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Happy death. That's what I just wrote about and was feeling while writing for the past nine minutes at 750 words dot com. I also am kind of surprised that I came so close to beating my record of eight minutes for 750 words. I usually tap out the 100 words in a matter of a couple of minutes. This exercise is like tweeting compared to 750 words dot com. I keep reading about that they're going to start charging for writing there. I wonder if they're ever going to start charging here or if PayPal will always cover it.
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I get a headache when I've reached the limit. I've been awake for 18 hours and that's just not good. I don't know why I'm awake other than the fact that I just haven't gone to sleep yet. I just realized while watching Craig Ferguson interviewing that lesbian character from "Glee" that I was part of that gleek culture way back some 40 years ago. I was cool before it was cool. I always knew that. What a total nerd I was. I just found a black and white photo from high school and posted it on my FB page.
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It's just another day. I've been letting the days go by and letting the water hold me down. Letting the days go by, and water flowing under rock. Into the blue again. After the money's gone. Once in a lifetime. That's today's theme. Talking Heads. I have little or nothing to say and considering I'm typing this at 0500 on Tuesday, there's even less to say. I'm just letting the days go by and wondering why. It's just another day and I have nothing to say. I need a nap and wondering why I'm awake at this hour of today.
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I don't like Mondays. I wanna shoot the whole day down. I took off work three days last week. Well, I don't actually work. I volunteer. I really need to get paid and I don't know what to do except demand it. I've been begging for a couple of months. Today I even called a woman whose name I was given as a lead for a job. I wonder if she will even call me back. I'm so demoralized. I'm sitting here Tuesday morning writing about Monday's events. Today was a boring day. Nothing much happened. That's about it folks.
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I woke up at 0400 after having a horrid nightmare. I tried for about half an hour to go back to sleep, but it wasn't happening. So I got up and start schmying around the Internet. At about 0500, I realized that I needed to catch up with my 100 words tasks so I wrote Sunday, Monday and now Tuesday. I'm bored. I need a project. There are so many things that need to be done and I don't want to do any of them. I want a new project. I need a new project. I'm going to find one.
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I'm on top of this exercise and that's a good thing. I have had the tendency to focus on the 750 words and forget this place for days and even weeks at a time. I don't like coming here and writing days worth of entries all at once. Right now I'm typing in the middle of the night because I woke up from a very bad dream. As soon as that little pill kicks in I'll go back to la la land but in the meantime I'd love to go downstairs and eat some of last night's lasagna. Good night.
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A busy day. I went in to the office to send off a report that I'd worked on for a couple of weeks and was finally finished. Then an hour later I was driving to North Miami for a job interview. Well, not so much a job interview as a job counseling session. And of course, all the things I was told were what I already knew. I was glad that Rita re-did my resume and told me to never send it without a cover letter. I left there feeling pretty good about myself. Now I need a job!
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I blew off work to do some things around the house and ended up spending the day in bed. I don't know why I get that way, but it's in my nature. Yesterday, since I was already in North Miami, I went to visit Helen. She was in a terrific mood and oh so happy that I came to visit. I only stayed for half an hour though because it was already late in the day and I wanted to go to Chipotle for lunch. After stopping at Costco to fill the car, I had the most delicious lunch ever.
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At Chipotle yesterday, I sat with a man who insisted that I sit with him. We spent most of the time eating in silence. I was inspired by him to get a bowl with mostly lettuce and just a little rice instead of a bowl filled with a couple of cups of rice. We sat and looked at our phones until he finally broke the silence talking about his teenage children and his stocks. It was an unusual conversation and I kept wondering if he wanted to have sex with me. That's kind of perverted, but I thought it anyway.
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I'm awake at 0530. Well, that's what the clock says, but in my mind I know that it's really 0430. Ugh, today is the dreaded first day of DST. I'm not a big fan of moving the clock around and I even read something about how it's a big issue for many people and there is a movement to just change it and be done with it. That's really an odd idea. Even more odd than changing the clock a couple times a year. I have to admit that I'm a big fan of the change back in the fall.
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I went to work today and was greeted with surprise. I guess my coworker thought that since I was off Friday I would be off today but that's next week. I have a lot of busy work to keep me busy but I spent a lot of time schmying around the Internet instead. I also left a little early. After work, I went to Pollo Tropical for lunch and I was surprised at how Hispanicized that place has become. I ate a large and lovely pork meal with caesar salad and yuca fries and a soda for $12. Good one.
