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Dream: I was swimming at night, in a cold, black lake; exhausted and struggling to reach a dock I could barely see. Suddenly, a hand wrapped around my ankle and pulled me under the surface. In a fury, I grappled for my life. Released! My mind seethed with rage to discover who would pull me down into the water; who would keep me from deliverance? Finally I grasped the mooring of the dock. I spun about for a glimpse of the culprit. Ahh! It was I! And then the culprit turned gaunt and pale and slipped, dead, into the water.
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Dream: Me and a little boy are running hand in hand down a steep sand dune that skirts the lake. We jump down the sand several times; each time the grade seems more severe. Black lava rocks jut out of the water. We walk then, to his home where he climbs over sleeping bodies until he curls up in his mother's lap. Secure and relaxed he opens his eyes just for a second to see meóoutside watching through the window. I call for him. He reluctantly obeys. We jump off the sand again...this time it's a cliff. Dangerous.
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Dream: I'm in a hospital. I'm there to contribute an organ. There is a girl my age that is chasing me. She wants it. I wrestle away from her, escape her grasp and run to a different floor of the hospital. I can't find an adequate place to hide. Then I calm down, reconsider. I decide that the girl will understand and act reasonably when I explain to her that I want to give the organ to a baby. I'm so in love with this baby. I'm holding the baby. I feel safe and know that it will work out.
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Dream: I live alone in a big house. I want to sell it. My good friends, Sally and Harry, move in with me to test out the house. They have a party in my house. It's full of people, film people. They watch movies. One young woman is so affected by the movie, sheís sobbing. Sally tells me to get my camera and record her crying face. It could be valuable for a future film. I canít find my camera. I say, ďGreat, I lost my house, I lost my camera and now Iíve lost the shot.Ē
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Dream: I'm in a violin quartet. We've been practicing daily. Today is our performance to a huge audience. I arrive late at a place new to me. I search the property. Where's my group? I hear them playing! They're outside, on the far side of a football field. I stop and focus on listening. It's a bad performance. I think only from a distance can one be objective. Later, our teacher gives us an F. I argue with him. I point out the good features of the performance. But alas, it was a weak argument. Teacher doesnít buy it.
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Dream: I was trying to help a lady find a new job. She was vague about what she wanted. I found a few positions comparable to her skill level (low). I brought her a rice cooker to her place of work, a gift, and told her about the positions. No, she didnít want them. Please be more specific, I beg. $17 per hour, she says. I am frustrated. I canít match her desires. Weíre parting company. I ask her for the rice cooker back. I remember what I paid for it and I want to return it.
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Dream: My sister and I are meeting at a conference/spa. When I finally arrive she is sitting, meditating. I don't disturb her, but say I'm off to explore the facilities. I leave, feeling sorry for rushing off. I greet a couple from my group; introduce myself as a member of such, not sure they will remember me. He does. We seat ourselves around a picnic table, where a harpsichord has been placed at each place setting. A teacher begins our lesson. ďThese harpsichords are from southern France.Ē One student asks if the teacher has any from SanBernardino. Everyone laughs.
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Dream: There was a dangerous explosion. I see a girlfriend with activity surrounding her. Several men jump into action and I think they are the perpetrators. But they say No. They are reacting to me, lighting a cigarette. They think Iím the perp. The friend is ok.

Husband and I are seeking safety. There's a black car; it's been initiated and used for school purposes. My husband tells me the black car is safer. I should take it. He'll take the white car, and he starts to walk toward it. I realize in that moment I don't trust him.
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Dream: Shhh. It's a very quiet and cautious operation. In a dim room, I am an egg shaped being, being unshelled. There are large hands like those of ET prying off layers, carefully. Off comes a hardened curved shaped leather jacket; books Iíve read are picked off. My diplomas are part of the covering. My ego layers; everything that bolstered my self-esteem, itís all being stripped off gently by these hands from another world. Ahh! Look at the glow! A beaming, pure beautiful loving light is shining brilliantly from the exposed area; a silvery, luminous egg. Perfect.
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Dream: An ecology group was bellicose because their candidate, who lived in the truck of a tree, was secretly drilling an oil well below the ground. I hosted a rally for a woman opponent at my house. As she addressed the crowd, I was cleaning near her. She said hello to me and asked my name. I said, "Betty Boop."

"What? Speak up!"

"Betty Boop," I said louder.

"No, you backed away. Next time youíre asked your name, you say BETTY BOOP!"

