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I've been turning 60 for the past two weeks. My party was a few days ago, just in time for the kids and our friends to catch up, enjoy, drink, eat and dance together!

In 10 days, my sister will turn 50 and is throwing a party for herself. That's the only way to do it! Take the bull by the horns and make certain you get the party you want.

That's what I did when I turned 50 and now I did it again when I turned 60!

That's the way to go!
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So, the little one has returned home. We miss her but we are happy to have peace. I am also happy to have a house without pink fluffy things.

A ball of energy she is and completely capable of self entertainment for hours on end.

Every room was filled with toys of one variety or another including a huge pink and purple collapsable tent that looks like a castle. So happy it's gone.

But, it would be nice to see her hop over on occasion. A little spice to stir things up a bit.
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The poor thing is languishing in the hospital with loud nighttime staff making sleep impossible. There is nothing worse than being woken up all night long with chatter that is not necessary.

It's the same in every hospital. But it wasn't that way when I was young. Libraries and hospitals were places that were steeped in silence.

What a different time in which we live. The noices are constant. The chatter unceasing. The buzzing, the whiring, the white noises everywhere. True silence...I look forward to it, I crave it. The peace of it inside me.
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Three large, rolled, curved, triangular stainless steel plates will have the donors named laser cut into them -- with the sun reflecting off like sails on the water.

A 40,000 lb boulder, the willow tunnel, four ponds and the berms are all integrated into the final design.

Finally, the poetry that Pierce loved so much will be forever treasured by everyone who walks through the park as they read the homophones scattered throughout the paving...seller / cellar...knight / night....chaste / do you pick a poem for a man who was always discovering new works?
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A stainless steel fence that glistens and shines, it’s height broken with 150 dazzling steel balls that create graceful patterns. Originally added to keep toddlers from running into traffic, it’s become so much more. It’s made of 5,000 linear feet of stainless steel tubing weighing 10,000 lbs -- it took 10 weeks to forge this where he keeps three craftsman working full time. A musical fence forged from aluminum in Dorango, Colorado, shaped like a bow tie and incorporating both pentatonic and diatonic scales will be played upon by children and adults alike with instruments attached.
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Each of which were towers of earth and metal with a steamroller or a construction vehicle or a plow on top. But, they didn’t seem right. David took the comments back from the design team -- be knew that it had to capture the feeling of the man, the strength and the poetry within him and at the same time it had to be something that children would want to explore and thereby be inspired.This process eventually evolved into a stainless steel marvelous blend of huge undulating sculptures that remind us of the ocean...children will climb and slide.
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It was a perfect match! David joined the design team and went to work. Over several months, there were many design elements that were explored and rejected. Others were embraced and further developed. Pierce’s love of poetry -- how to demonstrate that? How to make it interactive? David and the design team wanted everything to have interactive and educational components that were a joy to manipulate.
br>The wooden ship was rejected in favor of a metal sculpture that would be a monument to Pierce and his lifelong work with machines and transportation. David came up with three sculptures.
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They call it public transportation for a reason. A very good reason. It's full of the public. And, at any time in history, based on the particulars of that public, there are stratus within the crowd. And, whether they are young or old, there are very few if any people who look like us.

The assault rifle issue is plaguing the airwaves and the NRA has fueled the fire to further polarize the country and drive gun sales through the roof. And, large magazines of ammunition...and then there is the flu. It is the worst in years.
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Working backward. Marching forward.

Imagine being born into a prison camp in North Korea where the only world you know is that prison and what they teach you, tell you. Imagine that!
br>Imagine turning in your mother and brother for planning an escape because you are craving a chicken dinner. You are never full and always very hungry.

Imagine being tortured instead of rewarded for turning in your mother. Then being made to watch your brother shot and mother hung in punishment for planning an escape. And, you still just want the chicken dinner.
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She died. Her energy ran out and she died. She had said whatever was left to say and she died. The moon and the stars aligned and she died.

We are of the age that our friends are dying. Some are going faster and others going slower.

