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One day, while Shelly was doing a little spring cleaning around her home, she got a phone call. It was no one she knew, but she needed a break from her work, so she answered it. It was a woman’s voice she did not recognize. Spoken in a low, breathy voice, Shelly heard, “Is Maaaaartin there?” Shelly replied that her husband was out. “No message,” the mystery woman responded, in a hushed tone. After she placed the phone in its cradle, Shelly’s mind began to wander. “Oh, I’m just being paranoid,” she assured herself. “I’m just being an April fool!”
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czech out that girl—
she’s bohemian!
not an ordinary one
but not ordinary, either.
she lives in two worlds—
conformity and non,
constantly being tugged at
by both.

she shaves her legs
and pits—
she doesn’t drape
her slim body
with psychedelic dresses.
her statement
is more subtle
but it’s there.
her hair is bleached
and wears makeup
to hide imperfections
but she’s got those wings
on her feet
and that laughter in her soul.

so when you czech her out,
be sure you look
more closely,
more deeply.
for the girl you see
isn’t quite that girl
at all.
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Remember when you were a little kid, and you consumed such delightful cereals as Sugar Pops, Cheerios, Alpha-Bits, Rice Krispies, Honey Combs, Captain Crunch, Trix, and one of my all-time personal favorites—the inimitable Lucky Charms! I actually didn’t care for most of the cereals above; I had more polarized tastes. Life, Team and Wheaties were definite preferences, and an occasional bowl of Raisin Bran did the trick, but I always defaulted, any chance my mom would buy it (only on sale, of course), back to my cherished Lucky Charms—where you save as many marshmallows as possible for last!
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Does anyone even know who Millard Fillmore was? I was playing trivia games on two different occasions with totally different people, and not one person knew who he actually was. I had a hunch that he was an early American president because I remember him from my history books long ago. Recently, at our work Christmas party, I answered with his name during our trivia game, and the social studies teachers with whom I was playing said he wasn’t a president. Some guy told me the same thing last night at trivia! People!! Millard Fillmore was our 13th U.S. President!!
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“BOOM!!” The cannon fired the black ball of death into the emptiness of the dark, midnight-blue sky. Daniel, still grasping the smoldering torch, leaped quickly back from the impact of the artillery. Moments later, he heard the agonizing screams and mortified cries of the men as the ball of death marked its random targets. Sounds began to surround Daniel--soldiers who didn’t get wounded climbing the hill--footsteps pounding simultaneously up the grassy knoll like an African drum concert! He began to panic; this could only mean one thing—they were coming to get him! Daniel quickly ditched the torch...
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It was magnificent! A perfect white circle, draped with dainty pink and white icing. Around the ten-o’clock curve sat a chain of pink roses, surrounded by a mounds of green frosting leaves. Fancy letters of icing, also a light shade of pink, flowed across the smooth face of the confectionary delight, sending a special message to a sweet little girl. It was Lucinda’s fourth birthday, and today she felt like a princess! She beamed at her most exceptional friends who surrounded her, and together they admired the beauty of her cake--supreme enough for a tiny, sparkling, magical fairy—Lucinda!
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“Do you even remember me?” she inquired of the handsome man standing next to her in line, his graying temples making a mockery of his age. “No, I don’t believe so,” he replied coolly, apathetically. She wasn’t surprised. “Well, it has been several years,” she indicated, “and we both looked very different back then, during our college days.” The man was noticeably uncomfortable; he wished this annoying woman would just leave him alone with his thoughts; after all, he had much to fill his mind these days, what with the promotion and all. Who did she think she was, anyway?
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Once upon a time, there was a relatively happy boy. He followed the rules and kept out of trouble. He was reasonably intelligent; he learned from others about what not to do, and for the rest he used his common sense. This boy sacrificed a lot to get where he was, and finally, he reached the point where he believed he had it all. Then, without warning, the rug was snatched from under his seemingly-solid footing. It took him a few years to get back to feeling almost the way he used to, but he never quite recaptured that “wholeness”.
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Wow! What an insane winter! We typically get an immense snowfall in the fall, about mid-Octoberish, and then it snows sporadically throughout the “winter” months. Besides the random snowfalls, we get our share of beautiful days, complete with radiant sun and mild temperatures. When spring comes, we generally get another huge snowstorm, usually in mid-March or April. Heavy, wet snow that melts by the weekend! This year, however, we got pounded by massive quantities of snow, seven weeks consecutively! Now that it’s “spring”, the blizzard seems to have bypassed us, but we were blessed with a frigid ice storm, instead!
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Northern Exposure was a good episode tonight. It was about Fleishmann’s folks coming for a visit; he thought he’d go nuts, which he did for a stint, but he ended up appreciating their company and sort of learned from the experience. Marilyn befriended Nadine (doc’s mom) and took her up to a secluded look-out point to spot eagles. Marilyn told a native folk tale about the eagle; it was a profound story. I guess I really liked the folk tale the most; the rest of the program was just a vehicle to get the tale’s message across to the viewer.
