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The chief importance of fame is to carry on your recognition long after you die and with the presumption that not only your children but also those who admire you enough to prolong your notoriety will somehow emulate you to see how well you lived. Most often, the figure of fame will not, like most everyone, fulfill the perfect or near perfect life, learn from went wrong, and know what's right by not repeating the wrongs. There's a case in which they've perpetrated certain wrongs and that can be considered a result of a trait carried on into their adulthood.
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A little boy wanders through the woods by his home. Alone with only his imagination, he builds another home, not of wood but of woodland, lakes, streams, and all life about it. He looks at the lake and imagines small ship set asail. He looks to the shoreline and sees ports upon which others can gaze upon the ships. The paths he walks upon are shared with caravans of those people, scouring the region acre by acre. It's a beautiful place to create not just a world but stories to enliven until the sunset and the boy leaves this world.
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What's the quintessential format to "a life", that is, when one tells you to "get a life"? Always and evidently, "a life" is something more like that of the life being lived by the one who exclaims the demand because the one lived by that focused by the demand is not up to pert in the eyes of the other. Often times, the recipient is behaving less mature than someone else and deservingly needs to be readjusted by the remark so that they can realize what they are doing. One can wonder that maybe this is part of their "life".
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The freedom experienced riding a bicycle is a freedom matched in both timing and sharing the moment of youth with the travel. One gets their first car and then the bicycle's removed from the tools of necessity, except in the off occasion the car breaks down. In other times, the bicycle merely gathers dust in the garage or is given to the younger generation. We can still see adults on bicycles, despite their ownership of a car. Since the bicycle provides both cardiovascular exercise as well as a more advanced speed than walking, it regains rank in tools of necessity.
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It seems the days of the ode have long since passed but the intent behind it is still strong. Entitling odes with the common "An Ode To" shows a lack of inspiration similar to wrapping a special gift with newspaper. Be they people, places, or objects of admiration, an ode must be true to the exaltation and constructed to be as well received through the ears as the object made fit for an ode was to the writer's eyes. For romantic odes, you truly need to show the real romance in the personal discovery rather than repeating perspectives of others.
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If the distant light of a building has no effect on a person apart from them receiving the light, how can the combined lights from several stars of a constellation tens of thousands of light years away be looked upon as having some significance in the lives of millions? Not every star in one constellation of the Zodiac are of equal distance and all those that are do not give the full effect our closest star has provided eons before and after the dawn of human civilization and sciences within. Anyhow, the night sky is quite a canvass for imagination.
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There's probably a misapprehension among proponents of reforming recidivism performed by criminals and I summated the solution in a bumper sticker level proverb form: "Break the need and hurt the greed." It could pass into popularity if adopted but, as with theorems, it cannot be fully accepted due to cases that don't flow like the proverb says. The need is the drive to obtain something of which the greed will rise and demand greater consumption in bulk rate. Greed isn't always the dominant neither to the recessive drive nor as great until the desperation point and then comes the transfer.
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A near deaf, long tailed dog walked into the rail yard, sniffing, and piquing his curiosity. While he rested himself at the railroad tracks, just on the outside one of the track, he happened to set part of his tail upon the track. A train traveled down the track towards him but he did not hear it until it was too late. The train cut part of his tail off. He yelped and flung his head towards where his tail was and the train took off his head. The moral: No use losing your head over a piece of tail.
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Men of America, take back your sperm! Share not your seed with the unseen who will revel from your progeny, give no thanks to your contribution, and give unto you acknowledgement equal in value to that of the application form from whence flesh and bone became but a listing. A surrender of semen is a surrender of no he-man. When a man succumbs to being rerouted to withdraw to the specimen container for a woman than for the pleasures of her flesh, he cannot hold true to other women as he does the cup. Men of America, take it back!
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A couple of years ago, I visited West Virginia. I had to take a taxi from Greenbrier Valley Airport, travel through forty minutes of rural farmland communities to reach the hotel. I would find out the next day I took the only taxi service in the vicinity. That night, I was transported to the hotel at on the main road, which had no streetlights. On route back to the airport via truck since the taxi service was unable to accommodate due to all services being occupied, there were run down homes with satellite dishes and new pick-ups. What a trip.
