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Play the game babe, gambit on the growling textures spread wide for
your extreme pleasure and the interest accrued on the settlements laid
back on the growing grounds, stretched back on the sliding investment
scales stripped off the nubian hides blinking shadows citywide...there
you go with all of you in the grabbing bushes, where the alien ideas
sing miles to going, irradiating hairs on their firey ends in the vats
stewing so good, an sos is spat, and the fierce way when the gambles up,

when the hands are called, when the night's over, where sweat is sweet, bullets too.

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Sledges the likeable slam, sluiced juices in the swirl, on a sippage,
slippage, stewy gooey by the plentiful rigor where it lost its
erection and the ladies sang in a key no man could a gumbo
rumble, touche we say, that's a recipe with the right accents in a hot
pan, butter on the spat, glad handy dandy...I'm a happy eater of the
clouds, cuddled up the bible breakers, whoa, I say, a break is in
order, don't you know! The tables spread with a vitamin arrangement
that's too freakin scary....sausage mania, I got a suck, in the limit.

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Then came the tiny weekend to eat all weekends bulging with the appetite we envisioned as a mere possibility, coming to life, fretted off a sweating mind beneath the collective assembled...behemoth unparalleled by standards lent by imaginations in closeted bereavements by astute camouflage in discrete portions divvied via silent roaring fingers working in secret collusion, the hungers extant by which all were fed and eaten simultaneously, this, the arduous, rapturous reveal, took the faintest to the edge, the toughest to the limits, the ambitious to the darkest dreams of light, and the eye of habitations to our future's screens.
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This harangue, they decided to impose on a willing sort of head, agreeing without knowing the extent of insinuations myriad by colors untapped till the sewage of grief took hold on the beds of consent and bore the subtle out like a bloody child hefted from its dying mother's belly cut by intent to save a life, separating tiny morals from the tree of good and evil...let it be said this growth took a life of its won and won the triumph we as inhabitants of the craft could only comply by letting go in awe of true release.
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So it came to pass to an end of a grand beginning only dreamt by savage desires assaulting senses like an exquisite feast prepared by master hands fet of world class hungers satisfied in honor of the dead coming to life screaming their passions from the grave through compliant breasts heaving in consent of need beyond what flesh may utter in the dank dark of desire's true face that bears its own in the gaze of Zeus without a flinch or fear or slight of clever hand...the naked confrontation in a ring of fire while we, the captives, cheer.
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I saw the form approach off my fingers and let the issues flow from thoughts directed toward a consummation of intent, delighting in the arc of porcelain smoothness leaning in for a touch of light in absolute darkness. Open as a kiss of sun on the hot, stretched beaches of the Bahamas in July, the heat...dry, direct, full of desire to meet the ultimate connection, saturated the scene; long, lithe, rounded by the muscles quaintly associated with a purity, she dipped into the waters and found her compensation in the direct complementary way of soul spiked body and mind.
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Patterns of the informed voice spread over the group of hungry eyes and salivating ears by the variable sustenance of dialogue investing inharmonious creations of thought derived through continuations after the separation of mind and earth, given the stakes being what they are, it's a surprise anyone stayed for dessert, yet they did, and what pleases me the most, is the height to which they've assumed a grace not yet realized but taken to heart as a possibility well within the reaches of this earthly unfocused domain; thereby we know the source by the consequence of the source being us.
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Some kind of special nonsense...enumerations of idiocy as applied to the substantially aberrant in reference to the insignificance assuming the grandiosity by self-illuminations in a windowless room with bad batteries examining society on the vistas of superannuated horizons considered for their indisputable applicability to blind guard dogs slavering anxiously for their feed; thereupon we carry the grocery list in tight fisted anticipations down the aisles of fine stores everywhere looking over the goods, each shelf a bright, dusty selection of expiration dates worn off, and we know what's best and where to find the best deal, don't we?
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Suddenly in the swarm of an alien influence the root cause becomes the effect effortlessly as a means to befuddle what processes exist as threads of livelihoods threatened by no overt security breached, yet compromised thoroughly as the old guards of the old system hold rank and file in substantial numbers holding forth for no man's worth being assumed nor any owner's right to claim their place, but as a source of heat when the cold folds over minds and hearts succombing smoothly to a new music considered the best of the best on the charts covertly designed by none.
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Alien pussies or the government's concerns for love like mutating figs clutter sorely the window box view at the old folks home where no one dies just resorts to incautious theorizing across the golden road at the critical house of justice while the hungry gashes take their fill with impunity on the savage addictions flowering the dank, sticky beds with four point restraints of amendments leaning on the close calls we established with sharp HD editing for evening news in the toilet heads terminally clogged by Leave it To Beaver trailers for the dead at heart by convenient regression analysis.
