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“Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.” We often forget to appreciate very small things, simple gestures, and appreciate a single second but this story by Willard Wigan proves that best things come in small packages. He constructs mini sculptures that can be placed on a pin head. His extraordinary patience leads every strand of really thin nylon and the very delicate fiber of spider webs to mind blowing microscopic masterpieces. His deserted childhood gave rise to a very unique skill that every one considers incredibly beyond this world. Indeed, little things can be the biggest things.
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If you are holding into something that does not belong to you and never intented for your life, then you need to let go. If you are holding to the past's hurts and pains let it go. If you are involved in a wrong relationship or addiction, let it go. If you are trying to help someone who does not even try helping himself let it go. If you are keeping yourself in a box and in what present tells you, break the chain and let it go. Let the past be past and live your life to the fullest.
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There is an inner beauty about a woman, who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything that she puts her mind to. There is a beauty in strength and determination of a woman who follows her own path, who isnt thrown off by obstacles along the way. There is a beauty about a woman whose confidence comes from experiences, who knows she can fall, pick herself up and move on. There is a beauty about a woman who acts and do the things she wants and expresses herself in every single chance she has. Girl be proud!
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"Be very careful if you make a woman cry because God counts her tears. Every tears a woman sheds is equivalent to a man's sacrifices in life. The woman came from a man's rib not from his feet to be stepped on, not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal, under hhis arms to be protected and near his heart to be loved." This is from a Hebrew Talmud sayings which struck me. Many women had already shown what they achieved and continue to show the real value of women all over the world.
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As what I have said in my last entry girls have their remarkable and very unique role in our society. As I learned things, I've seen how our society evolved in such a way that women can now express their minds. Here in Korea I've seen how the sex preference changes as I start to see women friendly parks, especial and clean comfort rooms for women. One thing that caught my attention was the chairs and some ads in subways that talks about the importance of women and that surprised me alot. I felt really proud and happy as well.
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lonely.. cold.. dark.. silent.. so imperceptible that you can only hear a sound.. a sound of stillness.. the best time to hear your own heart, your own soul, and your own mind. The quietness brought by the night creates the moment to find yourself. The best time to retreat and realize what you've got and also what more can you reach. The silence of the night shows the most beautiful and unique features of the world. The silence makes us sleepy and jump into our dreams -the fantasy world no one can ever imagine. "the beauty of silence - it speaks!"
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“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau. Even we are facing the worst thing we can ever imagine if we try to look the positive side of the story we will have a better perception towards it. It suggests that the way you see things creates unique objects that no one might be able to see except you. You might probably see hundred words in this paragraph but it's actually more than that. Perhaps a hundred word paragraph is so small to explain what I want to say but surprisingly it does.
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Check this out! I just watched an interesting podcast about coolest stuffs on earth. It is a great podcast for those who like traveling and discover new hidden places. It is very enjoying and convincing kind of podcast. With a very neat and simple format it captures the real beauty of a certain place. The hosts makes you feel that you are actually inside those slideshows, seeing the unique features of the place. The music suits the theme and for a short time (5 minutes more or less) you will learn the most important points that you need to know.
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Everyone can be a part of a tribe. Modern tribe takes many forms but I can say that they all help the people to feel like they belong as people are so afraid to be strangers. We always want to feel the sense of belonging. Moreover, modern tribes create a certain way to express our own individuality. Examples of the tribes we have nowadays are internet groups we belong, as internet made us to access and connect with millions of people all over the world, which help each other to express themselves. We, ourselves, can actually make our own tribe.
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Cultivate the habit of just being...and just seeing...and you will see things you've never seen before... I see things with an intense joy, and while I observe, there is no observer, only beauty almost like love. For an instant, I am absent, myself and my problem, my anxieties, my troubles, nothing but the wonder exist." ~Krishnamurti. The beauty of everything lies on how we see things. It is on how we see things. This quote reflects on how people should see the positive things from the situation. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder as said.
