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After the rain stopped, I was acutely aware of the smell of fresh earth reaching my nostrils.  The atmosphere was dreamy, as the humidity and fog wrapped themselves around me like an airy Summer cloak.  "What should I do today?", I asked myself aloud, very aware that I was alone in the garden that day, save for a few birds and butterflies.  At last, I had the day all to myself to ponder some and then embark on wonderful fantasies that only I would know about.  Oh, to finally be recognised for my art.
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Spring time is open for accepting seeds in clean, well sowed beds. Careful attentiveness with frequent watering and just the right amount of sunshine promises growth at this early crucial time in life.  Earth's embryotic development slowly gestates day by day, as the plants from a mixture of dirt and devotion reach up through the surface to greet the weather on the planet's surface.  Will the seedlings reach maturity, one has to wonder, or will they be part of a food chain beyond any control you can offer?  Only nature has the answer to this question.

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The sun was at about eye level, as I noticed changes that signaled the end of a very long day.  At sunrise earlier in the day, there were wisps of multi colored, fluffy clouds that were somehow charming.  After rising above tree line level, the day had instantly become intensely hot.  I am sure my pores were free of any toxins but had a baby oiled appearance of neglect.  Suddenly, a shift in temperature and the sun descended as quickly as it had risen content for the night to take it over again.
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She runs with great ease, leaps, and lands on the hood of my car in a seeming instant.  Her ears take on many expressions  and positions, depending on what is enchanting her.  Smart, cute, playful, and very endearing are descriptions of the antics she engages in every day.  I look forward to letting both she and her brother out to free range on our property in the afternoons to prune leaves, shrubs, and overgrowth on the perimeter.  I would have never guessed that a Nigerian Dwarft Goat could keep my heart completely captured.
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If I could take an entire year off from my job with no financial worries, I would be THE art machine.  It seems that I am usually tired when I get home from work and fitting in my favorite hobbies is like acquiring a date, which is far and few between these days.  Could it be that I am finally going through the good ol' mid life crisis or am I in need of a renewed sense of self worth?   I Think it is the latter.  I just need more time for art.
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Bright painted bodies entice the young crowd.  Different animals of many colours dance around and around.  Children become excited and jump up and down waiting for their turn.  One girl tugs gently on the ruffle of her skirt in anticipation of her turn.  Finally, the tickets are handed to the man who runs this amusement ride, a staple at any fair.  Lights twinkle and smiles are beaming, as the music begins and the dreamy dance ensues.  The carousel embraces children of all ages and puts a sparkle in their innocent glowing eyes.

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Rich shiny waves roll in effortlessly, one after the other.  Foam forms on wet sand darkened by continuous moisture.  Small pebbles and shells are spit out and seaside treasures revealed by the swelling salty water.  Glistening footprints appear after beach goers walk by.  Crabs appear in small pools with seaweed tousled onto rocks by changing tides.  Branches of trees are silky soft by their confrontation with the ocean.  Sandcastle construction is underway and evident by discarded pails and shovels.  Seagulls hover overhead longing for that sandwich you may leave behind for them.

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I felt an instant pang of regret and swallowed hard, after having asked her how she was doing today.  Her outward body language should have told me something was definitely wrong and it surely was.  When a boyfriend you have had for an extended time tells you he is not coming home to the place you both share, it is a horrible feeling.  As she worked through emotions, tears welled and then gently spilled down her cheeks.  I tried to keep my voice strong and supporting but it was close to cracking along with her heart.
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The lights flickered and went out quickly like a candle in the wind.  The darkness enveloped me like a plush thick blanket.  Somehow, I was not afraid.  It is funny that in your room you think you know where everything is and when it is dark you can't really remember.  You may think the bookcase is only a couple of steps away but in reality it is across the room.  You may trip over the shoes that are close to your bed on the floor, if casually kicked off your feet in a sleepy state.
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There are subtle changes in the air.  Cooler temperatures wax and wane intermixed with rainstorms, fluffy clouds, and hot degree days.  After having endured an unusually long Winter last year, I am not anxious to wear a heavy coat for many months on end.  The thought of chipping my car out of snow and ice before work in the morning is a little depressing but I know it will come anyway. There is nothing I can do to stop the seasonal cycles except dream of warm weather activities to do in the Summer. 
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The brown rug covered stair case was steep and looked as it always had since I was a child.  The second floor of this building always held a mystery for me, I thought, as I ascended the steps one by one.  I could image people from decades past by the pictures I saw sparsely spotting the walls in various rooms.  It seemed so impossibly long ago these people had lived.  Energy and nuances of inhabitants, both interesting and scary, continue to linger in this old house.  Will they finally find peace?

