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i am somewhat startled as i, once again, did not know i could "go back" to the beginning of this month to write something.
so, if you are reading this, i've been jumping ahead to pontificate on things that i've written well beyond this date.
does that make any sense?
not that i ask you to read what i've written, as there are many more accounts in this website that deserve your better attention than mine.
i realize this is a sorry introduction to my blog, but whathehell?
if your reading my stuff, you should get a real life.
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here's a tip for you, dear reader.
i didn't know i could "go back" and write stuff because i'm so new to this process.
soooo, the next two entries have been written well beyond the dates indicated.
confused yet?
yea, me too.
but if you can get beyond the next couple entries, then perhaps you will find this blog totally downright borrrring!
i highly recommend that you read my writing.
especially if you have insomnia!
my "writing" acts like "quallude on paper", so i've been told.
my mission is clear now.
put everybody to sleep and then conquer the world!
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i have such a backlog of things to do that i didn't realize that i could write stuff on the calendar going backwards (so to speak).
today is december 1st and i've been doing this for a couple weeks now.
so, if you are reading this, you might find this note to be a little out of context when it comes to reading further on.
as i sit here writing, my dog Zoot (a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog) is basking in the sun out on the patio.
she's small for her breed. only weighs in at about 80 pounds.
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It's 8:34AM and I just woke up with a crushing hangover. My one friend is a Judge with the Common Pleas Court who was up to be elected for retention last night.  So, she had a party at her house while we watched the election returns come in.  I can't say much about watching the election results on her TV as I was to busy partying with people I haven't seen for awhile.  My lovely wife and I had a great time! 
I don't even know if she won!
I'll have to call.

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Yesterday was my little brother's birthday.
He's six years younger than me.
Has a lovely wife, 3 kids and a St. Bernard that would put "Beethoven" to shame.
They live in a beautiful neighborhood outside of Charlotte.
It's always so "green" there.  Alot of trees and shrubbery.
Not like where I live here in Pittsburgh.
Don't get me wrong.
We have shrubbery too.
Just not like they have it down there.
I'm always amazed at the flora I see when I visit them.
It's almost like visiting the Phipp's Conservatory here in the 'burg.
Gives "green" an new meaning.
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OK, i'm gonna try this again as the first blog didn't take.
The wife sez to me, "are you gonna make any money from doin' this 100 Words thing or are they gonna steal your identity instead and we'll end up getting sued for buying one thousand defective water-beds from China?".
She uses alot of run-on sentences when she's angry.
I told her not to worry.
If that were to happen, I will phone one of my buds from the  Northside who will be happy to drive down to 100 Words offices and "talk" to them.
11/07 Direct Link
what a day!  went to the Raist Festiveal held at IUP at Indiana Pennsylvania.  this was the 33rd year.  we started it when we were in college there.
not too much to say about the Raist's and Harvest except things have changed since then.
back then, "Harvest" was a term used for, well...for "harvesting" certain combustible herbs that were then consumed by the growers.
Nowadays, it's just a term used for friends & family to get together and have a good time.
11/08 Direct Link
still thinking about the Raist Festival we went to yesterday.
what a great time!
more combustibles and beer that you could possibly throw a stick at!
and the food!  it was awesome!
we also had live music and partial nudity (since Raism is also based on Pagan philosophy, nudity is most welcome).
sue bought dinner and dan provided the annual harvest punch (more so like electrik kool-aid i suspect).
anyway, we had a great time.
andy played his guitar & sang and i backed him up playing my flute on songs we had written from our college days.
11/09 Direct Link
what a beautiful day in the 'burg!
except for all the leaves i have to rake!
not that i'm complaining.  we have many oak, elm and maple trees around the house and they give my wife and i great pleasure during the summer.
everything from shade to erosion prevention to providing for wildlife.  but now is the time of year when i really start to dislike them.
the leaves.  the friggin' leaves!
they fall by the ton!
no matter how many you rake.
no matter how many you blow.
no matter how many you bag.
they fall.
11/10 Direct Link
did i mention the Stillers beat the Denver Broncos last nite?
they did.
quite well as a matter of fact.
quite BIG as a matter of fact.
as a matter of fact, WE KICKED THEIR COLLECTIVE ASS!
after several beers, a coupla Primanti sammiches and a really bad pizza, i had to take a break before i could start drinking more beer again.
we celebrated until the wee hours of the morning.
if you're not from Pittsburgh, you wouldn't understand what goes on around here when it comes to football.
we live and breath it.
we live and love it.
