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The month which is named after a possibility
These are the type of questions which go through my mind and as I write this I wonder why the brain is called the mind or brain
Research could be done but, the point being made is people just accept and go about their day
Many times I wish I weren't like this
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A life was taken today
This life somehow means more than others
The killing of just one man is magnified
The death is symbolic for those with a cavity which can not be filled, loss
Loss of life equals no discussion and further holes for others which can not be filled
People think I am harsh, I prefer torture to extermination
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I spent the day with a person whose personality was robbed by cancer
A stare which you hope is able to acknowledge your existence because there is no physical acknowledgment
The simple task of breathing looked like a boot camp drill
People surround him with love
Even without a smile, a word, an unlabored motion they stay because there is blood flowing LIFE
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My spiritual guidance is now a spirit
Wherever that spirit is he has led me well
I say wherever not passing judgment upon his life quite the contrary I say this because knowing him and his belief in a great spirit, unnamed
The paradise will wait, he never liked structure and. Most likely wondering the great plains of our nation
Appreciating All
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If I were to describe my beloved deceased
I would have to say he was like a sculpture made of marble
Hard and strong yet smooth
He was smoothed out by experience yet he always seemed smooth in his own way from stories he passed along
This sculpture would have an assured grin and the sculpture although marble, appear flexible,loose, cool
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The societal obedience is driven through marketing
How was President Wilson's relationship with his mother?
Did he declare the first Sunday of every May for Mother's because of his strong bond with MOM? Was it that platonic a declaration or was it a threesome with Commerce in mind, making the relationship a dirty plot hidden in a cloak of admiration for the baby bearer
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It's over
Hold the badger's heart high
Let the blood trickle from your clinched fist down your bare forearm and falls of dripping crimson on your thigh/ That the strength of a departed lover/ Separation from the fallen and squeeze popping the primary organ of the beast/ Leaving no memory in the frontal lobe/ Brandish the dagger tongue/ Stomp the fore foot IMPRINT
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The spirit which is my parallel track is a bundle of sensitivity and positivity The path winds and goes up with very little downs The communication of the track is clear and responsive. It's far ahead of schedule and although parallel the track will even occasionally clover leaf always going back and charging forward. The planks below are days
Stops will be unknownst to either
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Sitting by the cobblestones, speaking philosophically and it feels organic. The truth of moments seems easily identifiable. As though we are channeling a different era. Spitting at the paparrzazi, circling of the spirits, landing on olden times. Times of learning, enriching, preaching of an ideal nature where the small niche exists.
A comfort zone of the analytical thinkers. Being exposed to art.
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Tunneling, burrowing, the downward brow and iron jaw, making the process more of a thrill. A bite of the principle and a lead of the paranormal. The path of seldom known. The researched that even theorists don't achieve. Hypothesis pointing high but, relegated to an even plain. The gyroscope roll of the iris peering into the unused. Tapping the area with charging force, INSPIRATION
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While a person can like something
Hyperbole is all too common in today's society
Marketing is responsible
The word good is less frequent and great is more common
The way of today is microwave cooking, fast food and television Promotion
Flashing great, reviewed as being the worst thing to happen in a society since the plague
Elevated dismiss
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"Reality" television isn't truly reality. It's an exaggeration of situation the producers think let's find the way to have this person react in the most outrageously for the cameras as Persons compare themselves to these outrageous acts of staged reality and feel better about their temperament or life not realizing they know little about these television personalities
Assisting with polarization among the general populace
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Even if based on an event a belief based upon an event which happened once is hard to stomach
This belief seems like more of an outlet for excuses, an illogical way to blame away the coincidental acts of everyday life
Numbers, construction equipment, animals, faults in construction, rain shields; All related?! HA!
Belief in anything over accountability
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The papers strewn across the highway with the noxious bus puffing into the tall weeds
I ride this bus with a half grin, scowl
Standing atop like the Jolly Rogers of the motor age in my drab suit and bright colored tie saying how I'm approachable don't be scared of this 2 ton motorized machine barreling down, embrace me embracing an unsafe, unkempt society
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Buzzards, crows, Hyenas, gypsy cabs, pawn brokers, bail bonds, lawyers and telemarketing
All descend upon the susceptible, the desperate biting strong yet slow skin peeled from the bone
Knowing this all these scavengers use whatever words or actions they must in order to chomp on the shriveled skin of whatever creature they can get
Get the directive ends no means
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Don't give me chemically treated water inside a cement tiled square
Let me be buoyed by rotted lettuce, mold filled tomates, filthy cat litter, ooze of old hot chicken skin, diapers hot with urine, live creatures among the active cultures AHHH a love for the true natural swimming in man's playground
Paint all your bright pictures yet there is no denial
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If you burn a candle at both ends and it is supposedly is a bad thing
Staying busy day and night is not a bad thing depending on what it is you are busy with
The analogy maybe apt but I question
When asked if everyone was jumping off a bridge, I ask how high is the bridge?
