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It has been a while since I used this thing. It may be useful and it may help me work out some things that need work. Writing and practice can help you find your flaws and remove them.

Putting it all out there where people can see it forces a practitioner to choose his topics and words with some care.

And it's good to throw in a modicum of wild-ass hairy carelessness: write boldly, with broad strokes. Scatter your words to the winds!

Have to say, it's challenging to end these without just adding lame word count filler.
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Microsoft's trademarked directory service, an integral part of the Windows architecture, is Active Directory (AD). It provides a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security, and resources.  It also provides a common interface for organizing and maintaining information that is related to network resources, such as users, groups, computers, printers, services, and so forth.

Additionally, Active Directory is internally structured within a heirarchical framework. Each "node" in a tree-like structure is referred to as an "object" and associated with one of those network resources -- users, groups, etc.

Active Directory belongs to the Devil.
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I haven't figured this guy out yet, not completely. He seems confident at first, but scratch a tiny bit beneath and you uncover his insecurities. I find it peculiar when someone responds to me as though I am the cool person. They get all nervous and want to impress me and apologize all the time and I'm like, "dude, I'm like you, honest!"

The nervousness shows up in the apologies, but also with a lot of yawning. He talks around things, scooting up to the topic, and yawns as he goes. 

I don't need a project, though.

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Why is it so easy to avoid doing the things I want to do?

I have a list of things that will definitely make me happier and better if I do them, things as simple as going to the dentist. I have time to schedule them. I have time to do them. But I choose to sit like a bump on the log instead of actually going out and doing what I want.

What is the word for that?  Lethargy? Ennui? Depression?

This is a strange phase for me. I don't like it.
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At what point in our history did holidays turn into primarily an excuse to indulge in excess and get drunk?  Was it always thus?

People who have no knowledge of Mexican history, who don't really know why someone might celebrate the fifth of May are celebrating, stuffing themselves with spicy-meaty-cheesy foods that bear little resemblence to the foods actual Mexicans eat, guzzling alcohol, listening to mariachi music, dancing like fools.

They do the same to "honor" an obscure Irish-born bishop, and a pitiable Italian explorer who couldn't find his way across the globe.

What good, history?

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A day of rain. A day coated in leaden foreboding, drizzle chilled.

It fills every pore, every crevice and you struggle for breath. The best you can do, the very best is to huddle beneath blankets, shivering quietly.  Wait. 

Wait for the passage. Wait for the clearing of skies, the rebirth of the sun.  Wait for tranquility to heat you, evaporate the dread, send it swirling in a mist to the heavens.


You are not lost. The rain will cease. The sun will come.

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Give it a fancy label, set a price just so, and you've got "gourmet."   In truth it costs you a few pennies, yet you charge many dollars for it and people buy it gladly, thinking the price and the label mean it is the highest of quality, the best of the best, at a bargain price.

Nobody, said Barnum, ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.  He is also credited with saying there was a sucker born every minute, although that is now in dispute.

So why did I buy the product?
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Don't feed the beast!

If you feed it, it will grow.  Bloated and warty, it will hulk in its fetid swamp, consuming all that comes its way. It will ooze, emitting gases most foul.

Yet, if you try to suppress it, it will fester, but not die. No, it won't grace us with its demise.  What happens is it shrinks down into a hard, dark knot of infection, burrowed deep within its cavern, waiting of a chance to grow again.

The key is to lure it out on pretense of fun, then ditch it when it's not looking. 
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Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? The sweet love story that is older than the sea, the simple truth about the love he brings to me?  Where do I start?

WIth his first hello he gave a meaning to this empty world of mine. There'd never be another love another time. He came into my life and made the living fine. He fills my heart.

With very special things, angel songs, wild imaginings. He fills my soul with so much love that any where I go:
I'm never lonely.
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Too much may have been revealed. Rely on the blandness. Hope the top posting doesn't shine a harsh light -- these are words in the past, a past that shouldn't need revisiting.

She wondered this, idly, knowing how well they knew her voice, how easily they could sense her presence.

She crouched in the shadows, and thought bland thoughts. There is nothing here. These are not the droids you seek. She whispered this in her heart, fearing the words would leak into her mind and they'd sense her, find her, consume her.

Sense stretched thin. She could only wait, and hope.
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Capture the moments as they pass in one hundred slivers. Record in words the sound of the one cup brewer in the late afternoon, the addiction anticipating, the desire fed.  Move the brain forward a beat and what takes place?  A small crinkling sound, then a snap, then chewing, followed by a small crinkling sound and a snap.  Sunflower seeds.  Another force of habit.

Close your eyes and hear. The whirring changes pitch, scooping up to a fevered sound, then down again. The crinkle and snap fill in a beat. The clatter of keys.

Office life.

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He walks past, and glances in casually.  I pretend not to notice, but in the corner of my eye I see him, mark his progress, note the glance.