11/11 Direct Link
it rained today and the leaves are still falling all around the house.  joan has been on my ass to rake them up again.
i keep telling her to wait.
wait until they have all fallen.  that way i'll just pick 'em up all at once.
but noooooo.....
gotta keep things lookin' good in the neighborhood!
the leaf blower won't work on wet leaves.
so,  i have to manually rake them.
what a pain in the ass!
and then trying to bag wet leaves is just so arduous!
maybe i'm being to much of a hothouse flower....
11/12 Direct Link
it's 4 o'clock in the morning and i can't sleep.
i checked my email and not much going on there.
my one friend convinced me to join FaceBook.
i'm not totally convinced about this thing.
not really into putting my "face" out there for all to see, but i thought i would give it a shot.
maybe it might help me find a job or something like that.
who knows?
might even be able to promote the Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania in the process!
for those who don't know, a Great Pyrenees is large, loyal and gentle dog.
11/13 Direct Link
today is my 10th Wedding Anniversary!!
10 wonderful years of wedded bliss with a fantastic woman.
my best friend in the whole world.
we have had such great times together that it sure doesn't seem like 10 years.
that time has really flown by.
as i write, i'm waiting for her to get home from work after which we will go out for a lovely, quiet dinner at a fancy restaurant.
then come home and open a bottle of bubbly in front of the fireplace.
since it's friday, we'll continue to celebrate into the weekend.
i love you much honey!
11/14 Direct Link
well, my lovely wife & i celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last nite and it was a great time!
went to a nice restaurant (which we seldom do anymore since we have a kid {a dog} at home, which needs alot of TLC).
the wife doesn't want to leave her alone too long...(sigh...).
so, we came home and put on a coupla videos.
we were both pretty pooped out after a somewhat arduous day.
on the bright side, the Pitt Panthers are playing Notre Dame tonite, and the Pittsburgh Stillers are playing the Bengals tomorrow!
Pittsburgh will rule baby!
11/15 Direct Link
getting reddy for the "big game" today.
pittsburgh Stillers against the cincinatti "Bungles" at heinz field.
heinz field has been going through a transformation all nite by the grounds crew because they had to reconfigure the field after Pitt
beat the crap out of Notre Dame last nite.
anyways, since the Stiller game starts at 1:00PM, the tailgating parties probably started around day-break sunday morning.
if you've never been to a Stiller Game, or the festivities before hand, my advice to you is you must attend at least one in your lifetime.
you will never have a better time!
11/16 Direct Link
i cannot believe the pgh Stillers lost to the cincinatti "Bungles" yesterday!
first time in like 20 years!
on our home field too!
Dear Reader:
this momentous loss may not mean much to you, but as a member of the "Stiller Nation", this is a very hard hit to take.
i was already out this morning grocery shopping.
you could see it in everyone's eyes.
apathy, despair, disgust and an apparent indication of  "no will to live anymore".
if your'e not from around here, you probably wouldn't understand.
but we take this stuff seriously.
Stillers Still Rule!
11/17 Direct Link
does anybody out there know another word for the word "arduous"?
i've been using it alot around the house lately, specifically when i am given chores to do by my wife. 
i plea and groan about all i have to do and end any particular sentence (painting the house, scooping the dog's poop)   by saying "it was an arduous task, but at least i'm still breathing...".
even though my vocabulary is quite extensive, i cannot for the life of me find my thesaurus which may help me out.
suggestions aret welcome.  
11/18 Direct Link
trying to decide if i'll be going down to charlotte to visit my brother and his family.
so much stuff going on here that i am afeared that i won't be able to go or much worse, that there will be too much to do when i get back.
in the meantime, the wife wants to have a holiday dinner at our house for her family.  you know what that means.  carpet cleaning, window washing and the almighty honey dew list.
don't really mind all the work.
no, i take that back.
i DO really mind it all.
11/19 Direct Link
still trying to decide if i'm goin' to charlotte.
also trying to decide what to write here today.
the weather here has been pretty mild.
not like this time last year when we had six
inches of snow on the ground.
we have many hills here and driving can be somewhat
arduous.  especially when my lovely spouse is behind the
(just kidding honey...!).
after driving the roads last year,  this year is a
walk in the park.
all we have to deal with are rain and wet leaves.
are you tired of hearing me talk ab out the weather yet?
11/20 Direct Link
as much as i try, i still do not fully understand these computers.
my entry before this one turned out to be written in a very small font.  apparently i accidentally hit a button on the keyboard and it turned everything small.
then i tried to rectify the situation and ended up having to re-start the pc.
like my lovely spouse always sez: "if i knew what i was doing, i would be dangerous".
then again, i've seen signs that read "danger. men cooking".
what BS!
i've been cooking a long time and can "out bbq any woman"!
