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Some such levels of the mind submerge the reflections infecting what must be revealed to a repressed light beaming its effect on stifled cause; granted, the ease by which the sane divest themselves of passion beholding them to themselves thereby regretting at the slightest wink of doubt the marriage of that which should be dead to that which struggles to live, as the daunting hammers serving as the ministrations of numb minds and cold hearts resenting the very idea of heat in the folds of creation to resurrect matters deemed evil by any other name for the highest honors given.

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So the need to be seen is overwhelmed by the need not to be ignored yet considered important to whatever cause is hot, where minions of ancient orders gather facts appropriate for the creation of a Golem in respect for those who believe such things; therefore, they don’t need to obey so much as be warned of the fanaticism of those who do; why obey something so ridiculously incredible, even if it comes crashing through your front door demanding you to buy subscriptions to TV Guide and US News and World Report? The residuals! Man, come on…they make anything worthwhile.

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In the rich collusion of the day-dogged people in the crush before the camera thrust, we stippled light as a fleeting kiss to posterity or the regret of eyes too glibly numbed by hope redressed as a suicide note taped to the exhaust pedal of the old Studebaker out back in the overgrown grasses overlooked and forgotten by all but the one who most needs a roudy ride on the gravel roads near nowhere, less the wherewithal accepted without question or hope of reprieve when all is said and cooked for the queen sitting proudly awaiting the primal tug.
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There wasn't a dry eye in the quarry when the gem was plucked from the ooze underfoot, as several hardened workers fumbled at strained wherewithals situated on the edge of their minds. Steve made his effort seem overblown somehow, yet we took it all in stride and accepted the melodrama. How brave he made us all feel, as we lifted the glittering bauble high in the blackened sun. Dust blew hard on the skins soaked with efforts beyond the ability to express their fatigue. No one saw the gun uplifted. Weary lids shook off disbelief as the echo slowly faded.
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Yes, now is the time for the horizontal ascension, where an indistinct resolve, not yet consummated on a landscape starving for completeness, is struggling to bloom in despite of the harrowing winds, chilled, bearing no life, breath of deaths; yet, in the need, what seems impossible, the new growth gathers its vim and vigor, wrestling invasive minutiae lamenting faux injuries, demanding what is mere diversion, emotional sleight of hand....seducing you into the magic box from which no release will come but continual struggles for naught. So, it comes to this, that no other may claim the time but you.
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Enter the void entering you entering the completeness of the small print avoided per usual with grandios flair, stepping carefully off the long evaluation coming down the serpentine pathways of our personal OZ to infect ego with a clarity embracing simplicity devising a recipe that's easier to follow when push comes to shove like hot diamonds in the rough taking the pressure learning how to shine, becoming tough, resilient and immune to a bosses' condescension, a quality we seek yet cannot name or lay to rest in clear terms on a spreadsheet for the latest popular god of the week.
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The word is unresolved, a mist on the wandering mind governed by the inscrutable and distinctness redolent of that which construes disbeleif from the stuff of stars one holds in their hands by the matters evolving from the silences peppering the wrestling spaces between the known and the muse of gods in us who dabble as children in paints over a board of light extending not without but within toward the face we knew before faces scripted the days folding onto nights, blanketing who we could be by who we are on a spreadsheet to be submitted at shift's end.
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The tale is told by the grist of the inner mind wielding basic knowledge sucked by need toward a point of beingness comprising a conjuration of something like a stark light swathed on darkness beyond the idea of dark penetrating the stalled heart on its beat to rally attention to this point as an absolute stippling, thought to thought, mind to mind, conveyances of intellect redirected on a back burner for Prometheus' fire equipped anew as easily as one draws a breath, comes the ascension, that resurrection of man relegated in its mythology to a book chided as a lie.
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Time the fractured manner of petitioning too politely in a glossy kind of mind best suited for the hotness established as the way of life in the desert shades under eyes not adjusting well to the microwave ovens we've been obliged to wear by the leaders after reviewing the latest spreadsheet horrors tabulating quite effectively the ongoing idiocy characteristic of our beloved enterprise called governmental concern over the rise of hunger, desperation, disease, loss of jobs, loss of healthcare, loss of hope, loss of the ability to see we're losing, cracks, but what the hell, we still have TV Land.
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Took a roundabout path after dropping into the pit of well-cared-for-death-n-waiting to melt on the boardwalk called Coney and have a slipped kind of afternoon for grabbing snaps in the rising heat swamping any hope of a white Christmas sliding the sense of nostalgia away, snapping at will the passerbys oblivious to everything but saying their mantras synched on special satisfactions where the end is often mistaken for the beginning, then came the line for Nathan's, not to be underestimated for its nutritional non-value yet holier than holy fun in the comfort of buns.
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On the chase grabbing at the elusive scents proceeding along serpentine paths scrubbing down the exploding pebbles on the fevers beyond sense or sensibilities usually seen as symptoms of a disease or at least some confusion as to what or why or wherefore the vim is being generated fast as amendments to the constitution currently residing at the most exclusive hospice money couldn't buy let alone conceive being minted for anything but play money for Monopoly lovers hiding in psyche wards worldwide; yet, there I go being the avid devotee of foregone conclusions developed as useful palliatives and party favors.
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One triumph, a soft sword of light plunging its soothing fire, cool blade of healing, setting the seed, igniting its journey metastasizing itself by necessity toward the scaled heart sheathed in its plastic black diamond cloak, tunneling toward the core, toward the beating blackness of it, into that impossible pressure of it, the unseemly mind of that which bears no understanding of a smile, no wonder of its own ineluctable spiral toward oblivion. Into the embrace of nothing comes a something to eradicate the choice of no choice, to set the course, by the antiquated notion of love, toward a resurrection.
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Can we ever want what we cannot want, what we cannot ever want to want in a soulless world by a cool, sane head encompassing the deepest of all wanting consumed by all that says no, that denies, that couples darkness with the means to maintain the darkness without hope, without the hope of hope, where the steps taken are but a dream away that has no grist of dare, unless the hand leads itself to its daring, where the sightless see, where the deaf hear, where the lame walk, where the dreamers have a fire of their own reality?
