colorful metal umbrellas wall decoration above bed. Coffee with friend at Kaladi Bro's. and then picked up FRESH HALIBUT from our electrician friend. Cooked it for dinner. Paid the bills.
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Summer Solstice--the longest day of the year. Slept-in and had breakfast and e-mailed. Was finished with my exercises before noon. Cleared a few things from the living room, dining area and kitchen in preparation for the painters later this week. Lots more to do before they arrive. Electrician friend came to check out the microwave situation. (Microwave still isn't here; sheesh.) Have had all of the windows and doors wide open all day; the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS! Delightful breeze, delicious sunshine. Condo smells of vanilla (Plug-ins.) Friend from B'ville is supposed to call for dinner.
06/22 Direct Link
Feet and calves are aching. Shopped 'til I dropped. Okay, I bought a scarf and purse at Second Run, an upscale resale shop. Also bought an orangey-red/reddish-orange gauzey open cardigan-style top I found at Nordstrom. Had lunch at the Glacier Brew House with friend here from B'ville. Kept having hot flashes all through lunch. Watered the hanging tomato plant this evening and grilled a pork shop on the George Foreman. Painters won't be here soon because the weather is so nice this week. Watched "The Men Who Stare at Goats" on a Netflix DVD for entertainment.
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A day of lounging around in my p.j.'s, catching up with e-mails and a couple of phone calls all day until 3:00 p.m.. did my exercises at around 1:30 in the afternoon. Watched the clouds climb down the mountains, covering all the patches of snow that are still near the top. Took shower and decided what to wear. Left shortly after 4:00 to pick up a friend for dinner and a play. The food was good at the restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel but the waitress was not trained. The musical was disappointing.
06/24 Direct Link
A delightful lunch today at the Greek Corner with friend. First time in this favorite restaurant's new location. Yummy gyro, Greek salad and lemon soup with chicken and rice, carrots, onions and herbs. Picked up microwave at the warehouse and met another friend at Habitat to buy wedding shower gift we went in on together. Had coffee across the street at New Sagaya on Old Seward. Home for only one hour to go through the mail before going off to writers group. No time for dinner. Had just a snack after I returned home. Lucky for me, we finished early.
06/25 Direct Link
Damn! Just wrote this entry and went to check something on Google and the entire entry was wiped out. Annoying; must report. This happens a lot. Had only described the day which consisted of grocery shopping for this evening's potluck while the microwave was being installed because I had not shopped yet for what I was going to take. Made croissant-wrapped green olives and a spinach salad with strawberries, sliced almonds, feta cheese and raspberry vinegarette dressing. A fellow writer picked me up in her silver VW Beetle and we picked up another member before driving to Eagle River.
06/26 Direct Link
Fun-filled, very full day. Stopped at Cafe Europa for a nice selection of cookies to take to the wedding shower at Central Lutheran. 70 attended! I helped set up the tables with tablecloths, flowers and unstacked some of the chairs and set them at the tables. There were many nice finger sandwiches and lovely food. Enjoyed talking with friends. Reached home by 6:00 and left by 7:00 to go back downtown to meet a friend and we walked from her house to attend a free concert at the Performing Arts Center-- Alaska and San Francisco's Youth Symphonies.
06/27 Direct Link
Skipped church. Friend had given me permission last night when she noted it's a long drive from the east side of town where I live to the west. Had made the trip twice on Saturday. After last night's concert we stopped into a very noisy McGinty's Irish Pub on 7th Avenue and G Street. We each had a small glass of beer and a bowl of Irish Beef Stew made with Guinness and barley. Very good. Slept-in late. Coffee with friends. Shopped and then visited friend. Went to a delicious halibut dinner at a friend's house in College Village.
06/28 Direct Link
Today felt more like a Sunday than a Monday. Got up early to take car in for some major maintenance. This will cost me $1800; I'm not a happy camper. Friend picked me up and I treated us to coffee at Cafe Europa. Came home and did my exercises and did more laundry. Proofed work handed in during last week's writers group. Have books to read and Netflix movies to watch while I wait for the car work to be completed, Wednesday or possibly Thursday. It's a quiet day, looking like it will rain any minute. Turned the heat on.
06/29 Direct Link
Slept until 10:10 a.m. with nothing on today's agenda. Exercised and watched "Funny People" on the computer from Netflix. It's been cloudy all day. Started raining by the time I'd finished watching the movie. Grilled a hamburger on the George Foreman grill for my late lunch. Skipped dinner. Emailed, texted. Our son is enrolling tomorrow for college at OSU and needed his immunization record so he called me at 11:00 p.m. his time, tired and grumpy. Continued reading the novel by Abraham Verghese I started last night for our July 20 book group, "Cutting for Stone."
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Ah! The last day of June, here already. I'd forgotten to finish this month of 30/100words; that would be 3,000 exactly--no more, no less. I am growing weary of this; have been at it faithfully for 11 months now. Or . . . am I simply growing weary? I'm tired of just 100 words a day as an exercise and not getting on with something bigger--like the two books I started a long, long time ago. That would give me fulfillment; this doesn't. So, shall i continue through july? I can say I stuck with it for a year.