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Four cats and nine rooms to roam in.  They lead quite a priviledged life, as far as I am concerned.  All day long while we are are work or school, the little pamped bums eat, wash, and nap. They appear when we get home during the week but are not seen often on the weekends, due to their slumber schedule. 

Quite often, when I wake up during the night, I can hear galloping, playing, and an occasional crash during their nocturnal work out which goes on and on until the first peek of sunshine through windows.
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With great anguish, I plunged the knife through my chest wall and into my heart.  Immediately, my life flashed before my eyes.  Never before had I realised how the experiences I had endured would lead me to commit such an act of violence.  Did I really love anyone?  Had anyone ever really loved me?  It was impossible to tell now in retrospect.  Oh, well, it didn't matter anyway because soon someone would find me along with the note I wrote for my friends and family explaining my plight and how I was now free.

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I heard the clinking from the kitchen.  Ice cubes were dropping one at a time into a big glass tumbler ready for refreshment.  Would kind of liquid would greet the cold?  Would it be something as simple as water?  Perhaps something colorful like pomegranate juice. 

Now I hear the sound of the cubes bouncing off the side and a straw is added.  There was no blending involved.  Finally, curiosity has gotten the better of me and I must know.  I peer through the kitchen door and now see the glass is gone.  The sound of the cubes seems far away.
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She shook her head is disbelief.  Why, after all these years, had her brother decided to contact her?  It had been twenty-three years since she had seen him.  He had never acknowledged anything in his families' lives before so why now would it make any difference?  What could we possibly have to talk about after such a long absence?  I don't even question it anymore.  It is clear that whenever guilt or need takes hold, one of us gets the phone call, e-mail or friend request on facebook.  What the hell ever!  Don't even bother.  It's too late now........
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While at work, time always drags by slowly.  I know my job well, as I have worked here for fourteen years.  I can dream and plan as I type away at reports detailing harrowing cases of disease.  This is the only way I can plan anything, because my mind can go in two different directions at the same time.  Half of me is working diligently while the other half is scheming creative activities I can amuse myself with after I clock out for the day. Wonder how many more people engage in this innocent activity?  I would say many, possibly.
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Today is the beginning of another weekend.  Two days is not enough leisure after five days of work.  One day is for chores and one day is for fun.  The cycle then starts again.  There should be three day weekends, because we could all get more accomplished.  One day could be devoted to things we can't get done during the week while at work.  The other two could be well spent with family and friends.  Of course, we could do the things that we love to do like photography, perhaps, or just resting.  Too bad this idea is not catching.
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I slice tomatoes in rounds.  Next, I place them in a glass baking dish with sides touching each other until there is a flat first layer.  My favorite spices and herbs are sprinkled on top of that layer.  Swiss chard is chopped and placed on top of the tomatoes along with fresh basil and grated cheese.  I repeat these steps until the layers reach the top of the dish.  This is a great accompanying dish for many different mains or can be the main course, depending on your palate.  All I can say is yum!  What a nice Summer meal.
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The humidity in the jungle was heavy and steamy.  It was amazing taking in all the sounds of the birds and animals.  I had my work cut out for me. Hacking away a path was no easy job.  Frequently, I had to stop and mop my brow with the back of my hand.  My salty perspiration stung my eyes but I had to move forward if I was going to make camp any time soon.  What had I gotten myself into?  It will be better as soon as I am settled, I told myself.  I am hoping that is true.

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People are scrambling around like crazy, due to the ominous nature of a hurricane arriving.  I can see being safe and prepared but some people are actually driving themselves crazy by what could happen.  It has not happened yet, so I see no need to go nuts.  Whatever will happen is out of our control completedly as humans.  The best we can do is keep a good head on our shoulders and wait it out.  I hope the damage is minimal to all encountering the storm and that everyone is safe and sound at home with the ones you love.
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What the hell is it with actors being on the covers of fashion magazines?  They have so many other avenues for making money and being featured.  I think the hard working models and designers should be the only ones appearing on the front of fashion rags.  Look at how many other types of monthly reading material there is that can feature anyone including people in the film and music industry.  Fashion is about, well, fashion so leave actors and others having nothing to do with it out already and let the models glow in the spotlight on their rightful covers.
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The colours range from brown, red, and beyond in many warm and neon tones.  Nestled together with all of their neighbors waiting to take flight on any brisk breeze that comes by.  Some nearby have departed suddenly and without warning.  Swirling and spiraling downward to meet the earth and rejoin brothers and sisters that have fallen before them.  Some land next to each other while others mound up in piles waiting for a rake to gather them up.  This happens but once a year in such great numbers.  Indeed the glory and fading of Fall is once again upon us.

