Eve Martinez

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animal planet, arrogance, asbury park, authenticity, away messages, being better than you, being cold, bikini kill, bjork, capitalization, cheese, complaining, concerts, diners, elizabeth bishop, ernest hemingway, ezra pound, febreeze, felt tip pens, fifty cent words, flip flops, fugazi, glower power, godspeed you black emperor, going barefoot, going nowhere fast, grilled cheese, hamlet, harassing pre-teens, house plants, idlewild, individualism, insurance, james joyce, jeff buckley, john milton, john updike, kids in the hall, lying, magnum p.i., me, messy hair, mexican food, mindless self indulgence, modernism, new jersey, phillip larkin, pj harvey, puns, sarcasm, seamus heaney, self awareness, shamelessness, skinny guys, sleepytime trio, slint, soul coughing, splitting headaches, staple guns, stealing gum, swearing like a sailor, sweaters, sylvia plath, t.s. elliot, tetris, the black heart procession, the bouncing souls, the daily show, the east coast, the get up kids, the locust, the pixies, the raincoats, tom stoppard, tomatoes, using people, weezer, yoohoo