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Philosophy is the gospel of the ideologue whose muse is reality and whose fantasy is the only reality. Yet, the numerous and finite truths combined with the condition of the ideologue present the distinct source for a followed flow. As in twins and snowflakes, no two flows are identical despite similarities in structure. What truth exists is best bent in favor of the ideologue but what absolute truth exists is modified in relation to that flow which must not be diverted. Hence, the muse for whom the fantastical is betrothed to is half the discourse it sought flowing far from.
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Decade One of Millennium Two Anno Domini will require the standard decenary moniker that has been applied to decades of the previous century. One local news station queried random people on the street and few had any at all impressive or accurate labels. Since this decade has not ended, premature identification is futile. A trend or momentous event will spur a title for that decade. Recognizable decades often start from over a year after their official start to over a year after the official start of the next decade. By this decade’s end, another generation will become an advancement reference.
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How many Gods are there? Which religion do you refer to? I lost count discerning the Christian denominational quantity. Bibles had to be revised to meet the needs of the preferred God. The Orthodox begat Catholicism, who begat Protestantism, who begat Anglicanism, who begat Puritanism, who begat the Baptists, who begat the Mormons, who begat the Seventh Day Adventists, who begat the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It seems the houseful of mansions, that is also the proverbial roads that all lead to God, lead to an Occidental breed of Shinto Hydra armed with terrible swift swords aimed at all of its necks.
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I look at an asteroid and see the potential for extracting valuable metal ore more so than a doomsday rock. There will come a time in the deep future in which a space colony will need to be built and it will require more building materials than the earth possesses in regards to housing a population. There is a whole belt revolving around the sun to provide those resources. It just remains to decelerate the asteroids' movements in order to withhold them for mining. It must also be taken into account how far it is to travel to get there.
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I have often heard of how nothing beats or there is nothing like… whatever pleasure one is enjoying. While in the supermarket, I came upon a box of Jacob’s Elite Tea Cakes. Upon closer examination of the box, the cross section of the cake advertised was nothing more, in my view, than the Nabisco Mallomar. A marshmallow glob on a cookie surrounded by chocolate. I saw a similarity with Hydrox and Oreo. Of course, tastes can differ but if there is nothing like the Mallomar you love, have you really checked every place you go to come to your conclusion?
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Let's face facts. A tree makes a noise if it falls in the woods. No one being there to hear it does not mean it did not make a sound. Why try to contravene physical science and the reality of solids with philosophic ethical theorems? Two objects of great mass and density colliding with one another will always produce a sound except when in a vacuum. As for the glass of water, if the glass was empty and water was poured halfway in, it's half full. If it was full and half the water was poured out, it's half empty.
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The scent of a damp and dirty windowsill while in a somber mood can make you remember back to another time in your youth when rain or snow left you at home to ponder what you would have done if the weather was nicer or what to do at home at the time. Sometimes the damp and dirt windowsill scent was accompanied by a mild scent of perspiration from your hands that held up your head there, looking out at the world of your yard. To be in that mood on a beautiful day meant you felt somber and lazy.
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If you could give all the months of the year their own school colors, what colors would they be? My choices are: January-silver and white, February-red and white, March-green and gray, April-yellow and green, May-blue and white, June-yellow and black, July-red and black, August-yellow and brown, September-yellow and red, October-orange and brown, November-brown and white, and December-red and green. Of course, not everybody sees limiting months to just two colors but since tradition dictates school colors come in one pair, my curious query required just the two. Months are not schools either but you can learn colorful things in them.
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What becomes of the birds on the night of the Fourth of July and the midnight of New Years Eve? Most of them have flown south by the latter day while the winter birds remain. The winter birds on New Years Eve and all those present for the Fourth of July can fly free and high by daylight. Come nighttime, an image of a mother bird huddling her young in darkness appear in which midnight of January thirty-first adds slight flicker to her feather. All night July fourth, only luck and a deep sleep could keep the birds truly unmoved.
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I found it to be amazing how some bees exit the hive a split second as fast as the stone that is hurled and hits directly into the hive. It is almost like they were debris expelled upon impact. I have at times imagined being an outsider witness inside the hive and see the image of what it would look like to see a wall of honeycombs quickly disappear from view, obscured, if only partially. The high-speed exit may be due to the bees’ sense of danger present, possibly from the near misses in attempts made to hit the hive.
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If money is the root of all evil and cleanliness is next to godliness, would clean money be a godly root to an evil? Since the deity comparison is spelled with the lower case consonant, it could mean any god. One cannot be credited within its charities to see tapping into a root as pursuit of an evil rather than stealing for the good of an adversarial growth. Making that source which would harm you transform inversely into a helpful item may just be the lining separating the good and evil, like the serpentine division line in the ying yang.
