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Envy is an odd emotion
It's oft confused with honest assessment
Being a person who is deemed to inherit the earth
Whether this is in my belief system I care not
Why despise another for whom they are with or what they possess?
Destructive mental activity is not apart of my process
My hatred is for misuse of beings
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He cried only once in my presence
The life support machine was helping him breathe, his immediate family was around and I had music for him and the song playing was Danny Boy
His eyes had been shut for days but, a tear drop trickled from his left eye
He appeared to me in a dream, we hugged and broke down simultaneously
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Affection and sensitivity
The idea of loving another unconditionally while coddling their fears, attending to their needs; which I can not comprehend, realize this person only wants good for me in an unbias perception of goodness, Love we will care for each other for as long as humanly possible with an influence which endures after physical departure from this world. This is my faith
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The difference in class or status however you want to categorize the differentiate verbally
HOWEVER, you want to label
One way is silence
The more expensive public transport, the more silent it is
Strange; I was riding in a golf cart with this rich kid. He stole it. He urinated openly but, I get hot and go shirtless, For shame
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I was able to guess my child's moves
I am tortured As the buttons are firmly depressed because of the double vision Writing one hundred words is not the hard thing. This maybe my self depricating attitude, each person I'd imagine has an internal dialog, transcribe it till one hundred....? Now, that I'm barely awake, focus of the transcription should be on quality words
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If karma is true
I am due some true commitment in return
I've turned down more lucrative work because I had prior commitments to lesser paying jobs
This is viewed as dumb
It's how I was raised
My Father did such acts
He refused higher paying jobs as a principal or administrator to stay committed to the children he taught
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As I stare out on the beautiful falling mist whirl, my gaze of admiration; evident. Now, as I get on my train the mist turns to a burst of white I love snow especially unexpectedly Our rivers are overflowing, roadways shut down and it snows As I write this though the snow has stopped The emotion which is riled in each human being from snow is strong
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I write what I feel The expression is unnerving to many Presenting the transcription of emotion to people is more powerful as it is visible as opposed to the spoken word Woman receive writings from me ranging from passe to hard to recite words Each has the same reaction, a scared or deeply appreciated but, the latter is rare no matter how passe I must learn speaking
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I've inspired a cool person My writing helped someone This is a life mission of mine She had told me of her mental state in drips and drabs through hours of speaking The writing was about others ignorance and her humble greatness The next day, she tells me she went home; posted the writing on a bulletin board and proceeded to clean her place, organizing beautifying Success
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I want to lay on a woman so fat I sink into them and shut out the rest of the world
Other times I want a petite beauty I can give sweet kisses only to see the luminous smile
Most times physically the desire to rub legs like a cricket with a fabulously fit woman
Mental stimulation over prolonged periods has always been best; regardless
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Today was a day which I consider an essential part of the creative process
Internal motivation is difficult
The decision making process is paralyzing no longer
Fuck the stillness & contentment
Everyone tells me BE NICE This is not me or anyone for that matter all of the time, the ability to organize direct words of action is appropriate everyday
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Yeah, come try me
Wherever you're from, whoever you are, trials are what I am about
Life is a trial and an arena and aggression used strategically WINS
The eternal confrontation kicking and elbowing the whole way
Freud penned the word "ego", he was considered genius
Truth is he was a babbling coke addict who was institutionalized
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Each generation believes they are smarter and more advanced than the previous
How far have we come as a race?
A poor man still wishes to be rich with material goods
The rich man commonly hoards and give charitable tax breaks unlike heart felt charity
Ghandi was a man who had affluence.
