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Monday morning in Nashville and it's just another day. Without really making a decision, this has turned out to be more of a retreat than a true vacation. When one goes on vacation, one is always running around trying to see all the sights. I made a decision by indecision to just stay around the house and do nothing. I read a little and nap a little. I thought that Juan would take me around town and show me things but he doesn't seem to interested in doing tourist things so I just stay in and have another peaceful day.
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I'm enjoying my time away from home in this retreat in the woods. I've seen deer, foxes, ground hogs, tons of birds and even a rabbit or two. It's so serene. I'm peaceful and besides Juan's incessant cruelty, I'm having a good time. I knew before I came here that Juan has a sharp acidic tongue but I didn't realize how bad it would be to be on the receiving end of those biting comments. The one good thing is that it is teaching me the value of silence. I don't engage when he gets into one of his moods.
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Well, I finally got the urge to get up do something so I took Juan's truck and went out on my own. It was good to just go. I was a little apprehensive and depended on the GPS. I went straight to the Parthenon and I was reminded of Robert Altman's movie about Nashville. Of course, now I want to see it again! I even made a stop at Starbucks and just chilled for a few minutes before I headed downtown. I parked for an hour and walked around Capitol Hill. Then I drove to where the honky tonks are.
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I'm such a wimp that yesterday when I got to the area where all the honky tonks are, I cheaped out at the thought of paying downtown parking prices and just drove around for awhile instead of stopping and taking some pictures. Oh well, now I'm paying for that indecision because today is a total rainout. Woke up this morning to a steady rain and it continued to rain all day and was still raining when I went to bed. Juan and I went to Desmond's house and ate burgers, played ping pong and tried to watch fireworks but no.
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We didn't get to see any fireworks yesterday because the weather was horrendous and when we went outside to look toward downtown there was a tremendous fog covering our view. I suppose we could have gotten back into the truck and driven down the hill but neither of us were too keen on the idea. It was a day that instead of energizing me just took all my energy out of me. Today was a repeat with just rain, rain, rain all day. This was a day of totally nothing. I just laid in bed with my thoughts. Just fine.
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I was lying in bed this morning half awake. I swear I heard Juan outside my door. He just told me that he got up to let the dog out to pee. I got up and made coffee and since we have no sugar, I drank it with just milk. It wasn't so bad and made me think that maybe I should cut out those couple of spoons of sugar each morning. It's funny how habits can change so easily. I wish I could just get my fat ass moving a little more but I'm so sedentary. Oh sluggish one.
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Today was my last day in Nashville and it much like the other 10 days. Not much exciting happened and I like it that way. It was a chill vacation and I'm very appreciate for all that Juan did to show me a good time. I could have gone out on my own many days but I chose to sit here and smoke like a chimney. I quit smoking again today and I won't be smoking on my return trip. Since I finally got a good deal on a rental car, I'm driving back to Miami. A real trip awaits.
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Monday and I'm on the road. Today began my great road trip from Nashville to St. Louis to Kansas to Memphis and back to Florida. I'm not sure about the after Memphis part but I'll just play that by ear. I left Nashville around noon. Got the rental car and hit the road. The worst part was Kentucky when one mile took almost an hour. Cray cray. Hit St. Louis around dinner time and went to the top. Awesome. Walked around and then crashed at 2230 at the Hampton. Woke up in the middle of the night. Back to sleep.
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Woke up in St. Louis and going to sleep in Lawrence Kansas. I'm sitting here with Beth and Aly and all of us are on our laptops. Thank goodness for technology. We have smoked some pot in the vaporizer and drank a whole bottle of wine. Now we're waiting for a delivery of Indian food. And then I'm going to the hotel and crash hard because tomorrow I have eight hours of driving to get to Graceland. I'm already starting to question the idea of driving so much in one day. We'll see how that goes. Have a nice day!
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If it's Wednesday this must be Kansas. I feel like I'm in some sort of social experiment. I've actually created a nightmare of a vacation for myself that involves a great deal of driving. I got up this morning in St. Louis and drove to Kansas. And then visited with two of my pals from open diary dot com. Then after a day of touring the town, drinking and smoking, and incredible record heat, I went to the Hampton Inn and crashed hard. It was a nice trip but I'm whipped. Tomorrow, more grueling driving to Memphis. I'm a mess.
