BY Chloe

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First day of second semester. I have expected the day of school begin. Actually, I never missed school except one thing which is dormitory life! I am really happy to see friends again. During the summer, I and my friends barely met because Erika was in Gyeong Joo, Rana took the summer class, Sue went to many places with her high school friends. I was kind of upset because we coundn't gather together, but now I understand. My wish in this semester, I want to get greater GPA, lost waight and go to libruary and read many many books!
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To describe my stage or connection in my life right now. Peer group. Interation with peers. reach out from my teens. The formative years of teenhood. maturation process.The most important stage in my life. youthful mistake. Persnality development. Potential capability. And college freshman. I don't know what am I doing in here. Actually I dreamed about the college life, but not this, and I am still young and old all the time. I don't know this way is the exact way that brings me to future. No one got confused as me. That's why I feel so so wierd!
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The main issue in this talk is about scientific way to conserve various diversities in crops. Cary Fowler is biodiversity worrier who wants to save the world from agricultural collapse. Population tends to grow quickly, whereas food production increases poorly in size. He believes we can save our globe by freezing various kinds of seeds in cold place.I think it is very interesting because this way can be the prospective solution for the future issue such as famine and loosing diversity. And I chose this talk because it is actually real problem in now and in the future too.

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Sticking at something is difficult. For example, keep doing exercise more than 3 months. fasting over 6 PM everyday or skipping snacks. Or keep writing 100 words everyday to get extra score for my English class. I think it is not good solution. KAC students don't have time to write 100 words foe everyday sake. They will write this in end of semester for getting extra score. Maybe just me? Well I forgot to write diary because of tons of homeworks. Sometimes I just want to breath for god sake.

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Fifth day of keeping in diary. whoa, it's already fifth diary! Congratulation and celerbration ♩ Sweet ! Nice ! Awesome! Great! But I feel sick when I think how many days left to end this writing. Maybe in the future, I will wirte diaries for past days just like when I was in elementary school for vacation hoeworks. Almost Korean kids will agree who recieved elementary education in Korea. Young pupils must write diary for everyday and homeroom teacher will examine them. It was horrible to make up what new thing happend. Sick!
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I hate Math. I made with all organs and nerves with hating for math. I hate numbers too as long as it related to Math. And I can not agree why do I have to learn Microeconomics even though I don't want to major in International Business, or learn something like Statistics! I am not going to major in Statistics! I applied for KIC to learn something about my future career. Honestly, I am not sure what I want to do in my future. How can not it be sad.
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It is the first monday since the second semester began. I feel so overburden today. I had full classes from 9 am to 6 pm. Now I am going to jot down the list of why i feel so blue right now. First, my boyfrined's bike was stolen in this morning. Second, I might be not can get a refer because the service of Apple center is sucks. Third, I could not understand Microeconomics class. Forth, I had to go tutoring to teach a student who lives away from my place. Fifth, no more air conditioner in dorm room. Horrible!
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Since the semester began, recently, I much thought about reapply for the college. I think this is not what I want, this college life, the overwheming homeworks and time schedule. All things will helpful for my future. But I dreamed more like easier college life just like my other friends in other college. Do I really want to learn these stuff? Are this stuff really essential for the job what I want to do in the future? I am not sure, well...nobody are sure nor can't be sure. shit.
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It is hump day! How nice to feel that it is almost over this exhausted and rough week. I have done well through out this week. I am really proud of myself. As I grow up, and since I am living away with my family, I can feel that I am no longer toddler who rely upon mom and dad. I have to pay my cell phone charges and I also have to handle when my electronic translator needs an AS even though I don't have time. Getting older is sucks. I ain't Peter Pan Syndrome. Or Am I?

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Tomorrow is my lovely Friday! Awesome! Who hates Friday? Can anyone come up and explain why they don't like it? I only have 2 classes in Friday and first class begins at 11:00 a.m. I 've never had that kind of schedual before. So no big burden for tonight. That is the reason why I and Viki and Erika went down to main play ground. The wind was warm and soft like spring. But suddnley I came up with this questions, 'what about my Statistics' homework?, how about English HW or Revewing other classes?'. Good days are gone.