And interesting time in life. We can both choose to do nothing for a day if we choose. Days with one conference call for him and one meeting for me. Loving this life. It, too, will come to an end. When and how is yet to be determined. My...
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My baby sister turned 50 today! Ten years and 10 days after my birth, she came along. I was so very excited. After me, there were three boys. The youngest of the boys was "my" baby. He was eight years younger than me and he was my responsibility to care for him. But, he was a I didn't have the same affinity for him that I wanted to have...what I thought I would have with a sister. Then, my wish came true. And, I was thrilled. What is hard to believe was 50 years ago.
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Fantastic evening! Five courses of dinner with as many cocktails and wine. Loads of great conversation. Five hours later we were ending the evening. The three boys went to their hotel and came back in the morning for the leftovers. They were delightful and interesting and oh, so very gay. One new friend, one very old friend and one the lover. What fun! The other two are a very old friend who married a man who has now become a friend. Isn't it interesting which of our friends stay in a continuum even when there is not constant contact. Yes.
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Every time I swear I won't and then I do...behind again. What sort of discipline is this? I say I'll do 100 Words a day...for sure I will! Then I don't.
br>What kind of discipline is this? I say I'll do it and then I don't.

Something I ate, I think. Ankles itching like crazy, hands and wrists swollen. What the heck?

I didn't eat anything strange...nor did I wear anything unusual.

So, what the hell is going on? Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. That's all there is baby!
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His name kept coming up...David Hess...a multifaceted artist whose imagination could embrace the concept the design team (click here for team members) was create a park where sculpture was an integral part...not stagnant pieces of art to watch, but rather sculptures that children could climb and explore. They were imagining a wooden sculpture reminiscent of a ship that would embody Pierce’s love of the water and sailing

Steffi Graham, the photographer whose splendid photos grace these posts was a family friend of David’s so her good friend was introduced to him.
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However, Flanigan is committed to the best practices of modern environmentally conscious construction which means that even when it comes to demolition, recycling is king! All of the concrete, pavers and topsoil are recycled. In a future blog we’ll take you to the concrete recycling operation.

“Inlet Protection” is a primary goal on the Pierce’s Park worksite. Flanigan & Sons is committed to sustainability, conservation and environmental protection. One of the most important aspects of preparing the site for demolition is the “sediment control fencing” a black mesh fence that surrounds the perimeter of the future park.
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Demolition has been underway for several weeks. One of the most important aspects of preparing the site for demolition is the “sediment control fencing” a black mesh fence that surrounds the perimeter of the future park. It keeps silt and other debris from entering the inner harbor’s water. Flanigan and all of the subcontractors are committed to practicing health and safety during all phases of construction.

On the first day, “the Can” arrived. The rugged, beat up dumpster used to accept the refuse associated with demolishing a walkway and parking lot was front and center. The Can!
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Django Unchained is a complicated movie. Very inappropriately funny. Historically completely incorrect. Sadistic and terrifying. Gratuitous violence beyond the pale. Lots of surprises. And, yet thought provoking, has some tenderness and loads of love and passion.

The action figures for Django Unchained were released, but because it's all so controversial, only 1000 were distributed and sold, the rest were removed from stores. Result? They are selling for as much as $3000 a piece because they are now collector's items!

Society has changed so much since I was a child. West Side Story was a major breakthrough.
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Beasts of the Southern Wild is unlike any other movie, story or fantasy. A five year old girl is as good an actor in all of the nuances necessary for such a complex role as any I've ever witnessed.

Poverty when lived to it's grandest is not poverty at all.

The Bathtub. Made to be romantic. The comraderie of it all. The depression of it all. The fierceness of it all. The attachment to it all. The sticking togetherness of it all. The drinking to excess of it all.

In the end it's survival.
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Beautiful film, Life of Pi. Which story do you believe? The one with the tiger, of course. The cinematic special effects are beyond my wildest expectations. You have to believe the story. You want to believe the story.

There is no island such as was described. They never found it again. There is a history professor. Or is he a philosopher? Or does he teach theology of the world religions?

Is there a moment where you don't believe? It's all so believable adn yet it is impossible, but you want to believe so you have to!
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Vertical living in the heart of a city.

Vertical community in graceful, urban setting.

We love our home, our neighborhood, our community.

There is terror in this world in many places. There are so many weapons that are sold and traded throughout the world. The weapons manufacturers have a huge lobby not just in the US but elsewhere. We were so afraid of the nulcear bombs during the cold war, but we didn't think ahead to a world that is armed to the teeth by people who have nothing to lose.

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Stunning moments. Beautiful family. Can you imagine beig them? The Obama family?

