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December. Could it be that I complete ANOTHER month? Well, we'll see how far I get. The first 100 words are always the hardest, along with the last. I find they are also the worst (in my batches anyway). It may be an idea just to read on...

No one ever does, humans are too inquisitive. You can tell them whatever you want, but they only realise the limits once they've passed them. Of course, in some cases, by doing this they create new limits as the old ones have been crushed.

100 words is a limit. Here's an extra...

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I wish I could meet someone who was smarter than me. Not a nerd. I know of people who are smarter than me but... they're not like me.

If there was someone who was better than me I could have someone to talk to and they'd understand everything I said...
...and then they could tell me more.
My grades would no longer matter as much. People would be more interested in beating 'the best' than me.
My marks are usually pretty high. And I like to do well.
It's just that people take great delight if they manage to do better.
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My childhood dream was of a room, not bigger on the inside, but smaller on the outside.
I like small spaces. Not 'I can barely fit' small. But maybe, just enough space to swing a kitten.
The idea of a flat always appealed to me. Somewhere I could live on my own.
There are a lot of stupid people in the world. I feel I have let quite a sheltered life as I feel I haven't met most of them.
Of course, reality tv, jeremy kyle, lots of BBC3 and ITV to be fair, all show them.

Just me.
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0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0
0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1
0 1 1 0 0 1 1 1
0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1
0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1

0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1
0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1

0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0
0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1
0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0
0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1
0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1


Logic is False ?

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Cross Country.

Mud. Mudmudmudmud. Mud that took all the fun out of running. I really couldn't care less how muddy I got. I was brown by the end but that's all part of the outing. It was the whole... *slip..slip..slip*

I don't know if you've ever tried running up a sand dune. If you have, you'll know what I mean. Each step saps your energy as your foot pushes back and feels no resistance.
The harder you pushed the more the mud slowed you down.

Oh, and thank you for the river that we had to ford. Twice.
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I have gave hate writing in pre sped predicament predictive text.  Not because me of any off odd reasons, it's just ammo annoying. I guess it ends does needs offer roof pond some messiness merriness, but it's not book cool. Like I paid said, it's annoying. Just a stick quick rejection selection me of jews keys and the meaning is good home hood gone.

But I do. I fine dine find it furry fussy pressing all the jews keys. Them then chain again, it would probably be q u i c k e r.
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I went to a computing lecture thing today. VERY good. I hadn't even considered doing computing until my maths teacher sort of commented on it during last years sixth form open evening. Now I'm seriously considering it as a career. Odd how things work out.

I was selected to take part in a quiz which ended up as 'hit the buzzer as quickly as possible and hope you can work out the answer before the microphone gets to you'. We got through the first round by knowing the sixth element in the periodic table. And then the buzzer let us down...
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With XP I would stare at the hills. It reminded me of the teletubbies. Sometimes, when working late, I used forget where I was and thought it was the middle of the day.
With citrix. Blue. Unfortunate really because it crashes so much that I find myself staring at it regularly.
With Windows 7 I have a variety of 'space' backgrounds which are nice to look at but leave little to the imagination. You can't really understand scale. Anyway, if I imagine myself there my head explodes.
Not because of the scale, you must understand, but because of the vacuum in space.
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Anna's ill. As is most of her family.
I'm still ok. Mostly. Last month I mentioned how I'd hurt my toe. After another month of pain (and cross country), I'm thinking of going to see a doctor.
Enough of my medical problems.
I'm now thinking of doing computer science at uni. After looking through a book published last year about uni's I was suprised to find Cambridge expecting 591 UCAS points. This has led me to studying just that bit harder and organising some extra work experience. If all else fails I'll just join a private school...
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Hmm that's nice. It looks RIGHT.
I've been told that my views are 'black and white'.
I don't know/care if it 'is True'.
My mind does work like a computer. Binary. 1. 0. On. Off.
I can deal with more information that way.