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As Max meandered merrily through the mess he’d made, he managed to miss a mish-mash mound of marbles and M&M’s mingling in the midst of the madness. Max meditated on the mere idea that Mother would be extremely mad, but he’d musically mention how many mishaps he’d miraculously manipulated each May morning. Max deserved a medal for the maze of mind games and mayhem he had masterfully maximized throughout the month. Mom demanded a moratorium on his mischief, so Max manifested a moping mood. Max maintained that minimizing Mom’s meddling was mandatory, so the mastermind methodically commenced mapping her murder...
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So now I’m off fiction for the time being and have moved on to a more expository style of writing. You know, you get into different moods—moods that dictate what you write, basically. I enjoy writing fiction the most; it’s challenging to keep the plot subtle, yet intriguing, making the reader think. Writing nonfiction really isn’t that exciting, unless it happens to be something you’re really passionate about. There are some things I’d like to write about, subjects such as ‘death’, but then someone would probably read it and have me committed or something. Welcome to the 21st Century!!
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When I was a kid, I read comic books like crazy. I had five older brothers, and they’d bring comic books home on a regular basis-most likely most were stolen, but I didn’t care—it was reading material! You see, as a child, reading was my escape. We’d have an entire box filled with comics, inclusive of every available genre. I read Archie, any and all superhero comics, classics, Dennis the Menace, and Peanuts. As a teacher, I definitely recommend comic books to my students because I know their vocabulary and many other reading skills will improve. I’m living proof!
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Mabel held the coin shakily between her index finger and the nasty one you use to flip off careless drivers. She and Ernest had waited so long, had worked so long—could this be the very moment for which they’d endlessly waited? Only a matter of seconds could determine their fate, and Mabel wasn’t quite sure if she was ready for either answer—win or lose, simple as that. If she didn’t scratch off their winning number, life would stay pretty much the same. But if it was the winning number...things could change so drastically! Mabel’s mind began to drift...
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Tax day—I’ve timed it right on the money, pardon the pun. Filed yours yet?? Well, I figured mine about three weeks ago and sent them right off, but today is the deadline. When I initially began to think about the whole income tax process back in January, people told me I should go online and file via TurboTax. However, I thought about it, and I couldn’t see paying someone else a fee for something I could figure out by myself (with calculator!) to get back my own money that I’ve loaned for a year to the federal government! Hello!
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It was the night to end all nights. JennaLee was appearing in her first Broadway show, something she’d dreamed of since she started tap classes back in preschool. Roland was seated in the audience, somewhere out in the packed house; it was difficult to locate him. But she knew he was there. He’d never missed a performance yet, and this was finally the big time, so of course he’d be here! JennaLee stood backstage, nervous as a witness on the stand, and tried to calm herself. Breathe slowly, deeply, she whispered to herself. All of a sudden, the curtain lifted.
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Little Bear sprawled atop the satiny bedspread, his velvety, jet-black fur contrasting the subdued olive tones, while his eyes illuminated the fabric’s very hues. If one looked closely enough, he would see the sparkle of mischief deviously emanating from Little Bear’s right eye. He leisurely gathered himself to his feet and began to whine at no one in particular. He turned his attention to Muffin, who was intoxicatingly relaxed by the nearby mound of fluffy feather pillows. He wondered if he should disturb her—no, better yet, aggravate her. After all, Muffin was at the bottom of the pecking order...
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In rebuttal to my income tax spiel the other day, I got my taxes back last week—sans check!--forgot to sign the ridiculous tax form, had to sign, and use another stamp! Now it’s probably red flagged!! And they’ll come looking for me, and I’ll probably owe for some ridiculous thing I missed ten years ago or something, and I’ll go into debt for owing the government so much money. (<<--that was a run on!) Whoops...I just remembered! I’m not Anna Nicole Smith, but I most definitely had a blonde moment when I sent in that tax form!
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“Happy New Year!!” The voiced boomed from the core of each earplant, right into the depths of each George’s eardrum. The Georges were lined up vertically, so they couldn’t distract each other while they worked. A clear acrylic ceilingfloor separated each work station, and not one George dared to sneak even the slightest glimpse of the George above or below him. Each George momentarily pondered the remark that was blasted into his ear, but each shrugged it off as a motivational commercial break or something. Nothing to be concerned about, each thought. Simple distraction from my work, must press on.
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The wizened fellow babbled incessantly, as he yanked and tugged at the sparse, wiry hairs shooting from the apex of his pale, scrawny chin. His eyes turned up toward the mahogany wagon wheel lamp that hung above him, illuminating the small, dank room. His hands removed themselves from his chin and settled together on the thick, oak table. He spoke to no one in particular; there was no one around any longer to listen to his endless rambling. Since the Gold Rush ended, most had taken their earnings and whatever else they owned and headed back to the lower forty-eight.
