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As I heard it, the neighborhood seemed normal and quiet one afternoon. My brother and his friend had left to hang out. It was during this day that the tranquility was shattered by a very loud blast that echoed throughout the region. The sound of shrapnel could be heard pelting the trees in the woods. Anyone within earshot knew it came from the woods. However, another noise was continuing deep in the back of my garage. It was a combination of snickers, tittering, and muffled giggles. It was my brother and his friend trying to quietly revel in their mischief.
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It was my intention to pursue joining this Internet writing group as a route to push any envelope that writer's block has continuously returned to other writers with and enhance any writing surge that can bolster my pursuit into writing. Since sticking to different subjects for each composition, the task has come to be a brain game in which it is best that you are conversant with the subject matter of the subject you have chosen to write one hundred words about. Now, with computers, writer's block affects the eyes as you stare into the writing on the computer screen.
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When it comes to becoming and performing as a musician, there is a habit or bug you develop as you carry your interests on into advancement. Some have called it the music bug but usually refer to it by instrumental designation to fit the particular musician afflicted. This bug is a psychological habit of air playing privately or publicly whenever the urge to want to perform hit you. One strain involves sitting with your instrument after practicing your power out but still wanting to experiment. It could also be considered a physical, mental, and instrumental exercise on the musician's part.
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A share of perpetuity is upon a gander this drive. Warmed is my temple by an adjacent arm standing upon the car window while another draped the steering with no concern over direction. In entertainment, I mire in reruns of the same comedy scene, changing the image slightly yet allowing it to intoxicate me this moment. I couldn't help but play bass drum on the floorboard by the pedals, tapping a simple rhythmic beat. The sunshine minimally hinders something of me pondering in and out of my sights, and bask during idle like it were roars simmered inside a grumble.
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Ask the common high school students what the difference between an equinox and a solstice is. Even simple examples can be used. You'll probably get the people still looking for an answer or using what intelligence they have to come up with the wrong answer. Ask them when the events occur and a calendar will be needed. They will be correct if the calendar reads "Vernal Equinox" or "Summer Solstice" rather than "Spring Begins" or "Summer Begins". Equinoxes are the days Earth is equally distanced from the sun. Solstices are when Earth is at extreme ends of the elliptical orbit.
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Novices to roads of any metropolitan region of New York must be made to note an unwritten yet established rule of the road regarding traffic. That rule is as true as it was when it was termed in regards to the theory of evolution. It is "survival of the fittest." Those who persevere are at times the victims of the anger of the defeated, some of whom will seek redemption by wishful animosity that may lead to a spat. Desperation has led these drivers to forego courtesy for short-term achievement. Road rage is a rare result of this unyielding swarm.
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One thing I not only miss but also realize how strangely significant it is when you're a kid is creating your own campfire. Campfires are not just confined to camps. Having lived by woods, I have made quite a bevy of little and sizeable fires for enjoyment. It was not a case of pyromania because I would have burned the woods down but just the pleasure of maintaining the inferno. As a kid, you know not to start fires yet know how to start and stop when you can. It's matches that you initially fear. You might burn yourself bad.
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The scent of the first lawn mowing, the flight of both returning birds and spiraling maple tree seeds, the sight of this year's early bloom, and the feel of the freedom from heavy clothing and wearing a jacket sets the liberating tone people feel whenever Spring arrives. It seems that even to those who can see the beauty of Winter around the blistering cold and complications from the common cold, Spring is the word to describe the manner in how the release from Winter felt like. It's a continual instinctual celebration of the post-hibernal transient metamorphosis and the cyclical thaw.
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I want a Miss America with balls and not the testicular kind. She does not have to be gorgeous or entertaining unless she already is. Whenever she catwalks in the bathing suit trial, I want her to pull a "Girls Gone Wild" move on the judges. When she is asked what she would to improve the world, I want to hear gasps and murmurs from her answer. It would be even better if she explained her answers truthfully and unabashedly. I don't want a crier when she wins but a triumphant victor rattling her fist in the air and roars.
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What did actor Michael Douglas mean by "Welsh gold" when displaying his engagement ring to the paparazzi after his wedding reception? Those who see him merely describing the metal do not see the underlying fact that he bagged the best cinematic piece of ass to come out of Wales since Bonnie Tyler. With the reception money being allocated for some Dylan Michael Douglas Fund, it should be of no surprise that Dylan, like his father, would put that hefty sum of money up his nose. Of course, Catherine could have used that cash for a brain re-evaluation to wake up.