11/21 Direct Link
today i'm getting ready to leave for charlotte to visit my brother and his family.
it took me a long time to decide if i was gonna do this, but i thought "whathehell?" and went for it.
takes about 8 hours to drive there, being that it is exactly 467 miles from my house to his.
the weather report looks good as does the car and the traffic situations.
the only problem is when we get onto route 19.
it is a TOTAL speedtrap.
it's in summersville, WVA.
i think that's how they fund the whole town.
giving out citations.
11/22 Direct Link
first full day in charlotte.
having a great time and enjoying my brother's hospitality.
everything is being done for us (my mum, dad & me) and we are not allowed to lift a finger.
my 12 year old nephew is very competitive in sports ("competitive" being the operative word) and always wants to challenge me in football or basketball.
because of my advanced age and acute wisdom that comes with it, i've decided to challenge him at bowling on his WII video game.
well, long story short, i kicked his butt and now he's hounding me for another game.
11/23 Direct Link

2nd day in charlotte.
we're gonna go out and play golf.
me, my dad, nephew & brother.
it just stopped raining and it is COLD down here!
i thought it was supposed to be WARM in the south!
anyways, luckily i packed a sweatshirt and extra jacket.
my dad & nephew teamed up against my brother & me.
the stakes were HUGE!
i stand to win four whole dollars when the match is over.
my nephew has been trash talking me the whole 18 holes.
always wanting to "press" the bet or add something on the side.
unfortunately he lost.

11/24 Direct Link
third day in charlotte.
me, my dad & my brother drove down to the university of southern carolina to pick up my niece.
what an awesome campus!
and an awesome apartment she lives in!
not like the slums i lived in when i went to school.
she's a journalism major in her second year and writes for the "Gamecock" news paper.
the gamecock is their mascot.
don't really know what a gamecock is, but my impression is that it's a really small, funny looking bird with a really big head.
sort of what my brother looks like in the morning.
11/25 Direct Link
still in charlotte and now all the days are starting to run together.
my sister in law is making sure we are eating well.
there's always something to do because of their three kids being home as well.
if it's not my nephew asking for another re-match on his WII, it's my neice asking me to accompany her on guitar.
she's a very good guitarist/singer who's favorite artist is taylor swift.
she knows all of her songs.
when i first heard of taylor swift, i thought she was a Nascar driver.
actually, i still think she drives racecars.
11/26 Direct Link
another day in charlotte and it's still really COLD down here!
not that i'm complaining... but then again I AM!
i brought down all kinds of summer clothing thinking that it was gonna be a balmy 70 degrees down here.
wow. was i ever wrong.
not only that, but they have Autumn down here like we do in pittsburgh.
massive tons of leaves are falling all over the place.
and you can't move 'em with a leaf blower because all the rain made 'em too wet.
so, gotta do like we do back home.
get out the rake and go.
11/27 Direct Link
thanksgiving day in charlotte was a blast.
had a great time with the family and ate all kinds of wonderful food.
the dog, a saint bernard, seemed to be especially thankful as he got to eat a lot of leftovers.
now it's time to sit back and relax and watch some serious football.
we have a wide screen tv with about a bazillion channels where you can watch pretty much any sports event imaginable.
not unlike back home where my wife & i don't even subscribe to cable tv.  but that's another story.
somebody pass me a beer please.
11/28 Direct Link
last full day in charlotte.
my brother is gonna grill us some steaks tonite.
we exchanged christmas presents today since we won't be seeing them then.
i got my niece a poster print of a foto that was taken of her.
she plays guitar at a club not far from here even though she's only 18 years old.
well, she really loved the poster of herself.
wants to hang it up in the living room.
more importantly, she is a very good performer.
takes singing & guitar lessons and really knows how to work the crowd.
she plays very well.
11/29 Direct Link
driving back to home.
from charlotte to pittsburgh.
it's always a bummer to have to leave family behind, especially the kids.  but i am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, not to mention seeing my lovely wife and hairy dog as well.
the trip was going along very well until we got just outside of pittsburgh.
then, a MASSIVE traffic jam ensnared us.
turns out that there was a very bad car accident on route 79 which resulted in miles of backed up vehicles.
we sat still for an hour.
and, we were low on gas!
11/30 Direct Link
back at home now after a very good-nite's sleep in my own bed.
it's always nice to travel, but i think it's even better when you come home.
got a wonderful welcome from my lovely wife and dog.
the house looked great.  she even mowed the grass while i was gone!  (my wife, not the dog. even thought that is something to consider in the future....).
now, just trying to catch up on email and this blog and other computer stuff.
take out the garbage, worsh the dishes and do the dirty laundry.
some things never change...