As a blogger in the New Yorker pointed out: "The Obamas are so preposterously good-looking, so put together, that you watch them come out of a morning church service and you notice the President of the United States fourth. Whoever thought to give Michelle Obama purple gloves so that they echoed her daughters’ outfits—well, are there prizes for that?" Given the exquisite coordination of fashion between them, it was shocking that grandmother wore a coat and scarf that neither matched nor complemented the ladies.
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Writing all day. The letters for the silent auction solicitation of businesses in my neighborhood. The press release for the press conference that is taking place in two weeks. I'm out of practice. What would have taken me no time at all to bang out a couple of years ago. Now it is a very painful chore.

Several years ago, my daughter gave me coffee mug that says: "Shoot me if I volunteer again!" Too bad I don't take that advice. I continue to offer my services and get taken up on it.

Beautiful day today.
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The scattering of thoughts.

The gathering of moods.

Sky rocket ascending.

Bright star descending.

Brilliant to the point of blinding. Beauty to the point of fainting. Thrills to the point of exploding.

All of this is possible through imagination. The balance of reality and fantasy is in constant flux. We ride the wave of emotion and logic.

When do we come to the end of it? When does it stop? When do we move into the next dimension. Where is that path? Am I on it already? Not?
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What sort of criticism is acceptable and what is not? Is it fair to make fat people jokes?

When is it right to criticize those whose situation is so very different from your own that you have no clue what they experience? When is it right to accept criticism from those who know not about what they are saying? When do you just say "shut up"! Shut up!

Who is the judge? Who is the gatekeeper? Upon whom does the burden lie to make it right? To be the game changer? Be the light in tunnel?
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Flexibility. It is lost when not practiced. The legs don't bend the same anymore. The spread is not there. Makes me sad. The whispering. The scratching, the whaling, gnashing of teeth...oh my! We lose so much as the years go along. We lose so much as we fail to maintain ourselves.

Way too easy to let ourselves go, isn's it? Way too easy to indulge as opposed to discipline. One day you wake up and you can't touch your toes anymore. Boo hoo. You can build back your strength much more easily than regain that flexibility! Yikes!!
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I say I won't fall behind. I promise myself to write 100 words each day as I am supposed to. But here it is, February 11 and I am writing the January 26 entry.

The days don't go by any faster than they ever did. So, why on earth can't I fit this in? It's just a few minutes. But it requires inspiration and sometimes it's just not there. Other days, I've got 600 words in me.

I'll try my best again...but I've already botched February. So March it will be. It will be done!
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Says DAs a someone who is originally from the Southeastern Europe (Serbia) I grew up eating food that is a delicate combo of many different cuisines: Austrian, Hungarian, German and French on the one side and Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern on the other. Some people would call this mixture Balkan food too. If you are eager to try it go ahead... check out on my blog the recipes of the most popular and delicious dishes from this part of the world.

When I saw this recipe in some old cookbook...I thought what a fabulous name dessert!
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Is this how I imagined my futre? Depends on when during my life I was imagining.

There was the young actess with dreams of creating original theater...which I did...which she did.

There was the young mother who wished that she could raise her children and work at the same time. If only it were not necessary to do it on others' terms.
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The world is both more complicated and easier, depending on what you are looking to achieve.

I sense a sadness in my daughter that is becoming deeper over time. The sense that her dream of what her life would be when she grew up is just that...a dream that isn't coming true.

She has always been that way. The world have empty. But, it was going to was going to be better.

We all have dreams and make plans and accomplish goals and move into the future...not always as planned.
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Winter tales. The weather is a constant re-incarnation of another time. A sense memory. The only way to mark time.

The stillness is in the air. The humidity hangs like a blanket and the clouds follow suit. The grayness is vast and I watch from my perch as the many shades of the gray alter and shift their perspective, allowing the light to manifest itself in great beauty.

It is sunny almost every day here. There are few overcast days. It is partly what makes it a happy place to live. We can walk joyfully.
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Psycho Brew LLC are the creators of high quality well built pilot brewing systems. Custom built for the home brewer that has it all to the home brewer that wants to go pro and start their own nano brewery. This system does it all. One to four barrels.

Pat and Chris Breimayer bring together over 25 years each of fabricating and engineering experience. Pat being a journeyman millright and experienced welder and fabricator. Chris being a journeyman tool and die design leader. Leading design teams to engineer and design 30 ton automated automotive dies for Ford and BMW.