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"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.." The freshness, the unseen beauty, the uniqueness of nature we will cherish forever. It so amazing how nature show its own beauty in many different distinct ways. The animals, trees, flowers and other species have their own method to survive in this world. It scares me how might nature defends its own exitence against people's wrong doings on earth.
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Women are like apples on the tree. The best ones are on the top. Men don't want to reach for good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt, so they just settle for rotten appples beneath not good, but easy to get. Then apples on top think something wrong with them, when reality they are amazing and wonderful. They just have to wait for the right men to come. Those who are brave enough to climb the tree all the way to the top not scared to take the risk, those who are not afraid to fall.
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It's not good to hate all the roses because you got pricked by one thorn, to give up on your dreams because one didnt come true. TO lose faith in prayers because one wasnt answer, To give up on your efforts because one failed, to condemn your friends because oen of them betrayed you. To stop believing in love because someone is unfaithful and didnt live you back, to throw all away ally your chances to be happy because you didnt suceed on the first attempt. I hope that is how we go with life, we will never give up.
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Some things I just learned by experience do not talk when you are mad and sad, you might say things you did not mean to say. Do not make decision when you are too much happy, you might just be overwhelmed. Do not promise when you cannot keep it. Do not let your pride run your life Do not let your pride ruin everything. Life is like the game chess, one wrong move and all your game is all messed up. We have to be careful with the things we promise, we do and most importantly, the things we say.
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YOUR WORD IS VERY PURE; THEREFORE YOUR SERVANT LOVES IT.God's Word builds our faith in Him, and gives us peace of mind. After all, THERE HAS NOT FAILED ONE WORD OF ALL HIS GOOD PROMISE, WHICH HE PROMISED THROUGH HIS SERVANT MOSES. Psalm 119:14o.Colossians 3:21-22. Fathers, provoke not your children, that they be not discouraged. Servants, obey in all things them that are your masters according to the flesh; not with eye-service, as men pleasers, but in singleness of heart, fearing the LORD.... I felt uncomfortably tired today.I dont know why just felt.
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What are the signs of stress? You probably already have a personal stress gauge and know your own symptoms of stress. Stress is extremely personal, and so is your reaction to stressful scenarios. That's why the signs and symptoms of stress tend to vary from person to person.Below is a list of some of the potential symptoms or signs of stress that are commonly associated with the emotional impact of stress. Skins problems - breakouts, rashes, hives, Hair loss,Decreased sex drive Nervous behaviors - nail biting, pacing, teeth grinding Digestive problems,Muscle tension sleep issues, head ache, anger issues,irritated.
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i would swim to the pool of time machine where you and i were together. where everything seemed right. i would close my eyes and my ears, and search for you using my heart. give me back the hands which used to touch your hands. and i would never wash them. just to feel you again and again till we become a reality. this is sick. can't believe that i composed this. this is sick. i can't believe it was you who sang in my mind to draw the words out of me. nope. this is literature. this is art.
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under the cobalt blue sky i see leaves drained of life lying on asphalted roads brown, crackle when stepped on a sign that summer is about to depart (but why do they have to turn brown and sucked out of life?) signs are everywhere, bringing with them symbols that made me scour my head for meanings, meanings that sometimes could make sense only in dreams… the starlings have congregated and ready to depart to places that only God knows days become shorter and shorter as nights get longer and colder a transition in obedience to the natural order of things.
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continuation (19) i walk in peace with my camera and capture and freeze fleeting moments, moments that may or may never come back as I am also captured by those moments i walk with lightness in my being as my iPod plays my favourite music i walk because I love to i walk because I am on a journey i walk because I too is part of the transition of seasons i walk because I need, have to I walk because I need to make sense of everything i know i am just passing-through i walk and i know...
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Among the aspects of the human person that is challenged by today’s progressive world, it's that of human rights. From hearsays to tabloids to broad sheets, we hear of various violations of human rights. It just reveals how rampant it is in society, showing itself in different families and communities. But sad to say, most of us have been indifferent or ignorant of this plague that's slowly eating its way into culture and lifestyle. Human rights take its roots in the dignity of every human person. The human person‘s inviolable and inalienable dignity is inherent in human life.
