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Going On the edge of the bed Looking out the window Seeing frozen rain falling hard Going Knowing my destination Not knowing where it will take me It could put me sideways on concrete It could elevate my career People need me and that would get me off the concrete even if I fell Compose and move into uncertainty with confidence Continue fighting conditions Physical & financial
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Today I wear pink I've always worn pink I've worn it for different reasons Today I wear it for work Other times I've worn it to match happily or intentionally to engage fisticuffs Many a moron will verbally accost or in even better cases the moron will physically accost over a color. Those are days I am glad idiots exist So, I don't punch walls to revive thought
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WISE APPLE Means you are witty You answer questions with an edge Is there something wrong with this? To be able respond to people persons tests These persons condescending or snarky questions are not nicknamed but, the answer which trumps this querey is! You know who are wise apples: smart successful people; comedians, politicians, learned and people Who are not bowing to societal norms
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I hope I am not getting sick This is unlike me to sleep sixteen hours I have a pulsating head I am hot and cold simultaneously Doing this entry from the bed after the alarm had to wake me The aches I have are a typical The timing couldn't be worse Illness can not slow me for it is time to change Actual change, philosophically, professionally and personally
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No sense of guilt A feeling of love is what remains It is not to be negotiated Total devotion to another being A sincere lack of needing while nuturing another brings amazing returns for all who've never thought such an idea Place all one can in a day, at least and see how you feel It will not disappoint Joy, knowledge or even self actualization within
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This entry is rushed Although I don't have to be anywhere for ten hours The commute is 2 hours and that leaves six hours to force my body into sleep Taking sleep aides, doing all I can to make this transition as smooth as possible knowing stress will only hinder the process After this strange change I anticipate over twelve hours of work as a grunt scrounging throughout
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On the subway, four a.m. I have all sorts of thoughts; my skin, my hair, paperwork, money, whether I am "wasting my time" with one hundred words, job possibilities, agents, family, obligations, personal relationships, body aches, questioning drive, where will I move to, where can I afford, will I arrive on time and my expression as always; blank. Silent thoughts
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To chose between the physical, the sociological or the financial Physical seems to overpower the others in most I fight this often and whether you do or not determines what type of person you are what you will accept what you will do as opposed to what you won't The same goes for financial beyond means Strive for psychological to make better connections with the human race
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You can wish to whomever people can change The wishes fall deaf on whomever because people leave responsibility on the person whom one wishes upon The change is prompted by an event or moment The person must realize life is not what ideally they want Life is not good Life is not decent Life is clearly not even bad The moment seeing without bias Wish Pray
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Wonderful innocent fun loving Protege pupil legacy Teaching the lesson of worth and responsibility The feeling of admiration is nothing comparable When you have one who idolizes you One you enjoy their company and welcome their presence When you realize their place in the world is due to your potential and action The feeling is something one must really grow into and realize the levity
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Reinstate the forces
Roll over their feeble attempts
My mission is starting and the foes will be up against an enraged badger
Think triple espresso sugared, energy drink, guarana pill and dark rum combined to propel into a bullet of human energy while the heart is stable and the mind completely coherent and calm
As stated by an old friend of mine " Don"t tell me what you are gonna do; Just do it"
Writing is anonymous courage
MUTILATE the pernicious procrastination
Live destroying inferiority ignorance complexes
Humility after success
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As I listen to the first piece of music I ever purchused, I ponder the influence and irony
Elvis did My Way by Frank Sinatra and released it in 1977
The first line is now the end is near and Elvis died soon after
My life is has mirrored many of the arrogant or honest aspects of this song
The line what is a man if he doesn't say what he truly feels
I'm an honest person but, it is seen as a flaw
Not in a shy way, I DO IT MY WAY
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Is one completely selfless if they try to make others happy to improve their own mood in the process Knowing if you help that person place thing or other being will make you happy are you not selfish for desiring the feeling it gives you This is a seldom asked question for most want praise to get that feeling Bees pollinate flowers This thought: Stinger
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Fear of success Have it in the face and turn away Lose an entire day because the overwhelming feeling of people hanging on your every word with no background or point of reference Absurd humans over exuberance for artist They pack mentality which turns a median intelligence to a speech disabled drooling buffoon Why do I have the curse of a talent which people will bother me MORE
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Knowing I am on my way to meet an international beauty
Are my clothes appropriate?