He relinquished it and helped others
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It is sort of sad when comedy becomes a business
It is like sex becoming a business
Not in the way that the comedian becomes a whore
It is the using of a human emotion in a business manner
Knowing what gets the other off and using it at specific moments for effect rather than for mutual enjoyment
The sad clowns
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As of today
I have a baby bird
Go with it
Avoid all of the pestering in your head
What if and if, no remember as with the writings
Go with what you feel
As a child, I had a bird feeder
I was enamored by a particular bird that seemed more like a humming bird, out of reach
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I haven't neglected my writing
To the contrary, I've written a lot the past two days
Pertaining to a sensation which literally came over me
I was defending someone who I regarded as nice pretty but, distant
After the defense I had a tingle that went from the back of my head down my spine
The path I am on is noteworthy
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The power of well I don't know
It keeps me still
Is it that my mind takes over
The content feeling of moments before a kiss
Seeing the all the little lines of a cornea
Noticing every detail in the other yet, it's blurred A live grinning statue facing forward where the outside world disappears in those longing eyes
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It has taken so long
Good things come to those who wait
I don't have to make an effort because her personality is so entangled with mine
We keep reminding each other that we are smiling
I can't recall being this way with anyone
She reads about the occult
She has a spell on me without magic
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Loosening up the shoulders, rolling the neck
Outbursts of bellows, shake it out
This brings me to focus but, for a long time there I needed a mantra
Nothing really fit into the mold of deep relaxation and concentration
No words fit
The moment has arrived
Inspiration beyond anything previously in my life
Her name is Jennifer
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Peace unexchangible
A slinking energy twists and turns through crowds of humans
The vapor like current runs unwittingly to a being which goes into a trance
This trance is unlike those portrayed in movies
This trance breeds vitality, a glow
The trivializing of such strong emotion, such strong energy is inappropriate and improper, fiendish.
Respect the current and internalize
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As I ponder my past, it is inconsequential
The choices, the words, the relationships, the opportunities, the food, the injuries, the drugs, the speed or lack of, the so called regrets ALL mean nothing
They have all brought me here
Where is here?
Where I have an undying appreciate for another and the feeling is truly mutual
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Today, I was invited to a business venture.
I never much cared for this line of work
While reading today I came across a thought which says in order to do what I please that line of business is essential
It is cliche to say whether or not you believe in what you are selling
Can one be humble selling their own art?
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Jennifer Lee
What you do to me
Japan,so much tragedy
I am not ignoring nor apathetic to these things I see
Quite the contrary
Earth is perfect because of this woman raised by people from Italy
As I grow older hourly
I love you more Jennifer Lee
There is no longer me
Everything is WE
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You crawl between those lines in my brain Picking things which make me sane Which make me clean Which make my woeful thoughts careen My writing style has changed My attitude has changed My entire outlook completely changed All for the better she could do whatever she wants I let her Try as it might the feeling of society's glare Unconventionally, we are an ideal pair
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She does everything I have always wanted from a mate. She's open with all her being which compels me to be open with her. There is no judgment, just admiration. Each finding the others supposed flaws as cute. She makes a suggestion, as if fated that opportunity presents itself. Never have I had a stronger belief in a higher power. The power is channeled through her
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I listen to songs which I do not like
Travel long distances
My body aches
Physically exhausted
Analysis in not needed
For SHE knows my effort
It's appreciated
One day of recovery is nothing when thinking of a lifetime
I can't help but, question how
How does she find ME attractive
Why question though
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To be told "we have to talk"
It's vague.
It's ominous
The scaping of the recesses of your mind for what it is this talk may concern
The thinking of any and all bad circumstances because people usually do not bring great news when prefaced by these words
It's like a set up for something bigger
Gripping anxiety
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Oh Cher, your music is so awful. Your endless surgeries are awful. Your acting is good though. I do not write this with malice. I am trapped in a van with someone who has the option of hundreds of radio stations yet he keeps it on the local "easy listening" station. This is not easy for my ears. Most sleep, this music raises my bp
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Surrounded by synthetic beauty yet I am uninterested
The beauty I love encompasses everything I've ever wanted
There is no way to improve upon her
Even her so called flaws I view as essential seasoning to an amazing dish
Presentation, superb; taste, other worldly
It's a pleasure to be served this dish anytime of day
The admiration exceeds words
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Traveling by the water, It's a wonderful time in my life
Time spent with my future wife
The train rolls along the rivers' twist and turns
With each passing day, my heart it burns
Burns with anxiety that she is far from me
Never ending used to scare me
Now, envisioning staring into her eyes eternally happy
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Am I na´ve?
I really don't believe so
When Mentioning the one part of my love, the response is usually shock
This matters not to me; for I am happy
Four children
I am better with children than adults
This is why it has taken forty years to find a lover
Extensions of her must be wonderful