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It is rather humiliating when you become the victim of the fact of life regarding generational advancement. That fact of life is that those who are ten years younger than you have the benefits and perks of a changing way of living improved by new innovations. You will recognize your advancement in age by virtue of their advancement in better living, most of the time by prefacing anecdotes with "When I was a kid". You also will make comparisons between their microcosm to that which you once existed in at that age. Then there's their music that you'll not like.
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Love is like the common cold. Simple as it is perceived and treated, it has a complexity that's had no fathom of full controlling power by those who have pursued studying the whats and whys of its workings. It starts off with a bug that one gets. As of the present, there is no cure for either. Usually the common cold is caught annually and on rare off occasions but love is caught by everyone year-round. You can be sick with both and not feel normal even when treated. Both can intensify over the time is has possession of you.
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It has been over a century and a half since the horseless carriage made its way into society and accidents are still prevalent despite all precautions and improvements to assure restricted occurrences of accidents. As of today, in rain, snow, fog, and sleet, the cars are far more sophisticated and advanced in providing comfort and mobility but still there is a consistent fatality rate regarding automobile-related fatalities. The chief blame of course is the quality of driver behind the steering wheel and the need to achieve arrival to a designated location. Apply congestion with limited passage, you get accidents repeatedly.
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The undeclared purpose for the right to the possession of a firearm is to put bullet holes into criminals, particularly those who gain unlawful entry onto and into your property for the purpose of absconding items of material value. The extent to the definition of such criminals can go so far as public servants performing illegal search and seizures through the auspice of suspicion. Although George Orwell warned us in his literature and gave the final say on his epitaph, who says we should not heed the warning and stockpile any provisions necessary to retaliate for that basic protective survival
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Can there ever be a new sport to gain the spotlight, notoriety, athletic grandeur, and merchandising heights like that of the major sports of baseball, football, hockey, basketball, boxing, soccer, auto racing, and even lacrosse? So far, only variants of the major sports have come close to achieving that level of success but went off as a fad. With the fictitious "Rollerball", the use of diminished roller derby brings a new forum but how will it be a sport? There was a movie called "Baseketball" in which baseball and basketball were combined. That sport did not fly. Then there's wrestling.
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There has to be at best a book about obesity for every ten cookbooks. Whatever explanations have been rendered to discern cause and effect on physical, mental, and social scales must see continuation with this prevalence of obese people. I know firsthand that it can start at childhood or build up during young adulthood, but when a thin person develops a "gut", that is a prelude to an obesity looked upon more like a status symbol than a physical danger. People with that "spare tire" can go flat but those whose six-pack became kegs require something bigger than their appetite.
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The documentation of the events in human civilization is called history. With the advent of the women's movement, humorous proponents purposely changed the "his" in history and placed "her" in its place to create "herstory". Some years before the dawn of "herstory", the National Meteorological Survey introduced hurricanes with male names. Similarly humorous people there did the same things with "hurricane" as with "history" and created "hisicanes". If the documentation of the events of my life were termed like that of "history", it would be "his story" or "my story", the former melded and revises to become "mystory" or "mystery".
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When will the day come when all the refinements, luxury supplements, improved mechanical fixtures, reduced gas quantities providing further traveling distance, perfected aerodynamics, bright halogen headlights glowing at the most perfect and borderline legal intensity, and all around driving performance will lead to all the major automobile companies creating the singular "supercar"? When will all the companies wind up suing each other because they all came to the same conclusion after continual modifications? When the Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Toyota, and all the other companies meet on the precise coordinate , the pinnicle of automotive perfection, who'll have the "supercar"?
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Charles Caleb Colton said, in his book "Lacon", that imitation is the sincerest of flattery. This proverb has been revised to called imitation the "sincerest form of flattery". Those who have heard this but did not yield to acknowledge the moral of Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Stork" are concealing something. Aesop warned the reader of this fable to not trust flatterers. When mimics imitate people for whom they are overtly mocking, does mockery through imitation constitute imitation? When someone imitates your work and skills only to supercede you in the position of higher power, do they flatter you?
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I've wondered how time will be measured when human beings will be left to fend for their continuation outside the solar system. One theory I hold is that by then, there will be a timekeeping device designed for extremely long periods of time that will run on the same twenty-four/seven and three-hundred-and-sixty-five standard. Without the natural power the sun provides the planet now, the solar powered clock will be of no use unless an artificial sun can be provided for both sustenance and light. A solar system oriented timekeeping method can continue human history despite the lack of a planet.