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Mid to end off the beginning becoming what the plan didn't arrange via contingencies concocted in the dark by drunken minions of the federal bureau of intimidation, so what can you expect when things seem better than they aren't or could've been if the stability that demands our ever present, infuriating attentions flagging for the waving of mere delusions on a dias with all the pretty people assembled like chess pieces with a stroke victim for their champion? Let's take a minute to nod and think about the laundry that hasn't been done yet, but don't let on, keep nodding.
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Carrying itself through to the end on a roller derby of a marriage one could see how easily a man might favor diluting the lies proffered for diversions to accentuate a fuller realization that he's coming undone to a degree that might baffle any number of drug crazed shrinks employed by his wife in vain attempts to save the marriage before it sells itself to the highest bidder at a comic book convention run by the intervention mafia after studies have conclusively shown, nine times out of ten, there ain't no point in revealing the truth about mice in heat.
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The carriage of completeness in the realm of justice has a compliance clause not stated in the documents rendering what-is to what-isn't by way of clever confabulation any crazy person would envy that has a stake in the cooking procedures practiced by master chefs of politics worldwide in every kitchenette behind closed airline statutes...the byline being the discovery of the end as a counterpoint on a base melody so soothing Godzilla would have a hard time getting his moxy up, and therein we have the best and brightest on the game warming up under the judge's robes.
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Oh, you know it. I don't have to spell it out...the bad cooking, the hot kitchen, the perpetually late help, sometimes drunk, often irascible, incorrigible, given to bouts of outright diffidence, the ventilation problems, gas leakage, people succumbing in the dining room collapsing to the OR where an assemblage of amused students of the Victorian Age stand poised with sharpened pencils and prescribed medications, ready at a word to plunge the meat strapped on the block, complaint by reason of disinterest; then comes the surgeon with 89,000 hours flight time over landscapes that never heard of airports, grinning.
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Long, strained ending to the magical night of silence singing in my echoing ears, where a chamber of sprightly voices garbed by design of a purity disguised by specious attitude on the heights of inspiration's bead born by a wandering thought too restless to seek the familiarity of the comfort zone, vetted my heart to bursting, beckoned me to the edge, bade me walk into a net, no pool of calm water but a swirling, roaring ocean torn by savage currents and winds conceived in the root of imaginations gone sacred place of a living smile.
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So it begins the way I didn't expect and continues along the path designed by mischievous pookas lodged in the wavering shadows of my attic-head, spitting out commands to the overworked minions of thought relegated begrudgingly to the cellar storage bins where the scared plums among other magical items are kept, allegedly out of harms' way; lest it be told, the designers of the cellar barreled ahead unaware of certain exigencies, without malice, mind you, naivete nonetheless, and an ignorance to be cashed at any available ATM between my brain, the glib squid and my hands looking for answers.
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Dare to be silly, and profundity will be freed as from a dungeon into the light starving for its sustenance and plenty. In the laughter comes the strains of all the melodies in the heart waiting to be released, aching for the chance to be seen by the cheering light of day. So to is the calling of the fearful, guided by voices muted in their roars as templates of continual unsatisfied stillnesses quivering for anything to justify the abundant horrors of seeing nothing come of nothing...being one bound to the pathologists' slab as a study of living death.
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Sordid simply of course not as well, but the same goes for the other ambition of lust leading the gumption train through the main crest of the head peering over the battlements too cautiously to take the temperature of the enemy's fire. The sickly, infirm and deranged of purpose have the advantage of being in the best way possible for advancement if the new regime takes power over what could only be described as a degenerate ruling class, who sit in dark rooms for days on end watching videos of election celebrations imagining the worst could never assume the best.
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Seconds have decided the next move quietly imbued with the virulence vying the source for satisfactions beyond the scope of imagination influenced directly by simple desire magnified for its quality in the thrusts of emotions flooding the vents, orifices crammed to bursting with lightning savagery so soothing one might kindle the soul of a child rising from its mother's womb in shrieking silence; there comes a time in everyone's life when this is not only an inevitable nuisance but a driven joy through the core that otherwise defies and mocks any affront and service to its master's indomitably stern nature.
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Mission of the day was the pursuit of an image relative to the decay of anticipations eaten on holiday when bologna goes best with velveeta, except for the odd parisheners who love meat on the even days between thinking about it, then it became a pure endurance test. What do you think happened?...the neatest assemblage of customers waiting in line for a seat at the local deli, having heard the word on the street being the best feast was there. No one stopped in. Mockery fit the melody of the passerbys, and dissonance took its spoon to the table.
