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Day One

Goodness knows if I’ll finish this month as I’ve failed in most of the others but I’ll really try this month for a few reasons:

1. The month I started on was October of last year.
2. I've actually only completed two months (October and December)
3. David told me to.

So here I am, typing away, knowing that for the following month I will be speechless and thoughtless for around ten minutes while I try to write something of note. For those of you who don't know me, that is some feat.

Well, here I go again…

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Things I haven't done in a while:
1. Been running
2. Been to Anna's house
3. Finished all of my homework and
a) Been able to relax
b) Do extra work
4. Sat down and watched a TV programme... ON THE TV (Not iPlayer)
5. Get to sleep before midnight (mainly due to 3.)
6. Cooked, cleaned or anything that I would need spare time to do.
7. Got to work without there being a pile of things to wash up with:
a) egg
b) peas
c) something that smells… but I’m not sure what it is...
d) all of the above
8. 100 words...

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She thinks about her past, as she stands at the window and envies the children with the dogs. Holding the leads in their hands and pulling the stubborn animals that walk behind.

She thinks about her present, as she stands at the window and envies the children feeding the ducks. Holding the bread in their hands and throwing it down at their feet.

She thinks about her future, as she stands at the window and envies the children with the kites. Holding the string in their hands and letting it drift away.

She thinks, as she stands at the window, if she'll ever have her own child to hold.

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‘Obsessed is spelt O b s e s s e d.’

‘Umm, sorry.’

‘And ‘umm’ is not a word.’

‘Sorry. At least I’m using full stops to end my sentences with.’

‘…and you’re using prepositions at the end too. You did go to school didn’t you?’

‘Well, I know it is wrong to ever split an infinitive.’


‘Sorry, that one was deliberate.’

‘Grammar isn’t something to joke about.’

‘Well sorry, I didn’t realise you had such an issue with grammar and spelling’

‘I don’t’

‘I haven’t’


‘The correct reply is ‘I haven’t’, I thought you’d know that…’

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This is to explain that these batches that I'm writing are wrong.
They are all prewritten.
Ready for a month of 100 words that I will complete.
They were written, one every day... just not the days in which they're posted.  I hope this helps.
Anywho, some are funny, some are serious and some are just rubbish.
I may also add some entries from a diary I wrote while on holiday in Cornwall. Or… I won't. Either way, the diary was written at the end of everyday from notes I made throughout the day. If that makes any sense…? Enjoy.

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Excert from Part Two of my holiday diary:

Thursday 22nd

11.45 - Dad got lost. Again. This time he didn't even use a map but instead followed Jack, despite the person with the map (me) trying to show them the right way. I think because I'm quieter (not in a quantity sense) people don't appreciate stuff as much.
Unfortunately it is my opinion that most men make too much of a fuss whereas women just get on with things (generally). The man's attention seeking results in it seeming like they've done more as people remember all the fuss, when, in actual fact, they haven't.
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I went to Explorers today (Old person Scouts). What started off as a 'DIY crazy golf evening', ended up in a group of us dressing up as pirates and making a ship out of cardboard boxes. We made eye-patches, telescopes, oars and a mast with sail, as well as pronouncing most words with an ar, er, or etc as ARRRRRR.

'Right, whose golf course is this?'
'It's AAAAAAAAARRRES' *ours (I had to correct it...)

'Remember to sign up for WINTAC...'
'When is it?'

Overall, it has to be the most fun I’ve had with cardboard for quite a while.

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It's good to cry.

British people have a very closed off method to just about everything. Openness is discouraged along with sexism and racism.

But it's good to cry.

People can forget to express themselves and are shocked at how good they feel when they do.

Yes, it's good to cry.

You can find someone who cares and they can absorb the emotion and withdraw it from you like poison, just by listening.

You see, it's good to cry.

They can empty your body of sadness and then fill it with happiness.

And yet, I always end up crying alone.
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You have… 2… messages…
First message received at… 1.18… AM…

Start of message…

Just to say…
I LOVE you…
You’re like the father I never... never had…
*sound of smashing bottles*

End of Message…

Second message received at… 8.47… AM

Start of message…

Umm... yeah... hello... I…
I just thought I’d ring to ah…
You may have a message waiting on your answer machine…
Please please ignore it.
It was a... uhh… wrong number…
Sorry if I caused you any trouble…
I… umm…
Can I still come to work today?
Bye… uhh... sorry…

End of message…

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Suffering (A prevention method)

He heard his wife before he saw her.

‘Have you seen the state of this kitchen?! You haven’t even washed up from dinner!’

Gerald leant out of the armchair to flick the door shut.

‘Gerald! I know you’re there, now get up and help me with this washing up’

Turning up the TV, he put his feet onto the coffee table opposite, just as the door flung open.

‘I don’t care how old you are! Now move your feet off my table.’

Gerald gave in; sitting back, he turned off his hearing aid. This could go on for hours…

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‘I’m St. Peter; I’m here to decide your fate.’

‘Heaven and hell?’


‘Well, I’ve been a Christian since I met my wife.’

‘Ah yes… Your wife…’

‘What about her? She got in didn’t she?’


