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Positive people intrique me,I appreciate their self- control. Mind over matter. There's nothing too clandestine about me- it's all here in print. Even still I remain a neophyte to the art itself. Writing helps keep me "kind of" sane, and lots of plants- I like herbs best. Lavendar,Rosemary; I put them under pillows sometimes, or under peoples beds.I'm pagan they say.You know, plants don't talk back, that's nice sometimes too. The russet rainbow of colors in Autumn turn me on;I become a flower in full bloom. Hazelnut coffee- great. Worst attribute-lateness. Born with a recondite form of communication yet blessed with a firey soul, I write with wild abandonment...honesty inherent in me, sometimes my enemy- I love fiercely, searching out experiences even if I may get burned. Hate to be bridled.If I had one wish I'd fly, go wherever I want, dissapear for a while. Sip away in an Italian cafe-stroll along the streets until finding my forte. Love ART,Love kids,Love being in the moment.Writh in losing it too. There'd be nothing to write about if it weren't for the two."The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose." Do you remember that saying??- you know who u are.LET FREEDOM RING.NEVER MISTAKE KINDNESS 4 WEAKNESS. Go To