Next time I'll smile.  The time following that, I'll say hello. Or nod? Perhaps I should nod. That seems more adult, to nod.

He walks past again and I miss my opportunity.

He's walking past. Does that mean he likes me?  Is the glance in really casual? Does it have meaning?

Tomorrow I'll smile.  I'll say hello. Or nod.  Tomorrow.  I hope he walks by again.

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Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Monopoly, Marbles, Checkers, Gin Rummy. 

Cops and robbers, house, school, hide and seek, red rover, kickball, baseball, catch.

Bonanza, Flintstones, Mr. Rodgers, Lawrence Welk, Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball, Red Skelton, Laugh-In, The Smothers Brothers.

Rover, Fido, Puff, Tiger, Shep, Lassie, Kaycee, Little Bit.

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, Bobbsey Twins, Barbie, GI Joe, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys.

Wizard of Oz every autumn, in Technicolor.  Dick Clark and American Bandstand. Fat Albert, but no pudding. Captain Kangaroo. Dr. Demento.

Tastee Freez. A&W. McDonalds had real meat. 
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Is Justin Beiber really just Davey Jones and Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy?  And who came between Cassidy and Beiber? What did I miss during my long nap?

 A quick google search on "pop stars of the 90s", for example, gives us Nirvana -- nothing Beiberish there, and Jane's Addiction. It brings us Pearl Jam. Cobain.  I see Cobain as a variation on Jim Morrison, as far as image and personal style go.

Wait! The Hansons and the Backstreet Boys! Yes!

The eighties had Michael Jackson and he was no Beiber, in spite of his popularity.

The seventies?

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It was politics, right? Can management really be so stupid?  Yes, they can.

So next time around, calculate a dollar amount -- a high dollar amount -- that it will cost them if they fail to make a decision by a certain date.  Show them the data that proves the really really high dollar amount.  Shove that in their faces. Make them make a decision.

I just don't understand how they let politics drive their inability to perform. I don't get it. How did such brainless people get so high in the organization?

Oh, Steve!  I miss you!

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Muskrat, muskrat, candle light.  Doing the town and doing it right in the evening, it's pretty pleasing.

Willis Allan Ramsey, how did you manage to get this shite published and recorded?  Whom did you blow?

Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam, do the jitterbug ... really?
Do the fucking jitterbug out in fucking muskrat land? The JITTERBUG?

Is it that "jitterbug" fit the metre?

And they shimmy.  And, what? Sammy's so skinny? 

And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed -- wait a fucking minute! They were jitterbugging a moment ago!   Singing and jinging the jango ...

Kill me now.
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The eye of the storm bleeds profundity into the soullessness of space, where nature whithers, the death of nothing abounds, and the nothingness of life emptied of meaning pulsates.

Ah, calumny! Fate fickly fucking furtive 'scapes in the tunnel vision of corporeal corporate coprophilia!  Sweet aphrodesiac of the jealous gelatinous jiggling jugglers of jilted genuine gigolos. You specious spates of porcine presence!  Dare you slide your diseased member 'midst the milky breasts of the beastly bitches of blinded lust?

Macaroni and cheese!  Yet in that consumption of comfort comes coy colloquialisms.  Simmer, o soup!  Simmer.
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Sundered, I wondered and wandered by a grievous acheivement 'cross the bad blade glade gladdening maddening chapped minds imagining a diseased evolution of a revolution solution creating pollution, while calumny carouses so deliciously in sordid raptures reserved for the memory of gangster ambitions excluding torpored facts trickling through bloody gratings in abandoned buildings where high end scenes are directed by the dreams that terrify and please by design, not by ruddy comedy or cruel drama. So it goes we become finer lies, set to seduce only what others reject; therein the hell we fear becomes the heaven we love.
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1 cup butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
1 cup packed brown sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons hot water
half teaspoon salt
2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F 
2. Cream together the butter and both sugars until smooth.
3. Beat in the eggs one at a time, stir in the vanilla. Dissolve baking soda in hot water. Add to batter along with salt. Stir in flour, chocolate chips. Drop by large spoonfuls onto ungreased pans.
4. Bake for about 10 minutes in the preheated oven
5. Eat by the fist-full

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Key staff were unavailable at times. An expert on the swlitch was needed for scenario work, yet was consumed fixing software bugs. The core team was consumed by the proposal and was not available to be on-site, working with the system, learning it. A strong system engineer with good system test knowledge was never identified. This impacted the schedule, and the overall professional quality of the work. It cost everyone long, cranky hours. Additionally, there was no single authortiative lead -- there were too many chiefs milling about, issuing conflicting orders.

Split the teams, back-up the developers. Work it.
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The man wants to touch me. I do not know how deep is his need. I do not know how enduring. I know simply that he wants to touch me. Something in me calls to something in him, beyond just sex.

