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I come here with great enthusiasm and interest to join the December month batch of writing 100 words. I have been listening to 81 statements uttered by Thirukolur penpillai. (The lady from the place called Thirukolur) The main audio discourse is by Guruji Gopala Vallidasar. Guruji is very articulate. His modulation touches the heart and soothes the mind. Very briefly, when Ramanuja visits the place ‘Thirukolur’ he meets a lady who is departing from that place leaving the Lord prevailing there: “Vaithamanedhi’ The reason for leaving that place is: ‘she is a worthless being when compared to many great people.
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This comparison of our life with others is a natural thing. Many times it leads to jealousy and we become weak and feel ourselves worthless. We blame it on our fate and start loathing. We even go to the extent of wishing others bad. This later, when we are level headed - understand that it is very unhealthy. Thirukovalur penpillai compares her life with other austerely pious and healthy people. This is a very healthy comparison and the resulting feeling makes us calm and comfortable. She is speaking to the sage ‘Ramanuja’ The first sentence she speaks is about minister ‘Akruva‘
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Akruva (Akruvar) was the minister at Kamsa’s place. Akruvar loved Krishna very much. Krishna asked Vasudeva to be taken to Brindavan as soon he was born in the jail to Devaki and Vasudeva. Kamsa tries to kill little Krishna several times. He fails. He now knows that Krishna is at Brindavan with Yashoda and Nandagopal. Krishna is aged about 10 now. He asks to bring Krishna to Mathura. With all his love Akruvar goes to Brindavan to bring Krishna. He loves Krishna. He is full of ‘Bhakti’ towards Krishna. Krishna gives him darshan as Lord Narayana. He sees Narayana- Krishna.
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Akruva is all love towards Krishna. He loved to escort little boy Krishna and his brother Balarama to Mathura in his Chariot. The first vakkiam (sentence) of Thirukolur penpillai begins with Akruvar. “Did I escort lord Krishna to Mathura like Akruva?” Many a times we feel that we could have done something better to a loved one. For example I feel I could have done something better to my sister during her ailing times. I feel my another sister of mine has helped my departed sister in better way. I find a solace to my mind relating to this sentence.
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Vithura was looking at Krishna’s face. He was very happy that he could serve food to the Lord. You know what he did? His focus was only on Krishna. He gave the Lord the peels of Banana throwing the pulp part to the bin. And the Lord relished the peels deliciously. Do I serve my loved ones with such selflessness? Did I empty my garbage thoughts of ‘self’ like Vithura? I ponder these incidents narrated by the lady of Thirukolur to sage Ramanuja. She humbles herself comparing the persons from the epics. She tells her character is very bad and inconsequential.
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Akruva’s love towards Krishna is of pure merit. Our loves are nothing in front of his virtue. Do we love others selflessly as Akruva did? We are nothing. We are like rabbit’s excreta which never serves as a manure. The rabbit’s shit is useless whether it lies in the field or on the Road. The second vakkiyam (sentence) of Thirukolur penpillai is: “Did I have humbled heart like Vithura?” When Krishna visited Hastinapuram as a messenger of Pandavas, he took the hospitality of Vithura. Vithura did not have the ‘I’ in him. His mind is bereft of selfishness. Humble man.
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As I try to write about my comprehension of the Rahasyams of Thirukolur penpillai my mind tries to organise the Rahasyams (secrets) or Vakkiams (sentences) in a particular way. How many sentences that the Penpellai utters pertain to Sri Krishna? Guruji Gopalavalli dasar tells us to learn the 81 Vakkiams classifying them into some order. Out of the 81 sentences 12 sentences pertain to 12 azhwars. In the remaining 69 sentences...she tells major sentences about bhaktas or great devotees of the Lord. She chooses people from Ramayana,  Mahabharata, Bhagavatham. How many sentences she says about Krishna? Let's try them.  
