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Onslaught of the rigorous conveyance no muscle behooves by flexing mightily in the surety of sexual deviance, this day marks a solid thickening under views of released prisoners in disguise by way of the circumspect route reserved for the leisure set strewn over baking party beaches worldwide waiting for that special bath assuring that special tan lending the right touch to the eyes scanning the available bodies carefully...flip side off the records, one jimmy jets the roach at precisely the right time and lets his views become the best anyone might hope for lasering on the proper suicide flex.
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this is the swish hop, can't divest the hot in the face of too too cool off the edge in the back swinging love festival having it both ways in a heat further along the side man swimming hard against a main drag...lips splitting for the lust of it, his horn hard on breath coming faster...sliding the main gist of it, well that's the best you could never do until you had the latest spin in the empty regions crystallizing slowly when doubt seeps in the sipping vats, better take it off the side, suck it up front.
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The day's decked well with the smooth sun flooding cool through the hearth of work, as I serve my appetite by feeding fresh thoughts to a heart swelling with sordid insecurities of an unknown sort. I seek to find the balance by tipping all scales away from the known and vetted weights kept sacrosanct and polished in the back head or steamer chest gathering dust to discourage the curious or rapacious criminal mind with hungry maws craning for anything that might fill the dark need. After all has been said and done, this is the key to being truly alive.
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One two three, the virulent sounds without tongue pursuing themselves in frenetic bouts enjoy the milling mobs' fretting how the time gets so away from itself, how the critical momentum deserving of the least praise gets all of it and two three, the pounding flees the heart as breath leaves the corpse in the violent dust denied the sacrament appropriate for a golden burial, and I don't know what I'm saying, or why I'm saying it. The words fall out in random bursts leaving no doubt as to the redoubtable veracity of the author and his vain children.
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The beat goes on to the right beach and heaven awaits in the leather upholstered interior sipping Don Perignon from crystal glasses while watching the latest sports' stats executing their austere signatures on startled bodies worldwide...therein is the upkeep of new adventures waiting to happen, 'cause they gotta happen, or no one will buy a ticket, let alone seek to scalp one; I'm confident in the notion I fondled way back when I dreamt of being an astronaut in the backyard paper capsule, so lovingly given to me by guilt ridden relatives praying I'll somehow fly the thing away.
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Tipped off the edge, finally toppling into the
becoming of a new edge while falling, thinking
how that new edge might seem when time begins again,

how it'll feel, how it'll creep up on me when I think

there's none when I believe there's no edge
at will I suit my comings and goings then,
how will I rationalize hawking the faux notion of
no edge when everywhere I look, when everywhere I
think to look, when everywhere I am is the indistinguishable,
unmistakable rendering of the new edge coming? Such a silly thought

when nothing is but falling.

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Perhaps it was a selfish move. Perhaps denying food for the odd man or woman seeking a diet of a different sort is kind of cruel. So it goes. The decision was culled from debate's crucible. I cannot take the time or spiritual effort to fit myself to a suit of behavior that obviates what's most important to me. It won't happen, though it presses me to understand the responsibility to myself, as a present communicator to the world, though few of the world may ever benefit. It's those few that determine the worthiness or extent of a word's power. 