Is she on the same wavelength as me
Listening Suzanne by Leonard Cohen
She touched your perfect body with her mind
That has happened but, that is not the only thing of significance in any relationship
Fortunate anxiety
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Had a wonderful evening with a beautiful woman Her heart is as clear and clean as arctic ice Her looks are beyond imaginable I stayed out late for her and am paying the burnt ends of each side of the candle now My usual self made some dating faux paws This makes me think back to the psychologist who says I maybe autistic because of my openness & honesty
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I don't want to deal
I want things to just happen
No work done
People should just know
Talent is for some
Persistence is not a talent
It's endurance
It's a drive
It's a want
Is it laziness, frustration, depression
Work still comes with minimal effort
Will I permanently settle or strive
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Is heat associated with evil
Hell is burning unbearable heat
Yet when we refer to persons who are distant; they are COLD
Where as fire is known for being red and red is symbolic for passion
The snow is white and so is the virginal bride
Extremes of can kill
My preference; visible air with blizzard disabling humanity
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Sweaty and tired as I begin to type
Work still needs to be done; labor
More cleaning, more fixing to be done after running with my off spring for ten hours out of the day
Work, as the corporate type will tell you is draining
The corporate type is less healthy; STRESS
Physical labor for mutual enjoyment, rewardingly tiring
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Advice is given
People seem to think I should do more or stick to niche
The working of the mind is a mystery to all of the researchers, philosophers, etc...
Instinct can not be explained but, when it is correct...
The instinct worked for me as relaxed as possible
A cutting out the intermediary realized forces and physical being
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Whether it is mandatory or suggestion I will for the month of patronage to persons of African American resent, our first president of partial African descent , Barrack Obama. One hundred words is not enough to describe the relevance and actions of the man. I compare him favorably to a president who was a outsider, Jimmy Carter. Ironically, a southerner who was fought by republicans and democrats
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Listen to a song whose premise is "just one fix"
There are many fixes which are not conscious
Screens are a fix
Fix is addiction
The nature of addiction does not have to be deleterious, it only has to do with persons supposed need of a something
To be the screen addict is grossly accepted
The freak honestly abstains
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The American Medical Association released a statement today that cell phone use in excess of ninety seconds increases cellulose in the brain
This study calls for more research
It obviously shows radio waves affects the brain
I have a legitimate question; If this study shows a truly harmful use of cellular phones, will the clientele be able to pursue litigation against the Providers
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The writing is done as a way of expressing the unspeakable
This person next to me is barely taking time to breathe between sentences
I arose late, lost work because I have integrity
The teeth begin to grind
Women are a tease
Going without nicotine
Wanting withdrawal, Disconnection
Too easily agitated by persons
Trapped; Midtown, Manhattan
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Today is a big day
I have the ability to showcase my talent
This is something which I look forward to and which would pay me handsomely
No excuses
I am physically ailing which I am thinking is the mental taking over
I just took medicine to assist in making this hindrance subside
I must forge on for prosperity selflessly
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Death would make things much easier
Not meaning suicidal thoughts, the taking away of life's responsibilities & relationships
No answering, no requesting, no relinquishing of materials, no memories, no reciting, no effort
No life
I have love in life
Love is not omnipresent saturating life's quandaries
While the brain functions it brings weight for those with conscious
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The deciders
The judgers
The traveled
The learnEd
The pundits
The leaders Kings Queens Emperors Prime ministers Presidents Senators Representatives Doctors Lawyers Corporate Executive Officers Corporate Financial Officers General Managers Managers Supervisors
All the above have opinions not expertise
They have what is called hypotheses
An educated guess based on previous knowledge
Guessers not Knowers
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I've noticed an awful lot of hypocrisy from the super politically correct
They find misogyny and chauvinistic behavior supposedly repulsive
Supposedly because I've witnessed these same people be charmed by a rich playboy as he works the room
But, if one single man makes a feeble attempt at having conversation with one single woman the remarks are of disgust and politically correct words