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The walk was long from the van into the facility that she would inhabit for ten long years.  How had she gotten herself into this position?  There was little in the way of negotiations for at least two years.  Until then, as informed by her lawyer, there was nothing to be done except do what was asked of her and behave to avoid more time being added to her sentence.  Upon entry into the building, the cat calls and vulgarities were spit out into the air for everyone to hear.  Typical behavior but still not a nice first day here.
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It seemed like a month since she had first sat down in the chair.  The room was alive with activity.  Assistant here, designer there, make up and wardrobe people all around.  Tugging, pulling, spraying.  The smell of hair products was beginning to make her a little high and overwhelmed.  Colours being applied with brushes and pads.  Some remained and others were removed and re-applied in different shades.  Lots of looking closely and scrutinizing with the expert eye.  How much longer could this go on?  Someone must have read her mind and simply stated sometimes things like this take all afternoon.
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Her size was impressive.  The intricate design of her body was wonderfully amazing.  I wonder how many hands it took to construct something that majestic and fine?  The wood used was no doubt of high quality, as was the craftmanship.  Some basic skills and plans for assembly used hundreds of years ago are still popular to this day by contemporary boatbuilders.  In Maine, this skilled profession and hobby has made a huge comeback.  It is an instant attraction for visitors each year.  I look out into the harbor and welcome the site of a schooner anytime one sails on by.
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There are so many people out there that say they never have anything to do.  I just don't see how that is possible at all.  I mean, don't you have chores around the house or any hobbies that you can expound on?  Every spare minute I have away from work is spent planning and then executing what I dream about during the week.  This weekend I am going to take out the good ol Canon Rebel and start shooting away.  I like not looking at the shots until I load them onto the PC.  There is an element of surprise.
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I know I cannot stop time from happening.  What I would like control over is how many hours there are in a day.  Oh, what I could do with just eight more hours.  My house would be clean, the laundry done, and then I would have that much more time to go out an have fun!  It is a pity that the sleep hours take up so much time.  A quicker refresh time would be so cool.  I always feel like I am wasting time by sleeping the hours I do, even though I only average around six hours daily.
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It seems like I was just postpartum a little while ago.  She was just a little something in my arms and then she started to crawl.  I have had such fun watching her grow daily and seeing her development like time line photography.  It has been really amazing.  She does not know why I look at her.  I look at her in awe of how much she has grown and how in a short time she will fly the coop and start her own life.  It is a bittersweet moment for me but she will not realise that until later.
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It is unbelievable how many homeless people there are here in the United States.  With the amount of wealthy folks and millionaires, wouldn't you think that they could come forward and help solve this problem?  There are displaced children, broken families, and men trying to provide for their families.  There are women busting their ass and holding down two or three jobs to make ends meet.  There are grandparents who can't afford health insurance and live in poverty.  There are people going without much food and many with no shelter or even a house to provide warmth and a home.
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What is with the movie industry?  Can't anyone come up with any new material?  Is there a writer shortage going on?  This may be my opportunity to use my imagination and start drafting out ideas for original themes.  For the last few years, we have seen remake after remake and cartoon laced features.  Certainly, there are adventures to be had that we have not experienced before.  We could do with all the overt use of graphics, too.  They are cool but good acting and a strong storyline would be a treat and something worth paying the ticket price for, savvy?
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It is time to harvest vegetables once again.  Gee, it seems like we were just buying packets of seeds and planning what was going to go into the ground.  Now here it is almost Fall and soon the cold will close in.  Winter is usually hard for me to cope with because I like being warm and not having to wear layers of clothes and a heavy coat.  I much prefer seventy degrees and above.  It feel vibrant somehow and free.  I will miss all the outside plants and seeing our animals run around in the yard and playing joyfully.