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riccochet sat outside the big hadron collider and ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich then he would ride his bike the length of the collider and pretend he was surpassing the speed of light then he rode home and gave his mom a mothers day present it was a picture of the little princes flower and he also gave her some starburst he ate half the pack while racing the particles because they gave him energy like a role player in a video game then he went to bed and dreamed about marrying this girl he like in school
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the girls name was sara and she and riccochet were both very smart so they were in all gifted classes and they both wore glasses they got paired up for the science fair and decided to make a volcano then they thought that had been done enough and riccochet told her about the accelerator and time travel and they decided to make a mini version of the collider or at least they would make a model of it so each day they would eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches with chocolate milk after school and explore the collider until twilight
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to have special significance sara and riccochet wanted to put the finishing touches on their collider model so they finished in the lunch room where the collider workers ate see what they did was create two water pumps and had the water rush around the cylinder of their model and the two propulsions would collide and in the middle was a filter like a periscope and the collision would be signified by a small burst of mist at the collision point one of the teachers said it was a miraculous device and they won first prize and celebrated until twilight
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before twilight or the gloaming or whatsoever you want to call it riccochet and sara got to the collider and decided this should be their first kiss they were only in sixth grade but decided to try it out so they went up to the top of the hadron collider and stood there awkwardly looking at each other then glancing down at their sneakers then staring off at the sunsettingdown then riccochet got the nerve a surge of inspiration like the bursting mist and he leaned over to kiss sara but fell into the collider and she kissed the mist
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jesus was sent to private school in the late 50s not sure which decade he had trouble he was a whiz in french deconstruction but math not so much his teacher was mohammed a disciplinarian strict but compassionate fair mohammed tutored jesus on tuesdays but jesus thought calculus was dumb and one day turned his textbook into a tree and his dad said dont eat the treebook which was an inside joke only mohammed jesus ricochet and twinkie got it ricochet and twinkie would literally disappear and reappear sporadically clearly they were hadron janitors who fell into a particle accelerator
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see what happened was ricochet went out back to buy mescaline from lorenz because ricochet liked to mix it with salsa and mashed potatoes then he fell into the accelerator joined up with a side kick space slug named twinkie and got off the mescaline got hooked on rum and became famous for writing legends fables mythological filibusters they got back to class and were laughing about the treebook but twinkie was sad because he liked this girl she didn't like slugs so jesus and mohammed asked merlin to turn twinkie into a real boy this always made merlins day
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jesus and mohammed didnt like to show off except when it came to french deconstruction and calculus then ricochet and twinkie were followed by a jerk named achilles who tried to fight all the time and this quiet kid named bodie who sat in the back of the class kicked achilles in the balls not the heel and ever since he was a much better calculus student then mohammed said it was recess and jesus ricochet twinkie carla the girl he liked achilles bodie and the rest of the kids went outside buddha stayed he had asthma as a kid
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there are seventeen players on each side and there are seventeen sides so there are two hundred eighty nine players technically there can be an unlimited number of players and teams but often it is seventeen and seventeen because they liked that each team could only be divided by one of its players and itself each player wears 20 foot yellow streamers attached to his her shoulders and each has an alarm clock that goes off randomly usually a few times every five minutes the alarm is not a ring but an instrumental each player must sing make up words
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singing every few minutes while running toward what they think is the center of the twohundredandeightynine or unlimited players proper then circle back making figure eights or bow ties or infinity signs whichever you like when the persons music stops the player stands still it works best on a sand dune or somewhere where theres wind you know for the streamers the myth was that the wind carried the songmess to other places the first time a player hit the twohundredandeightyninth song she gave some milk to a thirsty wolf cub and that was the first good deed ever done
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so buddha watched the other kids play and so he sat under a tree and put together a jigsaw puzzle the wolf cub sat beside him and this became an iconic image for the kids see they would always ask buddha for help and no one ever made fun of him for having asthma one of the kids named albert even designed an inhaler made out of legos and saltwater mist and buddha could play in spurts which suited him just fine especially with the streamers game because everyone had to stop periodically buddhas first song was about a wolf
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after riccochet fell into the accelerator he went to lots of parallel universes and time traveled all over then he got stuck in another universe where he became a hadron collider janitor hooked on mescaline he eventually got off that and got off the rum and ended up befriending twinkie and they both got stuck in a sixth grade class and liked it so much that they decided to stay riccochet often wondered what sara was doing but he didn't fully grasp spacetime and the speed of light see they traveled so fast that sara was still there still waiting
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then riccochet learned all about quantum physics and knew sara was a statue poised to kiss and then he read some feminism and learned that to do this to a girl is to obectify her in some way so he was determined on principles of gender equality and antiobjectification as well as determined for the sake of love to get back to that twilight so naturally he asked buddha what he should do and buddha said something he would never forget he said maybe sara jumped in after is what buddha said and riccochet hoped that this was the case
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sara remained poised in the mist but relative to riccochet she was a statue and of course relative to herself sara was not a statue she thought should i jump in after him then she went to her science teacher and asked what to do the teacher called the inspector at the hadron collider and began the international media craze of the search for the boy who fell into the collider camera crews camped out everywhere for weeks and sara rode by on her bike and realized that these people were all idiots so she decided to jump in too
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now that twinkie was a real boy he became best friends with riccochet and merlin but he was carlas shadow which suited her just fine because she loved twinkie and one day while bodie and achilles were seeing who could swing the highest jesus exclaimed eureka see jesus would play but oftentimes he would sit in the grass and do french deconstruction and while deconstructing a placemat he discovered the true nonlinear conceptualization of qualia and their analogous metaphysics and knowing that only riccochet or mohammed would understand him he called them to a secret meeting under the sliding board