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I feel lonely. Maybe I am being sensitive to Fall. Or this time is just tough for me. I am really sensitive and easy person to get hurt. I don't know why, I think I got over this characteristic after living alone in foreign country. But I am still weak inside of me. I always envy people who are optimistic and they never seem like they get overburden from somthing. I just wanne be like them! Feeling lonely is suck. I can't not tell anybody to discuss the feelings.
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"You talk about life, you talk about death, and everything in between, like is't nothing, and the words are easy. You talk about me, and you talk about you, and everything I do, like it's something, that needs repeating." This is the lyrics of ' My interpretation ' by Mika. I like his song and I feel like this song today. This is kind of sad song. Maybe writing this song, Mika has been betrayed by someone he loved or his cherished one. It is good to have time to listen to the music with touching lyrics. Thanks for the good song.

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I think I like this, I mean writing 100 words essay or diary. Maybe Prof. Edwards want us to keep in diary more like acaemically. But I think I am good with my way. I will just write whatever I want because I want to do it something for everyday except related to homeworks. I am just being lazy bone. Just do not want to do school things. I want to get away from all the things. I think this site can be 'dear, Diary' like Anna Frank for being frank with this diary such as Ms. Frank? or not?!

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It's 1:20 in the morning, and I smell my mom's Kimchi Jjigae. Smells really good and I want to taste just one spoon of it. My mom used to work at the bank since my siblings and I were young. So she didn't have time to prepare for breakfast at the morning. That's why she made food in the early morning. I remember she was and is always busy to take care of our family as she was young and beautiful. Now she is weak and old but sill hard worker to look after us. I’m sorry ,and love you!

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I was so hungry because I skipped to eat breakfast. I don't have time to sleep then I don't have time to eat in the morning too. So Sue and I decided to eat Jjim dak (steamed chicken). After Japanese class, Sue and I went to Jjim dak re restaurant  and Sue said she want to sit beside the window but I wanted to sit away from the sun, so we sat at the corner and order our meal and waiting. Clink! Everything were flying. The jeep crashed the windows! I was so terrified for watching that accident.

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I am feeling now I am getting old. Recently, I forgot something easily. Since Saturday, I hardly slept for three days, and the accident occured! This morning I left my paper in my dorm which is due today. So I decided to sacrifice my holy lunch time. I started to climb up to the dorm.It was humid, hot and I was desperate to eat lunch after this climbing. Finally, when I got my room, only think I need to change fresh clothes. With new outfit I went down without my paper! Again! I climb Myung-Gyo mountain again again.
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Shooping list: earplug to protectmy concentration from noise which is made by my roomate. Over knee socks to provide from chill. a good book to fill my mind and brain with warm birhgtness. The wind is getting cold, and I could feel it's fall. not yet in Daegu. Whatever. I used to hate Falls, Because I loved hot hot scorching sun and shorts, flip flops and popsicles! But as I am getting older, I become to love neutrality, such as, Fall and Spring, not too hot, not to cold, moderate, right, fair fit, and proper. well.... this makes me sad.
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TGIF! What does TGIF stands for? It stands for "Thanks God It's Friday!". Finally, I got , no everyone got friday. we can have most precious happiness in every week. since I got only 2 hours of classes in this semster, I love to feel like I'm alive in friday more than ever. I invited my friends, Rana and Viki to my home. I always dreamed about bring my friends to my house and eat ordered pizza and go to movie where near my apartment. ye... we did something similar. But their parents were too strict to do what I wanted