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I blew off work so that I could get things done for the trip on Thursday. I booked the Super Shuttle for $70 round trip for both of us. I think it sounds kind of reasonable, but Raoul thought it was a lot. I think that a taxi would have been $60 but I just like the idea of the Super Shuttle. They have always been reliable in the past and I remember a few times when taxis took forever. I can hardly believe we're going away for a few days! Got a call from Savannah with bad news though.
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We're leaving tomorrow. Whoop de fuckin' doo. Today is the day I finally pack my bag. Raoul has been packed for about a week already. I like to wait until the day before our departure. I was lying in bed thinking about my underwear situation and I realized that I'm way overdue for replenishing my supply. I'll have enough for the trip but they're kind of tattered and worn so it's really time for new stuff. The way I know is that the t-shirts have printed labels that are mostly faded. The underwear are "broken" as Raoul would say.
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Today's the day. It's 0330 and I didn't sleep a wink. I'm too excited to be getting on a plane this morning and heading to Savannah. All night I was contemplating what we'll do. And then I'd think about the kitties all alone in the house for five days. They're going to be so pissed when we get back. But at least it's only a few days. I'm so excited I can't stand it. I feel like a kid going to Disney World for the first time. Vacations are a good thing. It's good to get away from the routine.
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Beware the Ides of March. Whenever I type that, I almost inevitably type "ideas." Beware of ideas, too. They become habits, which then become actions, which become character, and there you are again. Words create reality. I'm happy. Today is a present. Be here now. I love Savannah, Georgia. But I also love my home in Miami Beach. It's not easy being 60. How did I get here? This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful car. Now it's nothing but flowers. There was a factory. Now it's a peaceful oasis. You got it. You got it.
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Not only will I not be doing my Saturday routine, I'm not even in my own city. I flew hundreds of miles to go to a parade. I love a parade. That was the real reason, but there have been other things like meeting old friends and eating in fabulous restaurants. Last night we ate at Elizabeth on 37th, one of Savannah's most luxurious restaurants housed in an old mansion. What a concept! I wish I had toured the rest of the place but it was such a mind fuck to be in the front room and be served luxuriously.
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Today is Saint Patrick's Day, but in Savannah it was celebrated yesterday because today is Sunday and everyone has to be all religious. Seems a little cray cray but if I think about it, it makes perfect sense. Get wild on Saturday and take the day off on Sunday to recuperate. When I mentioned Saint Patrick's Day to my Jewish family, they said it means nothing to them. I guess any day that commemorates a saint is a Christian holiday. They even thought I was odd to refer to the "Bible." Their kids said you mean the "Torah." Whatever. Yeah.
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A very very slow day in Savannah. We're scheduled to go back home today after five fun-filled days here in Georgia. I like it here, but I don't want to live here. I find that when I go to visit a place, I fall in love and think how wonderful it would be to live there. That feeling never happened in this place. The last time I felt like I could move to a place I visited was when I went to Vancouver. Now that's a real city. I liked it a lot. Better than New York or Chicago.
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Coming back home after a vacation is like a double edged sword. I loved sleeping back in my own bed, but somehow I missed the luxury of sleeping in someone else's bed. I liked the displaced feeling long enough to want to be back home. I kept thinking about the kitties and how they must have missed us. But life goes on and we're back in our place. Raoul has been doing laundry all day and I have been a lump in the bed watching TV and catching up on missed Internet memes. It's time to get real and do.
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I'm kind of glad that I'm not working this week. It makes my vacation seem so much longer. Too bad I'm not doing anything constructive. Today we went to Montaditos and I ate a gluten filled lunch including a beer. No wonder I felt like a blimp for the rest of the afternoon. I like that I'm trying, not very hard, to be gluten free. I have no will power. When Raoul said he wanted to go eat sandwiches I could have very easily just eaten a salad and said no to the gluten. But there I was, eating it.
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Today, I had to go through the every other week routine of applying for unemployment compensation. Next Tuesday, I have another marathon at the unemployment office. I guess they make you do this every six months to keep receiving the paltry checks. It's better than a poke in the eye but it's starting to get me down. I talked to Julie about opening a sandwich shop. That's always been a dream of mine. Maybe she can be my deep pockets. She seems to have an endless stream of dough, so we'll see what develops. I just have to get income.