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The first two sentences are about Krishna? The sentences tell a good trait about Krishna exclusively?  No, I don't think so.  They tell about the love of Akruvar towards Krishna and humbleness of Vidhura. My attempt here would be to recollect the sentences,  where Krishna is mentioned. I shall highlight if that sentence speaks about the special trait of Lord Krishna. In one sentence penpillai mentions about a Rishi's wife who leaves this mortal body for the sake of Lord Krishna. When the question to choose between her haughty husband and seeing Krishna she preferred to forego her mortal body.
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Akrura, a minister of Kansa was also a blood relative of Krishna. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Kansa had invited Krishna and Balaram for the 'worship of Bow' ceremony and had sent Akrura to escort them. In all my previous entries I have spelt Akrura as Akruvar, which is wrong. Akrurar means who is not cruel. My Tamil exposure makes me to hear certain phonetic sounds wrongly. Having clarified this name, I continue the sentences of penpillai about Krishna. Did I give birth to Lord Krishna like Devaki? Devaki is fortunate to give birth to the Lord.
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When Devaki can bring forth the God to earth, what I have done? I am inconsequential. Thirukolur penpillai utters these words to Sri Ramanuja and tells yet another sentence to Sri Ramanuja. In the jail before Krishna is born, Lord Narayana with four hands equipped with conch and chakra appeared before Vasudeva and Devaki. Vasudeva and Devaki take a full Darshan of the Lord. Vasudeva hastens to Lord: “Come on Narayana, please conceal your appearance as Vishnu lest Kamsa knows that you are the lord, it will be danger to all of us” Little Krishna obeys his father’s words immediately.
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I am writing sentences about Krishna. They say, ‘Krishna Anubhavam’ Writing this makes a Krishna Anubhavam. Blissful experience can I say? Simply Krishna experience. Several experiences or feelings or state of mind makes a Krishna experience. As I write let me point out some Krishna experiences. Thirukolur penpillai spoke about the experience of Devaki bringing little darling Krishna to the world. Penpillai tells a sentence about Yashoda, who got the experience of bringing up the naughty child Krishna at her residence till he grows up to the age of ten. How lucky Yashoda is! “Did I bring up a child?”
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In real life I can see my niece bringing up her child like Krishna. Watching her ‘Krishna experience’ (bringing up the child enjoying the innocent reactions of the child and taking care of the needs of the child) is a Krishna experience for me. Uttering the name of Krishna from the heart and mind itself makes a Great Krishna experience. This little fellow steals butter and dairy products from the Gopika’s houses. He gives hell a lot of trouble to Yashoda and with authority and love Yashoda deals with him. Yashoda is fortunate to have such wonderful and meaningful experiences.
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Krishna Krishna. I am here to tell the vakkiams of Thirukolur penpillai. Specially where Krishna is featured. Love of Akrurar. Selflessness hospitality of Vithura who entertains Krishna when he came to Hastinapuram. The birth of Krishna to the blessed couple Devaki and Vasudeva and the loving care of Yashoda are spoken by Penpillai. Another story that comes to my mind is the Krishna’s visit to Kailasa the abode of Shiva. Shiva tells a ghost ‘Kantakharna’ that only Narayana is the authority to give ‘moksha - the eternal bliss’ The ghost feeds only on dead bodies. Kantakarna was listening to word: Siva.
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At least the time of writing this, Krishna Anubhavam is completely empty. It happens. Only the void of ‘Krishna experience’ and the experience of nonsense will help me to know the preciousness of Krishna experience. Perhaps I am calm and poised now. Krishna. Kanta is bell. Kantakarna was wearing the bells, so that he can hear only Siva’s name. When Shiva tells that only Narayana is the authority he removes the bells and starts saying ‘Krishna Krishna’ He offers Krishna a freshly killed corpse of a sage as feast to Krishna to attain eternal bliss. Wonderful experience hearing this story.
