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The "respectable" line of work means you are able to answer the question where you will be in five years? The answer which you'll be able to say an upward mobile response. Translation: you will be able to yes people to death as well as make decisions which are morally questionable in order to advance. So, you could accumulate more currency.
Questionable respect
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It's a birthday
Time for remembrance or a looking towards the future
The present gets priority
Emotion decides days not plans
Presently and prior to today, I never expected to meet someone who makes me lose urges for another
This happened and was not sought out
It always comes to wait and see
New Lazarus
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Oh inherently, life philosophically has such difficulty
To have a conscious is equal to no having no ambition
Sensitivity is not recognized as such
Timid is the term reserved for those who await permission to touch
The chopping of cattle into all sorts of shapes and wrapping in things
Though, these suggestions made seem strange if made of chlorophyll beings
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My next writings are a previews so to speak OF a writing which I debated about posting here whether this sight is for organic thought or recycled past thought which had been transcribed. Now, with time feeling more it's compressed than condensed, I will unfurl the relatively recent writing I plan on submitting for publication. It is my implication though that this sight is viewed by publishers
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"Where is this place?" A story by Thomas Michael Henry- excerpts by choice of friends who described the writing to be detailed, descriptive and ominous. -" He sits on the edge of the luxurious bed and dresses. When dressed in his wrinkled attire, he walks in a haze, akin to the walk of the undead toward the door. His bed partner exposing her greyish yellow "-
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-" complexion. On the areas not seen dark black by folds of flesh, she squirms on the bed in her beige under garments making a still disturbing purr. He exits through the elaborate spiral stairwell and plush elaborately decorated carpet to the ornate double doors with golden handles and key holes. He gets in his car and slowly looks both ways before starting it." Excerpt @ TMH
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-"As he turns the keys to the ignition, he breathes deeply and drives off in his modest sedan.
The elderly woman reaches across her bed and opens the drawer of her bedside table. Weak, limp, old dirty bills of all denominations fall out of the drawer. A scurrying, fidgety human leaps into the room. He seems to point and squeak-" Excerpt @ THM
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-"out directions to the woman. She rolls out of bed and the dirty money plus the fidgety human break her fall. The pointy nosed, buck toothed fidgety one speaks I advise you find an alternate way out of bed. The lady responds with a caw. She is slow to her feet." Excerpts from "Where Is This Place?" @ copyright Thomas Michael Henry 4/7 - 4/9
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-"As she stands the mousey one yells We need you in here! Two fit well groomed men and two slim, well kept women enter all dressed dapper. None of the four are outstandingly handsome but, are all keeping the best appearances possible. The lady stands in her undergarments and one of the women come up to her with a shiny scarlet" Excerpt @ T. M. H.
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I am done with my showcase on this site
This site from what I am told is viewed by prospective employers who see a dedication and talent to prolong into a career which fits the niche
If this is the case I have shown a variety of thoughts and openness here which made such writers as Hemmingway, Bukowski, Twain, Dostevesky and Shepard relevant and respected
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My last entries may seem like blasphemy or absurd hubris
Many things maybe drawn from this but, as an individual I am rarely impressed with other artists
It's all subjective, I don't HAVE to think anyone is great and I don't have to put myself as an inferior to anyone
I'm sure these artists view others as persons with different takes on life
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Shall I dip you in a cool stream or push you from behind making your knee crash so hard on the concrete it leaves a big scrape
As this scrape breathes and oozes with puss before scabbing, I can pierce the skin between your thumb and forefinger with a knitting needle I bend over you and grin
Writers make you feel like you live the words
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Living in a dream
Life is not as it may seem
Beauty is there but, paranoia and past thought make the present awkward
The mural of the mind has a tear
Mending is not hard nor is it impossible
Minor tear, barely ripped
No big deal, barely something which is writable
Look forward see the good reality
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How life makes us long daily
Longing for simplicity
Not the push button but, longing for happiness without the effort
For it to just appear for it to just happen
Transport a bride
Speed dating
A fascination with science fiction and gadgets to teleport people to us
Akin to the societal pressure of marriage and money and work
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Going without sleep for a day changes the balance of one's brain
This may seem obvious to the traditionalist who will never attempt some type of activity but, I MUST write when I am inspired
Inspiration is not common
The last statement is meant for the public at large
Poetry is done by a niche group
Inspiration is tantamount to sleep
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Negativity chisels away at my soul