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It's been too long since humans last explored the moon. In the time spent on the international space station, the moon could have no only been visited but excavation and geographic charting could have been done to prepare the groundwork for the development of the first lunar colony. Even if those things could be done from Earth, why have we repeatedly launched the space shuttle, which merely circles the Earth and does certain scientific operations, yet never rediscover the moon? Both vehicles are enormous advancements and flights to Mars have yielded great discoveries. How far is the moon in comparison?
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The abandoned houses seemed more fun to run around in than the homes that were currently being built at the time. It might be because they still held a personal bond to the old neighborhood, they were free range to anybody, they looked a lot like haunted houses, and they also posed a sense of restriction that always stirs a child's curiosity to find out what it is and why it has been forbidden for them to know or see. The houses that were under construction lacked walls and any barrier to pose any reason to be curious or playful.
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Somewhere, sometime in the ancient past rode some horseman through an ever-treaded path which caravan after caravan, troop after troop sought penetrate heavy foliage of the mountain range. Upon his jaunt into the modest enclave of open nature, an audible but a not-so-disturbing barrage of rustling gave a clout round the serenity and the horseman's observation of the terrain. He swiftly reacted by removing of his sword from its sheath. Swiftly did the cause of the rustle bolt into view. The sword was no good a deer hunting weapon than his bow and arrows would have had he brought them.
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The obvious answer to why lingerie companies use beautiful models to sell lingerie is because the combination of both lingerie and the model's attractiveness will spur impulse on the part of both male and female buyers. What is often obscured is the belief that somehow the lingerie, when worn, will make the wearer as attractive as the model. The beautification of heavier women has helped to lift this obscuration but not the sales technique. The result: Buyers wanting to know how well lingerie looks on the woman must try it on and buy it at the store that sells it.
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Never look a gift horse in the mouth, beat it when it's dead, or teach it to drink after leading it to water but fear it from the rear. When you're welcome because my door's always open, ask if I was brought up in a barn. You've bitten off more than you can chew if your eyes are bigger than that through which is the way to a man's heart. From sun to sun, a healthy, wealthy, and wise man may work but to bed and to rise, he must be as early as the bird that gets the worm.
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I swept the middle aisle, thinking about a significant woman who died of brain cancer a few years ago. Adding to the next day's rejuvenation from the tenth anniversary high school reunion for which I had some nightmares about attending unaccomplished but yet attended to learn about the others, I looked upon and within myself to see a man alive but working menial labor at age twenty-eight and thought of her who had exuberance and a future but lost it far too soon. I hadn't wept for others as I did then, gripping the broom. For who did I weep?
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She had to be a virgin or deflowered, voluntarily or involuntarily celibate for too long, not currently attached, definitely not ugly, and in some need for a man more so than a relationship. These were the two principle conditions for me in my goal of fulfilling the end of my virginity. The Holy Grail of campus pussy that was identical to the conditions and for my state of desperation readily available came in the form of a pear-shaped, busty, plain Jane Chicana. Again and again and again and again, I came in that pear-shaped busty, plain Jane Chicana all right.
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Must Britney Spears be the whipping girl to all of us disenchanted by teen crush pop? Matching her and Christina Aguilera together as a rivalry is ineffective. It seems as long as there are girls who achieve puberty, boys with overnight hormones, and both desiring each other, the market lives. Former teen idols never youthen. They just become adults. With love comes heartbreak and the break-up tune to make the young girls cry for being young women in training. Love comes the exploitation of eternity and the love of a lifetime. Why whip Britney? She whips the guys and gals.
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I must go to nowhere. It has been said to be some place that everyone has been before returning home. Sometimes, nowhere goes by another name. People saying they are going out are going to nowhere. When asked where they are going, they say they are going out and when they return, they are asked where they have been. The reply tends to be "nowhere". Nowhere and out must be one and the same place. Nowhere looks a lot like the outside, another popular traveling spot. The way to nowhere can often be reached by foot, by bike, or car.