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Fused on the hidden, cooler rhythms is all of the time all the time now, regressing from the fears of the future to the now is all of it, and I grant this time is the time I can't resort to by calling back from the annals of the past what time it was till the time that is now blooms forth its reckoning clear as the reflection off polished crystal in vivid clarity of I...that which is real is that which is now for there is nothing which is real that is not now. So let it be now. 
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Trip it light, laughing girl, catching all the light awaiting you in the crysalis angulus; therein its best, where you'll find the comfort least expected most desired soothing to the silence...trip it light, make soft simplicity's delight after the wide expanse of complexities swirling about a plastic face serving the inner eruptions barely seen as the swift confluence in a place of poker eyes...tipping off the ether surged to the quick mouth widening, earth quaking deep as the surface the dance floor we go, serving the need to move as we must, or else, we die.
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Marching on, taking the next step whatever that step might be, whenever and wherever it steps into me...that is the key to know how and when and why the need of the step approaches, why it demands you take it; how it demands will generate its own kind of language with its own kind of vocabulary, each time different, each time completely new and completely ancient. The scramble between old and new will remain a befuddling enterprise for many, not for all; for some it'll be a joy, a necessary and demanding joy, one that will define the soul.
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So the girl became exactly what you expected her to be, and the fact she remained elusive to the point of invisible should've come as no surprise. After all, she was your creation, even though the body of the one you deemed her to be was present and visible to all; the mind and soul were yours drawn by the strokes of your libido's brush. You must've known how it would go somewhere deep inside that lonely heart of yours...the ride planned was spectral. She sensed this, no doubt, and because of who she was, used it to kill.
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The daring silence begets the need to vent the lion's tumescent soul crouching for hunger's desire to satisfy the mystic belly's ache. No amount of appeasing, no amount of distraction, no amount of heady quality or depth of triviality may compensate the requirements made vivid through indistinct patterns of inspirations worded without vernacular or syntactical grace to mute their significance on the edge of completeness; so much so is the beat that rages forth the rhythms bubbling up the deepest cores playing about each other like multiple stars in furious combination rousing the mind to heights only the gods kiss.
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Stomach's stuffed with too much food to avert feeling something, but what? What is it that I'm avoiding? The call came about the July film, finally. Project fell through for lack of funding. Within the hour another call came from a friend offering me acting work for no money. I felt dry inside. He said, "You're a significant talent...." I halted my response. It felt artificial and weak, a ploy to lure me in. So I said nothing, other than, "I'm sorry, but I can't do that now. Things are very tight." As I'm tight. Tightly wound to my need.
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I'm angry. Frustrated. Yet, I'll move forward. No choice. Either that or collapse in a heap of angst that has no substance but its own corrosive heat drying out a mind that's really full, and a soul that's aching with intent to serve itself and the world. To stop is but a lie that cannot serve anything but my unnecessary death. My time is not now for oblivion. My time is mine to face this gift of life in the fullest and paint the canvas given. In the tiniest of moments, I can find the space to brush my light.
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It's hard to become what you always feared, as the face reveals itself by patch-work magic in the turgid soup swilled by numberless, faceless mouths scrambling for a suck. There in the dark brilliance surrounded by the swank and surely, you've found what it is you've been seeking, or so the lie repeats itself, rewriting itself as a manic virus on the machine's investment climbing higher as the skyscrapers of yore what means can the violence as softly seducing you toward deeper acts of dissemblage make you aware of incipient invisibility in the face of vivid plenty?
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So quick you are to feed the beast you've captured by your clever devices built in utter secrecy for the sake of swift surprise attacks on toughened enemies situated helter-skelter in the carbuncular face of society. By even cleverer disguises, they make their way into the collective heart of us, insinuating by single presentations, cleaving the tough sinews molded by intelligent doubt over ages of learning, all undone by the dark magic willed by the mind looking over us all, deciding by the toughest unlove who lives, who dies, who gets the prize, who chooses the correct game door.