Chomps on my flesh, tearing at my liver, gnawing through my organs, burrowing in my stomach where it festers a bubbling seething corrosive entity
Sent from others unhappiness to torpedo dreams and aspirations of a joint union defying the wishes of the objectors of negativity
Today, I place my torso in a vice and turn till regurgitation
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Well my friends it's time to go to that place in the brain It's time to write as fast as possible with anything which pops in while listening to music which is being out of control
SWitch the personality change the reality destroy the perception No longer afraid of success Just afraid of excess Fuck the outsiders and their tiny boxed thoughts pulverize with progress
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You are a child until you accomplish something
Something which shows returns
Until such time the pursuers of the arts are failures, losers, unrealistic dreamers
So, it is in today's society
The inverse is the accomplished artists are slathered in praise of epic proportions
Without material items one is viewed as inhuman yet, future contributions may influence innumerable humans
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The most liberal mind person who defend, admire and protect animals see them as amazing creatures
Not to say they are not but, the elitist attitude of humans judging is despicable
"The majestic tiger" eats their young
"The Lion is beautiful" forcibly has sex with many females
Birds desert their offspring
Glorifing others, the self hating species HUMAN
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Boulders boulders boulders everywhere
I am frozen and wide eyed gaze the disabling stare
The time is short and the tasks are tall
The cranium has a bouncing on the inside walls
MOVE the shouting mantra is slowly comprehended
Slight quivers throughout the body going from the legs to the elbows
Too much thought makes less action
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Now, the hermit will arise
After the bright colored candy day, I refuse to consider any holiday serious until late June
I will only be writing
No family except my wonderful Son
Besides that, It will be a retreat akin to Walden, locked away by nature
People will be gnats to me while the humans will be nuisance of existence
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Sitting amongst the clean sheared sheep
How the silence is great for writing
The Shepard rounded us up from the holding field where the bah bah bah about future work is oh so annoying
The herd in the workplace only fluff the wool and paint the skin, silent
Good little sheep, shut up!
I, the sheep with black wool
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New life
Not reborn
A new existence
Flipped reaction, changed responses
The preponderance of circumstance has brought upon an unfamiliar person to many
Like a blooming dogwood of personality
The bright flowers of a greeting but, as on goes deeper the branches are flexible
The trunk strong with roots and the only way to change those views:death
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Tell me everything inoffensive about you
That's very interesting and you look fantastic
What is it I can market for you?
Thank you for blessing us with your presence
I don't even believe it is supposed to be entertainment, the screen, the colors, the lighting, it is more like Times Square with white noises animated
Visually stimulated mentally napping
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My mind swirling with thought after important thought, needing to settle and accomplish each of these tasks
Most importantly, I need to write
I need to showcase my talents through different outlets
Do this for profit as well as expression, true expression of my own thoughts unlike acting which are others thoughts which you as individual channel
Let the world know
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Topicallity Shakepeare made up words so can I and topicality the process of topics akin to theme and I realize when going through my writings there is similarity to my topicallity It is as though I am writing many inspirational speeches to myself and I've had enough In my limited space I shall be making more poignant choices for the a larger audience than my own brain Defiance
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A low socioeconomic neighborhoods have problems but, the problems are more public due to the smaller space.
Child abuse seems more magnified because people can see or hear it more easily. Abuse may take place just as frequent or more frequent in the higher socioeconomic area
Drug dealing, assault, burglary, all happen through out society they are magnified in socioeconomic low Though
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The elected officials are an accepted laughable mess posing as enforcement and justice for
After the acid drip from the reputation becomes so deplorable that the people as a collective, rise up against the people who transform into caring beings to reap the benefits of power
Be gone statements of helplessness ironically from OUR publicly elected officials
Tale of two faces cities unchanged
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To not have firm grasp on reality, I'd imagine is scary. If my words cause you to see a doctor. This is specific. Others have views of everything and believe their view is the sole view. This is scary knowing that type of narrassism through experience. Blind followers never have a firm grasp on reality. I am not the omnipotent judge but, life proves awareness
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It is either fantasy or a true lack of depth with the appreciation of the largest welfare recipients, the British Royals, nuptials
The fantasy is a belief in the privileged, who are supported on the backs of millions without true power but, are expected to behave within society's mores of marriage. The lack of depth comes from the decadent garnish throughout OGLE envious greed