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Andrea was thrilled to finally be out with the school hottie, Raymond. What would her girlfriends say when they got together at lunch on Monday? She would have so much to tell them! But why was she now feeling so warm and lightheaded? She’d only had a couple Cokes to sip on since they'd arrived at the party. And why was Raymond behaving so friendly toward her? He kept putting his arm around her, squeezing her, and sweeping his fiery lips ever so closely to her ear. This caused Andrea to shudder slightly, sending hot chills racing up her spine.
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Only yesterday, Sally and Sam had tied the eternal knot of wedded bliss. Upon the arrival of Phaethon’s morning chariot, the smitten couple found themselves strolling down a stretch of cool, moist sand, covered with smooth, alabaster seashells. They had decided to spend their honeymoon in the Caribbean, basking beneath the sun’s satisfying rays. Everything felt like a dream—it was all so magnificent! The couple reveled in the friendly company of the island folk, and they indulged in the palatable Caribbean cuisine. One morning, on their routine stroll down the beach, Sally spotted something amidst the slender sea grass.
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Do you believe everyone and everything on Earth is composed of energy frequencies? Recently I read a book entitled Sanctuary, and this is the book’s entire premise. The author presents the information quite logically, but it’s challenging to conceptualize. He talks about how one’s energy frequencies can be modified to the point of nonexistence, and the body can remove the former manifestations of that particular frequency, hence leaving the body with the nonexistence of the symptoms/illness. Makes perfect sense to me. One of the co-authors, Stephen Lewis, is having a free seminar to explain this phenomenon next month—I’m going.
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Tap!Tap! went the sparkling wand as Sasha struck it lightly against the glass pane of the fish tank. Within seconds, the fluorescent-red neon that had been floating on its side, belly up, seemed to spring to life! Sasha beamed with delight; she finally had a real job, and it was one where she could use her talents. Sasha had only been working at Pet Parade a month, and she’d already been promoted to the manager of the fish department. The store owners had been amazed with Sasha’s touch; they couldn’t quite place how she performed such miracles, but she did!
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One balmy summer evening, a small round, gray disk lay on the sandy shore. It glided along peacefully in the buoyant saltwater tide, ceasing occasionally to rest in the cool, moist sand. During such a moonlit siesta, the little disk had a dream. In his dream, he envisioned a bright white moon, blazing down and lighting up the beach like a spotlight. Beside the mighty orb was a spectacular five-pointed star—each arm of it pointed in a different direction—North, South, East, West, and toward the Heavens. When he awoke, emblazoned on his milky back was a five-pointed star.
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“Man overboard!” Donald heard the frantic cry of one of the ship’s mates as he raced to find the captain. Donald was a bit perturbed, as the sudden noise disrupted his relaxing afternoon snooze in the sunny ocean breeze. Donald groggily looked around for his wife. Where was she? Donald silently mused. Perhaps she’s taken an afternoon refreshment with that couple we met yesterday, he pondered. Or maybe she meandered upstairs to the fitness deck, so she could get some apreś-lunch exercise. Satisfied with that answer, Donald stretched, covered his face with the newspaper, and settled back into his nap.
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Little Denise hugged her trusted friend to her bosom—her faded old blue, floppy-eared bunny with the worn patches of fur on his back. The woman spoke softly to her, and Denise tightened her grip on the bunny. “She’s never coming back, is she?” Denise looked imploringly at the woman. The woman shook her head. “She’s gone to join the angels, I’m afraid,” the woman replied reassuringly. “But why did she have to go? Why did she have to leave me to take care of myself, to learn about the world?” Denise was confused, frustrated, and began to weep piteously.
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So here it is, late April—flowers and trees are budding and blooming, and we get dumped with a foot of heavy, wet snow! Here’s the weird thing about Colorado. You could have one town, let’s say twenty miles south, where it snows all day but nothing sticks, then your town could get about a foot of snow! Crazy, huh? Well, this morning when I watched the local news (couldn’t go to work, due to being literally snowed in, aww...bummer!), I noticed that Colorado Springs was as clear and green as could be--while I was surrounded by winter!! Egads!!
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You never really appreciate something until it’s gone—whether momentarily, for hours, or forever. Take electricity, for example. I was without mine today for several hours. When calling to check the electricians’ progress (thank goodness for cell phones!), the receptionist told me that some people had been without power for about twenty-four hours! That made me feel sort of sheepish, so I told the lady it was fine. No problem. Since lack of power meant lack of heat, the house began to get chilly. The idea of lighting a bunch of candles came to me. It worked like a charm!
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Do you ever wonder what you would do if you won the lottery? How would you use the money? Would you donate to charities? Would you make various investments? Would you spend it on your extended family as well as your immediate family? Would you spend it on your friends? These are some questions one should consider if one comes into a windfall. I’ve thought about it before, but I don’t have a specific plan in mind yet. I’d like to travel the world in segments, taking a friend with me, and paying for most of the trip, of course.