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The word “bathroom” has lost its old sense since the bath now shares only its name and one section of the room for which its name was affixed to. Granted, the sink itself performs its bathing duty with that of the bath but its purpose has been for lesser cleansing than that of both bath and shower. The bathroom is not just for bathing. We have used synonyms like lavatory, men’s and women’s rooms, and even the powder room to detract from the lack of a bath in public bathrooms but still we excuse ourselves “to go to the bathroom.”
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I found it to be amazing how some bees exit the hive a split second as fast as the stone that is hurled and hits directly into the hive. It is almost like they were debris expelled upon impact. I have at times imagined being an outsider witness inside the hive and see the image of what it would look like to see a wall of honeycombs quickly disappear from view, obscured, if only partially. The high-speed exit may be due to the bees’ sense of danger present, possibly from the near misses in attempts made to hit the hive.
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To parody a paraphrase of the famous Barry Goldwater proverb: "Intolerance in the defense of sanctity is no vice. Compassion in the pursuit of reparations is no virtue." How pusillanimous it is to even assume responsibility for the past in the present to architects of a future bent towards prospering off continual inculcations of that early history, but even more so to bend knee to the avarice of the progeny and compatriotic pabulum whose expedient thrift is paramount for the progressive faction. For there, I extend but one finger, lifted in defiance than in support, and smote outwards than inwards.
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Years ago, I purchased a video copy "A Clockwork Orange", which I was hooked on in high school. Studying the background to this successful four time Oscar nominated film, I learned it's been banned from England since its release due to youth imitating the lead characters, all of who were gang members. You cannot buy, sell, or see this movie in England and the possibility of a modern remake may bring the furor back. It is kind of a present-day "The Moon Is Blue", a movie once banned for using the words "pregnant" and "virgin", words used in movies now.
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While suffering from writer's block, I took introversion as a route towards explaining why I suffered from it. Successful writers know the answer out of the experience repeatedly, as identifiably uniform as much as it was well universal to all scribes. Some force within or outside the path can stop a flow that keeps writing mobile. I found that the spur of inspiration has too small a lifetime to last some good distance of the composition. Most of all, being too anxious to complete the composition can never be as straight a path as the flow is assumed to be.
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There's been a popular statement made by people refusing a paper bag for their goods. When the paper bag is presented, the client will refuse it and end their refusal with, "Save a tree." Since paper bags are made from trees, refusing the bag is expected to somehow keep store surplus high so they don't have to order more bags from suppliers who'll have retained greater surplus over time and factories will somehow cut production and less trees will be cut down. These clients have never refused wood beams to the homes built for them to go to after shopping.
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Regarding the national anthem of the United States, not many people know the lyrics were words of a poem by Francis Scott Key but what extremely few Americans know is that the anthem's music is that of a old British drinking song. As with all great songs, remakes are done by musicians who want to add their artistic flair to songs they love. But do gospel or hip hop "artists" respect the song when they add a dozen extra notes to the music, or is it just a canvass for exhibitionism to conceive their remake of a set national anthem?
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The sunlight came through a vacuous space for minutes on end to hit my face. It had but to share itself with this place 'neath layer upon layer of sphere after sphere. It warmed both my skin a good inch in, the soles of my feet with gentle heat, every hair in the open air was tempered by sunlight that shone everywhere. The rainfall came through a temperate space for minutes on end to hit my face. It, too, had to share itself with this place, cooled my skin, feet, and hair, just before sunlight came through and shone everywhere.
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The reality unsought by romantic dreamers regarding the real extent of eternity is always indiscriminately espoused when delivering the term of the lifespan of love or a passion towards the object of that affection. Mortal love is fleeting to the real span of forever despite the excessive numbers but one cannot blame for the results of amorous intoxication, which includes a promise made that a love will last forever. This commonplace exaggeration may be justified when progenitation is the byproduct carried beyond mortality and the continuous offspring complements the success of fulfilling that promise. Still, forever can never be over.
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It is odd to look at a poodle and think of the wolf since all breeds of dos are directly descended from the wolf. Much can be said regarding the Chihuahua or the dachshund or Saint Bernard in regards to size and girth. What of the fox who shares the canine identity and is as wild as the wolf? It is so that "canine" and "dog", though synonymous, differ in interpretation. The dog world seen as a place of Fidos, Spots, and Rovers while the canine world holds more packs that won't always greet you with licks and wagging tails.