When people talk to me, sometimes I'm no really listening more recording and then if I need to I can simply playback all that's just been said. If not it eventually gets forgotten. A pain if this information is needed later.
Still, I can flick through a revision guide and then read it in the exam.
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It turns out I've hurt a ligament in my toe. Or something like that. I asked a doctor (not a doctor of feet or anything like it... but definately a medical doctor). Mum still wants me to see my doctor but I don't have the time. The advice is to rest it.
For example, don't run a cross country on it. Woops.
I can't miss my running this coming tuesday though so I'll just have to run it slower.
It shows how active I am, that in 2 months, I haven't stayed still long enough for my foot to heal.
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Just had an incredible amount of fun making myself a character like seen on the Lloyds TSB adverts. By getting lots of people to like the image, it might even be shown on tv. Yes this is slightly sad but it is definately better than homework.
Surprisingly, unlike on 'The Sims' it actually looks like me (It has the right curly hair).
If you are on facebook, like it.
If you are watching a Lloyds advert, look out for a young boy with curly hair and an orange hoody... who knows, you might be looking at ME.
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My calculator program has just reached v3.0 with the release of my new PMCC program. PMCC stands for Product Moment Correlation Coefficient, although I doubt that it will help most people.
I wrote three versions of the PMCC program before deeming it good enough to be entered. In parallel to the program I'm writing a word document containing a log of all the changes I make, along wth copies of all the old versions.
My calculator can now solve quadratics, cosine rule, find the mean and the PMCC.
One day I'll program a friend. He'd know what to say...
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An Update on My Quest.

Yes, I have definately become less childish. I haven't been to the gym ('Fitness Suite') in quite a while or been running...
I have stoppped squeeking... very nearly quite almost. I also have started to try to eat more. Still no breakfast but I eat more at tea.

HOWEVER, I fidget. Possibly more than when I started and possibly because of the extra energy I have.
Or maybe I just notice it more?
Either way, I need to find something to do that will stop my constant fidgeting...

Answers on a postcard...

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I wish I had someone to talk to. Someone who knew EVERYTHING about me. Preferably someone who wouldn't care. Maybe I should make a robot.

I know a lot more then I let on. I carefully show a side of me that I don't mind people seeing, but it's very different inside my head. It's comforting to know that I know more about other people than they do about me, but at the same time it's worrying. What if everyone's like me? How do we know anything at all. Sometimes I try to show myself. I try. 
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There is a room with three lightbulbs. You are outside the room with three switches labelled A B and C. They are all in the 'Off' position. You cannot see inside the room. You can manipulate the switches however you wish. When happy with everything, you are led into the room and the door is shut. You cannot see the switches from inside the room and cannot touch them once the door is opened.

How is it that, once inside the room, you can correctly identify each switch with the bulbs?

Answer and hint tomorrow.  
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Hint: Bulbs don't just emit light...

So there is the hint for yesterday's problem. It pretty much gives it away. We talked about logical puzzles a lot at school. We did a few earlier in the year in computing but I had heard most of them before. Assumptions are usually the problem.

Here comes the answer...

Answer: Turn switch A on and wait. After a few minutes turn A off and B on. Now enter the room. One bulb is hot (switch A), one bulb is on (Switch B) and one bulb is cold and off (Switch C).
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It has got to the point where I SERIOUSLY need to eat more. I realised today that, unless my trousers are growing, I am getting thinner. It's weird because I HAVE been eating more but I guess I've been more stressed and been doing more exercise. I still need to find out about my toe... it's probably just bruised but it hurts SO much.

I need to find a love for food. I see lots of people who really enjoy eating, but I see it as a chore. I don't get enjoyment from it, it's just hard work.
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I had a Christmas today.

Odd sentence, I'll explain.

I had a Christmas with my dad today since I won't be with him on the 25th. We had lots of friends and family there. Which was nice.

Somehow I ended up doing a mixture of the 'crazy chicken' and the 'can-can' while my dad did an impression of Jeremy Paxman behind me.

I guess it must be hard to imagine how that occured.

We did have trouble with transport, hills and ice don't mix. We pushed two cars up before managing to escape to the warmth inside.

Brilliant day.
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The doctor said...

(Dramatic pause) toe will be fine.

The joints and ligaments are fine. He offered me an x-ray as the bone may be split or fractured or poking something, but I didn't really want any radiation in my foot so I said no. I can still do whatever I want, he said, but the more I rest it the quicker it will heal. His guess? Up to 2 months.


Not helped, of course, by me walking down the stairs and doing exactly the same thing again.

Oooooh, I should really buy a stair lift.
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I bought loads of presents today. Yay. More presents for my brothers, since (although initially agreeing to one present only) we are now giving each other a present at each house (divorced parents). I also got mum's present (9 hyacinths of 3 different colours) which I am now going to have to water until Christmas. I seriously didn't think that one through... hmmm...

