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Had lunch with friend and her daughter at Charlie's Bakery. Always a good place to eat. Someone was pounding something back in the kitchen and making quite a racket. It was a bit annoying! I looked at tiles for kitchen backsplash in the condo at Home Depot but decided I'll just have them paint it a different color than the walls rather than drag the finished project out with another project. Went to Alaska Women Writers this evening and lead the group. Must have been a very uneventful Thursday as I finish up writing July backwards from 10th of July.
07/02 Direct Link
Today I picked up my friend and took her to physical therapy and to occupational therapy. We had lunch afterwards at the Paris Cafe on Muldoon and ran by her condo to check on a few things. Then I ran into Kaladi Brothers to buy her a cup of coffee and I got to thinking of Bob Marley. I wondered when he died. I asked the folks in there, the young and hip baristas, and no one knew for sure. Googled it at home to find out it was on May 11, 1981. I was pregnant with our first child.
07/03 Direct Link
This day began just the way I needed it to--with exercising and feeling rested. I met a friend at Middle Way Cafe and we chatted and had a great time. The sandwiches are good there. I had half of a turkey/cream cheese and cranberry sauce sandwich on sourdough wheat bread. Looked in the window of a consignment shop across the street which was closed. Returned there again after lunch at the same place with another friend two days from now but hadn't written it in July fifth's entry. How do I know this? I am writing July backwards.
07/04 Direct Link
This was a great day! Went to church and had coffee with a friend who was there, too, at Cafe Europa. Picked up another friend whom I took for a nice lunch at the Flying Machine, the restaurant at the Millennium Hotel. We took a short drive but didn't see any moose I was hoping to catch a glimpse of. We chatted at little at her place. Think I paid some bills and watched a Netflix movie. It was almost perfect, this combination of spiritual rest, time with friends one at a time, good food and a sense of accomplishment.
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The painters called at 9:00 and said they would be here at 10:30 and at 10:30 they showed up. Began by painting the ceilings and scraping off the little bit of old wallpaper I wanted gone. There was one large wall in the dining room and just a little in the kitchen used as backsplash. Their conversation is lively in Spanish and they seem to like what they are doing. The colors I have chosen are cheerful, several shades of green and yellow. The new paint will perk up the place; no more all white (boring!) walls.
07/06 Direct Link
I think I bought all of the switch plates at Home Depot for the condo todayto replace all of the old ones when the painting is finished at the end of this week. I'm working backwards from Saturday writing these entries and it's not easy. I met up with a friend at Kaladi Brothers and we chatted over cappuccinos in the conference room and I went to look at the new iPhone which my husband and I will order on Thursday of this week at the AT&T store on C Street. Had dinner at Greek Corner with a friend.
07/07 Direct Link
I think it was this day that the painters left early because they had a house to paint some more on the outside and the weather got nice. So I took off and grocery shopped and lugged tons of things up the stairs numerous times. Then I left again and drove downtown where it had been raining but not on the east side where our condo is. Came home quickly. They had called to come back but I didn't find this out until tomorrow as they hadn't left a message and I am writing this backwards. Does this make sense?
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I'm working backwards on this damn batch, kind of like those crazy films that start at the end and then you move backwards through the eye of the cameral and finally, at the end, see where the protagonist started from and you the viewer is left to mentally play the whole thing forward in your mind because the script writer didn't do it that way in the first place. Picked up my hubby at the airport, the car seemed to be leaking and was difficult to start. So, we rented a car and I drove mine to the mechanic. Great.
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Morning: not only unrested from the night before which was filled with night sweats and restlessness, but while putting my left foot on the side railing of the log bed, a gigantic splinter bit me on the bottom of my foot on the heel where the skin is rather thick. It lodged in and my husband could not get it out with a sterilized needle and tweezers. The nice doctor named Meg at the urgent care place blocked the pain with novocaine--causing MUCH pain--and easily removed it. Ran errands. Took a lovely drive. Had dinner at Kincaid Grill.
07/10 Direct Link
Oh, no; it's the second Saturday of the month and I am already 10--technically nine--days behind with the July batch. This is going to be the most difficult of the 12 months since beginning this little daily exercise in time/space and any other dimension you can think of and I cannot because I am barely awake and am very, very frustrated because I cannot find the $200 worth of switch plates I purchased this Wednesday or Thursday. Methodically I had counted all the ones of each kind needed, made a list, picked them out, one by one.
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Yesterday we had lunch at the Greek Corner and then went downtown for a short time and looked in one store and had a cappuccino at Kaladi's on Sixth. We then drove down the Seward Highway and went to Girdwood and crashed a wedding. Drove up just as all were exiting the chapel. Watched "Away we Go" through Netflix and grilled New York strips (shared one) on the George Foreman and baked a large sweet potato to share. We went to bed at 10:00, tired and happy. It was still light out but we have room darkening window shades.