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I woke up at the crack of dawn and had another marvelous Hampton Inn breakfast and then hit the road to Memphis. I drove all day through Missouri. That was a wild ride. I got into the dark side of town around 1600 and discovered the nightmare that is called Graceland. It's soon to be an amusement park! I decided not to be part of the gouging ($10 to park $33 to tour) and decided to walk in tomorrow morning for free. So I drove to a BBQ place I found online and filled myself with porky goodness. Graceland tomorrow!
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Why I should write daily: Yesterday's entry was a day behind. Oh well, yesterday I woke up and went to Graceland in the morning and then drove the entire day to Florida. The whole day was spent in the car driving across Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. I'm glad that I didn't have a full sized map because it probably could have been rather discouraging. Just using the GPS on the phone is enough but it's amazing how dependent I am on the thing. I arrived 12 hours from the time I left. Tired, I was. Today, Starbucks to begin.
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I went to breakfast with my son and his wife this morning and then I hit the road for the last leg of my driving vacation. I was home by 1600 and in bed by 1630. I spent the night in bed and then around 2200 the verdict was announced in the Trayvon Martin case. It was surreal. Raoul said that he didn't want to leave the house Sunday because there would be riots everywhere. As much as folks are upset, I don't think there will be any riots. People are just doing a slow burn. I'm glad I'm home.
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Today is the first full day back at home after being gone for nearly three weeks. I'm so whipped that all I want to do is lie in bed all day. Three weeks of just being away was pure bliss. Two of the three weeks were a total retreat in Nashville. I never had an agenda so the two weeks flew by like two days. Just being out in the country was so good for me. I don't know why I was smoking cigarettes like there was no tomorrow except that I could. Juan was perplexed as to my behavior.
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Let the work week begin. I think I may have finally come to grips with being unemployed. I was telling folks while I was away for the past three weeks that I am in retardment. It's a crazy way to start the whole retirement thing - this being unemployed - but I guess that's my beginning of not working. I worried for awhile about income but it seems to be taking care of itself. And the fact that we'll always have this house to fall back on seems to be reassuring to me. I'm trying to be happy about not working anymore.
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I love writing 100 words before the day begins. It's 0403 and I've been awake for at least half an hour. I spent the last half hour just schmying around the Internet and then I realized that I have this social task to complete so I came here to tap out 100 words even though the day has yet to begin. I've treated this as a 100 words a day diary except for days like this when I just type 100 random words and call it done. I'm going over to 750 words dot com and do the same thing.
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It's just another day. I'm in a rut again. It only took a little more than a week for this feeling to come back. I need a new routine! It's amazing how this spirit just wants to be able to do the same things over and over and over again. Today, the highlight of my day was sitting in Starbucks on Biscayne Boulevard for about an hour just looking at my iPhone. That's pitiful. No human interaction except when we ordered Chinese for dinner and I had to call the restaurant to complain about how long it took to deliver!
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I got over the hump and now what do I do? It's going to be another rainy day if the clouds outside my window are any indication. Meanwhile on the morning news, they're talking about the persistent heat wave covering most of the country. We're experiencing a little cooler weather the past few days because the sun has been hiding behind clouds. Today is Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday and the City of Miami Beach has a new convention center plan it voted on last night. I'm in need of employment and wondering if it's ever going to happen. Life's mysterious.
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Ricki told me it's Pamela's birthday today. I told her that I was quite aware of that fact and there was no need to remind me. I spoke to Justin later and asked him if he had talked to his mother and he said that he intended to call her before the day was over. Now there's an unusual relationship. I just visited Justin a week ago and I was amazed at how his relationship with his wife had become a mirror of the relationship he used to have with his mother. I'm glad that he can live with it!
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I went to visit Helen today and I'm sorry that I did. Well, sorry isn't the correct word. I'm disappointed in her behavior. I think that deep down she was angry because she realized that I hadn't been there for a few weeks but she couldn't express that anger so she just lashed out at me and told me to leave. I was hurt by that, but I hope that next week she will be back to her old self or I will officially cross her off my list. It's never been easy to visit someone in a nursing home.
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Today was the laziest day ever. Except for a trip to Publix with Isora, it was a day to just lie around the house. I took a very long nap in the afternoon and made dinner for the three of us later in the day. I watched a lot of TV and did a little schmying around the Internet using the neighbor's wifi connection because ours has gone south since the flood. Isora's phone was out and then ours was out. Isora's was fixed and then went out again. Ours has been out since Thursday as well as the Internet.