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With a whiff of dampened cement that cooked beneath a relentless sun blast before the front assumed control, the air was comfortably humid, cooler by a dozen degrees but clearer and you could traipse the darker footpaths without one hop whatsoever from roasting soles. Light returned, as did some drying, emphasizing hue with illuminations in yellow and orange breaking through the final daylight clouds. Even the rainbow sat darker than expected but just as visible as the details of anything rinsed shone and all things botanical stood in glee for the final round of drinks before sunfall and their nightlife.
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A hint of curiosity came to mind regarding the continual beaching of whales. When you look at Darwin's theory of evolution, you notice creatures like the lungfish, Galapagos iguanas, flying fish, and the sea snake and get an inkling that perhaps something has brought whales to seek a presence on land much the same. Of course, research has found that many of the whales that end up beached are sick or lost due to natural anomalies. The theory of evolution is still a theory and yet the diversity and distinguishing characteristics of the above species spurs the thought justifying Darwin.
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Christian rock used to be an oxymoron. Today, it's a genre with a sizable following. However, dissenters are still bound. Once called "the devil's music", rock music spread like the Disciples' teachings. Hedonism was the principle subject fueling the music while Christianity sought to deliver unto salvation those sinners. Idle hands were once the devil's tools but rock's post-Aquarius transformation into gloom must've invoked the witch-hunts. However, to use a devil's tool for holy endeavors could draw a flock back. Only choral, gospel, and inspirational music held that music spot. Today, the oxymoronic "Christian rock" preaches and reaches its disciples.
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If building your dream house is considered hard and laborious, try paying for it. Even if you had the skill to build it and the materials therewith, it's even more strenuous. The best bet is to keep your dream house simple by sticking to the necessities and not appending for desired luxuries. The living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room are the prime quarters. The laundry room can be combined with the kitchen to reduce the rooming to four. Since walls provide required roof support and room division, strategically aligned walls providing maximum size for each room is best.
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The curiosity of drivers on a major roadway always backs traffic up whenever an automobile accident has occurred because they slow down to observe and record the best of the full effect of the situation that has occurred. It is the breaking news of the road trip and a casualty adds that spice to the anecdote being compiled as the drivers finally return to the original flow of speed. Irregardless of the lane quantity and the efficient police presence, someone has to find out everything even if the cars involved are well out of the way of the roadway travelers.
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It's surprisingly hypocritical of adult movie actors and actresses to be totally unabashed about the manner and affirmation they have over their career yet they adopt pseudonyms, particularly pseudonyms overly as pornographic as their film career. Others adopt pseudonyms that belie any ethnic affiliation or adopt obviously ethnically oriented names to emote ethnic pride despite the depravity they may indulge in. Personal protection seems guaranteed on the actors' or actress' contracts. The only significant reason to hiding one's surname is personal protection. Today, the obviously ridiculous propensity to hide behind pornographic pseudonyms is obvious to all in the viewing parties.
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When in both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries did people look about at the advancements which made their lives much more livable did they say that it was great to be living in the times in which they lived? As we live now, we gloat at the wonders of the computer age and see how much better our lives can and will be for us but there lies one interesting query. Did others in the times passed feel the same way come the Industrial Revolution or the post-war boom? With each century comes that feeling that great things will come.
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Here's a tip for maintaining pillar candle burning so that it doesn't melt too much wax and the candle collapses out of shape. The wicks of the smaller votive candles have metal disks that are crimped around the base of the wick. When the votive candle burns out, remove the disk, bore a hole through the crimped center, remove the disk, and slip the wick through the disk hole, laying the laced disk down through to the wax. When you light the candle's wick, the flame will heat the disk to produce a melted wax puddle the wick burns from.
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I make no apologies for incursions made by my ancestors during any part of world history pre-dating my day of birth. Those after my date of birth I still make no apologies for unless I initiated them. I hold no responsibilities or claims to any said act of any accepted modern terms of slavery nor do I owe any apologies to the acts thereof. Reason being that to do so invites those in pursuit of fulfillment in age-old vendettas naturally set into the process in their personal inclination, being socio-politically designed, to erase me and my progenial offspring as progress.