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just as jesus imparted his discovery to mohammed and riccochet bodie and albert wandered over and it turned out that they too could grasp these concepts and then helene who had really curly hair came over and she got it too so they formed a club with mohammed as their supervisor and the club would build structures and sculptures that symbolized and manifested their nonlinear ideas and the profits would go to charity and to help fund roundabout outdoor playpumps which were essentially seesaws that pumped water out of the ground annual funds eclipsed onehundredthousandollars their club was called h2o
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bodie always wore a hoodie which rhymed with his name but that was not why see he always liked to think of himself as some kind of crusader but not like those godforsaken crusaders who killed people to get their message across and then one day while he was playing with a boomerag helene asked if she could play and never having realized before bodie noticed that she also always wore a hoodie to school and her super curly hair looked like it was always fighting its way out of the hood the other kids called them the boomerang gang
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riccochet got tired of waiting and with twinkie and carla attached at the hip and h2o involved in their philanthropy he asked bodie and helene to help him and they loved this because this would be a crusade sara waited for the media craze to wane and then one night just before twilight she went to the collider with a peanut butter and banana sandwhich some chocolate milk and rode fast through the chill autumn air she ate her sandwich and milk and then roded to the top of the collider silver breath in the cold air and jumped in
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there is this girl named bell hooks who would eventually become a famous literary theorist especially in africanamerican theory but when she was a girl she preferred painting and one day she decided to paint a fivedimensional depiction of a graviton with an analogous description of globalization so you might say she was a precocious kid well she was but unfortunately she came in second place first place was a model of a large hadron collider made by two of her friends whose names i think were riccochet and sara so bell was happy for them and sad about riccochet
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sara didn't know it but bell followed her to the collider because she knew sara was sad and wanted to cheer her up and when she saw sara jump in bell rushed to the top and jumped in after her and sara ended up in mohammeds class with the rest of them riccochet who was involved in a tense streamers game recognized bell immediately and she confirmed that sara jumped in after him she showed him bodie and helene where she appeared after jumping in it was a cubby hole in one of the coat wracks at school right there
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his name was sanchez mcmurphy and he was mexicanirish was a great soccer player but couldnt talk so he just hummed everything and by getting to know him you could discern what he was saying from his intonation kind of like kenny from south park so anyway sanchez was in fifth grade and like to watch the older kids play the streamers game he eventually got to play and he was the best player by far the only trouble was he couldnt sing he only hummed so albert and bell designed a lightweight amplifier he could wear he loved this
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for some reason sara wound up in the classroom and bell wound up outside with the others and when bell took riccochet to see the cubby hole sara went outside and when riccocet could not find her he jumped into the cubby hole and wound up running rum and oranges to pirates in a very old time and then bell asked buddha what to do and he said just wait and to look before you leap which is clearly riccochets downfall so then they waited and made roundabout outdoor playpumps to save the world and riccochet got drunk on vitaminCrum
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you wouldn't believe how good sanchez mcmurpy was at the streamers game even jesus and albert and all the rest who were so in touch with nonlinear stuff were amazed at his ability to get through the field and even mohammed was impressed having been the best player when he was a kid he started to get nostalgic and so he jumped into the cubby hole and ended up on the boat but drinking was against his religion so he just ate oranges but he recognized riccochet and gave him a lecture about getting an education they looked for a way
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mohammeds lecture reminded riccochet of his legends fables mythological filibustering days so he started to write a story in his head and he started it with the first days riding around the collider and he liked to say he collided with sara in a good way and he called the time he fell the fall and it was in autumn so that was a poetic and transcendental or romantic or naturalistic coincidence but coincidence or not it was all pointless pontificating if all he could do was think it so it had to be real and he an mohammed looked
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alhazen and aladrisi were in the fourth grade but they happened to be the most reputable mapmakers of their time and while they werent making maps their hobby was designing flying machines and this was all way before their time so they invented this thing they called a boomeranganimal which was basically a giant boomerang hooked to a balloon hooked to a canoe and the spinning boomerang could be shifted allowing it to change course but it essentially always came back to the same spot then one day they set off over the atlantic and actually would never come back
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bodie and helene had no crusade with riccochet reserved to waiting per buddhas instructions so they walked through the halls and frustrated helene threw the boomerang and it went into the cubby hole and wouldnt you know it their boomerange went to al and als universe and knocked their boomerang off course and sent them into heading off toward the carribbean where they promptly crashed into mohammed and riccochets ship well then all hell broke loose and they were forced to float on the balloon part of the boomeranganimal and meanwhile bodie and helene had jumped in after the boomerang
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so one day jesus was giving a lecture on french deconstruction which everyone thought was just crazy except for bell and helene had she been there but jesus was just trying to keep busy because this was downtime for roundabout outdoor playpump philanthropy season and it was getting cold so the streamers game would have to wait for spring then albert had too much soda and wouldnt stop reading stuff like ode to the west wind so they gave him a physics book which he just loved this and he began to ride his bike faster and faster like light
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alhazen aladrisi mohammed and riccochet had floated to the edge of the world and over the side they went both als were sad because they had never gotten laid but before you know it they were sent to twinkie's time and twinks family recognized riccochet right away and they converted the boomeranganimalpirateship into a mini hadron collider and they jumped in and found themselves in the classroom now the boomeranganimalpirateship was really large so it promptly destroyed the classroom but everyone couldnt be happier because the als still could grow up and riccochet could finally kiss sara just before twilight
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i never understood boomerangs but i never tried either and i guess they work best on far out flatlands praries deserts over water if you could tread just on your feet which sometimes jesus would do but just to show off so the boomerang finally came back and twink found it and gave it to carla and she just loved this and then just before the gloaming or twilight or whatsoever you want to call it bodie and helene popped out of the big hadron collider where riccochet and sara had fallen in silver breath in a cool autumn night