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Certainly how a place becomes another as the need makes itself clear to the inner person wandering through deserted dining rooms of past debaucheries and occasional bright victories, not equipping the soul for finding, more on finding the soul before the soul was misconstrued as a means to secure a reservation in the house of the beyond without proper maid services secured let alone mentioned in the background assembly where eyes that have no lids watch keenly for the slightest weakness or doubt. Begetting the next array of minds befitting the search is the key industry no one man knows.
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OK. It's a peculiar set of conditions without a framework managed as a place of ordering, not for confinement or entrapment of any kind, but as a means to utilize the power of the many over the one; each one being the best of the best, chosen with painstaking care, where crowds of applicants sat around waiting in a dark lobby for what seemed days, years, decades, millennia...oh, so you thought this was a simple, get-it-done-today sort of affair. Well, I'm afraid to say this is going to take a time beyond your watch's bland reveal.
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Can we go where we go how we go despite infractions however they translate into movements quite beyond the stretch of human conveniences by conveyance of secret desires not mapped for the kids at bedtime story time inner time of the outer limit optimum time as lights go on for the show in the head after hours of lacking hours to count as a record for HRs worldwide organizing pink slip programs for the ambitious to learn how hard work hardly pays off unless you get a sanction from the headmaster glowering arrogantly for justifiable reasons at the executioner's behest.
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Need it be so redoubtably vivid, this evasion of the vital questions, when it's clear the answers just don't play? Then can we divest ourselves readily of vain quests to bolster the vitality of the ongoing death laments rising from the rising ashes? How can we assemble the proper level of understanding in a place where lies hold sway with minds given to the lust of having more over giving up and letting go to benefit needing, tendering their profound complexities, depths and broad eclecticism for the luck of the draw in cheap parlor house games where condoms are free?
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Yes, yes, I say yes, over and over. The tensions, mounting to an excruciating point, gibber and shake the grounds holding the edifice we so proudly bear so precariously high in a grand gesture with all of our hands held out to protect our pride when it all falls down; hands, made to shape the most complex forms, draw the most intricate shapes, calculate the most profound algorithms, compose such delicate and ferocious melodies, poems, stories, means of execution, so I say yes, yes to all the impulses driving themselves to the realm of choices boiled down to one alone.
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Trip down the memory ventilator, off the grid in a backward, silent, delicately invisible fashion to see, just to see, if only for a flash of sensibility, some ideal not tarnished by lies...wavering on deck of the sinking ship, my mates hold sway on a vector path assiduously connected to a faint hope being nurtured for survivals' sake. They didn't tell us where the life-jackets were stored. They said it was going to be OK, that the Titanic was a thing of the past, and we believed them. Fool me once shame on me...says the prescient nod.
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No one is expecting the graces to fall under pressure from the opposites of desires equipped solely by design in haste of another mode of behavior reckoning itself as adequate in the face of egregious forces proven unreliable, though attractive, as fates would it in the frenzied attempts to protect the precious goods we thought we had when the storm clouds hit after the sole benefactor of magical means let us all down as the addiction took a firm hold and held us all down under a grievous weight sown carefully like a fat suit into his pride for ours.
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The reality snobs eternal, collecting radioactive dust in the attic of the antic dream-machine, assembling quite the unexpected collective in the narrow aisle of their favorite mental museum store featuring tidbits of the greatest and the least affecting soul sear-sucker solutions to nothing of any exquisite importance yet continuously popular energy flexing, seductive as shit to the fly, sold the rights to magical rites by a flurry of bidding in the dream house of the Lord most high, presently preoccupied by His desire to rally all the kids in his various houses to arrange their annual pot party.
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No way around it, time is now, time is now....and IT's coming down the aisle, right on time, looking pretty as an old lithograph scraped down to dusty blurs reflecting the residual fractals, assumed to meet all the requirements laid out for oblivious living in extremis of nothing particularly daunting or exceptionally well major designers you could spit at, but in the middle of the fray one can see the insistent ones fattening slowly toward the imminent attacks anyone with half a mind can read about in The Enquirer's rejects, only if you don't mind garbage diving.
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Beating at the walls for the death of it, waiting on the other side, hoping to feel the weight fall away, the stress bleed away, the sorrow die, all the fits struggling to be seen as worthy lose their fervor, the self-wrought veracity of high lies that no one questions without serious consequences dissolve in a stream of sudden knowing, every hand of the fixed decks burst into life sustaining flames, the variable and sold keepsakes of a wealth promised by adepts of the lodge of all lodges suddenly lose their seeming virtue in a frenzy of doubt.
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Yes, OK, that's the real deal, the real thing, the right ticket out of bounds being wrong all the time, being the perpetual fuckup, the raunchy, rigless, fun-toaster designer under the main dock after hours. Where there's a will, there's the way we do it when the feelings amass for something ugly to be done to the guests when it's clear they're not going to pay their bill on time or any time. It's the time to take action, do the rightest thing imaginable, and yes, little Suzy, you can lick the spoon when we're done. Got a deal?
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What more proof does anyone need? It's clear as nuclear winter where thoughts have matriculated to the domes and electrical activity screws the core reactor in extremis of limits exceeded beyond reason. The viability of this careworn thinking has stressed itself to the silencing point, and brain designs, no longer able to assume their own creations, crack, while the source material, dissolving gradually by wonders glancing askew off the times that cannot nor will not fill the coffers with anything more nutritious than the detritus of past dreams, is becoming a serious liability to the dreamers' conception of quality sleep.
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The angle at which the most gratuity can be acquired with the least defensiveness or rebuke by forces unwittingly assembled in the rear of the auditorium is assured only if the ones in charge refuse to regret how they got there in the first place, dissembling guilt and the propriety assumed normal in the face of impossible assumptions of massive retributions after the umpteenth slaughter was publicized in the usual grandios fashion we've come to expect from the ruling class in a style redolent of the great directors of the past who are, if anyone's paying attention, still in charge.
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Step back from the mirrors