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oh i still need to finish my article.. ideas are not coming into my mind.. im occupied with other issues and things which are not actually that important and worth thinking of.. Oh i need to finish it. come on.. i started to write about gao kao but im also fighting with myself if i will be positive or negative. anyway is actually bad but good as well but need to be natural economist:) cost and benefit analysis. so what will i do now.. i need to come up with a unique and intelligent idea.. oh come on need it.
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must fight my sleeping disorders. dont know why i suddenly experience sleepless nights feeling really tired.found this article and it scares me. " sleep disorder may cause shorter lifespan" A sleep expert revealed that sleeping less than four hours and more than nine hours a day can be a risk factor that can shorten one’s lifespan in adults (in vation i slept 12 hours)."It is not true that you need to sleep eight hours.But you should remember that if you sleep less than four hours and more than nine hours a day, it’s not already healthy"
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There was a time when I thought life was over and out When you went away from me My dying heart made it hard to breathe Would sit in my room Because I didn’t want to have to go out And see you walking by One look and I’d break right down and cry Now you say that you made a big mistake Never meant to take your love away But you can save your tired apologies Cause it may seem hard to believe, but
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I’m doing just fine Getting along very well without you in my life I’m doing just fine Time made me stronger you’re no longer on my mind You were my earth My number one priority Gave my love to only you Anything you’d ask of me I would do But somewhere down the road You feel change in the weather and told me That you have to journey on kiss in the wind and your love was gone Now you say you never meant to play your games Because you let our love just fall apart
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that was a poem i have written just opposite of what i feel.. feel better now after a hard day. want to write more but cant think of any topic. ahh let me pput a little more to that poem..When you said goodbye I felt so all alone There were times at night I couldn’t sleep My heart was much to weak to make it on my own Baby after all the misery and pain you put me through So unfair to me girl You’re no longer my world an I ain’t missing you at all..
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“Poets and mystics have been telling us for centuries: Wake up. Wake to your true self. Wake to your own connections to what is around you right now. Gaze into someone's eyes, and discover who looks back. Penetrate the mysteries where the worlds touch. Don't go back to sleep.”Paul H. Ray, Sherry Ruth Anderson. we should always find the beauty around us. Focus on ordianary and simplicity. there’s the presence of movement in stillness…the gentle influence of the spirit of the total scenario. the movement of stillness, I woke up to a profound truth..utterance of truth.
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got to sleep as early as i can. start of a new week. i finish my article, need to do some more readings and sleep hope i can sleep. its really hard to write with limitations. Like this no more no less than 100 words. But this limitations in writing teach us to be more responsible as what i have read on the newspapers nowadays, we think that we are just writing alone and no one can see us that is why we are not afraid to write against other people but in fact the whole world is watching us.
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I'm here. Bored. Got nothin' to do. I decided to make a blog. A blog that will make my brain work. A blog that will make me feel better. These past few days, I've been receiving calls from my famly in Philippines about the typhoon ondoy with an international name ketsana, lots of my friends were stranded and just check in hotels, for many days they can't go back home. News and reports says lots of people were still in roofs of their houses, rich or poor everyone got nothing too save, just watching the fast flowing water taking everything.
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Famous celebrities, ordinary filipinos all cried out for help. No one expected, no one got prepared. Watching the news here in Korea broke my heart into pieces, watching people stranded, watching people staying and praying above their roofs. Can't do anything. Thank God. My family is safe, my family is alright, but sharing the pain with all the filpinos who got affected by the flood. I kept praying and donated some of my saved money, that's all I can do. But still having this pain, that most of my friends lost their properties and dont now how to start again.
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But inspite of the tragedy, you can still see the smiles in their faces, saying everything gonna be fine. In times of need, I saw filipinos how they try to save everyone, try to help in every single way that they can, all the big companies try to lead relief operations, even those people who were also in great need try to help their neighboors. I saw the unity of Filipinos, which serves as an inspiration for me to help. Many people died, millions of properties disappeared,everyone are now still in great pain, but life has to go on.