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you'll never get out if you enter without a key to the hidden box. it's in the corner of the circle you'll scour with a soap pad made of crystalline bile. that's how it goes. if you have a better idea i'd love to avoid it. no one has the correct idea, as these shannanigans have been the ongoing affairs of at least two generations held back thirteen grades of tar...don't blame me. i've had just about enough of double talk and bad pasta sauces. the two combined have given me a headache where no one has a clue.
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Entrapments! Ah, the sweet embrace. Umbrage of the impatient, taken to extremes of truancy, begetting the wonders of superficial attainments at the philosopher's arcade. Such subtle arrangements befitting the best and brightest funeral ceremonies. How to sweat the accrued delights? the library, functioning as a master on the scrawling boards, drawing circles around bad ideas, having them for lunch, letting the bloated lions of mind have them, sitting above watching the gory feast with detached hubris, feeling the might of the moment, knowing all that is, beneath all that assumes, is wrong...but not for the moment. The moment is all.
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The sauce is underway to the melody I played in my head while we made love in the backroom of the NICU on nitrous oxide watching babies float up to the balcony to get high with the security guards mixing cement for the next foundation of our new microprocessor corporation entitling all those who failed to be inoculated on the first throw to get it on the second throw to the mound...and the batter's up! We're all anxious to see how Ned has recovered from his brain surgery or not. Will he make the grade or make us truly underrated?
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So yeah, I'm game. The press isn't due to show up until the first launch, and that's up to us, isn't it? It's all up to us, and we should be grateful for this opportunity to bring the combatants together like this in a non-violent, easily digestible way. I'm only concerned that the mothers who show up won't understand our intent. I mean, it could be easily misconstrued that the one thing we're all hoping for doesn't show, which will lead to a total disintegration of enthusiasm, not to mention the loss of all those fine contributions from poems.
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Hey Spidey, gotta moment to share some pizza in the reactor core? I spam you for sure, or the uppity notions of the uber-rich have been saying you're not the way you used to stir-fry, especially in light of the fashion explosion eliminating spandex from the menu. That's the tune I groove to...incense, peppermint, strawberry and flu shots...clearly the situation ethics making whoopie with politics, while nada superheroes with extra salami and pickles are not patrolling the worst areas in town, supplying craft services to the Metropolitan Opera and St. Nicholas Episcopal Cathedral in wide extremis.
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death comes silently, quickly, without apology. it leaves a breathless space of wonder shrouding the once lively collective affected with questions that cannot be answered, yet those questions abound copiously. they do not stop. what stops is the momentum occupying the root of beingness, in the place where life has certainty and intention, in the place of visible, tangible presence, that place where one is assured of communication, where touch is possible, punches, kisses, caresses, conscious dismissals. barred from the capable visible, one disappears in part to suit the absence, and this appeases the aching heart straining for comprehension's blood.
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One has to take care in the vat of head not to spill the brine that took so much time to brew. Mindful attention to its proper place and use is key to maintaining the correct balance in the occasional upheavals characteristic of a mind's caprice after that mind has been too long at sea. Development of land-legs is a major enterprise, not to be downplayed or relegated to the game rack in the break room. Efforts to ascribe a fashionable paradigm when confronted with the task has been seen to be an ineffectual waste of valuable gaming time.
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Liable to retract the info if given incentive to the contrary that I'm bound for excommunication by the edicts of old-timers hellbent on restoring order by disorderly, mainstream paradigms citing references, ad nauseum, to the effect we're being bad and downright evil by infecting delicate, impressionable youths with soul vomit such as ours'. This can't be allowed. Well, it can, but it's unfashionable in the extreme, lacking any sort of forward thinking. Best to stay rooted where the sun don't shine no more, and that's by gas effusively emitted on cue and stored in huge minds on government credit.
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You didn't start the swine flu epidemic nor did you make too many chocolate chip cookies for the soldiers putting their ham radios together in grandma's basement next to the crates of old vacuum tubes, like the designers for the new art deco retrospectacles mounted on top of the neighbor's garage just to spite the new edict forbidding too many odd fixtures on the front lawns that clash with the barbecue pots and lawn chairs colored too radically; then again, it's not my fault the hedonist in charge of town hall meetings should be credible as the new George Gibbs.
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It's time. There's no choice but so see the time is now. If that time is not seen, we are in dire straits. The events leading up to the inevitable have been meticulously constructed to provide legitimacy to the lie and to lend credibility to those who would seek to promulgate the lie aggravating those who will oppose it at any cost. The time is now to debunk these fabricators of a reality whose only agenda is to quash any attempt to smash the box within which we live by decree and fashion, sponsoring further sly chimeras of the hoax.
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I see. You begin to understand the necessity despite certain reservations you might have regarding the ultimate veracity of the plan. It's about to be put into operation, and once initiated, it cannot be stopped. There are perks to be had. Of course, they come with conditions. There are always conditions, particularly with regard to the moments of knowing guaranteed by the finer print under categories relating to and redolent of states of mind allowed under the active contract's domain. Anything outside this domain must be held accountable by the prefect in charge via a written statement to the effect.
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In the slot for the goings on to becoming the being with the right to say you have the right to say, not so remarkable considering the efforts placed on the table over the last several decades of remembered life establishing the platform where a face was rendered completely open, completely free of obstacles barring details of past mistakes recreated as interesting wrinkles. Instead of the usual process of methodical incineration, the day was wrapped around the establishment of a new order consecrating an edict insuring the safety and preservation of these uniquely exquisite facets of human ideals gone south.
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A unique way of expression is always a benefit when confronted with the hostile and indifferent, anal-retentive ruling classes, inscribing their futile exercises in conservative elaborations of political ideas best relegated to the rear, atmospherically controlled cabinets of the local Museum of Unnatural History. Where we are is where we've planned to be, despite all good intentions to the contrary, mostly made substantial in dreamland or in Area 51. This predicament is not altogether a bad one, even though it's fairly evident the problems involved in a re-ordering of priorities especially will be nearly beyond geniuses at Stanford.
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After a fashion, when the item itself, undefined as it is, becomes what it is and asserts its dominion over what others assume to be their sacrosanct providence, leaving aside the furious gusts of intent demanding the need to believe in something greater than ourselves, so to gain access to the potency of superiority in a world of allegedly inferior beings, then it works its ways behind all awareness, scraping away at the very fabric of human ideals present in being aware of being aware, thinking and being alive, feeling superior, killing souls unknowing, uncaring, aloof of light, quintessentially dead.