Then she left. The undesired candidate won. We were disappointed, but had other plans to foil him.
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Dream: Somewhere between ports on a vacation cruise, my teenage son disappeared. He'll call, was my first reaction. But as days went by, the authorities told me the outlook was grim. I had to break the news to friends and family that he was imperiled. There was nothing one could do. In his cabin, I found a mug inside a mug with a little mouse pointing up. I phoned his ceramic teacher and this clue divulged his whereabouts. Then, Son returned to the ship wearing a suit. He was happy and social, as if he had succeeded on a mission.
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Dream: I'm part of a sorority that is hosting a party. We're all getting ready. My hair is not done. I go to a beauty salon; there's a snotty woman there behind a curtain, I peeked. She was rude so I left. Do it myself.

I made tea. It was great; better than othersí. It made me strong. I carry a rolled heavy rug. Women are walking with me. I make a big deal about the rug; show them how strong I am. I do a version of ďRockyĒ mounting a hill. They are nonplussed. I am pleased with myself.
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Dream: On vacation with another family. A couple years later, I meet up with them and they are aloof; donít want to talk with me. Their small boy remembers me. He wants to go to the coffee shop. I take him there to treat him. Here's coffee and a raspberry cookie. I realize I don't have money to pay. I offer the proprietor a necklace Iím wearing with a special coin. But please keep it for me, I'll be back and exchange it for money. He jokes and says he'll use it for decoration in the ladies bathroom.
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Dream: I'm walking, barefoot on a beach road at sunset. I remind myself that I'm allowed to be here. This place is exclusive, for property owners with houses overlooking the water. I'm a property owner, I say to myself. I keep walking to my property. There. Between two large houses, is my small purple locker, vertical, like a school locker on a couple square feet of property. I open the lock. I reach around, in all corners high and low for something important. There. I feel it. I strain, get a finger around it and pull. My old backpack. Yes!
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Dream: Iím at a college with some group of people. We're exploring the eight and ninth floors of a campus building. There was a huge library and today was beach day. The floor had been turned into a beach, or a gigantic sandbox. The students gleefully entered the room and grabbed a beach towel and spread it out over the sand. The bright stripes and the sun streaming through high windows made it an inviting atmosphere. There was a tunnel that connected to a golf course. Ficus trees lined the inside of the tunnel, then it becomes a road.
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Dream: Husband and friend precede me. Husband has two signs, which say ďGet Hitched.Ē I'm holding a gizmo that drags me and tracks my speed. I levitate inches above the road. Iím going 100 mph. The driver of a huge truck warns me. Is he guarding me? I have to decide which way to go at the fork in the road. I see GET HITCHED and head toward it. Later, I stop and lay on the slick leather road. I wonder how to begin again. I slide and feel the bumps underneath me, but gaining speed, I whoosh away.
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Dream: I've been driving a long distance. I stop to use the bathroom in the only building around. I park next to the cluster of parked cars. There are no identifying signs on the exterior. Inside, it's a cavernous maze built with smooth cement walls. I walk deeper into the interior. Whereís the bathroom? Anyone here? Creepy. I want to leave now, but have lost sight of the entrance. Seeking any escape route, any partition I can fit through. Ah! There's light, an open garage door. I dash outside. Thank God! I'll walk the perimeter and find my car.
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Dream: My whole family is vacationing at my house. All the baths are in use, so I'm tweezing my eyebrows in the backseat of my car while I wait. Dad comes outside, car keys in hand and with everyone following him. They pack into the car. I protest, but I'm ignored and now I'm angry. They want to go to Newcity. When we get there, I show mom my crusted soap covered legs and say that I'm going to look for a shower. I walk toward clean, relaxed people and ask do you know where I can find a shower?
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Dream: I've been directed to a pool down the corridor of a hospital. I used to work here. I did not know they had a pool. I thought, how enjoyable it would have been to swim in the middle of a workday. How had I missed it? A sign turned backward from my approach said ďpool and spaĒ. Wow, gorgeous! It had tubs for soaking and fragrant oils, and Jacuzzis. I was entering the shower's spray when I saw someone paying after finishing. How much to shower I ask? $85. I felt lucky I hadn't used the water, and left.
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Dream: A solicitorís call to my cell phone promises everything: buy heating fuel, water plants, pay bills. I keep listening only because she sounds so young and because Mom could use those services. Cost? I ask. She says she only needs room and board, gets emotional. I start dealing with her as a counselor. She disconnects. She's inexperienced-- can't call back. Then I meet up with Sister and Mom. Mom looks like Mrs. Doubtfire and is stiff. Sis says, ďOh, she's different. I don't even like her.Ē There's music playing. I start to dance with Mom. There's no response.