07/12 Direct Link
We had a very yummy lunch at Glacier Brewhouse downtown and that's where I left my cell phone. Discovered it was missing after shopping at Cabin Fever. Reported it missing at the restaurant. We're right in the midst of a three nights in a row social whirl. Tonight was another bar-b-que. This one is an annual tradition at the home of someone who's in Alaska Professional Communicators. Her husband is great on the grill! It's always a hit. It was nice my husband could go with me this time; I usually go stag each year. Restaurant found phone!
07/13 Direct Link
The Honda was ready to pick up before book group luncheon in College Village at noon. Key fob doesn't work and there's a constant beeping when the door is open. Lunch and catching up lasted until 3:15 and I came right back to the condo to get ready for dinner with hubby and friends at the Double Musky in Girdwood. Great dinner. We all had the crab stuffed halibut; very good. On the way home we saw the aftermath of a fatal car accident on the New Seward Hwy.--a body on a gurney covered with a white sheet.
07/14 Direct Link
Ah, this day was a kick in the pants. Turned out a bit different than I originally thought it would. Picked up new iPhone at the AT&T store! It's a dandy. Instead of going downtown to scout out a poppy orange-red purse and shoes, I took my Honda Civic back to the mechanic because the key fob was not working. Taking the whole electrical system apart in the steering column, it was discovered to be a micro switch which they fixed gratis. Called friends in Bartlesville from there. This will be fun. Ate at home. Watched "Kinky Boots."
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This morning I spent writing bills. This is getting harder and harder to do. Not writing bills--that's as constant as the northern star in my life--but rather this daily writing of 100 words thing. It's not that the actual constraint of 100 words daily is difficult; it's just getting miserably difficult to keep up my momentum, my enthusiasm, my verve for the project. I think I have run the course and will stick with it until the end of July and then call it quits. I have found myself writing backwards again. Have 14th, 13th, 12th to go.
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Haven't been back to sleep since waking up at 3:30 this morning. Hubby left for an early morning flight up to the North Slope on business. The new iPhone 4 sure is fun, despite the problems some folks have been having. I've been enjoying mine since Wednesday and my husband's arrived yesterday. I made a great halibut olympia dinner for us last night with white rice and fresh spinach from the (Lutheran) bishop's garden. Our daughter in Hobbs, N.M. phoned so we could wish her bon voyage before her cruise vacation in the Bahamas. Weekend's stretched out ahead.
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Glorious and filled with sunshine--an ultimate Homer, Alaska day! I Friend and I hit the road for a drive down to Homer. We stopped for lunch at River City Books and the cafe there. Looked through the shops, enjoyed yummy quiche. Arrived in Homer at 4:45 p.m. and our first stop was Blackberry Bog. They didn't have the drawer pulls I was hoping to find for our condo's kitchen. We hunted for a place to stay and found Ocean Shores for $160/night, tax incl. Had delicious red salmon dinner at Fat Olives. Enjoyed the room's view.
07/18 Direct Link
Mmmmm . . . could have sworn I created an entry for July 18 already (that very evening.) Homer was foggy, cloudy, rainy and gray all day. We took a drive up East End Road, ate at 2 Sisters Bakery, went back to Blackberry Bog and walked on the rocks and sand at Bishop's Beach. Filled up the car with gas and headed back to Anchorage around 2:00. Stopped at River City Books for a delicious sandwich and hit the road; stop and go traffic the whole way. Quick child's ice cream cone snack at Summit Lake Lodge. Home by 9:00.
07/19 Direct Link
Had a relaxing morning of e-mailing and exercising, making phone calls, touching up the roots of my hair and doing laundry. Stopped at Kaladi Bro's for a pound of beans and shopped at Fred Meyer for groceries. A friend called and then my hubby called and I went to pick him up at the airport. I made a delicious meal for us of red (sockeye) salmon with cucumber and mint sauce made with lite sour cream and non-fat yogurt served on a bed of baby spinach greens with grape tomatoes, white rice and red wine. Watched "Bounty Hunter."
07/20 Direct Link
I'm sleeping-in late this summer on many mornings. Perhaps I am preparing for a very busy year ahead or still mending from my fall in April. It's so quiet this summer at Camp Condo; I love it. I look forward to my coffee and spent grain bread each morning--and not rushing anywhere, taking care of first things first which are easing into the day and exercising before jumping into any activities or chores. Life is good! Hubby left early for a meeting this morning; I slept and dreamed until 9:30. Tonight is book group at Ray's (Vietnamese.)
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BEER PONG!!!! Now that's a fun little game. Hadn't heard of it until this summer; where HAVE I been???? Hubby and I went over to our dip netting enthusiast friends' house to pick up a salmon fresh out of the Kenai River. We lingered so long, they invited us for dinner! We all joined in to make an incredible feast: macadamia nut incrusted salmon, green salad, sliced/sauteed and then baked potatoes. Then all seven of us played a few rounds of beer pong on their deck in our former midtown neighborhood. Got to bed at midnight; life is good.