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Krishna Krishna. Krishna puts forth before me all sorts of moods. He gives me some other plans. I think that, this will happen like this. I think that the expenses could be done like this. But, in reality the expenses will be different. To get back to the composed mood is a tremolos one. Though I cannot enjoy that I should try to develop a thought to enjoy that. That trial of bringing the thought to enjoy the lousy mind may be a Krishna experience. In another sentence Penpillai tells a vakkiam: Krishna tells world “I am the absolute truth”
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Krishna is personified as a liar. It is also said that Lord Rama's truth and Krishna's lies are our refuge. It is true that! Refuge is something that elevates from the low esteem ditch we fall into as we wade through life. Krishna lies to his mother Yasoda. The thing to be appreciated here is, he smilingly tells the lies. He has told several lies during the mission of helping pandavas. Thirukolur penpillai utters a vakkiam: "Can I tell that 'I am the truth' like Krishna?" Krishna never lied for his own benefit. His lies with smile for our welfare.
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I was staying at my Hubli house 'Lalitha Krupa' Raghavendra apartments -which I can term as Krishna experience - on 17 18 and 19. The food was from Manimama house and was served with full love and affection. The house is 70% sold and Bharathishachar has given me 70% of money. When, he is ready with another 30% of money the house paper is to be registered. Hopefully it will happen during January. I paid the income tax for the assessment year 20-21 through a charted accountant. It was an unique experience. Two( months salary plus 10 months pension plus interest)
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What other vakkiam does Thirukolur penpillai tells Ramanuja about krishna? Krishna, Krishna. "Did I take the flattened rice stuff to Krishna like Kuchela?" Kuchela is Sudama . Sudama and Krishna are pals. They studied together for a short period. Kuchela is poor with 27 kids. On an advice from his wife Susheela he goes to Dwaraka to meet Krishna. His wife gives little bit of beaten rice to Krishna, which was bundled in torn cloth. Kuchela accepted his poverty and his life and was happy with that. When he met Krishna at Dwaraka, he never asked anything from his friend Krishna.
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What is this Krishna? I have been doing this and that completely eluding the task of Writing 100 words for the past 12 days. 12 days writing has fallen on me and I feel the burden of 'how I am going to finish the task' On December 1 the writing was all enthusiasm and the middle of the month, it is all not done thing only. I will sit tomorrow, I will sit next week and it is 30th December when I am updating this. I set up my mind to complete the task of writing by 31st evening. Krishna.
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Twentieth December. Sunday. I got down from the Hampi express at around 6 am. I engaged a porter to carry my luggage from the platform to BMTC bus station. The porter did a fine job and safely placed me in the bus bound to Attibele. Got down at Chandapura busstand and reached our Bengaluru home 'Janibalu'. The jobs done at Hubballi. Two previlege passes for 2020 taken. Applied for FMA. Fixed medical allowance. Medical card transferred to Bengaluru from Hubballi. The ' transfer' things to be done could be done only now due to covid situattions. Better late, than never. Krishna.
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Monday. Twenty first December. How the Daily writing changed its course! I was concentrating on the Tirokolur penpillai vakkiams and was planning to write the ‘Krishna’ related vakkiams. The errands of household works made me to pause the thread and picking back the thread and travelling in those thoughts became difficult. The entire episodes of the Penpillai vakkiams are in my Google drive in a folder called ‘Eighty one’ I was listening to the episodes in a randomised manner. First I made a rule to listen the vakkiams in this order: 2, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62 and 72.
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December 22 Tuesday. I am now telling about the efforts I had taken to imbibe the 81 vakkiams rendered by Thirukolur Penpillai. I was telling that I made an effort to listen to the vakkiams in a randomised way. After listening to vakkiams 2, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, and 72 I started listening 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, 53, 63 and 73. It was interesting to listen to these vakkiams in that order. I gave the downloaded files the respective numbers and the folder is now arranged number wise. I bought a Tamil book containing 81 vakkiams. Nice.
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23 rd December 2020. Wednesday- right? Yes! The 100 words writing has fallen into arrears and I am trying my level best to fill in the gaps. The groove of thoughts on the sentences was skipped. The Krishna effect was also hindered. There were several house hold errands. This day I had to go to Railway Hospital for transferring my medical card at Bengaluru Railway Hospital. I have opted out from the facility of getting OPD facility from Railway Hospital. In lieu of that I will be getting one thousand rupees as Fixed Medical Allowance per month - necessary steps taken.
