March 24, 2021
If it was December it'd be Christmas now. If it was July it'd be vacation. If it was a parallel reality where I was an entrepreneur and worked for myself it'd be either vacation always or vacation never, depending on my work ethic, and knowing me it'd probably be the latter...

So maybe the current reality isn't all that bad after all. Everyone has dues. No one has the entirety of their life off - and it wouldn't be much fun if you did either - but it feels like the thing it all boils down to is who your boss is. If you feel they're royalty and want to devote  yourself to them entirely, or if you want to be your own. And then you can be truly happy; fruitful; feel like you're getting places.

I don't know which I'd prefer but... seems easier to be your own boss than to find one that's truly perfect; work with the truest purpose.