‘And me?’

‘Now your previous life was full of sin…’

‘I repented…’

‘Yes, which just about balances it. However… I have it here that you were selfish’

‘Me? No.’

‘You said to your wife, ‘I wish we could be together for ever’’

‘Well I do…'

‘Not with her family? Friends? You wanted her all for yourself.’

‘But… I…’

‘Hell it is. I’ve heard it’s quite warm this time of year.’

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‘Hello Isaac’

‘What? Who’s that?’

‘I am Glee’

‘You mean, the embodiment of the human feeling ‘glee’, encapsulated in a single voice triggered by a mix of signals in my brain, which causes me to think I am hearing sound waves when it is just my own thoughts?’

‘Oh… no… well… I am a voice inside your head…’


‘But… I am actually just your thoughts on the television programme; ‘Glee’’

‘Oh I see… … … Well you’ve made these words a lot less interesting for my reader(s)…’

‘We could talk about all the exciting plots and characters?’


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Realisation (For those who haven’t realised I’m having an emotional month)

The Thoughts of a Dying Man

So this is it. I always wondered what it would be like. There’s no bright light or sudden change in temperature. It’s a bit disappointing really.

But no one will know. Not until Sunday, I guess, when they come to pick me up for church. Today is a... Tuesday? I can’t remember.

I’ve left nothing. No one will remember me. No one will remember the things I’ve seen, or the things I’ve done… All the memories…

And I’ve left the fridge door open…

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(Job Searching)

Day One:

'Umm, hello, I'm here for the psychiatrist job...'
'Hmm you're a little early... I fear you may have an anxiety complex... sorry I can't offer you the job.

Day Two

'I've come for the psychiatrist job if it's still on offer... please note the fact I’m EXACTLY on time today...
'Well I'd love to give you the job as your qualifications are great... but... you seem a little compulsive... sorry.

Day Three

'Right, today I'm a whole half hour late... surely you can offer me the job now?'
'Well I would but your lateness seems a little... hostile? Sorry...'

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‘Ahh, I see you’ve bought low-fat butter, on a diet?’

‘I’m meant to be…’

‘Why? It can’t be a new-year’s resolution and you don’t have a nagging wife. What’s come over you?’

‘I don’t know, I just felt I should start buying into all these new, healthy, “good bacteria” things you see on telly.’

‘Well from the amount you’ve used on that sandwich, I shouldn’t think it would make any difference.’

‘Yeah umm…’

‘And you’ve got a whole plateful of sandwiches there…’


‘Oh, one more thing…’


‘This low-fat butter still hasn’t been opened…’

‘…the diet starts tomorrow.’

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I want to write something good. I do. I'm even in the tired depressed state in which i can write stuff that's at least worth reading.(Some of it anyway).

But I feel old. Yeah I know, 17, old. But I'm not claiming to be physically old or mentally old. Just...
An old child.
University really is the turning point. You lose the support of everyone and sort out the rest of your life.

I'm still worried about getting through the next week.

I started 100 words a year ago and so much has changed since then. This is the beginning of the end of childhood.
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Time. I try to fill what I have. Running, work, explorers, Anna, a job, more work, mum during the week, dad at weekends, instruments (now instrument), reading, people at school, myself... *sigh*

The problem is, everything on the list is getting bigger. The list is slowly getting smaller because I'm spending time on everything else. I've dropped clarinet, no longer run more than maybe twice a week, only have explorers every other week and spend no time with anyone other than Anna who I see one or two evenings a week.

School. Job. Sleep. And I'm already exhausted.

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Another day; another 100 words. What is there to distinguish this day from all the others over the past few years? This certainly won't be remembered.

It's a shame.

There are probably millions of words now on this site. How many will be remembered after a month? What about a year? Some probably won't even be read.

And I spend this time writing, though it is probable that very few will read this.

But it's nice. A private thing. I can write to myself and then be surprised at my thoughts.

Well this is another day wasted...
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An emotion I've come to know well recently.

It's friends with guilt and together they whisper in my ear...

'You should do something you know'
'Why aren't you doing anything? You're being useless.'
'Oh, well, that helped.'
'Oh, oh, oh, I know! Why don't you just carry on with what you're doing? That's bound to help the situation.'
'Well Guilt, so far I've seen annoyance, stress, anger and tiredness and Isaac's done NOTHING.'
'Too true. He really is quite, quite useless.'

You can only try to help but sometimes it's not good enough and whose fault's that? Mine apparently.
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MY ten uses for a kettle (See David Budd a few days ago)

1. Musical Instrument (hit it, blow it)
2. Creative inspiration (Still Life, 100 words)
3. To be fair, I too would use it to boil water
4. To show my annoyance (You're as useful as a chocolate kettle)
5. To create enough steam to mask my escape (Why am I escaping? I want some fresh air)
6. To finish my poem:
An object that's made of metal?
Well how about a ... kettle.
7. To quickly take up my list of 10
8. Kettle
9. Kettle
10. Kettle
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When I was younger, I would cover entire rooms in mattreses, duvets, cushions, blankets and the like in order to make dens and fortresses. It was nice to be able to find somewhere small and dark that felt safe.