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Christmas Eve. 24 th day of December 2020. Thursday. With the support of wife and photo copies of certain documents (we got the photo copies done at the sister apartment building called bliss 2) We again had been to Railway Hospital and finally the Railway Medical card is registered at Bengaluru. The car drive via Chamarajpet and goods shed road was exciting. Concentrating on google maps and the roads with traffic demanded my at most focus. Enjoyed the trip. Last entry I was telling that I bought a Tamil book containing 81 vakkiams and explanations of the vakkiams. One English.
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Christmas Day. I am doing these entries with the intention of finishing the month’s task before the month ends. Good. It is a different experience and I am enjoying that. Three days of Holidays for son. He may have some plans of taking us out. Let it be there. At Amazon I got a book in English regarding the Thirukolur penpillai vakkiams. I am reading these vakkiams and explanations both in English and in Tamil too. Whenever I read or listen to the Vakkiams I do get some inspiration and motivation. The purpose of living and leading life is simplified.
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26th Saturday I reached. Just 5 more entries. Thoughts are converted to words in a good flow. I have to come back to tell about Vakkiams where Krishna presides. I have one right in my mind now. Before that, I told about the randomised way of listening to the penpillai Rahasyam. The Vakkiams (Sentences) are also called as Rahasyams. Rahasyam means secret. I devised another number also to listen to Penpillai Vakkiams. The number is 331118610467793201. The 18 digit code is made up of the house numbers we stayed in my life. 33 Sathyanarayana street Ulsoor. 11 Damodara Mudaliar Street.
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Look, I am telling about the 18 digit code for reading Thirukolur penpillai Rahasyam. Reverse the 18, it becomes 81. Very good na? The code again: 331118610467793201 The two addresses I mentioned in the last entry. Continuing 186, block 7 PWD qtrs. 1046 B, Vidyaranyapura Hubballi 779 A, Vinobhanagar 3 Raghavendra apartments 201, Sipani bliss I Lovely. I wanted to tell about this code and I am happy that I told the code. I can start the Penpillai vakkiam at 3 or 33, If I start at 3, I can continue vakkiam 31, and if 33, I can go 11.
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Lovely code that I discovered for listening to Thirukolur penpillai vakkiams. I listened to vakkiams trying different combinations of my code. That was fun. The eleventh vakkiam is about Andal who entwined with Ranganatha with her flower and Thirupavai garlands. She had a ripened attitude at a very young age. Thirukolur penpillai tells ‘Whether I have a maturity like Andal who had it at an early age’ The sixteenth vakkiam is about Krishna who tells that he is the absolute truth. Having done the task of filling words up to 28 December I am now ready to tell Krishna story.
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Sanjaya is very close priveledged associate of Krishna. Krishna is at Pandava’s camp. He is jolly well sitting and chatting with Arjuna, Dhroupathi . They are in a relaxed postures as would cousins and friends sit in privacy. If someone comes to see them, it would be appropriate for them to change the position so that, it will be comfortable for them and the guest. Sanjaya had to visit the chamber. When he entered the chamber, Krishna did not bother to change the relaxed manner. “Did I have the privilege like Sanjaya to visit and see Krishna in his private meetings?
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Another story about Krishna. This is the help he renders to Droupathi. Droupathi is helpless. She is dragged to the hall where the Pandavas lost their wife in the game of dice to Duryodhana and clan. Duchadana drags Droupathi to the hall and was asked to strip her of her clothes. All elders in the hall are speechless and no body could come forward to help Droupathi. Droupathi clings her one hand to the saree. When all her own efforts fails, she lifts both hands pleading ‘Govinda’. Krishna hears her pleading. When she is entirely dependent on me,I should...
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Ah, done. I finished this task this month itself. This writing is an unique experience. When Krishna realises that when one of his devotee cannot help himself/herself and pleads their helpless he should definitely help. The Penpillai vakkiam is : “Did I lift both my hands for help from the lord entirely trusting him” The experience of writing this month was entirely different. Some days I couldn’t write due to the errands at home. The last entries were at last devoted to write the Penpillai vakkiam. Hoping to come for January task. I feel like writing the vakkiams again. Krishna.