"Just about perfect," were his words.  I fear those words, a bit, because they imply that a fetus of strong feeling exists, grows. I am too cautious. I will not tell myself the feeling is reciprocated.

The words should charm me. They should make my heart swell.

Why can't men and women just enjoy one another, without heaviness?

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Lusting the cross idea of weaving after the backwards falling hours off the mind soaked desire into a blistered welter of skins I've shed through years of acting myself back from holding, and the core boiling from the fury toward the unfortunate extremes I feel as the consequences of touching for a glance a burn a moment of being conscious in someone's life, webs the creation of digressions most noticed as the light by the satisfactory play of eyes on eyes with seriousness fingered in the alone-times with anticipation on tap and the blood minding resurrections for new words. 
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A Pew study found that users are becoming more active in managing their social media accounts. Compared to 2009, a higher percentage of users reported deleting people from their “friends” lists, deleting comments made by others on their profile, and removing their names from photos in which they were tagged. The report also found that women and young users were the most active in protecting their privacy.  The FTC is currently finalizing a consent order with Facebook over charges that the company changed users' privacy settings to make personal information more available to the public and to Facebook's business partners.
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Stoop, stretch out your hand, grasp the handle, there. Rise, pulling your arm, the shovel with it, up.  Grip the shaft with your left hand, and place your left hand higher, near the handle. Hold it steady.

Look at the end -- the broad, flat plate, the "spade".  That is the working end. Use the muscles of your stomach, your back, your biceps, your forearms and thrust the spade end deep into the pile. Watch the material spill onto the curved surface of the spade. 

Gently, pull away, and the stuff rides the spade.

Toss it.  Repeat.

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Imagine you were a database programmer (if you actually are one, play along with me here.) What problems would you focus your energies on?

From my perspective, persistent bugs and software stability would be a good primary focus. Instead let's limit it to geometric modeling problems -- not just run-of-the mill "fix this bug" stuff, but the true serious problems.

A chief technology and technical fellow working at Siemens PLM Software wrote an interesting paper for an academic conference, where he talked about what he saw as the big geometric modeling problems in enterprise database software. 

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He knew what she liked. She liked it when he grabbed her short hair and twisted it up just so, tightening it, creating a suggestion of pain without pain. She liked it when he pinned her down, preventing her from moving. She liked it when he grazed her ear with his tongue and lips, breath coming lightly, sucking in his excitement.

And mostly she liked it when he probed into her, finding that place, pressing it, rubbing it, just inside, not stopping, feeling her body writhe when he found the spot, then working it as she screamed and fluid gushed.
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He makes me wonder what it does for him, this spewing of words. What are they? They are connected by rhyme, but not context. They are connected in seeming random strings of nouns, articles, verbs, and threaded with passive voice.  Pace voce.

I picture him sitting at his computer, his fingers poised above the keyboard. He takes several deep breaths. He closes his eyes. He lowers his fingers, and wills the gods to turn the spigot.

Then he types. He does not care what comes out. He does not pause, nor read it. He simply types. Then stops.

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She is smart, yet at the same time displays a childish quality of thought that makes everybody wonder if she is altogether there.

She approaches life with maturity, yet at the same time reacts with childish tantrums, lacking only the stomp of the foot. Cat-like, when she cannot have her way she yowls, then pretends she doesn't care.

"I don't give a fuck," she tossed over her shoulder as she walks away. "I shan't let it bother me."

She likes the word "shan't." It seems, to her, to show evidence of erudition.

"Shan't," she says. "I simply shan't."
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What does "the wonder of the heat as it comes to create a necessary bridge of comfort over discomfort, season over season, tells a pretty fable as it cleans the whetstone for the sharpening required to render a secure belief system, that such discomfort is happily greeted in the end for the beginning of something otherwise expected but containing all sorts of super surprises in its own way wanting Our Lady Justice to render a different verdict" actually mean?  You have merely jiggered the words for the count, without coherence. Were you born speaking a different language? Latka Gravas?
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You got this area of petty politics that has its roots in personal insecurity. People go around fearful that they will be judged, and people go around judging on things that have little importance to the way things really work.

Tough getting around personal quirks and fears.  So you can't plainly state what the cause of a problem is and how to avoid it in the future when the cause is a bunch of upper level managers letting their egos get in the way of making decisions. You have to word your way around it all. This wastes time.
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Summer is a hair's breadth away and what have I accomplished in this year?  From summer to winter is but a moment. Will the world exist after that? 

The answer will have to be yes, mystics and fools notwithstanding. We'll still be paying our taxes come next April.

Remember when we looked forward to summer? The end of school, the start of a long stretch of vacations and fun for so many of us.

I'd like to have nothing I was required to do, but could choose from a myriad of possibilities.

Should I fly to Orlando tomorrow?