June 29, 2017
The time with my nephew was intense! A bit more than usual considering it was also my last week of work this week, and I had more work to do than I've had in previous last weeks considering we're launching a new webshop this autumn, and a lot of prepwork needs to be done before our freelance firm finishes it, but I managed to combine work and play as well as possible, and hopefully my nephew had some fun too. Usually I'd be able to take at least day off, but now I worked longer than usual. At least my sister had some time to spare.

I'm going past the hundred word barrier here since that's how life's been lately, you know? But at the same time I think this visit kept me from getting as stressed out with work as I might have been if that was all I had room for.

Thanks for the visit; looking forward to the next one! Next up: summer.