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There were three aged men from Holmfirth whose pursuit for a job was in question. Here, there they wandered. To pubs they sauntered but their golden years were their bastion. One was a soldier, the second a hermit, the third was a widower As nature would permit, they spent some short times and spent some small money at Ivy's Café for tea. All three has their stories, their hopes, and their worries, which they shared in their long history. Three Holmfirth men who confide to recline to exist and relax to the gist of the last of the summer wine.
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It is trial by quest to sit before the screen and compose when inspiration is not there. Taking the redundant routes that have been reinterpreted or perceived in a plethora of designs and designations hardly taps to the magma where sits the mother lode. Hiding the labor behind posing as a gloater that intoxicates oneself off the beauty of inspiration is a fool's game for winning grandeur. But grandeur is not the universal prize not the only prize when print power exceeds that of the scribe and nearly equal to the will of the scribe. Print power starts the quest.
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Human mythology has sputtered on since the discovery of scientific explanations. The age-old bogeyman does not have the grip on people's fears as it had in early history. Though Bigfoot stepped aside normal coverage and Nessie went missing, the unknown we have known has existed matched only by the changes in who or what entity kept itself as an ingredient to traditional tall tales such as ghost stories or embellishing tragedies to fit the tale and maintain the legends. Much like kids making up gossip about weird people, the curiosity such kids enjoy carries on the pursuit for mythic figures.
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A threat to a part of your life is in fact a threat to your life. Maybe not the whole of it but enough to put a demerit in the pursuit of being closest to a perfect life or whatever level on the mortal honor roll one will be engraved onto at the terminal graduation. When you are threatened with death, even if it's an exaggerated metaphorical and physical threat, mustn't be looked upon lightly despite any obvious assurance that it will not be fulfilled. A mild threat like that of loss of a job must be taken as serious.
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In the vitriolic parallel where fact and opinion ride shotgun, the latter tends to waver too much and multiply, often posing as the former. To the ideologue, fact is in the unwavered consistency of any segmented order of activities upon which the subjection to an interpretation of that reality becomes the opinion while those that are one in the same are either accepted, argued over regarding its source and substance, or rejected. It is in the midst of that mire that the ideologue sifts and ascertains into the invariable opinion in relation to natural reaction. Then there's good and evil.
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Members of the Spoon family gathered in the parlor discussing a compromisary deal they wanted made with the other utensil families. A package arrived. The Spoons and associates waited for a reply when they sent their associate Spoon Cabrazzi to a rival family as a sort of ambassador of the Don's. Sonny Spoon opened the package which was a porcelain plate wrapped up inside a bulletproof vest, then wrapped again in wet newspaper and dried meatpacking paper tied together with string. When Sonny Spoon questioned what it was, someone said, "It's Sicilian. It means Spoon Cabrazzi sleeps with the dishes."
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It is rather ironic how out of all the obstacles that the postal delivery oath says will not hinder the transport of mail to its proper addressee, it was never anticipated that the service would face a challenge like that of the Internet. There are laws to punish offenders who used illegal means to infringe and cease proper mailing procedures but a possible transfer of systems from the post office to the computer was never considered at the time of the creation of the oath. Speed and efficiency were priorities then but Federal Express was generations ahead of any aspiration.
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It is quite remarkable how the brain can retain a significant memory with the help of a song that was playing on the radio at the time. Both the moment and the music coincide to become a reference for memories. The real test for effectiveness is best performed later into adulthood when a radio station performs the song, which will be considered an oldie, and upon hearing, the person will recognize the music, react in astonishment, and then the recollection of the last time that song was heard sets the memory in motion. Then you realize how old you've gotten.
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It's been a practice since the medieval period that the response of "God bless you" to a sneeze has been maintained. Originally, it was for any sneeze or cough exclaimed from a sick and/or dying individual suffering from the plague. It was believed that the response would invoke a divine solace to the affliction and lean its progression more to wellness rather than succumbing. Today, the response is merely a habitual reaction that does not have the religious intent but just as well meaning. This can be said about "thank you" and "good-bye" which are abbreviated into "thanks" and "bye".
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Is it a pre-existing act of generational revenge for the elderly who in their youth once scoffed at the elderly to receive return fire from youth of the present who will suffer the same blows in their declining years by the youth of the future? Not all elders are sick or invalid or all youth strong enough to fulfill their self-empowerment. The quest for extension of justifying personal gloating lives as long as there are these two generations despite the presence of those who are just the opposite where reverence compels the youth and discontent or senility drives the elderly.