Today I covered my bedroom floor in cushions, found a blanket and sat for ages playing games and 'surfing the web'.

Why? Well for one, it's nearly half term so I'm planning to do all my work then.

But more importantly, it's good to be a child sometimes and to just enjoy whatever you feel like doing.
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The silence was wrong.

He surveyed his surroundings. An open lunch-box sat next to him on the park bench with half of a cheese and pickle sandwich left on the lid. The park was empty as far as he could see. Certainly, no people were visible on the path. He watched the newly shed leaves blow down it until they disappeared behind some trees.

Would he usually be able to hear anything?

Above the trees he could see the office blocks and sky-scrapers of the city. They almost denoted noise. But he heard nothing.

It was then that he felt the shadow move behind him.

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I wonder what the optimum people per household is.

Not taking into account space or company, but more how long it takes to do jobs.

The washing would need taking out and taking in, but with two people its one job each. However by five people, for example, there's probably a lot more washing to take in and out.

Cooking has the same problem. You would cook less often with more people but there would be more to do and more to clean afterwards.

Or, on the other hand, maybe this just means I need to get out more. 
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If in doubt, I conform to the social norm.

It's like my default setting, I just go along with whatever everyone else is doing.

Mainly, I do it to try to make people happy. I can know my own thoughts, but cannot know other people's therefore it is surely better to go along with what they want, thereby ensuring there happiness.

Or, at worst, giving them no reason to blame me.

There are times when I'm stubborn though and I guess thats just me.

I don't drink coffee or alcohol, partly for my body, but mainly because I don't like the taste.
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There was a 'gathering that might possibly be called a party' this evening.

To cut a long story short; I didn't go.
Actually I need a hundred words so here's a slightly longer version.

It wasn't that I didn't want to go, just that I forgot... which is sad. I've spent my evening doing a jigsaw which was fun but probably not as productive as I'd have liked.

It would've been nice to see people again and catch up because I felt really lonely today since my family(+Anna) are in Italy,France and Greece.

Maybe next time.
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For David...

It was surreal. Like a dream, but not like any he'd had before.

It felt right. No, not that, more, it felt like he couldn't do anything wrong.

He leant forward and stroked her cheek with the tips of his fingers, noting the softness and warmth. He knew this was it, she'd closed her eyes slightly and he could feel her breath on his face.

He hugged her.

And his heart stopped beating quite so fast. He felt secure and powerful but he knew he'd bottled it. She pushed him away, but her hand rested momentarily on his cheek and she kissed him.

And then he knew; she was the one.
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Al. Far did he travel on his minor tour around Greece. His tour-guide Lisa shows him her cool lease on the zoos in the area. Lisa then stops at an island made entirely from conCrete. Here a horse called Simon greets them. "Call me Si" he says. Si rents part of the island and is easily bored. As Si clops away they at last arrive at a sign that says 'Danger'. 'Go limp past that sign' says Lisa. 
Al's final cry.
Oh my gawd!

(OK it seems random, but how many different 'Greece related' words can you find?)
10/28 Direct Link

Yesterdays Solutions:

Al. Far = Alpha
minor tour = Minotaur
her cool lease = Hercules
zoos = Zeus
Lisa then stops = lisA THEN Stops = Athens
conCrete = Crete
Here a = Hera
greets = Greece
Si rents = Sirens
Si clops = Cyclops
Go limp past = gO LIMP PASt = Olympus
Oh my gawd = Omega

Yeah ok so some are obvious and some are terrible but I've been sat here for ages so it is what it is. I guess I owe you an apology. Probably for just using some more.

Sat here = Satyr
I owe = Io

Σας ευχαριστώ για την προσπάθεια κι αν ...

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My Plan For Tomorrow:

1. Buy some spikes ready for cross country on sunday (I've been pushed, pulled, heaved and cajoled) I have to get up early and it'll no doubt be pouring with rain. Brilliant.

2. Go to Nationwide and close my account that I've had since I was 8? 6? 9? something like that.

3. Actually DO some work.

4. Organise all my things... and then reorganise the mess I'll make.

5. 100 words

6. Get to bed earlier and not spend all evening trying to do all of the above^

7. Stop fooling myself with stupid lists.

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So the winner of our competition this month is....
Yep, it's no surprise... it's October!


Ok, thank you umm, well what can I say, I'm so happy that I've won it again.
I'd like to thank Isaac for having his birthday, I think that really helped me carry on and to Halloween who helped me see it through to the end.
Also, I couldn't have done it without all the people who chose October this month, so thanks to those who did.
Thank You.

Ok, that's all for this month, but I have a feeling about November...
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My 100 words are finished. As is (most) of my homework. Just finished my cross country (yet to have a bath).
Anna is returning from Greece today (yay).

hmmm... what to write...

Ok then, here's a challenge. In november I challenge you to enter these words on each specific day. If you do so (like 100 words) I will give you a mention at the end of the month. You can write whatever you like as long as the word is 1 of your 100 for that day:

4th - won't
7th - questionable
8th - fortune
9th - why
13th - seriously
16th - (Phrase) One more time and I'll...