I spent £35 on three people which is far more than I had initially expected but I'm not allowed to buy Anna anything so I guess that saves money. I'm baking for my Grandparents.
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Today was DULL. I got lectured about not having a coat. Or scarf. Or hat. Or gloves. Also, I need a haircut.

Alll of which I will do in town at somepoint. Maybe.

My mum tried to have a go on Gran Turismo 5 (a racing game) and got VERY annoyed with it. She did improve but she improved to the point where she only crashed sometimes on a simple loop.

I got some chemistry work done but I didn't seem to gain any satisfaction from doing some work.

I better wrap some presents too. Sorry about these rubbish words.

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My grandparents are coming round for christmas. Not good. Now I don't really mind them at all, in fact sometimes its nice to be able to be telling someone something for the FIRST time (I'm forever repeating myself).

HOWEVER, last time they were here I was given a book. A book I have yet to read. I have 3 hours in which to read it.

I haven't read a book all the way through since the summer and before that I only read in english lessons. I just don't have the time anymore. Well, I guess now's a good time to start again...
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I am known for having almost afro-like hair.

Yesterday, I had my hair cut.

I told them what I wanted and yet, when I left, I had significantly less hair then I'd started with.

'That's the point of having it cut', I hear you say. Well yes, it is, but not in the middle of winter and not this short.

I am having to think of investing in a hat, both for warmth and dignity.

I like my hair left alone. I hate it growing and I hate having it cut. Well, I hope it grows before I return to school.
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Today is halloween. It is.
Today is 25 December. Halloween is 31 October.
Put more simply:
25 Dec = 31 Oct
Dec and Oct are both bases in which we can count Dec being base ten and Oct being base 8.
Again, put more simply, A base is how many different digits there are in each system.
Base ten has ten: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Base eight has eight: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

25 Dec = 2x10 + 5 = 25
31 Oct = 3x8 + 1 = 25

Well isn't that pointless. Better than homework though...

Sorry if I've said this before.

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Reading other people's posts makes me realise how mine have changed. I no longer write poetic, prosy, indecipherable stuff. But my actual thoughts on my actual life.
I also try not to write in big paragraphs.
It makes it easier to read.
I also find it easier to write. One day I'll put all my 100 words into my coding computer programme and then release the key on the last day with a contents. Then people can read what they want rather than trawling through rubbish. They'll still have to decode it though. Who am I kidding?
I can't be bothered.
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I started to sort out my facebook account. Hiding people who would continually post pages they 'liked' or annoying status updates etc. I stopped when I realised I was basically deleting everyone from my homepage.
I guess its because, on facebook, I'm friends with people I know, but who, in real life, I would never talk to. It's not that I don't care about those people. Just that, I don't care enough. I don't really do anything on facebook anymore, but I use it as a way of seeing what other people are doing. I guess now I've stopped caring about that...

...I should delete facebook.
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I have a feeling we're about to win (retain) The Ashes. I'm not a huge cricket fan but I like to keep up to date with sport. The biggest problem is that I have to stay up late to listen to it on the radio.

Typical Australians. Whenever we host The Ashes, we always host it during the day. But whenever it's in auastralia they stick it on in the night. No manners. I have to get up early (for the holidays) tomorrow and now I face the problem of having to decide whether to stay up or not...

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I'm away from home today staying with family... sort of. Hmm...

They have a four year old called Lucas (See last year) and he can now count to, well, as far as you like if you were to tell him about thousands millions etc.

He is still at the age where he hasn't been set into a group by anyone and is currently loving vegetables and the colour pink.

He's also watching far too much 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

I lost count of the different games we played. We also looked out for the gruffalo in the woods. We didn't find him...
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It's going to be so hard to get back into the rhythm of school again. And not just because I'm no longer doing music.

I don't feel like working anymore, even maths is becoming amazingly dull.

Furthermore, at the moment I'm getting up at about 11-12 and getting to sleep past midnight. This does not bode well for any early starts.

I guess I'll get used to it again. Then it's only two terms to the summer holidays.

Well, i really don't know what to write now so... umm... 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.

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Ahhhh the feeling of yet another completed batch. I always find it weird reading back through them because it all seems such a long time ago.

I really need to do some work now. Chemistry is done to the best of my ability which, to be fair, will need dsome more work. I've decided I'll go over it again when Anna comes back from her European holiday. (Muchly jealous).

Maths needs doing but shouldn't be too hard and I'm worried that I have physics work but can't remember it...

Anyway, I'm off to play scrabble, see you next year...

Cheers then.