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Dream: I'm volunteering at MediationCenter. Supervisor is in another room. I'm amazed at the opulence of her office. What's going on? (seems deceitful) Then she comes in and suddenly and I become so sleepy. I can't keep my eyes open. I'm rubbing and shielding them. I think she knows something is wrong. But we don't say anything about it. Then, I awaken from this dream and strive to write it down. Where's paper? Pen? Husband gives me paper from recycled bin. There is a light map on the other side. I write the dream, then realized that was a dream.
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Dream: I held a meeting with the school administrator because I wanted to start a cheerleading group. There were just two of us at the beginning of the meeting, and then a whole group joined by the end of the meeting. All of us were old. It was kind of a circus affair. A helicopter came down from the sky and landed in the football field. We ducked from the wind. Later I looked over and there were mini cheerleaders practicing with pompoms in uniforms. Oh look! I showed the group. A man shook my hand, then had to leave.
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Dream: I'm interviewing with female doctor. She asks how I'm doing since my divorce. She said she was also divorced. I reminisce that period of my life, and share it with her: the fear response in anticipation of divorce and the readiness to leave but not knowing the right time. I met this woman long agoóbut donít remember her. I have to ask her name and whom were you married to? Instead, she told me the other womanís name in the affair, the woman that came between them and I remember the scandal but not the couple.
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Dream: I accidentally left my purse at a restaurant in a rough neighborhood. I'm with an acquaintance. She had to bury a guy she murdered. It's not the first time. Looking at overview of city, there are three dead people buried. Later, I'm in a car with her. Huge guy challenges us to race. He'll run, we'll drive. OK! He starts. We canít get car started. He runs part of the way uphill and waits. We're having many problems. My purse is gone; I have to ask supervisors about it. I worry I'll be suspected an accomplice to murder.
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Dream: Swimming in a purple evening gown, I removed it to swim better. There were taunt ropes over the water. I played on them, then let loose and a current whisked me to a platform, then to shore. Son was there and we sat on a bench atop a cliff. Men in a boat were practicing music. The boat sped around the lake a stopped in front of us. A crowd looking through a fence blocked our view. I climbed the fence to see performance above the crowd. When I got down, I wondered if my nudity made a scene.
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Dream: There is a flying chair that Iíve invented and I'm trying out. I'm gliding, just barely skimming tall grasses. I hear the whisper of the grasses I skim over. A tangle catches me briefly, my body tenses for a fall, but I right myself. The scene is sunset over hills. The sky is a soft golden color with pink ribbon clouds. The air is fragrant and sweet. Beautiful. I'm getting more confident. I can see that the chair will need to fly higher in the future, but here, in these grasslands, I can maneuver and won't get hurt.
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Dream: The mountainous island began to crumble and quake. Friend was peering over a precipice and studying an escape route. "Everyone will try to leave by land. I'm going to swim to safety." Sounds smart; me too. Then huge boulders tumble. Some tried to escape on burrows; their hooves slid down the rock. There was an item of clothing that I offered and took to clean for someone. It is soaking still. Have to leave it behind. All the women are nestled into the lavatory, seated on sinks and toilets. I ask one woman to move, so I can urinate.
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Dream: It's a political movement: We women want something passed. We're formulating a plan while the men are gone. Shhh! Listen. They're coming. Returning from a game (football game?) We women rush to action into the kitchen to get things ready. We get the already brewed coffee into mugs, each of us carrying 3 or 4. We seem to be anxiously carrying out our strategical plan with perfection. We get plates of coffee cake onto coffee tables in the living room. Is this how it's always done? Is this the prerequisite to getting something passed, womenís style? I wonder.
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Dream: We're at camp, along with collie, Mable. I want to slide down a long slide. Other women encourage me. Go! Go! Poor Mabel tries to jump off. Nowhere to go. The fall (or slide) is so long and fast.

I'm driving away; I look back and see a guy who has volunteered to ride down a steel hill in a truck. Canít make it. He tumbles off and over and over.

I'm riding a bike. On my right is a cliff. I mess up and fall. Down, down I go. I land upright on my bike. I'm hurting.
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Dream: I'm ordered into a research group. The study divides participants into three groups. First group has perfect vision. Second group wears glasses and third group is blind. The glasses wearers are instructed to take off their glasses and then lead the blind people up stairs, up ladders and over bars. The perfect vision people got to watch. As I lead a blind person, I was narrating the process of what I was doing and the blind person followed very aptly. I told the woman about a barrier in my professional life. She said, but now itís been overcome.
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Dream: I ride down the halls of a public building on my bike, then through an open door. Outside the building, I ride down a steep set of stairs. My black and white dog is running fast along side of me. A few people watch this scene and then rush to the bottom of the stairs where I had stopped. My dog lies down and rolls onto her back in a submissive pose. The group asks why does the dog do that? I respond, because I trained her to do that. They seem to question this and think it odd.