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Residue light, from the garbage left behind, scattered in a moment of spurious freedom, beckoning only the doubt crux incipient upon the leaving of hope disguised as the rapist in a clever move brought to you by the casual world of distractions' elegy on the buried mountain vaguely recalled in a sweat-sopped dream, slips itself through the fissures after crashes, one clambering to find anything beyond that something else that reminding one of their primal erring by the fleshy thrust behooving the keeper of tumescent gestures, it isn't what it seems not to be but is despite the seeming.
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Every day a remarkable instance of ambient reality confirms my own in the welter of the oven we accept for the chef's desire by whimsy and vim to prepare us as he will, the installations of plenty knowing no bounds for his supply. His produce feeds upon the infinite to be our infinity, held and worn by need to insinuate ontological conveyances beyond the mundane, beyond the paycheck, beyond the happy fuck, beyond mere desire...staying the heart is the key to the pulse infected by his eye upon the goods...where the envious and jealous may eat their own.
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Certainly someone might see the situation is bleak and dare to stretch the boundaries mocking them brazenly for the timid rule keepers they are. Beyond the unusual, unique and powerful sort, the end game is a foregone conclusion, and nothing occurs but the usual morning breakfast table game, coffee, eggs over easy, the paper, perfunctory kisses and the drive to the office while fondling dark corners of mind at the consequential lights, taking the retinal images of the forbidden to heart for the pulsing chemical equations surging black blood into the closet for savage redress in the bosses' pristine office.
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The spiral tightens on a gasp of continuity fretting a calm no one questioned, and the company of eyes attending acquiesce the breakage where symmetries dispel disquiet of a silent roar rising from the heated realms where wrestling electromagnetic sirens scream for a touch begetting none while the coils gather vim, minds rally cause, funds consume themselves at the absolute table, bets offered, taken and held, high as the sky is deep with curls of bending light wrapping about the bodies bent in desperate excitements, amazed how sleep nodded the decades on acceptance to the key turning centuries back ahead.
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Time is out, the explosion of now dissolved its face, qualities behooving one's lineaments delineate scope and means of begetting here to here manifesting accordingly as the exact opposite of intent, savaging the quiet, unsuspecting heart filled with love by a fist of hate in the dark where its most comfortable feeding its cowardice aptly by sipping fears from cracked faces assaulted for its fodder and expectation lent to cause by crystalline intent, serving what's needed by none to the guts of better or worse way to name it, the fits ascribed can only be determined by fate.
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The time has evolved accordingly to a crisp arrival of leaving what was undesirable in a heap of non-regret, delighting in the manure of past monkeys gutted for compost, standing in quiet expectation of the garden planted, the flowers and fruit, yet to come; how simply the method instructed us by the enormity of spurious horrors hefted into head by the whispering pookas of fear and doubt spawned, nurtured and strengthened by the matrix embedded by lies mounted on high as gods, by the edicts of perfection demanded, then discarded through flames flinted by the depths of inner soul.
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The torn, bedraggled of spirit with hearts laden by grief and aimless laughter gleaned from desperate minds grabbing at spectral straws for levity, must assume the right to dissemble and organize groups of stagnant answers, which must only render rot for indistinct questions. The means to create is wedded to the frenetic plantings along the roadside where vagrant workers dreaming of work leave their victims behind as symbols of ambition, announcing their intent to seed the ground with monumental illuminations where screens, upon which the movies will be shown, erect vague semblances of purpose as the panacea to all wellness.
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Funky mayo state of mind on the pots of fish and chicks dancing on the break of something extra specious for the contrary night looking at a very long promised restitution in the heart of the carnival made gloriously insignificant after groups of hopefuls were turned away by the ministers assigned to grant awards for anyone brazen enough to stand and deliver what many might say to be an overstated position on the equality issue belaboring the collective mind stewing on the galleries built especially for them, so of course, no one's going to listen. Who listens to crazy people?
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Techno crack, the virtual king, viable on street-corners
of all arid minds everywhere to the sensate confusions, renegade
light poppers under a glittering ball dripping fire that freezes,
such a wintry wonderland...down the serpentine source roads,
keyed on delight of no shape, into the primal head screwed on
the matrix where Mr. Anderson rules a masterbatorium on high,
comes the definitions in microprocessors' salvations. Jesus is
a light bulb, my dear, God is a liquid 6 tetra meg chip, and Mary,
quite contrary, leads her flock to the block, laughing all the way, jingle bells, jingle bells....gutted all the way.

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The stakes heighten in the realm of needing what you cannot have when you know not what you need, having to have what you don't. Sold on the visions demanding gluttony, the extremes unfolding, manifest clarity in the fogs whirling as the faces of friends you cannot see until the eyes are shut, the mind opens, the heart relents and the substantial blood flows. There, in the core, where the engine of living beats, the mystery feeds on itself where knowing metabolizes, dissolving poisons no man will ever isolate by sight, and demands the launch off what platform lovingly forms.