07/22 Direct Link
This day was filled with gotta do's and hafta do's. Took care of a lot of paper work relating to filling 'scripts and other stuff that has to be sent into work, plus laundry, laundry, laundry. Prepared things for mailing at the post office. Had a nice lunch at Don Jose's before we went to go see "Inception" at the brand new IMAX theatre (reminiscent of Owasso, OK) shopping center. Made a nice pork chops served on a bed of spinach and mashed potatoes with sauerkraut and apple sauce dinner we had with beer. Listened to Bob Marley all evening.
07/23 Direct Link
Great day, beginning to end. Had friends over for coffee and French pastries until around 1:00. Hubby and I had errands to run and things to do. Had a nice lunch at Firetap. Mailed three things from the post office. Took care of important paperwork that had to be faxed from the Fed-ex store--formerly Kinko's. Bought a portable scanner at Office Depot and stopped at New Sagaya for our last cappuccino we'll share for awhile. Friend brought over a nice bottle of red wine and we all drank that--it was our pre-boarding lounge before takeoff.
07/24 Direct Link
The light in Paris can't hold a candle to the light in Alaska. This morning, looking out at the Chugach Mountains, the early morning light shone in such a way it appeared it had recently snowed. Heavy clouds soon topped the mountains and eventually the entire mountain scape was socked in with dense fog. It began raining mid afternoon and never stopped. Dreary, gloomy, gray, wet and soggy, the day slogged on. I never got out of my pajamas. Miss my husband. Camp condo is quiet. Don't have much of an appetite. Made three phone calls and watched a movie.
07/25 Direct Link
Today's weather promises to be more of the same. It's been raining this morning. The clouds float down and play and swirl around the mountains the way a flirtatious skirt swishes around the long legs of a woman dancing and wearing high heels. The big Gardener in the sky is predicted to water Anchorage all week. Good week to read a book. Tonight I'm supposed to go to dinner with my elderly friend. We'll decide later today where we will go this Sunday evening. I wouldn't be surprised if it snows before I leave on September 30. I hope not.
07/26 Direct Link
And it rained again ALL DAY today. Must say it was delightful though, in spite of the dark and dismal weather. I called my friend and we spontaneously decided to meet with her kids and have cappuccinos at Kaladi Brothers after they were finished shopping at Value Village. (Gave me time to shower and get dressed!) Then we all went grocery shopping at Fred Meyer. I heated up leftover P.F. Chang's for dinner and then watched a great movie with Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei called "Untamed Heart." I cried; don't usually cry while watching a movie. Well . . . sometimes!
07/27 Direct Link
Just found out this morning when my daughter called that she is planning on moving from Seattle to Phoenix. She said she wants to make her vote count and has been considering this move for a long, long time. She wants to return to massage therapy and already has a job lined up there. Well, the economy is bad in Arizona but she has high hopes. Maybe we'll have warm and sunny Christmases there (instead of cold ones in Oklahoma!) I'm asking Santa for an electric towel warmer this Christmas. Have slouched around all morning today. Company for dinner tonight.
07/28 Direct Link
Used scalp tickler, exercised, shampooed, showered, dressed, put on makeup and had a great lunch at Greek Corner with a friend before we went for our pedicure appointment. LOVELY nail color! Just what I was hoping for. Matches my luscious orangey red poppy clothes. I brought cappuccinos for my friend who's ill and I. We chatted. She convinced me I need to go to Tuscany for research on this novel I've been wanting to write since 2005. I flew out of her place and drove to writers group; the joke was on me. I was a day early; it's tomorrow.
07/29 Direct Link
A friend came over this morning to see the condo and all of its newly painted walls. We had dry dessert lime tea and chatted until we both got hungry and went to Popeye's for fried chicken. Just as good as the Popeye's in Tulsa! Bought a few groceries at New Sagaya plus a wet cap and went back home. Couldn't stop yawning. Mixed up tuna salad for supper and then looked at the clock. It was 6:00 and I was supposed to be at writing group. Had decided this would be my last night but I didn't quit.
07/30 Direct Link
The thing is, when I give myself permission to do something, I often will not actually follow through; don't have to. The writing group is a good thing and supportive of each other. Two other women and I began this Alaska Women Writers five years ago. Today I watched Paul McCartney's concert at the White House when he received the Gershwin Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama and "The View" when the President was on this week, too; watched these on the computer. Had a fabulous dinner downtown at Ginger tonight with a friend. Ahi tuna to die for.
07/31 Direct Link
Swan song. Here it is, the last day of my whole year of 100words. I'm tired and feeling rather rundown. I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or a sore throat. I've been so healthy for so long; can't remember the last time I was sick. I'm very lucky that way. My eyes are tired. I've just watched another Netflix movie and it's late--almost midnight Alaska time. Went for a beer, a cup of soup and a small salad at Firetap today with a friend from writing group. We talked until 7:00. Goodnight, fellow writers, goodnight.