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I'm up at 0130 in the morning typing out today's 100 words. I caught up on the past weekend just now and I decided as long as I'm on a roll I'm going to go ahead and type out today's words and call it good. I'm losing the will to type here everyday but it is a good exercise. I turned it into diary entries a long time ago and it's stayed that way ever since. I am back into a rut again and I need a new routine. I know I've written that before, but it's oh so true.
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Letting the days go by. Today was just another day. It's just another day. Do do, etc. I have nothing to write. Nothing to say. No reason to even be writing here. What's the point? Is that all there is? After a defeating day yesterday, it's easy to feel defeated today. I need a new routine. I remember one year ago when my new routine started, I was shocked at getting what I asked for. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. I need to be more proactive and less reactive. Life is but dreamy.
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July is almost over and I'm nowhere. I don't even know what to say except, "Happy Hump Day." It's just another day for me since I don't go to work anymore. I need to do some volunteer work. I volunteered at the same place for months thinking it would lead to a job, but I was sorely shocked when they announced that they had no intention of hiring me. I wonder why they let me go so long hoping that things would change. Life is cruel sometimes. I'm glad that I had that time because it was better than nothing.
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It's a good thing that I have some friends left. I know that most of my friends have gone on to a better place. I just wonder what that place is like. Is there a there there? Anyway, I went to lunch with three friends from my former workplace. I need to let go of that place. It's been a year since I left and I can't seem to let go. It seems that I'll only be able to let go when I get a new job. I need a routine to keep my mind busy. I hope it's soon!
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I had a fight with His Royal Smallness and we didn't speak for half the day. This was after I acted as his driver to Sally Beauty Supply, Home Depot and K-Mart. In between Home Depot and K-Mart he wanted to stop at the redneck pizza place to get a slice and a beer and I didn't want to, so he started an argument which led to a standoff with neither of us speaking for the remainder of the day. I just ate a most divine BLT on gluten free bread and drank a delicious gluten free beer.
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Today is one of those days of mixed feelings for His Royal Smallness. He's sad because it's Tita's Feast Day. A few years ago, she fell down in her bathroom and then lingered in a coma for a week at Mount Sinai. She died on July 27. It's also the birthday of The Son's Wife. It's hard for him to feel celebratory when he's also mourning. We're supposed to go to dinner tonight with Melinda's aunt but he seems hesitant to do anything. I'm just going to play it by ear and let him dictate the direction of the day.
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Happy birthday, Mr. R. We didn't celebrate today because that's happening tomorrow. Today was a very laid back day where we did little to nothing. The farmer's market routine is gone and I'm kind of sad because of that. We've been buying much fresher produce at the grocery store for virtually the same price. I'm afraid Mr. Farm Mar has priced himself out of the game. For so long, it was a true bargain but he has slowly raised his prices so that it's just not worth the trip anymore. Meanwhile, we went to the grocery store today. Good day.
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When you're not working, Monday is never manic. It's just another day, after all. I have learned, though, the importance of getting up and getting out of bed, and getting ready as though I have something important to do. It just makes the day seem more purposeful. Tonight, we went out to dinner to celebrate His Royal Smallness reached retirement age. I know he'd like to retire but we still need his income until I find something suitable. Last time, I was unemployed for two years. It's been one year. Do I have to wait one more for a job?
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I don't know why, but this happens to me every year. For some reason, I think July only has 30 days. Don't ask me where I get that notion, it just happens over and over and over. For example, since I thought that today was the last day of the month, I thought that the event was tonight and I blew it off. Then I realized it's tomorrow, so I'm going to force myself to go. It's hard to network with people who don't really want to meet new folks but just go to stand in a crowd with friends.
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Went to a networking event tonight and only briefly talked to about three people. That is not networking. It was too crowded and too hot to get anything accomplished. Plus everyone had their own agendas and it wasn't the right venue to network. I should keep trying! Afterward, I didn't feel like coming home and I had already drank two beers so I was in a beer mood and went to the World of Beer in Midtown. I drank two "flights" of four little beers and then went to Wendy's and had a pretzel bacon cheeseburger. I like being bad.