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It's Friday. Yay. I woke up at 0400 and started tapping out the daily 100 words for the past week. I knew that I had a week's worth to finish at once and I didn't mind. It took me about 15 minutes. There's a lot to write about because that way I'm not doing anything but thinking about what needs to be done. This room is a wreck. I'm sitting here like I have been for the whole week thinking about how to tackle the mess. But instead I just watch the television and eat things from the refrigerator downstairs.
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I went to see Helen yesterday. I didn't know what to do with myself. How did I get into such a rut? I wonder what life will be like when Helly's no longer here. After all, she's 95. I found out yesterday that they moved her upstairs. I wondered if that's where they put people who are ready to check out. While I waited for the nurse to get her ready, I went to the community room and discovered a kitty living there who is identical to Miss Brown. She jumped into my lap and purred. I was in love.
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Tomorrow night, we're actually having a Passover seder. This is because my Jewish family went to Israel and I really had nowhere to go so Raoul said, "Why don't we have one at home?" We've invited Ricki and her sister along with Bob Mandy and Ruth. Today we starting getting things ready. Raoul set the table and it really looks beautiful. I'm so glad we're not Shomer Fucking Shabbos because we didn't even spend one minute cleaning the house of chametz. We could clean this house for weeks and it would still be a mess. I'm excited to eat matzo!
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Today is going to be one of those crazy busy days. I woke up at 0700 and my mind started spinning. I have to buy some things at Publix. I'm going to the MBCDC this morning because there's a meeting at 1100. And then I come home to start getting ready for tonight's seder. I'm so excited about it. I already cooked one brisket yesterday and I'm going to cook another one today. I have to cook the squash and mushrooms. The ice maker is broken so I have to buy a bag of ice and some chopped liver. Oy!
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I'm awake at 0530 and I've been awake for at least an hour. Last night, we had a Passover seder and it was good. I got up early to go pee and discovered Chico thrashing about the Florida room having one of his seizures. It's been quite awhile since he's had one but the hallmark is pee everywhere. Raoul is lying next to me covered with pee. Even I have a little scent of pee on me from trying to rescue him from the corner. He was wedged in there! Now we're drinking coffee and soon we'll be back sleeping.
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I went to "work" on Monday and discovered that the computer was broken so I called the IT people and they told me that it was going to be fixed. I doubt it, but I didn't go in today because of it. I was supposed to meet Phil yesterday for lunch but it got postponed until today. We ate at Yardbird and it was fabulous. I went to see Life of Pi at the SoundScape after walking on Lincoln Road with ALisa. It was a fun filled day. It's days like these that make me so happy to be alive.
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Thursday is just another day of the week when there's nothing special on the agenda. I didn't mind having an off day. After all, so much was packed into yesterday that I needed a day just to recuperate. This week is Spring Break after all and I sure need a break. It's not like I'm working hard. More like hardly working. I wonder if I will ever get ack to work. I think about it all the time. Will it be a food related business or a junk shop or some odd hybrid. Or maybe just plain old retardment now.
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Today Raoul was itching for a road trip. After awhile of bickering whether to go south or north, we decided on a trip to downtown Fort Lauderdale to find this 80-year-old tree that is the subject of much controversy. We stopped at Captain Jim's and had a really nice seafood lunch that only set us back about $80. Lunch these days is always between $50 and $100. That's the way of the world. Afterward we drove around downtown Fort Lauderdale until we found the old tree. It's a big beauty. I hope it makes it through the controversy.
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I know that the best way to shake things up is to not eat lunch at Chipotle. That's already becoming a habit. I need to find a nice place to get a good salad. Ricki and I were supposed to go to Sweet Tomatoes but she already hooked up with some old lesbian instead. I guess they're going to lick pussy instead of putting on the feed back. Oh, who am I fooling. Those cows will find an all you can eat place and eat like there's no tomorrow. I think today is a good day to start a diet!
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Happy Easter. I don't like this holiday and I never did. Why? Because it has no meaning for me. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today is the day that I'm going to start that diet that I keep talking about and not doing anything about. I'm going to drive with Raoul and Isora to Naples to go to Trader Joe's but whatever I buy I have to remember to eat in moderation and not be a little piggy. I know that there will be a lot to tempt me and I can do it.