How big is the candle
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Triangular cover after triangular cover over welcoming happy colors
Tar covered exhaust filled flat top after flat top with their brown rusty emergency exits on the outside
The man sharing a seat with me reeks of pants which have not been changed for days nor dropped to evacuate
This familiar view and stench is common place in the complex borough of The Bronx
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A man who does it right
He does not bow to societal pressure
The man avoids the media, reporters and photographers alike
Five films done in forty years, all meticulous works of cinematography
A famed person who is virtually unknown
People get to know him is though his artistic expression
Beautiful naturalist and vulnerable humanist
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Insects clinging
Tall walls of stone kept together my cement
Air with a strong scent of some flower
As the winds shift the smell of charred animal is apparent
The average life span of insects is very short
The average bug has many offspring
This is reminiscent of human being method of procreation before machines and drugs prolonged life
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We the ninety nine percent are fighting the one percent and losing
For the first time in America's history this generation is less educated and financially worse off than the previous generation
Cliched away by saying the rich get richer
The 99 % must act as bread crumbs and cover the massive 1% to enact change
Awake from the technological malaise & Scream
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The fact is anything I type on this site or anywhere on the internet is monitored
Think of all of the ways you are identified: social security number, address, bank account, credit card number, driver's license number, telephone number, internet account number, insurance account number (if you are fortunate to have it), internet site registration, email address
You're a bar code
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At one time INEGRITY was admired
Supposed idealist from Woodstock spoke of community and respect for the planet
The truth is the generation of the late sixties has benefited personally from the financial crisis, so much for community Actions speak or sound and fury either quote is applicable Truth: Woodstock was a self indulgent party with trash left on "Mother Earth"
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Governor of New York State was taken down through prostitution
The head of wikileaks, which leaked secret government documents has charges against him of a sexual nature
The head of the IMF (world bank) also has charges of a sexual nature
Ralph Nader, public advocate, turned away a prostitute paid to attempt to seduce him
A true leader through actions & words
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Have you ever told on someone? When you did this did the other person personally attack you without answering to their own wrongdoing?
Then was the attention shifted to you while the person you told on had a wry smile whilst you answer the attack
This seems childish but, our society digs this
Digs with long sharp talons regardless of significance GOSSIP
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Dusty eyed
Ringing ears
Throwing down plastic
Rolling rubber
Imbibe mind alters
Burying competitors
Defying inquisitors
Slamming morals
Praising paper
Worshiping the image in the water of life
Not learning from the past
Listening to contemporaries
Dismissing luminaries
Artifice the standard
Your MODRENman
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John Lennon sang about imagining
Martin Luther King spoke of a dream
Malcom X preached of a Mecca where all worshipped together
Mahatma Ghandi showed non violence
All of these beautiful messages are shadowed in a dark way by violent deaths
Peace, honesty and community seem to be a threat to humanity
Why see view points as a threat?
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I am the walrus koo koo kachoo
People tried to find meaning in everything John Lennon wrote
Who is that?
What is that?
Why is that?
The walrus was written as complete nonsense for people to dissect a joke written by Mr. Lennon
Dissect as you read any of my writings and take from it what YOU will
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Severed at the cortex
Floating about
The physical goes through the motions
Whisked up into the cross wind the balloon head flips and turns with no direction
It looks at nothing and has no nourishment
Words muttered are from the trapezes of a decapitated body
The routine is different each day
Sometimes a departure is a necessity
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Look at love, what do you see?
Four words?
An animated red colored combined two crescents?
Do you see a fairy tale?
Do you think of other persons, animals or things?
Are you able to devise your own interpretation or you unconsciously regurgitate others definitions
This word is frustratingly ambiguous and over used
Replace oneself
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Swirling air is the only sound
Most reading this can not comprehend this state; buzzing of a desk/laptop, human company sounds, animals expressing vocally, vehicles chirping, planes resonating, telephones mobile or stationary emitting noise...
Suddenly a baby cries, a dog yelps and a child shouts come on
My moment has been disrupted and humanity has reentered my realm