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Bang! I hear some noise which sounds like my MAC Studio perfect Compact is kissed with hard ground. Dang it. Compact powder is easy to handle but fragile. I never thought I am careless girl who drop cosmetic like my mom always does. Since I was young, I saw my moms toilet table was always messed up with broken powder. She said she droped the compact powder. Then I decided that if I become a fine gentle lady later, I would never do that like my mom. Oops! I did it same as my mom. Like mother like daughter.
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I need to solidify my broken powder. Because I am not able to buy new MAC powder. If I consider to use cheaper one, but I would not rather than breaking powder down more soflty to use as loose powder. So I got a secret process for solidifying powder for all girls! first we only need to buy Ethanol. Little bit of ethanol and cosmetic skin to liquidize the powder. And then, pour the liquidized powder into the original powder mold. and keep it in the cool place after making even the surface. After one night, enjoy your new powder!
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Paris Baguette is my favorite bakery in the world! not in the world because I havn't been all over the world... how about Paris Baguette is my favorite bakery that brings best cheese bagel!. I love bagel with cream cheese, peanut butter, blue berry jam or banana slices. I just love them except for bagel with raisins. Well, Paris Baguette's brand new cheese bagel is so plain and have flavor of nuts. When I first bited it, I felt a new world. Am I sounds like exaggerate? No way, you sould run to Paris Baguette and get one, or more!
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Internet shopping is always fun. But when it isn't, the moment that you can not find what items that exactly you want. That is why I want to be designer or tailer for my own collection. I don't want to be like Vivian Westwood or Marc Jacobs.(well, If I had ability like them I of course want to be like them!) To be honest, yes, I want to design clothes for everyone and sawing making ripping the variety of fabrics. I have dreamed about dreaming being a designer. Well It is old and sounds like fairy tale. Forget!
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I have only 7 days of writing to get September Batch! Yeh~ Hurray! but to think write 7 or more for Sep and Cot batches, it is painful :( Maintaining is always hardest one. I usually go to bad late when I was free like no homeworks no exam period or not tierd. In early morning, I think it is best time of writing something. Sometimes, early morning is make people too sensitive to write feelings. For example, when you read a letter that written in the early morning, it'll make you ashamed. To avoid that I will stop writing now.
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60's Fashion Icon, Original It Girl. Edith Minturn Sedgwick who was born in California, 1943, 20th of April. She was well know of Andy Warhol's girl friend. She died in 1978, at the age of 28 during she was sleeping downside and choking herself but she didn't have power to get up by drug overuse. She lived close to death since she was young with rape by her dad, death of brothers, aneroxia, a speech disorder, drug holic, and mood swing, but her tumbstone carved 'Waif of Michael Post'. She still is loved by modern people with her attraction.
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In the early morning, I stated to think deeply. About my far future or near future like tomorrow. I don't want to worry about anything. I just want some warm fresh tea with little tea pot and yellow lighted little lamp aroma oil. And I really need someone who still wake up with me to listen what is my feeling and my ideas like my soul mate. I really miss someone. I really need someone like listend to my heart. I am not lack of attachment. I just feel like missing someone. Suddenly, why I want to eat pretzel?

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"Be lucky like me, Enjoy what you do. Use all of your brain, right side and left side to double the chances of survival and success in the art world" said by Colin Ruffell to studnets who want to be artists. Colin Ruffell is the first arcryl color using artist in Britain. He captured by arcryl's no scent and fast drying. Abother remarkable saying from him is "The best and simplest way to describe acstract paintings is that they are like music without words" . As I love to paint, I understand of his saying. but be lucky is not right.

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I like my room. I don't like my dorm, sharing room is okay but I like being alone somtime as everyone do. I like my room which is in my realy home. I have big big window which is whole windows from ground to ceiling. Through the window, in the day, I can see clouds which are floating in the blue sky in the night, I can see beautiful black nights and night city view. My white tone furnitures are my first teasure. I get feels good when I come home during the weekend. Home home sweet lovely warm home.

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When I feel blue, I rarely do things that can make me feel better. I usually try to cry. Listen to brightmusic doesn't help me. Here is song that I won't listen when I feel bad. Love Today by Mika 'I've been crying for so long. Fighing tears just to carry on. But now, it's gone away. Hey girl, why can't you carry on? It is because you're just like your mother? Little take, like to tease for fun? Well,you ain't gonna tease like no other.' Love today Love today Love Love me. yes, I have to love.

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Summer is not gone yet. I hate this kind of weather, like morning and night are cold, but if we wear long sleeves and jeans to school, it will get hot. I hate when wheather fake human beings.
If I only have much money to buy cardigans to waer each other items on each other day. I would love changable weather to show off my collection of cardigans. Oh come up with weather, why i am feeling like pretzel? Somebody take me Germany for real original pretzel?  I think I know why people call me the fouth demension now.

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"I need a break time. I don't want more homeworks. I want only essential classes for my major (I am not sure all the classes now I am taking is all classes essential? if it is forget about my saying) and no homework please." I want to say like that, complaints like baby. But I am grown up, I need to act like and speak like adult. and be reponse my action. But sometimes I want to get away being old (well, not only me, maybe someone feel the same who think growing up is not always cool thing,)