as they melt in polite acquiescence

to the nod one bears

to a keen instinct beholden

to all that have been or will be,

reclining on the creased folds

tucked neatly away

under the billion frayed corners

looking for a flame

that's never gone out

but for the illusions held closely

for their wan palliatives

required by all who accept

this empty day...

that the cusps within,

drinking in the

ashes of the flames' game, 

are seen as a feeling sort of seeing

without light,

but light that possesses all

who have known

the truest darknesses.

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Off the indescribable gestures we've failed to recognize, the simple ones lightly given in a flush of warm emotion, the tiny ones devoid of manipulations, void of want or frenzies of the feeding kind needing a blind mouth in a dark space where the foolish and putatively free assume to decide actions praying for the unmet friend to embrace a chance at that thing called love. That the rich blessings given melody by threads of notes uttered in gasps may tell the knowing on deep golden rivers we fail to taste until the need exceeds the means on bygone dreams.
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Yes, i say yes, that's the important thing, overlooked more often the so called vital things that pale in comparison to the calling of the dissonant heart vibrating on the edge of the unquiet flesh calling after its severest starvations colored as the great and oft overlooked beauty in the deepest places relegated to a swarm of disconnected thoughts designed as the patterns best left to the tiny rooms held to the side for guests of unique natures, the little known souls waiting to be reintroduced when all friends not seen as friends appear on the doorsteps begging for eyes.
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The magical intonations, dielected toward a remission of sweat associated piquantly yet subtly to the inner devices fixated to our minds kept cold on the ice of fear, that some indistinct and diabolical momentum might take what you cannot sell because you do not know then allow this unusual and pleasurable intelligence to surface, a heart and mind to warm the deepest, most significant soul, that such a sacred revelation could derive the desperately sought question to the yet unknown answer and emerge as the much needed food for our starving, collective soul, known to the world as its eye.
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On to the seat suckers, parading like the vixens in deference to old desires resurrected brightly in the dark swells, so to the vital fixations the trained dogs drive their aberrant passions off the grids to adore the delicate wonders pried from drooping frames mounted on the ever seductive eyes melting in the brickwork...the sagging pictures complete with stories of conquests, old country nostalgia heating up the pumping cores where dry men and women pray to be buried before previews of next weeks' shows aired without a single commercial break...what's the point in that, but a timeworn rerun?