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People can believe in the existence of unidentified flying objects but yet argue over the existence of them as interplanetary and intergalactic transportation. Those arguments are few because there exists in the conscious of believers the presumption that these objects do not come from Earth and disappear into space after an encounter with aircrafts. Earthbound eyewitnesses get their moments of viewing with similar results. Despite the film footage and reports indicating observances, no one has ever considered that the point of origin could be as grounded as the crafts and their makers. People may be sources of these foreign objects.
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How prevalent is it in real society, as opposed to television's commercial society, do a white, a black, a Hispanic, and an Asian hang out together as a group to enjoy a day out? The real answer is extremely rare. There exists the quota squad, the body of advertisers reaping as much profits as possible to all ethnicities as the same time attempting to play social activist and proponent within their method of selling. Merchandising is universal but deception is essential despite any shift from realism. The quota squad is as mixed in the head as their perceived cosmopolitan world.
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Whatever became of bums? You know the kind. They used to by synonymous to the Bowery in New York City or any metropolitan city alleyway or storefront where they have been seen and be positioned in. Somehow, the travesty of their predicament has fallen upon the very same owners of the spots they wander into. They were called "homeless" to give them a sad and human appearance despite the fact they have a history that may make them seem undeserving of a home. Since a person needs a home, their existence without one makes them no longer the original bums.
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I have had some bad cases of what has been called "the giggles". Usually, it was just a continuation of laughter that is the result of a joke designed so that it has a long-lasting effect. Sometimes, another kind of joke has a similar or different reaction to a person because of the way their sense of humor is designed. The giggles can also be the result of something that is not so funny as is seems but something that taps into a mischief a person holds where prankish behavior is present. Relaxation and willful resistance reduces the affliction down.
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Do you want to embellish the illegal fireworks you have prepared for the Fourth of July? Here's one idea that has shock quality: Take the large eight or twelve ounce rocket, remove the cone that tops it, bore a penny nail size hole into the report charge, insert the entire blockbuster fuse into the hole and tape the blockbuster to the rocket with strong tape, affix the cone on the blockbuster and secure it. When the rocket is launched and it detonates, combustion of the report lights the blockbuster fuse and the blockbuster plummets to hit the ground and explodes.
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Some may remember the darts that were made from a needle and the tips of sneakers, where the needle was thrusted through the plastic column where the lace was stuffed. When my brother was in his teens, him and his friend has fired some at balloons that got loose in the mall by firing them through a straw. Soon, they aimed downwards towards the balloon seller. They struck one or two balloons tethered to a post but it was the one balloon by the seller's face that took the hit that was the funniest, knocking the seller of his chair.
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The Norse had a Hell before the Christians did. It was Hel. Hel was both the name of a hag Loki had with him to bring the sick and aged and it was the name of the great hall in which these people were brought. Hel existed underground where Odin put them to keep them at bay from being the danger they were seen as by Odin. However, the Christian Hell is a final stop whereas Hel came before Niflheim where the wicked went. In Niflheim, a whirlpool existed where the dragon Nidhogg chewed the world tree Yggdrasil's deepest root.
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I know that in the current state of moodiness America has succumb to but why is it not considered even introspectively to believe that a terrorist to one is a freedom fighter to another? It is probably because it cannot be considered by a body of people who have been the victims of the act that they do not look at the technique's success as they do the reason for personal failure. Attitudes change when select modes of retaliation are conjured as punishment towards the perpetrator. Any reason offered by that perpetrator may never be given the recognition or acknowledgement.
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Is the path in time for a status tool to become a necessity based entirely on how the use of the item affects the lifestyle of the person without it? Remember beepers? It used to be considered a status symbol, mainly by drug dealers but soon by employees of business who travel and now has become essential for communication for everyone. This has happened with the cell phone that one annoyed people who caught sight of someone using it and now is almost a mechanical extension of the hand I am writing this thought through the medium of the computer.
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After ninety-odd years of motion picture history, why have bad movies continue into the present? Have writer and producers expertly analyze bad films to find out what went wrong and know how not to repeat the same thing in their movies? At least with a premise, you can mark through your expertise and discern the potential of a flick to become a possible flop. There have been anecdotes by well-known celebrities and behind-the-cameras personnel who foreshadowed the coming failure whose ulterior existence is maintained because the film must be made at a specific time with a specific budget and storyline.
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I fought with a drunk from a bar he continuously frequented for more years that I spent working in next door's store. He barged into the store and confronted me for a blockbuster blast that went off fifteen minutes before. Having never really been sober, he twice assaulted me but I yelled back at him instead to avoid damage to the store. I led him out, went into the bar to ask who told him I was responsible, and then he barged in, tackled me and seemed to have passed out because I was able to smash his face in.